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  1. It's been a while, so just in case you was wondering about one of the ex forum bikes... It's still chewing the tarmac. If Carlsberg made cars... Probably the best car I've ever owned.
  2. What we haven't had yet though is that with those estates, you can pull out the rear washer jet and direct the water onto the car behind. Shirley worth buying just for that comedy value?
  3. 1983 Mk1 Fiat Strada 105TC, Black, Genuine 28k low mileage UK car. | eBay Yes. That is all.
  4. 1987 jaguar xj40 custom modified airlift air ride | eBay Vegan Jag on balloon gas. That's something that I never thought I'd say.
  5. Years ago i went to look at an XR2 one of my pals was told about. It was cheap. It was also at the end of a breakers yard and none of the staff wanted to go up to it. We immediately discovered that someone had topped themselves in it and hadn't been found for 'a while'. We looked through the windows, but i could smell it even through them. My pal didn't buy it.
  6. I don't care who you are, herbies always look cool.
  7. I didn't get out there today because I had to do stupid work stuff, like that comes first ... I really need to work on prioritising.
  8. Met this fella this morning. I felt like a tourist but when a Rovextra enters your life, it's a special moment. Why daily anything else? Complete with arooga horn, absolutely made my day.
  9. I used to have one of these with exactly the same issues as yours. Welcome to the world of 'not worrying about the weather in winter'!
  10. It has a floor change gearstick. The box is still in it. This is certainly going in the bin to make way for progress* but it will be hanging around until next summer at least. All parts free to a good home. I found a rather chunky hinge which makes me think of a tailgate of some sort. Theres a lack in the volume of metal so i am assuming a pick up.
  11. I will try and get some anti tetanus gloves on and reshape it tomorrow, maybe get some better pictures too It has a steel panel grill. It looks like someone in a JCB has played golf with it as its a bit bent and things like the wiper arms are bent over which wouldn't happen naturally. Although its head is missing, i had to sniff the oil which smells like a well established engineering factory with a slightly blocked toilet facility. Once I get it running I'm going to drive it 4965 miles home. Although I'm only 20 minutes down the road. If you liked that mystery car challenge*, I have a level 6 for yous tomorrow! I know that one is there though but need to take pics before the earth reclaims it.
  12. I would like to see if I can get the hooters working again. She has massive hooters.
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