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  1. N reg Capri 1600xl that i rolled and landed upside down inside a greenhouse,thankfully i was on my own...
  2. Yesterday i handed back my Astra as a company Renault Megane has been supplied to me but i will say the Astra was a nice place to be slugging along the m25/m2. Fuel consumption was worse than stated and the ride was a little harsh but it was the sri version and i preferred it to the company Focus i had last year..
  3. Ox in flames garage Knockholt is my local garage which is a old skool garage happy to work on anything new or old (they looked after my Scimitars for many years) with lots of knowledge and reasonable prices.. I know they are approx 30 mins or so away from your possible move but they are worth the effort to get to and they do supply some shitey but reliable courtesy cars..
  4. While i have never owned a Audi i really want a 2003-2006 S4 v8 avant auto... Yours looks decent...
  5. I like it.... I have a vert to view this weekend locally that i have had my eye on for a while but expect a pm sunday either way thanks
  6. I have had too many scruffy Saab`s but if its a auto im interested
  7. And far better than the Granada/Scorpio of the time in my eyes..... I got pulled over in my 24v Senator by a motorcycle cop back in the 90s and all he wanted to talk about was the car,which was lucky for me as i was expecting a speeding ticket...
  8. Rust killed both my Senators and all three of my Carltons......the rot had truly set in
  9. I had a good look around the new Insignia yesterday at my local dealers and i will say this new version is so much better than the last with a far more upmarket interior and the petrol 1.5t engine on paper seems decent. I was chatting with the fleet guy about it and he offered me on lease a 2.0t 4x4 260hp auto for approx £1300 dep and £190 pcm for 3 yrs with 10,000 p/a ...which is far better than the deals on the Astra due to the bad residuals.. He also said fleet sales are very good for the Insignia again..
  10. Like many i enjoy owning something different/left field/wierd etc but i also like something reliable/dependable/boring and my Astra does the latter well while my motorcycles give me the former well too.... I still believe that even with all this Vauxhall bashing they do make a few decent mile munchers and i looked at a few other makes before i went to my local Vauxhall dealers. Thing is i now have my eye on a rather nice 2005 Saab 9-3 vert that has just come up for sale at a small indy near me and will be viewing tomorrow and we all know what a 9-3 is based on
  11. I prefer the look of the new Viva to all the other city cars but swmbo wanted the Aygo...
  12. I was always a ford fan up until i owned a mk1 Mondeo and it had so many faults i soon got shot and gave Ford another chance buying a mk2 but that was also shite.A 2.5 v6 that soon blew its head gaskets and from that day i have kept away from Ford......Saab and Volvo`s followed for many years then Alfa (my most reliable marque to date)
  13. Mk2`s yes they were nice but my fav was the GSI...
  14. Were they ace as my 130 and 1.8 sri were both crap,rust and more rust mixed with some leccy gremlins sent both of mine to the breakers at just 8 or so years old....
  15. Evans,Lookers,Motorpoint etc had a few and plenty of design versions......but not "a months old" 6/9 mths..
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