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  1. D2 OPU on some white van 'crafted' to read DROP U. Driven by a heavily tanned, shiny, skinheaded goon looking fella. Anyone on here? Was going to turn around, catch him up and tell him his tan looks shit but I needed a wee.
  2. Battery update: it's still on charge. Up to 12.9 volts but doesn't seem to go any higher. Tests are ongoing. In other news: Head unit leads... 1 was missing from the sale, the expensive one with all the RCA plugs on, that's even if it came with that in the first place but why shouldn't it? Conversion loom and patch lead for linking the head unit to the jags loom and utilising the steering wheel controls. Box of pin connectors for if any of the above doesn't work. £85!
  3. Suggestion number 67.... Main relay. You're bypassing it by jumping the starter and there will be no ECU input. You can bridge the terminals to get it going but will need to pull the bodge to stop it.
  4. }What motors it for M8? {2000 stype... }Good luck fitting that... This is a smoll conversation I had with a incar specialist across eBay messaging once regarding the purchase of the above Alpine unit, second hand at £a lot£. The conversation came AFTER purchase... Naturally. Now, I've heard and seen some ropey installs into the stype of these units and thought that it can't be that difficult can it? Why, it's just a Ford radio in there after all. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a butt clenching couple of hours, you see, jaguar in their first class wisdom decided that encasing the unit in scaffolding and screws would be a good idea... Let's see shall we? 1st issue was that I've took the battery off to put it on charge and fill my shed up with hydrogen gas. You can't get the car out of park with no battery. You need to do this to pull the whole center of the dash out in one lump. However, sat in the 635 degree interior I figured that removing the gear knob would allow just under enough room to force out the bugger, I needed another 5mm but it came out eventually. Next was to remove and break down the contols and then measure positions for the mountings to be swapped to the replacement unit. Drilling into an expensive piece of kit is not my favourite thing to do. I didn't want the new unit to sit flush as the surround was bigger than the existing plus I wanted to angle it towards the driving position a bit to reduce any glare so with careful manipulation of some dimensions the theory was put into practice. This also meant that I'd have to modify* the drawer surround next to it a little bit. The plan was to keep the original overall dimensions to guarantee* a good fit without hacking into the dash on the car. The coin tray had to go, luckily the facia comes off and just fits under the unit to cover a nasty gap left behind from the coin tray. Reassembly involved me cutting into the cage to fit the top bracing. Tightening all the screws up in thier original locations shown by previous marks on the mating surface, showed me that dimensionally it was spot on. I have created this: Without too much damage too. It's a shame that the link leads are incorrect for the Jag or I'd be out there seeing if the bloody thing even works! So, to summarise... If you want a nice stereo in yer stype, be ready for crazy funtime!
  5. Excellent fix. It happens to all of us at some point. I didn't drive my broken down and recovered home* BM for a week due to a (ahem..) loose earth strap on the battery. I had an red 820si with the tailgate, excellent car. Got stolen tho...
  6. Welderup! T Plate? White. vegan version...
  7. It has to be a simple case of different wording for the same status. Either the vehicle is taxed or it is not. As you can see the different terms cause confusion so for that and many other reasons now there is either SORN or TAXED. If the vehicle hasn't been taxed since SORN was introduced then it is still on the old, confusing system and can't be updated until it is taxed now. My first car, MVX11V is displaying 'untaxed'. It was off the road before 1998 in 1995, had it been off the road since 1980 it may well display 'not taxed for road use'. You will never be able to SORN your vehicle until it has a valid MOT (or V112), insurance and tax and then that lapses.
  8. JAG GETS NEW PLATES SHOCKER*! IMG_20190722_062407428_Large.mp4 Shocker is, that after a month sitting under a cover, the battery is flat M8.
  9. I believe that is the reason why NTFORU is displayed. Why your invacars show something else is for some other reason. Poor records and historic communication issues I should imagine.
