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  1. There are some lovely houses in Otley / Ilkley west Yorkshire I would say a third of them are in the Β£500,000 price band and above category. A lot seem to have barely maintained sheds of all kinds outside. One near otley chevin has a lovely DS parked next to a fairly rotten Peugeot 309. Early nineties corollas seem in abundance here as do ancient Micra's , older population I'm guessing. I'll get some photos next time I'm passing through.
  2. It's about everything and nothing. A thread can weave it's way through to the unexplored regions of the mind. No need to dicect the gentle flow of banter. It's mostly shi#te anyway.
  3. Seems Porsche ate all the pies. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ carrera04.webp
  4. I saw a Granada Ghia X parked next to a 2016 mini clubman a while back. The mini made the ford look like a pancake. Sleek elegant shite Vs fat dumpy ugly shite. Granada wins.
  5. Rapid yes, Estelle yes, golf plus im on the fence but certainly more fun than a standard golf. I mainly detest the SUV especially those tanks with tiny windows, a tablet superglued to the dash and wheels like a child's roundabout. Too many distractions for some of the dumb asses driving around in those death machines.
  6. 60 plate golf??.... Well it is called shitefest after all.πŸ€”
  7. Pics in shite for sale.
  8. Me too. It was my first car really as I passed my test age of 46. I learned to drive at 17 in a 1977 mini 1000 made of filler, failed my test then left cars for motorcycles. Great thing is the memories of your first car are branded into memory... although Mine are fairly recent. Some poor kids today's first experience of ownership involve stupid modern characterless rubbish churned out by linked in robotic corporations leasing crap you can only drive in the daytime whilst watching the odometer because heaven forbid you should actually be able to drive the thing beyond 2000 miles a year!!! Rant over... What I'm trying to say is your first car should be unforgettable not regrettable. Kids buy a shite car at least you will remember it.
  9. It's for sale in shite for sale......my tablet really don't like the word shite πŸ˜†
  10. Most offered scrap is £99..... Come on a shiter could save the blue poo and I wouldn't feel so bad saying goodbye. A few more pics😜
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