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  1. MK1 C5 spotted towing an old focus down the A14 during evening rush hour. That's got shitter written all over it... Who was it eh?
  2. You don't just have to go with the Halifax you know...
  3. Well, I made it through a stage 3 interview for a job a actually want. I'm not getting excited, I've been here before in life but if I get the offer then I'm going to need a commuter car to throw my car allowance at. I don't want to use the Jaag because the miles will pile on so I thought... Get something I want to drive. Something economical but yet can perform on the daily commute. Something with satnav and leather. So here's the plan. I use the Jaag. But then I have my car allowance... Simple solution is to buy an S type R as well. I need one. Like I said, I'm
  4. Made me think of this thread... https://www.instagram.com/p/CJKBIxvHB82/?igshid=zj01osuuw9le We are not alone.
  5. I would think that the smell of burnt plastic ingrained in the rest of the interior would be enough to fuck it off now. Good excuse for a leather swap godammit.
  6. I've jump started 3 vehicles in the last two weeks with the discovery in my close. 2 are essential workers and today it was a hot polish chick delivering Amazon parcels. Found out Vito vans are fed emergency electricals from two points under the bonnet as the battery is inaccessible under the drivers seat- you learn something every day. She gave me a score for my troubles which is the most amount of money this freelancer has earned since November! Cool.
  7. If it's got standard suspension then it's a unique ride. I think the E30 is added scene tax and they are an easier car to live with. These early, big models spook people out.
  8. From my essential journey last night... One caught my eye immediately from the moment I turned the corner and I thought... Yes M8, if I could, I'd shake that fella by the hand for driving an outstanding motor vehicle. The other is yellow.
  9. It was Salvage rebuilds UK, a red vivaro. Borked Cam position sensor, some loose plugz and possibly a blocked DPF where a pressure sensor cuts fuel.
  10. I literally watched a tubeyou on the same issue last night and I'll be fecked if I can remember what vid it was. Blocked fuel pickup, sock thing, injectors... I'll check me history. I did encounter this once myself though and then it went to no start at all. I found a length of hosepipe in the dry tank which was holding the float up! I am totally getting the karma thing too, I've polished the Jaag, sorted the front suspension, the satnav has mystically started to work again and I thought, this car is not the sort that will break because I've fixed it... and it hasn't. No, last night
  11. Good News! The Jaag has completed over 100 miles and nothing has fallen off. Changing the shocks has transformed the ride and that's just great. Even gooder news is that once I almost reached my destination I heard a faint bong coming from the head unit whilst the bluetooth was playing. I recognised this bong as a sat nav speed limit change alert. I looked puzzled at the unit and pressed the Nav select screen which has done nothing for about 6 months and there it was... It's has come back to life!? What the? It continued to work right the way home. I can determine the foll
  12. OTHER SIDE! Boring update of exactly what I done yesterday but on the passenger side with test drive result bonus content. Firstly, this void behind the strut, it's going to be an issue and is acting like a big basket for all the road rubbish to hide in, once the strut is on, you aint cleanin in there so like the other side, I pulled out stones and crap, cleaned it up good and then applied my special formula rust prevention fluid. "It don't look pretty, but neither does a 25mm structural rust hole." Formulated in the very bowels of the land rover V8 for exactly 9758
  13. I often thought this about those lot that set the Citroen repair book times. The basterds.
  14. Yeah, that chain seems to be the go to place. I also like how most towns in the US have in stock, carb rebuild kits for any car since the 1940's. If I go now to my local factors and ask for say a 501 bulb, I'd be shown an LED colour changing kit and a mountain bike.
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