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  1. Latest is that the conveyancing team are all on furlough. Great planning there. Could be worse I suppose, mate waved all his possession off in a moving van yesterday, only for it not to complete due to the solicitor loosing the contract. 24 hours later still sitting waiting for it to be resolved., in an empty flat with 2 kids - not stressful at all. I love the idea that because they are busy its you that has to wait - they would have been quick enough to take your money and business I'm sure. Starting to wish I hadn't bothered trying to get a slightly bigger house we all fit in and just gave away a kid instead......
  2. I am trying to move house. We have finally got to the point of exchange. We had agreed everything required is in place, and tomorrow the solicitors will do their funky thing and exchange, then complete in 2 weeks time. Except now apparently everything is no longer in place, but no one can tell me whats not, and whats gone missing since earlier in the week when everything was in place. Apparently we are 90% certain of completion tomorrow, but no one can tell me what the last 10% is that would tip us over the line. I find it baffling - I was this vague at my job things would fall down and people would die. Why is the housing market and the buying and selling of houses so needlessly complicated and stressful, and more importantly why does no one seem to want to take any responsibility for making it happen!
  3. What a great fleet. It’s threads like these that always get me looking at big Yank barges, which moves seemlessly into American pickups which is normally when the wife appears and asks what I’m doing, and no, you’re not having one of those.
  4. Imagine the scene, you're driving along and there is nothing wrong with your car. The temperature gauge isn't slightly higher than you'd like, the funny clicky noise has either fixed itself or fallen off, the MOT isn't due for 10 months, its been raining and the foot wells are surprisingly dry, all the lights work and even the crackly speaker in the back has started playing top tuuunnnz. Its at this point, when everything is working at its best that I get the biggest fear and sense of dread - whats going to fall of/break/stop working/explode next. I almost prefer it when there are a few minor bits wrong that I know about, at leas then I know what needs fixing. Anyone else ever experience this type of fear, or am I just an overly pessimistic worrier?!?
  5. Sunny day, so thought I’d have a crack at the exhaust. First relocate to dead end at the end of the road to avoid Covidiots coughing on me - today’s luxury* workshop* looks like this: First 4 head nuts came off fine, no hassle, no drama. Number 5 needed my finest high precision spanner - this is from underneath looking up, so you can image the rusty pieces cascading into my eyes, and as I turned my head, my left ear. Nuts 6 and 7 both wound out the head studs, but cleanly. Number 8 stud, the last, sits under the thermostat housing, and had been gently watered by a seepage on the bottom of the housing. 13mm socket rounded instantly, 1/2inch 6 sided hammered on didn’t. Suddenly released, in a buttock clenching yielding fashion, but it was all okay. so all I needed to do now was split this joint: Not happening! So hacksaw out. Now much of the exhaust was paper thin, but the only bit I could get at with the saw was surprisingly solid: Got there in the end. It the n started raining coolant on my head, as I had managed to dislocate a pipe, which turned out to be barely bolted on, so just nipped it up and the pink shower stopped. I is a winna. At this point the 5 local druggies turned up on the other side of the hedge to ‘get it cooking up quick’ (apparently) so i felt I needed to significantly increase my distance, social or otherwise. Moved down the street with open exhaust ports, Christ it was loud, but I liked it. The lady at number 8 with the net curtains did to, or at least she seemed to be waving enthusiastically at me. finally got to the good bit - putting shiny bits back: Complete with proper locking copper flashed nuts - a first for me but allegedly they will come off again in the future, but not by themselves whenever they fancy. We’ll see. Final verdict on an ‘essential’ trip round the houses is it’s silent at idle, roars on power and cruises okay. Louder than I’d hoped, but better than I’d feared. It’s also very shiny, which does make the rest of the van look worse. Will let it cool down then tighten everything up again.
