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  1. Whilst I'm on the subject of changing bits, here is something I produced a little while ago. The Jags steering wheel was Ivory with an Ivory air bag and this orrible faded wood at the top AND at the bottom, plus it was pretty worn. I done some extensive research as I wanted to change it but to what? The X202 (facelift) is totally different using a spline fit and different airbag connections and then I didn't even know if it would sit correctly with the existing cowling after. Fitting that would involve work, a lot of uncharted work. I had to compare lots of online pictures and make guestimates and then look for the right component. It was obvious... The car shares with the Lincoln, so wouldn't it be cool if... Well, it happened. It cost a lot of money and I took a chance but it all fits (sort of) together and works as it should. I was amused that it came with audio controls on the right side but it all swapped straight over. The air bag is a bit baggy (see what I did there?) at the posts but it's all secure, clear, free and working. Basically the lincoln wheel is the same frame as the Jags X200 wheel. The poufee bits are different. No cowling contact nothing. I was quite surprised my experiment had worked. So now I have a nice bit of qwaliti wood, one piece of it only. The wheel is also slimmer than the Jags original and totally changes the drive. I think that if I can get a lincoln air bag over here then I may well do that but for now my prototype will do. Once all that washed out timber is black too, it'll start to come together.
  2. Onto moar creative news, whilst the door panels are off, they can be cleaned a bit better, repaired where necessary and that wood... yes, the wood. Previously on this topic I announced my dislike for this stuff. On this car it's not nice, adding to the rather bland interior. So I decided to cunningly disguise the wood and today I gave it my first shot. The door panels come apart into various sections which make cleaning them a lot easier, the wood trim also comes off relatively easy. You can see the lacquer or varnish or whatever it is has started to give up around the switch plate, I was going to fill it but there's a fair bit more 'lifting' so I had the great idea to take it all off which turned into a mission and an hour of my life I'll never get back. Still, the base to work from was achieved and I basically wrapped them. I've bought a few wraps to do this but changed my mind along the way and settled on a wrap that will compliment the subtle theme I intend for the interior to have. Look how it sparkles in weird light! This is what it's getting. BYE WOOD! Now, with that out of the way I have repairs to do. The pull handle bit has been broken in several places and bodged together, so I've got to fix it. It looks as though it's been a bit of an issue so I think I'll introduce some bonded metal plate or something. Who knows what lurks in my shed. That's for tomorrow, as well as trying to sort out the ill fitting window regulator which has been cobbled in with wood screws. I don't know why it's like that yet but it does work although vibrates against the door panel constantly. Hopefully the battery will still be charged!
  3. After making that contraption I stuck it back on the car. In typical car fixing fashion where you fix one thing and something else breaks, the gearbox fault message came up for the first time when I put on the ignition. On these cars, like the ABS light, this fault comes up once in a blue moon to say hello and then goes again. Fortunately this was the case here but I have to admit, there was 'that' feeling for a second! Well, the car didn't brick and fired right up. No central locking though and yes, I had already been through the fuses! I sat in the car and scratched my noggin whist locking and unlocking the door handle. Suddenly a noise happened! A lazy sounding electrical noise which came from the door module. I opened the door and pressed the lock and it automatically unlocked itself! It's er... alive! I think? Ok, so the noise is only happening on the drivers door but it's a start. I am assuming that all the doors have been individually disconnected, the panels have been off before so I'm expecting to find more red electrical tape! What's more, I can lock the car with the key and it looks like the alarm is arming as now the indicators flash and the red LED blinks as if it's armed. What's even more though is that if I unlock the car with the key and hold it in the unlock position, the windows and sunroof all* open and likewise, locking, they all close. This is progress! I found that the OSR window has disconnected itself from its slide mount as the motor sounds like its going down but the window stays closed! I'll get here soon! So, now being totally paranoid that the car is about to catch fire or get a flat battery or both I just went out and checked it. It's still playing ball so we'll find out tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see what is causing the drained battery issue. I'm really hoping that it was just a crap battery!
  4. First time I've used them. A bit fiddly with my dumb numb mechanic worn hands but are nice and secure, providing a good connection. Was about 8 quid off the bay I think.
  5. Today I decided to have a look at this cars notorious central locking system. More of a myth actually as in some past life it had all been 'disconnected' due to running a battery down. That's all I got from it's history, oh, and broken central locking. I don't know what's wrong with it, so all I can do is basic tests, visuals and try to get it going. I started at the drivers door, removed the panel and from there on, a days worth of mucking about was waiting for me. Someone had been here. Electrical tape, chock blocks, cutters, missing bits... urgh. The loom to the door lock had been cut and out of 9 wires, 2 were in use- I think. All these wires go back to a 'Drivers door control module' handily mounted in the actual door. It's a programmable unit, looks delicate inside and being shoved in the door, is subjected to frequent banging and shocks. If it sounds like something that was built in the UK, it was. All this gubbins needed to come out and be inspected and by the looks of it, repaired. Picking it apart revealed the two wires currently in use. I took a picture of them in case it all goes wrong so I can put it back in this configuration. Hell, at this point, I don't even know if I'm about to brick the car! Finding some handy connectors I stripped back and soldered pins and terminals on and then into the blocks. Worst comes to the worst, I can extract the pins I need and put into smaller blocks. Then I could tidy up the loom... Before and after I had done this, I checked all the wires for continuity to make sure we were headed in the right direction! More in a bit...
