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  1. I feel my need to post my current shed. Sorry about the rotation...not sure why it does that? Easier to swap the full door than sort out the window regulator. So good it even got a Red arrows flypast
  2. Yes a Galaxy(alhambra or sharan) is the weapon of choice. That load was a full mature apple tree.
  3. This used to be a regular sight in Blackpool recovering broken down buses I think it disappeared into preservation in the 90s.....not sure where it went.
  4. It's actually outside the prescribed area but a lot if testers fail them......to be fair there is a pickup point on it for the engine/gbox so imo it should be fixed
  5. Definitely pop the scuttle panel off one my k11s rotted out under there catch it early you might be ok. Front xmember is also a hotspot for tinworm but is a fairly simple fix
  6. Likewise 1990 passed test first car mk1 cav 1.3L WND740S......slow AF lol Edit to add my uncle had the 2.0l sports hatch....was a bit more pokey
  7. Magpie215


    No more k11s apparently lol
  8. Ripe for a roffle......where is it??? Please say reunion island
  9. If I needed some expensive waterproofs right now I'd be all over this at £500. Glws
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