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    Floatylight reacted to Saabnut in How much shite is too much shite? Delivery Day - Collection Coming   
    Whilst at the NEC in March, a new home for the Ruby was arranged and I agreed I would deliver it in May. It is now May so it is about to happen. As with all these things, the destination is nice and handy* being a mere 470 miles and 3 countries away in south Wales. As it would be a waste of diesel to travel back with an empty trailer, I am collecting a new toy on the way back. I would make this a live thread but being Billy No Mates I am travelling on my own so will just update everytime I stop so you can enjoy* the journey and tomorrow this will turn into a collection thread!
    This is the state of play as I prepare to set out at 6:30 am on a Sunday  

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    Floatylight reacted to Lankytim in The new news 24 thread   
    It was great meeting you today, pity we couldn’t get the Volvo to run right but at least there’s some progress of sorts. I was going to do a collection thread but the journey was pretty uneventful so I’ll stick the pics here. Wuv treated me to a ride out in his Renault 6 which was amazing fun! It’s given me the mojo to get my crocks on the road, especially the Visa! 
    The drive home in the Laguna was great, it’s a pretty nice car. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve it and fix some of the issues it has. 

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    Floatylight reacted to Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - Next FoD set for 4/5 June 2022   
    I have been asked to provide some British Cars on sale during the Queens reign for a display at a local village Jubilee celebrations 3rd June. 
    Today when Beko came to see me I asked him if he had any time before 3rd of June to help me prepare the six cars I am displaying. This morning he said, so we set about the 1972 MGB GT, the paint is old and goes hazy. The car got a wash and Beko's skills with Meguiar's Ultimate compound and machine polisher had the paint looking great. He then sealed it with two coats of Meguiar's hybrid ceramic coating.
    Thank you so much @beko1987

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    Floatylight reacted to Grumblespeed in Grumblespeed - Now rolling in a Slowver. (better than rolling over, like my last Rover)   
    ..But anyway. Having spent a clear week wobbling about atop a metaphorical fence the arrival of the elusive V5 means this has come home with me:

    I assume since it's here that I must have driven it home but I only really remember stopping for petrol since I did most of the drive on fumes. Proper Waftwagen this one. Also gave us the chance to get a sneeky peek at @Rocket88's new acquisition which was very cool too. Big thanks to the man himself for his patience while I dithered over this one.
    Updates to follow, if I remember....

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    Floatylight reacted to Andyrew in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   

    Also this couple of battered bastards came from this ere forum. The 2 cars combined, theres about 15 different shades of red paint!

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    Floatylight reacted to Saabnut in How much shite is too much shite? Delivery Day - Collection Coming   
    Day off enjoyed! The Rover needed a test run as it had sat in the shed for over 7 years until woken from its slumber a few weeks ago where a total of 21 miles was covered. The tyres were far from round, it would not tick over and it kept dropping a cylinder or two but I counted that as a win. Today I took it to Morris Leslies and back, a 120 mile round trip completed without fuss. She is now back to its best, running well and ticking over nicely.

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    Floatylight reacted to Popsicle in "Autoshite High Mileage Club" - Memberships Available!   
    As the Caddy has gone all twatish VAG on me I've been running around in the Vectra Estate most of this week, so first entry for it hitting a milestone today.

    We picked this up for £1k, 2.5 years ago with 84k on it. Its hardly put a foot wrong in all that time/miles. Might fuck the caddy off and go back to this old beast, see if I can pass the 369k I put on the Zafira.
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    Floatylight reacted to Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - Next FoD set for 4/5 June 2022   
    Today I collected my 2CV with a fresh MOT.
    I took it to Zels to drop of the Bedford CF diesel pump for him to see if it can be saved. Also I took him yet another rotor arm and HT leads for the never ending story of poor ignition components for Trevi's poor running.

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    Floatylight reacted to Sunny Jim in The new news 24 thread   
    @puddlethumper Don't have any pictures of the trucks on this PC but here's one of me from my circus days.

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    Floatylight reacted to hairnet in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    Look Dave @chaseracera working one
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    Floatylight reacted to AnnoyingPentium in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Went for an interview yesterday. Got a call half an hour ago. Landed the job.
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    Floatylight reacted to Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - Next FoD set for 4/5 June 2022   
    This made it blink!
    My MGB GT has not seen daylight since Oct 2019, but today it started without a fight and drove home. 
    3rd of June it is booked to form part of a display of British cars for sale during the Queens reign at our local village event.

