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  1. "These cars are making over £20'thousened Done".......and you would be.....Vile. I feel sick.
  2. So you get a pile of random shit then?
  3. I bet all his school reports said "must try harder".....
  4. All of that. I suggest https://www.motorwise.com/index.cfm
  5. Reminds me of a Lavender toilet block....I'm out
  6. To be fair there is a lot there for the money. You could build something really useable with a gas conversion for less than £3k which in Camper terms is nowt.
  7. Yes there is Matey. I paid £300 for mine!
  8. Crispy Critter! "Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge" Don Henley
  9. The return of the "Smelly Bus"
  10. ...and if you are going to advertise a car at least pump the fucking tyres up jeeess.....
  11. As a pear then. Bridge car.....
  12. Good luck with that one. I do have a soft spot for Marina based stuff as my Dad worked for Kennings and I think we had every single model over the whole lifespan of the car range apart from maybe the last Itals. It's rare and worth whatever some punter will pay for it but I'm out.....
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