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  1. I agree with John F's and others point about the absurdity of not being able to discuss car plant closures on a motoring forum. There are laws regarding free speech (reffering to the UK) (Don't incite hatred or shout fire in a crowded cinema etc.), surely those are good enough and there doesn't need to be any additions to that on an internet forum. As long as a thread is labelled regarding subject matter, so those not interested can avoid it if they wish what is the problem? I don't get it why so many subjects are taboo all of a sudden.
  2. There's one like that near me, done about 60k and the bloke leaves it parked up for months on end. Always wants me to jump start it or release bonnet catch with WD40. Thing is, it always fires up and not a hint of smoke despite being left for such long stretches of time. He got quick fit to do a timing belt on it and he got pumped hard. Over a grand for the work I think.
  3. That is shit, rembrandt is the shit.
  4. Kind a like rembrandt's the philosopher in meditation
  5. Think I know what you mean. Those things look a bit Steam Punk eh what? Just rewired the lighting circuit in my place. I don't have to shit in darkness studying my bog paper with an ailing mini mag light anymore!
  6. My dad leant me his MAPP gas torch. He took it home with him before I could steel it. It's the bollocks and worth the investment.Impreza. That Boxer engine, with turbo?
  7. I honestly thought about getting one of those mangle/handwringers when my washing machine shocks packed up. Thought one would be a good backup. I drilled loads of holes in a bucket and stuff wet clothes in there. Hung the bucket up on shower curtain rail and wound it and let it spin. Fuckin water everywhere and clothes still soaked. Managed to get some washing machine shocks off ebay in the end.
  8. Only used one once on a motorbike shock as a lad. Memory may fail what I used exactly or I may have cobbled something appalling together. I still strongly remember feeling uneasy about the whole process, waiting to lose an eye or whatever.
  9. Changed clutch in the Mazda as could feel it failing to engage and slipping. Once apart, clutch plates looked fine with minimal wear but diaphragm spring 'fingers' were all wonky, prolly why I had a notchy gear change as was not disengaging correctly (I thought it was synchro wear before clutch failure). All changed now with Borg and Beck kit and working fine with smooth changes. Main challenge was space, no power and tantrums. Leasons learned: MAPP gas was vital to get rusty bolts undone ¾ bar to undo hub nut is a must. I broke a Sealey ½ drive in half. Engine support beams are fr
  10. Over the years, it costs me on average £500.00 to buy a car and make it reliable for 1 years use. If it costs more than £500.00 to get it through it's next MOT and have a measure of reliability, or it develops weird problems, it will get sold (truthfully described) or binned. Mazda is running well at mo, was running too rich when cold. Found carb settings online, used vac gauge and drill bits against carb body to set choke butterfly to spec, problem 98% gone. Sometimes a bit of time is all it needs. It nice to know if I couldn’t sell it and it shat it's self scrappy would give me £200.00 notes
  11. This makes me grin, I'm very immature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcRyjkYdDxM
  12. Sounds like a proper chap! I like Guzzi's, they are shit but I like hem none the less, horizontal V twins (on the Guzzi Cali) are both awesome and ridiculous.
  13. Bought some magnetic bowls and trays. No more bolts and nails rattling round the place, they are awesome! Caught a wasp in a length of 22mm pipe as it fucked about on the window pane. It's buzzing resonated through the pipe and made some weird base line, wwaa wa. Opened the window and let it go, getting soft in my old age.
  14. You lived in a steam engine? 10 bar jeebus!
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