  6. Repatriating a volvo, hence early start so you don't get caught, because Scotland time is 2 hours behind?
  7. BREAKING* NEWS. Discovery covered 200 miles today and autobox is 'clunking' into 1st from 2nd when coming to a stop. You know that noise you get if you have a CD in the old door pocket and it knocks about from side to side every time you hit a bend in the road... Like that. Thought it was something in the glove box, but sadly no. Investigation starts tomorrow, and there's a lot to investigate, I can't wait*. PLACE BETTINGS NOW!!!
  8. So.... Read the instructions... After extreme neck ache... NOTHING! Off to buy 3 new car batteries.
  9. No wonder they wore welding masks, those brake bulbs look extremely bright.
  10. Yes. When I was 12: Now I'm 42:
  11. Opening a parcel which suspiciously may have originated in China and almost immediately sneezing was a bit of a spine tingler but look...! Now, instead of looking at a black plastic lump and saying 'that's fucking fuct', I can look at a black metal lump attached to a black plastic lump and say 'that's fucking fuct'. Instrvctions in Transylvanian too it would appear!
  12. So, luckily the graphic part of the badge was easily removed because it basically fell away leaving the chrome surround in situ. I then ventured into my shed of possibilities and promise. Like the Jag badge, I thought that I could do a nice, clean and tidy remake. All I'd need is to go buy some blue paint. Then I thought about the after market Chinese badges, red, black, yellow, carbon fibre* etc... No, the jags badge was unique and so this will be. Going with the shonky direction of the car, I thought I'd let creativity* and trial and error take precedence and see where it would take us. It's taken me here: Hand crafted by a five year old it would seem, nature has blended* the finest chemicals to produce something that could have well been dug up from a Victorian drain. Perfect.
  13. Ooophf... I can't believe how much time has flown past! I think that Dec 2018 was the last time I actually drove this car anywhere significant. I never got around to finding out what the clicking noise from the back is but I imagine that it's not good! ...Then the impromptu Jag purchase got in the way. Now that is up to an acceptable standard, I guess I should be looking at this BM again. So, yesterday I dragged it out of its garage and with a charged battery hooked up, started it up. All is good. Except for the mind baffling situation where it's lobbed all its brake fluid up and over the floor. It has still got good brakes so I've cleaned the whole car in and out, refilled the reservoir and will keep tabs on it. Whilst cleaning, the age old dilemma came up once more... does it need to be painted again? I dunno, I was talking to a neighbour who was pleased to see it's return and we discussed this point. The thing is, it has a fair few marks, poor paint, faded paint and lacquer peel that if I was to repaint it, all this character* would be lost and it would just be another trailer queen. I've had a trailer Queen before and I spent way too much of my life, curtain twitching to see if anything was within a meter from it with the potential to cause a mark. I hate that and I'm already a bit like that with the Jag. So for now at least, I want to keep the tired look about it. Someone else can dream of painting it. One thing that bugs me is that just like the Jag, the front badge looks utter shit. It's all faded and worn and is just shiny Chrome. So, a good place to start I guess!
  14. Oh yes! As wolves under a moon are to PT cruisers.
  15. Don't know when it is yet (assuming thread title), haven't read the thread properly but I need a night under the stars. Green light from the missis just now so pencil me in.
  16. Frankenstein honda civic... Jesus wept. This guy irritates me a bit but this thing he just got is rough as arseholes.
  17. I'll change it soon when I've used up the 20gallons of dot 4 I have left! Which, if that keeps doing that, won't be long!
  18. Yeah, it's getting a blast from the jet wash. The whole area is a bit oily. It's dot 4 which I've not any problems with in the short term ... YET! Worst happens, the paint is shot anyway because patina*
  19. A rather downtrodden land rover discovery with terminal chassis rot and LED floodlights because you have one life and your going to live it?
  20. Brave. Good luck. Liked and subscribed. Now where's my slippers and pipe...?
  21. Allowed light to wash over the 635 today for the first time in err...? Quite surprised as I went armed like a knight to battle my way into the cave through walls of spider monster nests. Hardly anything really. A few leaves, a poo from a small creature on the boot lid and some cellar spiders, not many though. Reading the thread where someone's leather had gone mouldy had me concerned so I paid a visit plus it needs preparing for MOT sometime so needs to move. No mould though. I can only think there isn't any because I cleaned and fed the interior not long before it went into storage. That smell tho... I opened the door and that smell that only an aged vehicle can have. I had to open it up again just to get another whiff... Awesome. Apart from the expected flat battery which I went to retrieve, I noticed that this car still lives up to its name of 'breaks when you do use it, breaks if you don't use it' as I discovered an unidentified fluid spread across the floor which had dropped from somewhere under the bonnet. What a car! Turns out that the brake reservoir has shit out all the fluid from what looks like the master cylinder seals. It's an odd one but so are most of the problems that this car manages to produce. Battery on charge now, it was new about 6 months ago and I should have took it off but forgot. Taking a charge like a pro now so I'll be firing the BM up next week at some point. Air still in all the tyres too!
  22. Wow, thanks. Learn something every day.
  23. What is a launch car? I have visions of the handfuls of cars used at motor shows to display the new releases of a particular manufacturer or vehicles used as press cars. Believe I have missed something, please enlighten.
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