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  1. For some reason, this reminds me of an old cartoon where a character saws a circle in the floor and then falls through it. But I guess it does take all sorts to make a world and life is busy. Having worked on air springs I understand how it could go wrong so easily and with terrible consequences, so if you are thinking of repairing your saggy motor car then just spend a few minutes covering how you intend to do it. https://www.hse.gov.uk/safetybulletins/air-suspension-systems-on-vehicles.htm?utm_source=govdelivery&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=coronavirus&utm_term=alert-1&utm_content=mvr-12-jun-20
  2. Been purchasing sacrifices to throw at the Jaag godz. This includes all the other door locks. The drivers lock has decided to break again and not unlock after auto locking, meaning I have to open the window and unlock with the key to get out! This looks chav and is a bleedin nuisance. What else... window regulator to replace the wrong one fitted in the drivers door (suspect someone has stuffed a later type in there), the rear window regulator repair kit (O/S/R is now permanently off the runner), front suspension bushes, Genuine Jaag big service stuff and two goodyears for the back being put on tomorrow. I've got about a Monkeys worth of parts floating about for this, I really need to get them on!
  3. Something has adjusted whilst testing the car when driving around the estate. Max I used to get was 31 or 32 empeegees at a push. It actually went to 40.1 but I was rolling without the gas down, so it's discounted. Of course, this good display of performance will promptly be followed a massive catastrophic explosion of some kind, one of which no-one would have ever heard of and will consume millions in parts darts without even the slightest hint of it being fixed.
  4. The vehicle has now successfully completed it's London commuting which has put it through it's paces given that those roads are absolute dog shite in places. 140 miles a day, 5 days a week and for 5 weeks. It has developed two issues over those few thousand miles. One is that the coolant has started to leak from the underside of the header tank, could be split, looks like pipe connection though, bit of a sod to get too though without removing stuff. Lots of sweating joints on this cooling system shown by the pink coolant deposits so an overhaul needs to be performed in general but the header needs to be looked at in case it is split. Number two is a judder under braking and at any speed which progressively gets worse the longer distance you brake and the sensation of having slightly off wheel balancing at high speeds. Owning a BMW 635 immediately points this issue to being worn control arm bushings. Looking on the various sites, replacement arms range from 200 each to over a grand. Ok, I bought the back suspension and paid nearly 700 for it but it was all in pretty poor condition but I think they are taking the piss with those prices. The front arms are in fair nick so I bought quality replacement bushings, a bearing press and a selection of press fittings as I refuse to lay out hundreds of pounds every time the car needs a bush, besides, the Discovery is gonna need bushes too and I'll be able to overhaul the Jags original rear components. The two rear tyres are pretty much worn out now too with the tarmac just kissing the central wear bars, so they'll get done next week, plus I'll treat it to a service, following it's hard work over the last few weeks. Have a picture of it during it's daily service... (of course, it's bloody filthy again!)
  5. FINALLY FECKIN WOSHED IT!!! From hardly using it and cleaning twice a week to nothing when lockdown hit. Then I got work and it's doing 140 miles a day and getting destroyed in that Lundun taan M8. Found a hose at this disused diesel storage yard that had a water supply! Washed it yesterday and it took ages. Vacuumed it out too for the first time. Found no treasure.
  6. No, it's all the brake fluid coming up out of the reservoir. I had all the linkages apart and cleaned/ lubed it all up. It was all pretty good. Tried to rebuild the master cylinder but was a cnut to dismantle and left it, so I want a replacement to fit so I don't disable the car. Brakes work fine* during normal operation. Isn't there a swap with the 5 series gear?
  7. Yeah, I won't be forgetting the starter swap job for a long time. Done it with conventional spanners but you're working totally blind. I managed to buy a reconditioned one and it came labelled up as 'rare unit'. I still have the old unit, need all the spares I can get for it. The car is currently in the sin bin whilst it is throwing up it's brake fluid which I haven't even looked into yet. All I can think is that any stored pressure from the engine running is somehow letting into the reservoir slowly whilst it sits. Looks to happen over 3 days of sitting after running. Fully expecting it to be the only car on the planet that this has ever happened to though. Like when all the brakes slowly locked on in traffic and would only release by moving and cooling the engine bay. Trouble is, with locked on brakes, you don't move to far! New sphere sorted that out but then it caused the issue I have now.
  8. Whilst trundling down the estate driveway to fetch the paper, this happened... The big 100K. Car was worth 300, now 167.
  9. There's one on the bay for 30 notes right now... cheaper than Andrex
  10. With the crest M9? Force ale if it's still legible?
  11. Moar enter the 'I don't collect matchbox anymore' collection. Don't know how many of these I have now. I was always like that whilst collecting, I'd get my sights set on one particular model and proceed to get as many as I could. You lot understand right?
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