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  1. Some dozy old twat has just reversed his Picasso into my van. His rear door caught my bumper. It caved his door in and popped off a load of his trim which he then ran over. I had to flag him down to stop, as he hadn’t realised he’d done it, but then he launched into a proper foul mouthed rant at me and my 2 year old the abridged version being about how accidents happen and why was I so bothered about a bit of damage to my van. So I’m grumpy that there isn’t a mandatory retest for blind old coffin dodgers who can’t see a 2m high van in their mirrors and then don’t even realise when they’ve hit it.
  2. I like Easter eggs (chocolate, what’s not to love), but Mr Tesco I don’t bloody well want them in January when I’m still brushing mince pie crumbs out of my beard..... what’s wrong with selling things at the right time of year FFS.
  3. Glad it all worked. I found that standard repurposed starter type batteries are fine for most things (including fridges if you add a solar panel) but as soon as you add a heater like this then proper deep cycle batteries show their worth. They are power hungry things these heaters.
  4. My wife has just reminded me of the scrap man who left a note on a shagged mk3 golf estate that I’d got for free, which after its 100th FTP was just rotting on the drive. Agreed he could have it (for free), but when he came to collect it he had a full on toddler style tantrum about the flat tyre it had....
  5. Bloke who tried to use the 150,000 miles on a 45 year old beetle to haggle down the price. To make it worse it was like triggers broom and 95% new parts anyway. I’ve found the cheaper the car the worse it is - £100 Skoda fabia Estate was less than pristine I admit but the bloke who offered a tenner because there was a minor oil seepage nearly got chinned.
  6. Amazon prime have delivered* my parcel to me*. Not to worry though their excellent* customer service* could immediately assist* me. FFS, I really miss shops selling all the things I actually want to buy and having to rely on these tax dodging cockwombles and their army of self employed couriers instead.
  7. For what it’s worth I helped my 60 year old neighbour buy one of those mk1 c3s and she loves it. I now maintain it for her. Its pretty basic inside, but has enough creature comforts to make it very usable. Simple to work on, everything is made of plastic and available for much cheapness. Would highly recommend as cheap and cheerful runaround which has enough poke to do the occasional long distance trip if required.
  8. You dissing me bruv, man dem gonna shank you etc etc etc I moved to Chester having spent 10 years living in Lewisham it makes me laugh when the yoof round here talk like this, because none of them would last 30 seconds when confronted with the real thing. Baffling really.
  9. Driving old cars in Central London (or any other big city) sucks in my experience. Most of the cars around can massively out brake you, so you leave gaps which are magically filled by morons. People pull out on you so they don’t get ‘stuck’ behind you. No one gives you any space, or makes any allowances. I’ve also found older cars less suited to sitting in traffic - they like to do silly things like overheat, or vapour lock or just generally mess you around. Maintenance can overcome some of this, but they can be generally more fragile. I would suggest that overall whilst a newer car might appear more of a liability in terms of complicated bits, something like a Yaris would probably give a much better service overall (and be cheaper overall!) Worth also getting an insurance quote for a classic with London commuting miles - it made me wince (although I was a youngish chap rather than your lower risk mum!)
  10. Love this thread - a great blend of old VW bothering that runs seamlessly into quality camper action, with casual comments like I just made an exhaust out of an old umbrella stand. I struggle to make a functioning exhaust out of bits of ready made exhaust, so hats off to you!
  11. Looking for a photo I have uncovered an old seam of tat photos that I thought I had lost. I painted the first T25 by hand - first some prep. You can just see the remains of a stubborn cack brown 1980s stripe that came back through three coats. and then some roller action: and it looked good at this distance: After some serious cutting and multiple coats it looked pretty good closer too - in its natural habitat: No plans to do it again any time soon though, was more labour intensive than spraying, and after a few years it had faded.
  12. Just make a sign that says ‘please park here as I don’t actually own this road’ and glue it to the bin with something extra sticky. Worked well on one of our old neighbours.
  13. It’s old, stuff will break and fall off. If you buy a tired Volvo, stuff will break and fall off that too. If you buy any car stuff will break and fall off - new ones just have warranties to cover the fally off bits. At this ‘bargain basement’ end of the car market we all lurk in it can be tough, and just when you’ve spent out a wedge and can least afford it you can guarantee it’ll surprise you by doing something expensive. £100/month doesn’t sound too unusual though, plus it’s not touching enough for a PCP deal on a new motor. Get those front springs sorted out by whoever bodged them on so it sits properly and you’ll feel much better about life.....
  14. Performance cars always seem to do well, but tend to be pricey to start with. Looking at what have become more mundane classics, suggests that slightly more left field designs built in relatively low numbers gain best value. On this basis I’d ‘invest’ in a mk 1 fiat multipla.
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