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  1. Ian, I have had the dreaded pulled head stud,with an aircooled VW motor that was giving exactly the same type of noise in your vid, not always there at tick over or light throttle, but when you put the gas pedal down that's when you are likely to hear the chatter. If it's left like that for a while the barrel can pound into the case, but I think you picked this up pretty quickly. On a VW this happens when you put 1600 barrels and pistons on an original 1500 case with old head studs. I think the metallurgy of a 30-50 year old case isn't up to the increased torque of the larger combustion. Usually with a VW you would drill and tap for threaded case inserts on all jugs rather than just the single pulled stud, as it's likely to pull another stud if you just do the one. Good luck whichever way you go. Cheers Steve
  2. I love the way the whole front end strips away to let you work on this engine. I'd be tempted to see if you can get a thread insert put in the 652cc block and sling the short block in the boot with you just in case. Even dropping it off somewhere on the way to get done whilst your away. Perhaps Rich can have the mighty Dacia on standby for a return trip/rescue mission if required! If this were on Netflix you would be binge watching it just to see what happens after each cliffhanger! Good work DW.
  3. Gunmetal one for sale here:- http://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=157862&country=uk 25k! My dad's mate had a 1600TC and after driving it my dad got a 132 2000 TC
  4. Sort of cheating because in Aus, you can choose your own plate for a fee if its available. On my old 64 bug Beetle was taken so I did the UK thing of number substitution:- First and last time I had a private reg.
  5. Which car's have you had hoping that they would be good for a short while only to let you down ever so quickly after you collect them. Whilst I ventured out of shite territory to some bling, I bought a 996 porker here in Sydney to have it crack its head withing 8km of handover. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZZ2QaT3ewE Also had a brand new Rover 418 SLDT oil burner seize its gearbox after 50 miles. It not having been filled with gearbox oil from the factory might of had something to do with that. The kettle must of been whistling at Longridge whilst my car was passing through the gearbox dept.
  6. I have a VW sickness, which has led to other things:- My first one, still in Ireland at my Dad's. I pull it out of the garage every couple of years I am over and it starts and drives and I use it reliably for 2 weeks every 2 years! My other two here in Sydney:- Sometimes I have to take things to the tip:- Sometimes my cabrio beetle wants to be a Porsche:- I also have a Type 3 notchback that is a survivor:- And what would life be like without a project:- They still drive like crap, but they do put a smile on your dial. Cheers Steve
  7. That wasn't what I was expecting but being hubnut I should of expected the unexpected! Reminds me of a slighly bent and crabby Mk5 Cortina I bought for 50 quid in Islington in 1991 that I drove back to Manchester with only 1 puncture incident en route. The sense of achievement arriving home after 200 miles worth every penny. Cheers Steve
  8. I would stay steer clear of Pug 407 coupe's, well any with an auto slushbox. The auto's have issues with the valve bodies sticking causing it to smash into gear. A new valve body is the only way out of it. Luckily the one I bought I could return since I worked for the auction company at the time. Nice car all the same.
  9. Makes you think about the poor people that required these cars originally, and how the hell they would of coped with a breakdown of this sort. Was there an invalid carriage AA of some sorts?
  10. Is it a 1.6 or 1.8? What sort of mileage does it have? Incidentally it's from County Mayo in Ireland where my dad lives mmmm. Cheers Steve
  11. Ian, I have an crazy idea for you that I'm sure hasn't been done before with an Invacar. Not sure of the 'er' legalities of this, but the Passengers Forbidden got me thinking about how poor unfortunate Mrs Dollywobbler would not be able to partake in the Invacar adventures, especially after all the engine heaving help she has offered. How about you gut the mechanicals out of the spare Invacar, remove the front wheel, and replace it with a drawbar and make it into an Invacar trailer, so that Mrs DW can be towed along in the trailer. Kind of like how this 2CV trailer has been built. Just a mad thought!
  12. Just read this about a Porsche budget car developed for a competition by the Chinese government for a cheap car for the Chinese market:- https://www.carthrottle.com/post/nrjzvgd/
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