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    Floatylight reacted to jmsguzzi in The new news 24 thread   
    I’ve ordered one of these, pretty much the only thing on the market that isn’t horrible shiny plastic.
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    Floatylight reacted to Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - Next FoD set for 4/5 June 2022   
    It is shelving for the container/barn that Andyrew found for sale and this is load number two he has bought to us.
    And yes it needs work to assemble it including cuting down the 9 foot uprights to 7 feet for the container.
    Thank you @Andyrew
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    Floatylight reacted to Kiltox in Kiltox’s 1994 Vauxhall Astra Cabriolet! 10/05 - COLLECTION   
    Was pretty nice by the time I got to work this morning 👌 

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    Floatylight got a reaction from Dyslexic Viking in The new news 24 thread   
    Have you had a look at the New Retro Blaupunkt range like the Bremen!

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    Floatylight reacted to davidfowler2000 in Decker Dave's Decluttered Dross Dribblings: SPONSORED BY THE ELECTRICITY BOARD   
    Various happenings have been happening. Variously.
    Let's start with the 740. Now that it's back from it's engine rebuild it's time to get the rest of it attended to. Firstly the wheels went for refurb and as per usual they went to EK Blast and Powercoat for the sparkle silver treatment. See above for the wheel-off treatment of the brakes.
    The wheels were dusted off and the outer faces given a ceramic coating. Let's face it, they're never going to be this clean again unless I get them reblasted. While they were in, I got them to do a wee modification...

    VID_20220512_165512.mp4 You may have noticed the stainless centres are a bit stained in that video so it was round to Mr @captain_70s for a shot of his tube of autosol to see if anything could be done with them or if it was a case of taking them to a professional metal polisher to machine polish them. Results were VERY satisfactory...
    Left photo: Disc on right has been polished, left is stained.
    Right photo: HDR'd oot it's tits to show the staining on the left and right discs. Centre disc has been polished.

    All done. Note the tube of autosol in that photo. I got my own during the latest Volvo repatriation at the weekend featuring @cms206and @Dave_Q. I'll use it with the drill polishing pads to give them a final buff before FoTU but I thought I'd give it a bash on something else...

    Next task for the 740 is the bodywork. It's going in on the 23rd to get the sill rears fixed (rust) and all the stone chips / scratches / scrapes. All wipers are going for blasting back to bare metal. The windscreen and rear wiper arms are getting powder coated, the headlight wipers can't be coated 'cos I can't get the plastic covers off the hinges so they will be painted after blasting.

    Today's task was more tinkering with the trailer...

    VID_20220517_132707.mp4 Before:
    Mid-task update:


    VID_20220517_154722.mp4 The inverter / charger still needs to be tested on the mains hookup and there's an earth wire to be installed but other than that it's fairly complete. Unless I get a chance during my week off work (w/c 23rd May) the first outing will on the weekend of 3rd / 4th / 5th June.
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    Floatylight reacted to Kiltox in Kiltox’s 1994 Vauxhall Astra Cabriolet! 10/05 - COLLECTION   
    Some bit of gear 💪 

    220 mile round trip commute today. Roof down at 0530 was a bit chilly   nearly made it home before the rain too. 
    First time it’s been rained on in ages I bet 
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    Floatylight reacted to gm in gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - EXO snagging complete, ready for the retest :)   
    time to get that fuel filler sorted
    the pipe on the left was too flexible, the one on the right not flexible enough

    so I splashed out on a pre bent one

    the only problem being that it is too wide

    but a slice off the old pipe makes for a perfect shim


    except my clamps didn't fit - a few days later, eBay came up with the goods

    but no matter how I adjusted things, the neck would not sit flush at the cover  

    the fibreglass was threatening to crack if I screwed it tight to straighten it out so I got busy with the hole saws

    and we have success !

    except nothing is ever that straightforward - zoom back on that image
    bugger !

    not ideal but it got the job done
    mr iva can see the new inlet without even taking the cover off now !

    I'll fix this properly* somehow but this'll do for now

    stick an old Eunos badge on ? no one will ever know  

    so that's the fuel filler sorted, best tick it off the list

    no, no, no, this needs a bigger tick !

    I'll give it a quick test drive and see about booking the re-test
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    Floatylight reacted to Talbot in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - Next FoD set for 4/5 June 2022   

    @Six-cylinder Found it.


