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  1. I've been 'having a word with myself'. I have reconsidered. How could I have been so stupid. With my years of personal experience in motors and trying to save even the worst vehicles in terrible condition like they were some kind of injured war veteran with other people I have learned that it largely leads to upset and financial difficulty, dividing friends and family and ultimately nothing gets finished.

    I can't believe I was stupid enough to try and show people preparing to embark on a project just like above that it was going to be very hard, near on impossible. Stupid because apparently that is not the 'Autoshite way'. The Autoshite way, lets see about that. 

    To take any condition vehicle and restore it. Regardless of the pain and carnage it may cause along the way.

    But that last bit is ignored or not realised by many. You can tell this because they will post with saying things like "it should be saved", "we need to save this now", "who can get it", "we can do it" and condemning any person that has tried to tell how it could be on the other side which is not to be underestimated at the speed at which it can turn- the reality.

    You can tell this because they will end their tirade with, "but I have no money", "I have no time", "I have no space", or all three and more. These excuses are total tosh, if they wanted the project to go, they'd make it work.

    They are spectators, using other people and other peoples finances to entertain them, they are neutral in firing out their positive negatives.These people don't care what happens to the project, they'll move on to the next one for entertainment. These are the people who should 'have a word with themselves'. Put your money where your mouth is.

    So yeah, I've reconsidered. The project is an awesome idea. The vehicle clearly needs to be saved regardless of time and cost. I can't believe all these fucking rants about bollicking scrapping it, and not jesus cunting saving it, these shit head cunt people really need to fucking shit die the cunts. 

    We need to do it for the love, the love of a failed vehicle. It needs a new home and safe storage now, WE need to collect it now and preserve it's future! Who has a truck? Lets get the money tonight and buy it before it gets destroyed! I'd gladly front the movement and give plenty of time towards it and throw buckets of cash at it but I don't have the money or any spare time, I have no space either or a truck, in fact and in reality, I couldn't really give a shit.



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