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  1. Good luck on your travels. At this hour and doing those miles on a Sunday it had better be totally shit.
  2. Shiyt... I decided that it was time to change in the gearbox filter and oil, in hindsight it was a bad idea really. Everything to do with bolts on this car is tight, sized and corroded, I've never had a car like it. To change the filter I had to remove the gearbox sump which was held on with about 15 8mm bolts. 5 of them straight sheared off, all at the front. The battle then commenced to drill, hammer and poke at the snapped stubs resulting after 2 hours with a wonky hole with half a bolt left in it and another with a snapped drill bit in it, all the while, being rained on by ATF. It was horrible. So I fucked it off and went and made some clamps. They done the trick and we went for a blast. Noticeable improvements were made in performance and refinement. It's a job that you should get someone else to do as it was a complete horror show, and I'm not joking either. After the test run, no leaks were detected except for the hemorrhaging power steering pipe and split header tank.
  3. I removed most of the top to get to the other bank. It would seem that this side can be neglected because of the extra work involved. It's about due to be done again and it has the symptoms of a worn idle control valve now and then where the base line revs can't settle immediately. More importantly, my radiator is about to pop so I'm doing it right and today I'm installing a speaker in the boot for subtronic bass. I ran the remote and RCA leads from the head unit yesterday straight down the middle of the car and had a fight with sharp 90's plastic all the way that only a jaguar/ Landover owner could have. There is blood on the leather. Looks very ghetto. I figured that as this model of car is so sensitive to battery voltage, adding moar load would be perfect. Now I have a dilemma, I have a 'remote out' which is brown on the bunch of RCA's that plug in to the unit and I have a 'remote' which is blue on the unit main cabling. I'm playing safe and going blue as all remotes for amps I've ever seen have been blue. Herefordshire? Where's that? Is it the same as Hertfordshire? I always get them confused with each other! The idea of bricking my car in a pub car park is kind of appealing tho.
  4. Errr... That was a bit of a crap day to be fiddling with oily metal outside. Rain, rain and more rain, although on the odd occasion that it did stop, it rained. The bearing swap went ok but upon removing the brake carrier I was surprised to find that the two bolts holding it on were not very tight. Lucky find? Not really as someone had been here before and over tightened them... All the signs of an air gun. When I went to refit, they went tight but not tight enough and started to strip the thread off of the carrier. I had at that point realised that Jaag would be off the road for a week at least! So, I tried again, no luck and it became apparent that some fine engineering was needed. I tapped out the carrier thread and cleaned through the bolt threads and it didn't make much difference, but I did notice that the bolts were only going into the carrier by about two thirds before hitting the head. I condemned the bolts as I was stuck with the carrier and an immobile vehicle. Drat. I have many spare bolts, nuts and things but could I find anything remotely close to what I needed to replace them? Nope. I looked at long bolts, cutting and welding a head on at the right length... then I thought "it's brakes man..." It needs to be done properly. I was all out of hope and about to call it quits until I opened a drawer in the shed and inside among the bits and pieces was two 15mm head M12 bolts and I remember taking these from a very old 1971 BMW, the bottom rear shock bolts to be exact. They needed a bit of a clean and some shortening but to cut them longer than what was currently being used, so that the thread actually used all the hole in the carrier and made the most of the remaining good thread. I applied a bit of thread lock and fitted the carrier. I didn't torque it up, I gave both bolts 1 hulk pull + 7.53 yankers. In doing this, I could feel if the bolts were grabbing or starting to strip. They bit tight and the brake was on! Jesus... all that took a lot of time up but I'm confident that I can rely on it until I get a replacement carrier. On to the rear brake pads and our binding problem, yes, the sliders were sticky but the nsr bottom slider was solid. The rubber boot was being unsealed by expanding corrosion and of course the weather and road trash had got at it... and in it! So they were all cleaned up and wodged full of grease. All the tyres were rotated so that the front basically went to the back and then we hit the road... I mean track! We have a winner! The steering no longer shakes at all at any speed plus the car passed the 100 test so that means that it's not going to fall apart anytime soon. It also rolls in neutral which also means that binding has been seen off. I will need an osr caliper soon as it was making crunchy, rusty noises as I wound the piston back and I can notice the flat spot on the tyre on the back, it's very faint but I know it's there. Of course though, all this rain and messing about fabricating Jaguar parts took it's toll and I decided to not do the bushes this week, I can live with the soggyness a bit longer because I've had enough for now and I need a couple of new jacks and stands because I can't find my blocks, and I've lost a stand somewhere over the last year. All in all, a tough, wet and frustrating day that cost me another £150, but we have made improvements! Downside in a way is that I have even more spares to go on, the inventory is getting pretty big. In fact, I reckon that all I need is some body panels and I could build another Jaag in the shed.
