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  1. V8 ES. Don't tell me you've got a master just kicking about in the shed and I can have it 'free to a good home'.
  2. Discovery consumes £2hunitpahnd on new master cylinder. Shit a duck... Had to become an instant expert to even begin to find what I need. Turns out (I think)... Landover £300 Cheapy £100 Company called TRW make the Landover unit and they are £200, then you have LHD and RHD all mixed in a big pot of vague descript adverts. Wow.
  3. No, no pm, I'll send you one to reply to, cheers.
  4. You sir need a LAND ROVER in your life! "so don't wanna make a mistake." Oh....
  5. (help, I'm lost.... I offered to buy off someone on here selling some carz and I can't for the life of me find the post or thread and can't remember who was selling! Was for a golf GTi, F1 car in a box, and a BMW which I thought was a Merc... Can anyone help?)
  6. I recognise that stripe, why, it's the stripe of winarz...
  7. Erm... Last Saturday I had a look at the weather... It was wet... A lot... So I checked the phone to see if Sunday was a better prospect for wearing my mechanic hat. Sun all day and 15 degrees! Perfect. Sunday morning, 6am... Rain, misery and moar wet. What the? I checked my phone and discovered that the sun was still out in Cambridge, Cambridge USA! Realising that I must have turned off 'my location' at some point I prepared to prepare preparations to prepare to think about venturing outside wielding spanners. It was grim. So was the car. I was armed with some new parts and upon deep excavation and investigation realised that the jags rear suspension was teetering on being totally fucked. My handful of new parts were dwarfed by the list I was producing of worn out shit that really needed attention immediately. I contemplated repair to some of it, maybe radical modification, race spec, budget build and the like. Maybe I should just knock it on the head? This is not a case of just fixing something, we are talking serious repairs here. AND THIS IS JUST THE BACK END! I decided to strip it all off, all the nasty fucked bits, the bits I now know are there, lurking in the darkness. I ended up with a fair sized pile of metal and expired rubber at the end of it. Then I thought that I'd sleep on it, the situation which has made itself quite apparent. Today the calculator was held up to the daylight so those little solar panels could get enough charge for it to operate. After doing the math I can only see one way this needs to go, the only way that makes sense on a £400 car, the shitters way... Genuine jaguar rear suspension! Well, the old kit lasted probably 17 years and has blagged another 3 years past being well expired, long story short, there's about £200 quid in it from fitting unbranded parts or rebuilding the arms to fitting the real deal, so the decision was made. Saving has commenced.
  8. Gave up and worked on the car in the rain. There really is nothing quite like it. The wind helped* too, especially during the bit where I was under the thing on my back. Still, after a few months away from cars doing the house and a very reluctant return, the ice has been broken.
  9. Rain. All- bleedin- morning. How can one overhaul ones jagwar in such inclement conditions? Good job this is one of very few weekends I get off eh?? Bastard weather!
  10. Go in office toilet. Some scank has left big skidders down the pan. Bog brush them off B4POO. Bog brush sprays onto face. Living the life.
  11. Totally. I'm just going to work! Have a fun day and guud luck!
  12. The mini casting dimensions might have something to do with this...
  13. Was out and about at the world's most shit boot fair and thought I spied an MB copy but upon comparison later.... I managed to snare an eBay win on my most favourite MB Rolls Royce in an un- opened blister. And whilst packing away I rediscovered an old rebuild I done on a rather scrappy MB Pontiac with a squashed roof I felt sorry for once. I straightened it out, put in Trans Am glass and an Audi TT interior with some recent wheels. I have a marzal I done somewhere... Wonder where that has gone?
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-13-WHEEL-TRIMS-MK3-4-ESCORT-MK1-2-ORION-FIESTA-SIERRA-L-GL-GHIA-LX/174047645109?hash=item28860c4db5:g:od4AAOSwxW9dh30h
  15. Same issue on the 635. Replaced the hose from the injector rail to the cold start valve with injector hose from Halfords. At traffic lights a month later I got a strong wiff of fuel. Checked the hose and it had cracked to the point where it was worse than the one I originally swapped out. A neighbour who works with landscaping gave me a length of hose he uses which is so far 5 months on, perfect.
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