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  1. Brilliant storm in Stratford at some point in the early hours of this morning, almost permanent thunder and lightning, would have got up and gone out, but I was just so sleepy I couldn't keep eyes open.
  2. Away for the weekend just outside Stratford, next to the river, was looking forward to kayaking today but the rain and the wind have made the current just that bit to fast to paddle against.
  3. Always loved those big Volvo estates.
  4. Just 1 glass of merlot with dinner.
  5. Most forums are full of dick's, comes with the territory.
  6. Our cars and caravan are used for target practise by the birds, come autumn everting is coved in purple splodges and streaks with the consistency of dried concrete.
  7. Just expect the worst and then you are usually pleased with what you get.
  8. I've done this twice and thankfully both times the cars have been OK, the passat was a bit iffy at first, getting the advertised working aircon to actually work cost a fair bit but I've had it nearly 6 years now. Best of luck fingers crossed.
  9. Lol perhaps some others should be told that.
  10. Is this the new timetable that has been causing utter chaos ?? Or the proposed solution??
  11. Oh no some people don't like me, how will I ever live with the fact, I will never sleep again oh wow is me.................
  12. That's weird, I would hope that bits like this will get ironed out but I wont hold my breath.
  13. Is that supposed to hurt my feelings? better people than you have failed.
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