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  1. The glovebox.... This thing haz been on my mind for months. It was a great idea* of mine to decide to experiment and remove the old box as there was no room in there for anything as 97% of the space was occupied by a molding for the CD autochanger. As far as I can see, the X200 only has this fitted. The other downside is that if you have the lid open and drive forward, everything that you managed to squeeze in there just comes shooting out. Below is an image of what you see when you drop the lid down: At the time I found on the bay a box listed for a 2001 model s-type which was chea
  2. Cheers man. I bought a manual ahead of getting the car and then the car came with the exact same manual. They are on disc and I don't use them because I didn't drag the family laptop around with me whilst reapering the car. I have found a dedicated laptop for such things recently so maybe I can now. Probably still won't. Oh, and level 6 achievement unlocked... Sit tight for an update later when I get on a pooter, it'll blow your mind*! *It won't.
  3. That's just great. I've spent many hours inside Picasso's, mainly broken ones. It's always amazing how improving a visually poor or neglected dashboard can totally transform ones outlook on the entire car.
  4. Weird. I like watched that last night. Glad we don't have smell-o-vision, that omega looked hanging.
  5. We'll blow me down, it does pull out! How about that. Not too minging in here either so just a quick vac was needed to suck up 20 years of dust. I read on another forums thread that the cup holder can be removed first which I did but it's a pointless move as it is screwed from the underside and doesn't assist in removal. Leave it on! Another thing is that in the Jaguar workshop manual it shows the gear knob still fitted during removal. I removed mine because there is a pinch point as you lift the console around whilst sliding off the handbrake sleeve. I could see the hard plas
  6. Well, i obviously took advantage of the fact that we had run out of bread and milk. I ventured out into the darkness to see the speshal effect of my bespoke finishing reveal itself. The night sky... The camera doesn't pick the full effect up but I love the night sky and now it is in my car! It's the adult alternative to sticking those glow in the dark stars on your bedroom ceiling!
  7. Each to their own, man. You must show that lumbered up beast! Bonus points offered for 'fresh woodland' scented air freshener. In other news... I've been searching for a clue on how to remove the console and this proved to yield good results. Apparently I can just rip it out as it's on spring clips! The cup holder comes out this way too... Never did I think that could happen, that sucker is tight in there! Will be interesting this one, plus I can have a tinker with the selector cable and maybe eat up some slack. This is just screaming of success!
  8. They're not much worse than anything else from that time. Historic neglect and bodgery as well as a higher mark up on parts because Jaag/ LR is the real issue. On these early issue models, good, used parts are getting tricky, but on a later model, there's still a few kicking around. Whilst I'm here... I have some more droll images of this morning's efforts. The rain came, weird sleety stuff, and one of the cats shite itself up the wall, so the first few hours were wiped out. Indoors, I set to repairing the poorly air vent. Here's the issue: The back of the directional ve
  9. Welcome to another installment of fun Jaag capers... Today, we (me) fitted the dash trim as planned and removed the head unit/ AC/ other gubbins at the same time. I forgot how tight the space is where the plugs are on the AC control. I checked the nav connection and it was all good and tight, I unplugged it and there were no messages appearing on the screen. Now the blank nav screen won't come on in full view, just half split with the radio mode. I guess it's the unit then. Shame really, it was good while it lasted. Google maps it is then! I then proceeded to remove the whole he
  10. I had just no idea that this was a thing until 4 hours ago.
  11. Soooo... Scratch up, degrease, cover, cut, fold, bit of heat, moar fold, reassemble... El completas. Chucked it in the car to fit tomorrow. Need to mess about with an air vent to fix a couple of veins which had a hard time coming out and found the lead for the alpine that does all the accessories, so that's going in too. I may have a poke at the centre console if time allows. It's taking up a lot of room in my shed so needs to be fitted.
  12. I very nearly did. You know when something is held on but you just can't see how it's held on, even after poking and proding several hundred times? Once the first air vent had flown out into the back of the car in 200 pieces, I was commited.
  13. Hey. Blank CDs arrived today. Done the biznis, whacked the disc in and... Done. All that messing around was worth it because... Er.... Nothing has changed that I can see and as a bonus, I still have no satnav or clock. Excellent. What else? Oh, yeah.... I thought that I'd take out the wood panel insert across the dash. The x202 wood 'just pops off m8', as does the xtype. Must be the same then right? Wrong. I had a poke and a prod with a set of plastic trim tools, the kind that take on the shine stuff that's coating the dash so that every time you go to pick them up you ef
  14. If vauxhall done fordz... All foxhalls r shit m9.
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