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  1. Wow - amazing work there! I've seen first hand the amount of skill and work required for restoring / repairing wooden boats as I know a few people who do this, and I greatly admire your dedication to this project! Btw, some info for those suggesting ways of increasing the speed, the waterline length essentially sets the maximum speed (known as 'hull speed') which can only be exceeded if a vessel is able to plane. This one is not as it is a full displacement hull form, rather than semi-displacement, so the top speed of about 10 knots mentioned earlier in the thread is pretty much the maximum hull speed. Looks like it could be a heavily modified Fairey - most were civilian but they did do military / naval variants.
  2. Great write-up Do you know any more about this?
  3. Forgotten about that type! As you say, rarely if ever seen now. Just to clarify, the grille I'm thinking of is this one:
  4. Agreed. Can I also add Minilites, and wood dash trim kits to your ban list? What you describe and the following are the only Sherpa sports that would tempt me - late chrome bumper roadster (so chrome grille surround but black mesh / honeycomb centre instead of chrome slats) with the deep factory type front spoiler, and running a wide set of wolfrace slot mags (I'm guessing off a Scimitar??). Although tbh, I'd still rather get my Sprite working again, and the Mamba wheels refitted.
  5. Very useful! IIRC, that's the only special tool needed - the rest is just regular imperial spanners & sockets. Oh, and if it's any help, all the factory parts books, workshop manuals, & brochures etc can be downloaded from here
  6. That looks very nice! Best place for new stuff is probably Brookhouse Volvo parts. Should you need them, brake discs & drums aren't cheap (they are pressed onto the hubs), but are still available OEM from Volvo. For removing the rear drum hub assembly for access to the rear brakes, get the correct hub puller. Also worth popping over to the Volvo OC forum for tech advice etc
  7. That old bus is mine - what were you in?
  8. Once rid of the C4 (ideally without resorting to the other sort of C4 ), finish off the Amazon. Rebuilt B18/B20 & o/d box etc etc. If you like tunes, it's surprisingly easy to cram a decent set-up into one & yet keep it all invisible. Make sure that there are no waterleaks, and enjoy
  9. Great to meet / see everyone Excellent pictures as always Seth Nice to see the estates out in force too
  10. Can you get him to post it? Indeed I can!! There's quite a few pics, so here's the whole album from that evening Clicky :DI should be there at the Ace too with the Amazon
  11. Welcome Samage!Glad to see that you've joined the dark side
  12. Good thinking, & O/D is definately FTW!!!!!
  13. Really liking the AS! Always liked them, even if the roofline is too high so the driver can wear a hat
  14. IMHO those Hyundais are extremely fugly - what were the designers thinking? Especially since the pre-facelift version is such a good looking car - had great reviews when new too The current one is nice, but like its predecessor, unfortunately suffers from badge snobbery despite being a good car, so definate future shite status! I've always liked the simple elegance of these Bentleys but glad to hear that I'm not the only fan of the Carmargue - they look great in early form (esp with gold or dark blue paint) but the later ones with body colour bits look shocking
  15. Thoroughly agree about the Xedos - very good looking cars for their time & extremely Jaguar-esque styling Is this one the 6? Both versions are rarely seen now It's even F reg too - but I can't see any duck tape Perfect timing, as mine has been working hard this weekend lugging about 25 heavy sacks of horse shit for my aunt's garden (her 965 also had a similar load in it but was actually more tail down ) & then taking a very large sofa to the dump this morning. What a great place! Very characterful as well as being extremely practical
  16. Great pics Seth! That DS looks especially menacing due to the factory-fit slammage!!!
  17. It's definately a Morris. Not sure which model but assuming it is a factory bodystyle, then it's probably an 8 tourer
  18. www.retro-rides.com Sadly though, the forum is playing silly buggers at the moment
  19. Both I think! Great pic too, as it highlights the stylistic similarities between them
  20. Great pics! I must admit that Im surprised to see the Daewoo included, but they are disappearing rapidly. BTW, the Leganza has to be the only decent looking one so far., and only because of ithe styling's Jaguar Kensington origins. I believe that they come in Y reg flavour! As for the condition, I've never seen one with more than surface rust (& even then, only as the result of accident damage) - do they actually rot??? 4 years ago, a mate at uni had £300 worth of C plate 760, and the body & paint were absolutely perfect. I'm very tempted by a 700 series......
  21. It's so tricky - I can't decide between the 'Trons & the Pugs.....
  22. Moggy Minor.Great handling / steering, good parts back up and very tuneable. Hasn't become 'fashionable' in the way that Minis & VWs have. Also the Moggy 'scene' manages to operate with just two clubs (one for all models and another for just the commercials), both of which welcome modified / customised cars, and are able to cooperate with each other!
  23. Has to be straight forward decent pictures of cars! I really hate the articles where the photographer tries to be arty & it's all blurry / stupid angles - it's impossible to see what the featured car looks like!!
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