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  1. If you can get the 2 pistons out of the liners and they are useable If it was mine I would go for a variation of option 1. Better the devil you know. Replace the mains and big end shells and piston rings. Depending if the old liners are reuseable and the price/availabilty of new liners and you would probably have a useable engine. I doubt it is going to do a great mileage, but I would fit a new oil pump if you can get one for piece of mind. Worth having a look here https://www.franzose.de/en/Home/
  2. There is a cira 1980s Rolls or Bentley taken its place when I passed by the other week
  3. Bump Price reduced as I cannot face ebay, gumtree etc Drop me a pm if interested
  4. Ebay number 302049694384, sorry cannot do links. Have used it for years and its euro car parts under another name
  5. 4 x 15" Ford wheels complete with caps and some wheel nuts off a 2004 Fiesta, but probably fit load of other Fords 6J ET52.5 3 tyres on the limit and 1 tyre with good tread but cracking and has a screw in it so probably scrap 195 50 15 £25 SOLD Located Leicestershire
  6. Getting a lot of quality used stuff Cannot get round being a Grandad
  7. There is nothing visible that I can see on the paintwork and I have not looked underneath. It has had a sheltered life.and been undecover or garaged when not in use
  8. I know this is not the usual car to see on here but Tigerfox Jr has a baby on the way and he is discovering how expensive they are. It is a 2003 231 version with the 6 speed gearbox and has only done 34k. I looked at loads before finding this one and it is very nice condition Starts instantly, recent new battery and uses fuel at a alarming rate ! Mot until July and would expect it to pass as it has only done 500 miles since the last one I have more pictures and it is advertised elsewhere for £1795 and a forum discount applies so £1675, NOW £1500 Leather interior, air con, working electric and heated seats, bose radio/cd PM me if you want more photos or contact details. Car is in South Leicestershire
  9. Anybody want this for the price of postage,probably £3. Its as thick as a old phone directory and weighs 2kg If you understand modern cars it might be useful. Has wiring looms, test procedures plug and pin ident etc Sold
  10. Mines hardly run in compared to some mileages on here. It is a 2.0 hdi though so i think rust will kill it before the engine does
  11. I have a friend (yes really ! ) who is rebuilding a Mini pick up and is looking for a engine to rebuild Looking for any of these. Mini 998, Metro A plus, Mini 1275, Austin, Morris, Riley, MG 1100 or 1300 or a Allegro lump As long as it suitable for rebuilding, thats all that matters and can be be dismantled and would consider incomplete engines, heads.etc So what have you in your shed, under the bench etc that you keep tripping over and want out the way ? Thanks
  12. Lexus embossed folder 240mm by 210mm. Free if anybody wants it for the postage of £3 before it goes in the bin
  13. Is the crank in the zx engine the same ? You could then replace all rods and crank in one go and possibly replace the shells if they are cheap.
  14. I have a 82 diesel family estate in the garage and it was brilliant with a young family, dogs etc. What you could put inside was amazing and it was super relaible. Its broken now. Might be available in the new year to the right person
  15. Having worked in dealerships recalls never seem to close and the manfacturers keep a small stock of recall parts. Dealers like them as it good easy work that they get paid for and the dealer possibly has a list of cars in the area with outstanding recalls. All cars going through a dealer shop be checked for recalls and tech updates if they are on the ball. I recall getting parts for a 1990ish Shogun about 5 years ago so if get a recall take it in. My sons 2003 RX8 has just has had a couple done to suspension and fuel pum. You can check on the dvla website for recalls by reg number.
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