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    Floatylight reacted to garbaldy in Black weekend. not renault 20 plus other collection's   
    Sold last year and last seen at the car cave,   shame I never got round to sorting the wipers to right hand drive spec as that's  only tell tale it was LHD 
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    Floatylight reacted to garbaldy in Black weekend. not renault 20 plus other collection's   
    I have no more pictures as even though we had a phone charger it wasn't for my phone, since mine will last two days without charging I never brought the lead as was expecting to be home in under 48 hrs,
    so in a brief description we managed to run the car on sidelights all the way to the dartford crossing services where a friendly face awaited us, we hitched the trailer up to his freelander and swapped the two spare dead battery's for two huge truck battery's with one connected to the flat car battery, a quick coffee and we where of following the trailer at 70mph on side lights, mile after mile and this was a series strain on the eyes and the concentration on the unlit sections,
    the first truck battery ran out of power after only 200 miles so we pitted and swapped the jump leads to the brand new one but guess what the fooker was stone dead as it had been sitting on the shelf for months,
    this left us with the nearly flat one and the starter pack and we set of once more, we stopped at Wetherby services for a pish stop and the damn car just wouldn't start, we thought about just parking it up in the car park and leaving the fucker,
    as a last resort we got another set of jump leads from the support vehicle and had car batt connected to starter pack and truck batt and she only fired up, we where of again and surely we could make 150 odd miles,
    after matrix signs telling us the A1 was shut we headed through the pipe and kept her lit all the way home with only a few hicks coming up to Berwick, we chatted for ten minutes and left the whole rig to sort out the following evening since it was 4.30am and work beckoned,
    I jumped in the hippo and set of home another 25 odd mins and some drifting on the wet roads and I was home, a quick shower and shave and away to bed and fell straight to sleep,
    two and a half hours later I was up coffeed and at work, needless to say Monday was the worst day at work as I was yawning all day.
    so that is my black weekend and even after all that I would do it all again next week.
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    Floatylight reacted to BL Bloke in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - Next FoD set for 4/5 June 2022   
    Many thanks to @Six-cylinderand @Mrs6Cfor  hosting a great weekend, although I was only there yesterday. 
    This time round it was the Rover's turn to make its first visit and just before entering the field this happened.

    Shortly after I arrived the Rover was joined by one of its older relatives, also in silver.

    Further along the line there was a bit of contrast with the E Type and Ami side by side.

    I got a ride in the Ami later on as I went on the chippy run with @catsinthewelderand @hairnet. It was the first time I'd sat on a  bench seat since the 1970's when my Dad had a Mk3 Zephyr and never having been in a flat twin Citroen before I was surprised how noisy it was. After fish and chips it was off home  listening to Eurovision on the radio and as I arrived home I clocked up 3000 in the Rover since I bought it back in Feb 2019.

    Already looking forward to the net one when the 205 may make an appearance. 🙂 
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    Floatylight reacted to LightBulbFun in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - Next FoD set for 4/5 June 2022   
    Many thanks to @Six-cylinder and @Mrs6C for putting me up (or putting up with me!) for the weekend! 
    twas very awesome to attend a FoD gathering once more after far too long being absent from them!
    it was nice to see the Bedford CF getting some love, I really hope at some point it can be made to move under its own power
    Photographing a Jaguar E type and Citroen Ami while sat in the Cab of a slightly mouldy Bedford CF2, Autoshite or what?   

    I title this photo "a proud couple look at their new born child"

    speaking of incriminating photos, heres @hairnet "Look mum no hands!"

    the fire is always nice, and its always fun when we really get it going and have flames coming out the top like some sort of jet engine afterburner  

    a Fine construction beloved by many

    but enough about the outhouse in the background have a couple more Jag E type shots  

    Oop this photo needs a bit of adjusting

    much better

    and finally, behind the single spoke wheel of the Ami, which I got to pilot to the end of the paddock, was quite interesting to compare with the 2CV I had driven previously, at some point id like to drive the Ami around the field proper like I did with the 2CV for a full on apples to apples comparison  

    once again many thanks to all who put up with me over the weekend! and I finally got the REV plushy that @Slowsilver's Wife very kindly made for me!, tis very awesome  

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    Floatylight reacted to chaseracer in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Lead caseworker.  Giving the boss a hard time about the need for better organisation has either paid off or backfired, depending on how you look at it... 😉
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