  6. One with the oval exhaust ports and the copper gaskets? All my aircooled exhausts needed a fair amount of encouragement with a hammer to fit. I remember being nearly in tears with a cheap Earnst pattern exhaust with razor sharp edges where only 5 out of the 6 attachment points would line up with the engine and carb heat risers at any one time. Yes - one of their less clever ideas really, the water jacket around the engine is very much an after thought! To get one of the gudgeon pins out you have to go in through the hole for the water pump, plus theres the 58km of pipework between front and rear of van. They did go for inline diesels, not sure why they didn't just whang a petrol golf engine in as an option. They did a 5 pot audi engined one for South Africa which is very nice. I'm a little alarmed at the size of the pipes and the very lightweight nature of the backbox - doesn't feel like there is much in there to stop the loud coming out, so not sure if the sound will be nice or rather loud. Just fingers crossed it doesn't drone at cruising speed, otherwise I'll be in trouble with the kids in the back! Enjoyed your write up of T25 ownership, also enjoying the ongoing Talbot, which to be fair looks a whole lot more practical than the T25!
  7. So back in December the tail pipe fell off. Now two joints are leaking, and there is a small hole in one of the headers. As lock down means I'm not spending money (and the MOT is approaching) I thought I'd treat myself to a new one. Strangely a stainless sports* one was cheaper than a cheap mild steel one, so I clicked and 26 hours later this arrived: Unfortunately its beaten the new gaskets, head studs and nuts here, so all I can do is look at it making racing car noises..... Next game is to get the old one off. I have no drive or garage so will have to find a secluded corner of the street and socially distance myself underneath the van. Last time I tried removing an exhaust on a flat four engine I ended up doing this, which the eagle eyed amongst you will note you is a head some way away from both van and the rest of the engine, allowing me an opportunity to snap off various easzi-outs and drill bits before managing to tap a hole slightly on the piss. A 95% successful repair. According to the owner forum I need to soak my nuts in plus-gas for a week before hand, but so far its just made them sting, so not sure I'm doing it right.....
  8. I’d second this suggestion from @captain_70s . I’ve had my fair share of things that look like this. A knotted wheel makes it look clean and shiny, but a 5lb club hammer does a better job of checking structural capacity of key bits.
  9. So all winter I wait for the warm sunny days to return, and yesterday and today there was lovely blue skies whilst out doing my hours state endorsed exercising, and it was warm enough for just a T-shirt. Lovely. Until the pollen got me! Grump is that each year I manage to forget I’m a wheezing asthmatic hay fever sufferer, and that from now until autumn I’ll just be one massive dribbling nosed, watering eyed sneezing mess. FFS why was I waiting for spring and when will I learn that winter really is the season for me.
  10. Sorted: https://www.wish.com/c/5b0d4b8d4d23b03df6bf4305?hide_login_modal=true&from_ad=goog_shopping&_display_country_code=GB&_force_currency_code=GBP&pid=googleadwords_int&c={campaignId}&ad_cid=5b0d4b8d4d23b03df6bf4305&ad_cc=GB&ad_curr=GBP&ad_price=1.00&campaign_id=9496440955&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk97t04S46AIVCbTtCh2xIgRNEAQYAiABEgKT7_D_BwE you can’t charge the phone at the same time, but still allows proper headphones.
  11. Actual guidance note is here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-mots-for-cars-vans-and-motorcycles-due-from-30-march-2020 Automatic extension to expiry date by 6 months.
  12. Fucked head gasket? Something k-series powered?
  13. Oh thank Christ for that, finally you’re going to get that yaris you’ve always secretly craved..... I enjoy your tales of motoring madness, look forward to the next instalment.
  14. *waits with bated breath for pictures of a 3 wheeled estate or delivery van for invalids powered by only a rubber band* For me driving air cooled VW vans was always a bit on the scary side - very few ponies but much weight!
  15. FFS when can’t I buy any pasta for the kids dinner next week - probably because every paranoid tosspot in the area is stock piling it ‘just in case’. Currently the only shortages are being caused by selfishness..... aaaarregghhhhh!!
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