  5. Don't worry, it's in safe* hands! ☠️😁 Verdict is in. OSF bearing slightly noisy but no play and it's in the early stages of failure. OSF Tyre slightly flat spotted, don't know why but will contribute it to the worn shocks and London. They were both hard on the front suspension. I'll stick it on the rear for now, I'll be swapping the tyres out next month for something better I reckon. Out of all the tyres and cars I've ever had, Goodyears seem to suffer from staying in shape. Luckily* I bought new sets for the Land Rover and the Jaag. OSR caliper binding- very slightly, could be sliders.. probably not. All pads are low but evenly worn. Last change was the day I bought it some years ago. 3 years? I can't remember now. Spongy front lower bushes The weather is a steady, persistent stream of rain but hey, it's not freezing. Thought that I'd sneak out and grab a front bearing from a shop somewhere seeing as my game of parts darts failed- again... curses! Got one and some rear pads, (the early type are different). I'm gonna do some messing about with it, clean some stuff up and wind it right back which may* free it up and then next month I can replace the caliper because it's smoked and because that's how life goes. It's going to be a wet one. Sadface.
  6. I certainly wouldn't be surprised. I am quickly discovering that the SType is the UK's answer to Herbie. Still, countdown to surgery has started on the vibration issue and other unseen replacements/ upgrades. I want this thing to bite down into the corners, currently it gives them a little lick and a sniff.
  7. I saw a white one on the road yesterday. Strangely alluring....
  8. The old Jaag has been behaving itself pretty much just as any 20 odd year old car would, but over the last few days of smoking about, sorry, wafting about to and from work, 100 miles a day, 80% of which is motorway, I noticed a change. What change you ask...Well, I'll tell you... A change in smooveness. Now I know, there is this vibration at high speed... and that was scheduled to be ironed out this weekend but the 'car' (also known by various swear words) seemed to be 'dragging' and this sensation got worse until we have today when the characteristic rumble of a smoked wheel bearing emerged.Seemingly coming from the front off side, increasing with wheel speed and moaning at me through the steering wheel with a continuous quick but faint vibration at any speed above 41.6mph. I got that feeling one gets when one senses their machine is about to grenade and leave one stranded in the middle of nowhere and so, I eased of the gas, limping it to work.Once parked I done the scientific test of feeling the hubs for excessive heat. All were fairly cool except the off side rear which was close to meltdown temperatures.Fairly obvious then. Why the noise from the front?I need to fix on it this weekend, so I took the valiant decision to play parts darts and purchased two rear bearings.At home time and dreading my 50mph journey home being overtaken by artics, I kept it cool in between the torrential pour downs and the journey was slow and steady. Upon arriving home I immediately went and got the digital temperature lazer beam thing and measured each hub. The fronts were between 49 and 50 and the rears were between 42 and 45, the higher being the off side rear... they all felt fairly cool too. The noise was as loud as ever all the way back though. This leads me into thinking that the noise is actually being generated by the sodding front tyres and their sketchy wear from the exploded shocks that were on it and now they are rolling like old land rover tyres and that I have an intermittent dragging (manual) handbrake on the off side rear as it rolls freely 95% of the time and the pads are even.So tonight, I can't be arsed jacking it up in the rain and will use the back up Discovery tomorrow, because breaking that too makes so much sense.This weekend I'll be rotating the tyres and see if the noise goes to the rear, obviously checking me bearings and swapping out the front lower arm bushes with rock hard track plastic. If all that goes well and I actually manage to reassemble it and drive it to work on Monday without any of the two vibrations rattling my teeth, then some sort of miracle will have occurred. We need to ask ourselves, what is the cause of this? What else is going to break? Why is this writing blocked in white?
  9. Early OBD1 / early to mid 90's tech cars are excellent to own. They scare the unbrave. You get all the fun of the lights and warning messages and nothing to read it's brains with unless you have 2large to spend on a 20 year old computeriser machine specifically made for it.... If you can find one. Parts darts is much cheaper* because you practically rebuild the entire car at an extortionate amount, making it resale for as much as you originally bought it for. You literally cannot* fail, loose or feel like your world has ended when it breaks.
  10. I'm about to embark on a new construction project. Today I had a meeting about it and it sparked my curiosity because it's out in the country side. I accessed some files of pictures taken of the oversite... the cleared land. There's an old abandoned selection of buildings beyond the boundary and what did I see? A severely pogweaseled, red (pink), complete looking, 8v MK2 golf GTi hiding in the overgrowth. GODAMMIT! Why me? Why do I have this desire to give it a home? I just hope it's owned by some angry, slightly bonkers farmer who tells me to get to fuck and sees me off his land with a shotgun.
  11. MK1 C5 spotted towing an old focus down the A14 during evening rush hour. That's got shitter written all over it... Who was it eh?
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