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  1. The 4 plate method that you mention is what I had in mind Havent done any welding for 40 years, used to do mig, stick and ally, but will have to get a man in
  2. No there is nothing available as far as i am aware. I intend to make a triangular jig to bolt to the chassis through existing holes so that i can be sure of the mount position. I then intend to cut the mount off and use it as a pattern to get a pair made. The other question is the grade of steel to make it from The picture below shows what the front of the chassis should look like
  3. I have a complete running chassis, that is totally dismantled and knackered. The first problem is too find somebody to machine the front spring mounts,on the right (see photo )as they are welded into the chassis and then I can make some dumb irons and cross member. I do have 2 new springs so that will make getting the front square. The chassis itself is 2 3mm U sections pushed together Engine is need of a rebuild as the white metal on one big end detached its self living a very scored bore and piston So plenty to go at, no budget and I am very nearly a oap, so will have the time but not all the skills
  4. This is my 1936 Riley 9 basket case. Anybody interested in reading about it on here. Progress will make a glacier seem fast Hoping to start making the dumb irons soon
  5. I sem to recall a couple of cars that relied on the wheel bolts to retain the disc. Just cant remember them.
  6. One for @Six-cylinder @Mrs6c A nice rusty Lancia Trevi https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185502550208?hash=item2b30d048c0%3Ag%3A9IIAAOSwo8Zi0mmb&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&siteid=3&campid=5338788797&customid&toolid=10001&mkevt=1&fbclid=IwAR2nkXuRJCX0JxKk5PPF-tfnu3nal2c5qdVnXTT60RdoiliHSJ-RFvkgMw0
  7. Tigerfox


    Used to drive one of those sometimes when I was a lad. Only remember a couple of things on it. You always had to let it idle for 5 minutes after working it to allow the turbo to cool down. It had a 8 speed gearbox and a foot operated button on the floor that gave you half a gear so you could keep it where you wanted it in the rev range.
  8. Radio fault only appeared this week. Fan has been stuck on for weeks, but now the weather has improved no need for heater fan.
  9. Radio problem resolved for now as I took it out, so should not drain the battery. The heater fan is as you say @RoverFolkUs. It comes on as soon as the engine is running and blasts hot air at the top fan speed. The digital display for the fan, air con etc is not working, disconected it but made no difference. Going to try disconecting the battery to see if that changes anything. I suspect the heater resistor might have failed but dont understand how this affects the radio. Mind you if changing a bulb or fuse is not a cure its beyond my electrical abilty.
  10. After reading in another post about posting I thought I would do my bit. Corsa is still on the drive and has been off the road 4 years I think, but having space in the garage now the 505 has gone I will get it in and see what it needs, wont be quick You will not be surprised to know that a 18 year old French car has electrical problems. Picasso has radio on 24/7 and the heater blows hot on full speed and also cannot be switched off. Going to try remove a few bits this weekend after disconecting battery hoping that resets something. Riley 9 No progress but I have bought some steel to see about repairing the chassis. Dont hold your breath
  11. Back in the day I worked in VW garage and you could order the plates direct from the factory if I remember correctly.
  12. Got a couple I took pictures of. Spark plug from our Corsa B and a piston from my Riley 9 after some white metal broke up. Needs a set of liners and pistons now !
  13. It was shovelled onto a trailer a couple of years ago
  14. Its getting like a BL dealership at your place !
  15. One for @brownnova. Seen in Market Harborough today
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