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  1. Whilst trundling down the estate driveway to fetch the paper, this happened... The big 100K. Car was worth 300, now 167.
  2. There's one on the bay for 30 notes right now... cheaper than Andrex
  3. With the crest M9? Force ale if it's still legible?
  4. Moar enter the 'I don't collect matchbox anymore' collection. Don't know how many of these I have now. I was always like that whilst collecting, I'd get my sights set on one particular model and proceed to get as many as I could. You lot understand right?
  5. ooh nice! Love a good HG swap Go on...
  6. Wow, it seems like the last time I worked on this car about 3 days ago, it was a different life! But loook! It's only bleeding right! Curiously made in 2012, about 10 years after they stopped using them so far as I know. With all the cars funds being suspended for the foreseeable I am making plans to do work on it that costs nothing*. I have some bits laying around so should get on with those once VirusFever has properly kicked in! Hazahh!
  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!1 Today, we mostly spent time working on the Jaag again. I set out to reconnect the rear door locks in a bid to achieve 4 actual doors that work. Full of promise I removed the drivers side rear panel where that sides super-glued on escutcheon fell to dust (35 sovs, chi-ching!), and removed all the bodgery and added proper connections 1 side at a time. Passenger rear first and... nothing. Then something, then nothing again. Then it worked and stayed locked for about 10 minutes before unlocking just that door by itself. Poobums... That's one I need to get. I wired it so that the wires for the interior light switch and dash warning were on their own plug so that if it didn't work (it didn't) I could disconnect the other wires temporarily to isolate the catch and trick the car into thinking that the door is shut. Next was the drivers side. Connected that up and hey, it unlocked! So I locked the car from the drivers door and... it didn't lock. In fact something had gone terribly wrong with the catch itself and I actually could no longer manually lock it from the inside... Great. Now I can't secure the car and I'll tell you what, these rear catches are beasts to get out and I've never done one. Looks like there was a first time for everything there and then as I had to remove the handle, catch and part of the rear window runner to free the catch, disassemble it, get it functioning in a way so that I could lock it and then try and re-assemble it! Well, that was an experience. So what have we ended up with after a good few hours tinkering. Nothing remotely useful... I mean, the locks don't even try to work anymore on the rear, they are both dead. It now requires replacements on both doors, I was unlucky. It also requires a rear window reg as the one I haven't fixed is swathed in kitchen roll, yes, kitchen roll and coated in mastic to hold the window to the broken runner, which it doesn't. This is an epic* journey* enduring the most mundane problem and not really getting anywhere except skinter and skinter whilst buying the most mundane shit. It's no longer a labour of love... IT'S A MISSION! But the end is in sight on this chapter, it's just going to cost another 200 quid, then there's the gearbox service... In other news... SNG Barratt have finally confirmed that my order is out for dispatch or something so I assume that they have the correct part.
  9. Started feeling ill this morning, coughing and very sick and lethargic. I feared the worst and then realised where I was. As soon as I got out of there 100 quid lighter, I was right as rain!
  10. '92 polo breadvan. About 15 years ago. Was being sold with 'massive oil leak' or something like that in the description. Needless to say, I got it cheap chucking a last millisecond bid in. 1 cam seal later, it was good as gold and went on to be one of my favourite cars I've ever had. Sold to some oikes with short MOT and sadly never saw the road again, RIP M9
  11. The other day I fitted the new catch to the passenger door and hey presto, it all works and I have central locking across the 2 front doors, the car doesn't lock itself when I'm not in it and the alarm sets. Good stuff. Door panel went back on but as shown above, the escutcheon as they call it, is toast. These appear to be quite fragile parts which don't age very well and are a bit of a fiddly sod to get off when removing the door panel, therefore I suspect a lot get broken just like mine was. Fortunately SNG Barrett seems to understand this, so charges the price of what you'd pay for waste from a wooden animal toy to get a hold of one. 25 Sovs plus 6 and a half quid for posting. I looked around for a bit and other suppliers who say that they can get these, I suspect, get these from SNG. The pricing is very similar. For some unknown reason, the rear ones are dearer at 27 quid and I can only assume that in this cut throat parts market, they break more. I can't however do 70 odd quid in door handle parts this week, I can't justify the cost to myself right now, so I got the front only and the back one which has 1 crack in it, may be repaired or if not, bought later when I can swallow the cost a bit better. To ease a bit of the financial pain, I took advantage of their download catalog and used works printer to rip off a copy. It contains exploded diagrams and all the part numbers. It is already proving* itself invaluable by not listing the handles part number, showing the X200 diagram of it and then an X202 picture of it. Just says, contact sales. What a mess around for a stupid bit of plastic! I am no doubt going to get a call about it next week where I'll be told that 'it's NLA M9'... 'should have been removed from the sistum M9'. Can't wait for that. (Can you see I own a BM 635 yet?) I hope we are successful, fingers crossed. With that mess set aside and the door now fully working OK and not 'draining the battery', I went and removed the passenger rear door panel. YAYYYYYY1. Well, we knew this was going to be here didn't we. What makes this a bit more awkward is that I can't easily take the loom in the house to fix it so it's got to be done in situ unless I want to dismantle more bits from the interior, which I don't... because it'll probably snap or crumble or both. In the worst case, both rear door catches are fubard but I reckon that would be tremendously unlucky, so I'm going to bet that both door catches are actually fine, just poor diagnosis and panic lead to maniacal wire cutting and butchery and it was in fact, just the N/S/F causing all the trouble. Lets see! In other news... My breaking in attempt was not without it's casualties. After the rain had stopped and dried up I noticed some damage to the rear door. You can just see up the side of the window too... the same 'knee shaped' indentations. Bollocks! I have made a call and I reckon to sub this out, it's going to cost me 150 quid to fix probably, plus VAT m9. I'd have a go myself but even though I could do a reasonable job, I wouldn't stop there, I'd look at it for 2 hours and then I'd go too far and make it worse. Besides, there are a couple more dings on it which if this proves successful then I'll have them back to fix those. This would have been done this week but because the Land Rover has yet again shit itself and put itself out of action, I'm spending on that instead!
  12. I used FF10 Geniemat in the BM because I blagged a load of it from somewhere. Wanted something waterproof and that didn't act like a giant sponge. It is a bit thick though and clumsy in the corners. https://isostore.com/geniemat-ff-roll-out.html Also used Neopream too, again because 3ree. https://www.rubberstock.com/sheeting-gaskets/neoprene-sheeting/neoprene-sheet-6mm-1-4m_15907.html?channable=e24197.NDgwNjAwMDE0MC1CbGFjay1TSVpFX1BMQUNFSE9MREVS&gclid=CjwKCAjwgbLzBRBsEiwAXVIygJiYuXlN6puyNqnakPGTf_AIjsTH-kRBDOGF6_zrEnKl5szVG2xILBoCbRUQAvD_BwE
  13. WOWZERS!11 Another blurple coloured car... where are they all coming from?
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