  10. 'Not taxed for on road use'. This is because it wasn't taxed when the SORN was introduced and is therefore not required to have a SORN. Instead of saying the status of SORN it displays NOT TAXED FOR ON ROAD USE... because it can't have a SORN status for the reason above. Tax it now, let the tax expire and it WILL be subjected to a SORN because it has expired AFTER the SORN was introduced. That took me 4 minutes to find that out and makes perfect sense. Hope that helps. 😉
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-JAGUAR-S-Type-S-TYPE-3-0-V6-SE/223585746251?hash=item340ebfbd4b:g:DzMAAOSwfjZdKdHU Cheap* early smoker. Expensive with no MOT though.
  12. I wanna know the top end, foot to the floor speed these do. I pass loads going into London and don't know whether they are being driven slo because the cabby is used to doing 18mph everywhere or actually are slo and the cabbie is leaning forward in the seat willing it to go faster.
  13. We had one of these sport models in green for a while. The half leather/ suede interior was nice. No problems with it at all until my sister stuck it down a ditch and hit a tree, in a way not approved by landrover. Repaired well enough but sold it off.
  14. My phone has been making a weird notification noise since Saturday morning. It seemed totally random at first with no icons, messages or anything. It was annoying the crap out of me. I've turned things off, on, sideways... everything and still this noise persists. Tonight I thought I'd give it my full attention. I found that when I put the phone down and then pick it up again that it makes this noise without fail, every time. What could it be?!? Well, a short Google found that it is in fact an app called NFC which allows your phone to pay by touch and one which I use daily. This NFC has detected my debit card in the phone case and is trying to transact with it- apparently. What did I do Saturday morning? Change my phone case!
  15. I put cheapies on the 635 whilst it's sitting around for months at a time, long enough for spiders to lay egg bags in the tread... Dieyung or some shit like that. National tyres dinked my rims when they fitted them so I got them for free after a moan up. They do no favours to the front end performance though on a car that relies heavily on good condition suspension and tyres. When the car gets back to regular use, they are coming off. Hows the tread on your cheapies? Is the tread cut deep or do you think it'll wear halfway and you'll just have 3 bands of tread left?
  16. Where the fuck can one even get hold of this stuff? Are they made from rubber?
  17. Well remembered. Although I set mine at 2.8 all round to assist with the already very sloppy steering. It is fitted with a low tyre pressure warning device anyway... If it falls below 2.8bar then I scrape the 2nd speed hump along my road. MM precision designed into this car you know.
  18. Just took the 635 out to buy some mushrooms. It hasn't been out for a month or so. It really doesn't like low tyre pressures. AHOY there me mateys... Mushrooms bought, strange clicking from rear brakes was worse than ever. Have to pull the handbrake up a notch to shut it up a bit. Think I may have to do some work on it. I'm guessing the shoes retaining clips have failed and they are catching the drum. Luckily I have a set of new ones ready for install. I'm getting 4 tyres for it too. I'm looking at the hankooks that are on the Merc because they are grippy, this car needs that, I'm also I'm 11k miles deep on the Merc and the fronts aren't even halfway worn. Either that or go with Dunlop blues because I had those on the touring twice and they were a good tyre. I've always put SP01 sports on it but they crack up before they wear. Looks well posh on its new private plate. The UK number plate is so intrusive on car design, it's amazing the difference another plate can make. Save yourself a few quid, if you are bored with your car... Don't sell it... Instead, get it on another plate!
  19. You can get a replacement rear chassis section for the disco. It's a major op tho. Mine will be due in the next couple of years although I'm kind of looking forward to it for some psychotic reason?!
  20. Oh... NOW People want it...
  21. Heading south from where? Hope it's not Hastings... You'll need more air in your tyres!
  22. Cor.. so close... That's what I was after but surprisingly unavailable. Got the next best thing... Sort of...
  23. Only just having secured* a personal plate for the 635, today I realised that all jaguars need private plates to complete the council estate toff look. So instead of sleeping, I got another plate quite suited to this particular motor car. All will be revealed after the transfer process has completed.
  24. Personal reg finally bought! Another tick on the bucket list.
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