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  1. Eldest came to my last week and said he wants a car for his 18th (good old bank of dad). He's been a named driver on his Mum's Corsa for a year and tbh he deserves it because he'sca good little driver. I've got him a Escort Mk5 as a cheapy I found in the small ads because I know my way around them if it breaks. Cheapest quote was over 3k which shocked me and that was from some micky mouse place first call? Any tips? He's got no claims and everything, I even tried adding me and the Mrs and his Mum but the quotes are still silly. If I can't get it down enough I will keep the scort for myself as a 3rd car for getting some strain off my STs but that wasn't the idea fuxake
  2. Always wanted to try one of these 205s because I only ever hear folks race about them.amazing that they're still this cheap. I'm sure Partridge will ask you to scrap it though, even though it's a Peugeot
  3. Good time of year to do it. Still a few really good ford events to go down this year so interest is gonna be strong for really nice mondies
  4. Correct!!!Its worth the asking price all day long sorry. Ford from the nineties have a following all of there own. The Mondeo scene is growing now the retro boys want them. It's well under 100k, original and looks tidy. Always gonna be worth money to somebody. Would you all rather he gives it for 150 to a banger boy or some old single Mum to run into the ground? Thought not!!!!! Don't be tight you dinloes.
  5. Car buyers won't touch a vauxhall that's made by psa. Vauxhall driving experience and French build quality? They'vr been making shit for years and it going to get worse. Give it five years and they'll be gone like lovely Rover
  6. I can't believe it's still going on! They were a shit car new and they are shit cars now. Maybe the diesel ones are good for the engines? I dunno. But they're only really good to workhorse and scrap when they shit themselves. Paying this kind of money for a 405 is retarded
  7. Spending that kind of dough on one is still retarded. What you got at the end of the day? A diesel Peugeot? I'll laugh when he gets banned from cities.
  8. I don't get the hype. My ex back in the day had one her Dad gave her and it seemed dismal. Crappy trim and heavy steering what's that all about. The she treated it like shit, woulden't really help. The mk1 mondy was a better car by far and we don't want over them
  9. Why was my thread deleted? Have I done something wrong?
  10. Just get an ST170 like mine then get fake rs alloys and a spoiler and you will rule council estate
  11. Love it. Always said if I went over to French cars i'd have one of these. A xantia without the wollowey suspension. 405s look the dogs nuts when they looked after too
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