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  1. +2 on the compression test. Get the basics checked first so you can be assured that you have a solid base to work from. If that's had the arse ragged out of it and dropped/ bent a valve, fucked a lifter/ spring, lost a tappet etc you'll be chucking cash all over the place with zero result. Take the top off too and check everything is still where it should be. ( May need a cover gasket to refit) Check cam timing, set to tdc on the crank, look for alignment marks on the cam and the number 1 cylinder is about to fire on the rotor/ distributor. Then check the firing order is right on the leads. It could of slipped a tooth in the hands of Nigel mansell. I bent pushrods on a Kent engine (fiesta) ragging the shit out of it and it ended up developing its own low rev limit. Driving it could get up to 90mph but then it would die back to 70 before going again. Gave that courtesy car back... " Cheers for that, it's making a funny noise tho m8..."
  2. Watched it by accident last night. I was laptopping when I could hear old chod having the arse ripped out of it. This immediately gets my attention. Watched the last half hour or so, didn't even know there was a new series or presenters for that matter. From what I did watch, I got a feeling that a remote part of my license fee was... justified. That hasn't happened since, well, the Clarkson era. Will watch again and with the anticipation of becoming amused by the entertainment.
  3. These may be in for the chop. Pub has just shut down for refurb by the looks of it. These two are slowly returning to nature in the corner...
  4. Did I mention the stereo? One sunny day I was chopping around on the M25, toons blaring at volume 11 when I got a whiff of electricals... I blamed the tanker truck in front until I realised it was just carrying dirty water... I stuck my finger in the tape loading slot and it was like a volcano in there. ~turns stereo off~ And it didn't stop being boiling hot for sometime after. I can't have those types of thing in the car so it's coming out and is destined for the bin. It's replacement is planned to be an alpine satnavvy bluetooth thing. I'm a bit bothered about the fitting in the hole part but it is effectively a standard old ford unit it's replacing so we should be winning...we should be!
  5. BoggyMires

    How Many Left?

    Good news. I am still looking out for the only BMW635CSI DIESEL, HML have on their records...
  6. You take the ratchet back but wrap your fist in bandage and drop some red food colouring over it. You just say it slipped and you severed a main artery.... Or shin bone or... Something...
  7. Is there a 10mm ratchet spanner in there?
  8. My trackers send me all I need to know when I call them.
  9. I've had mine for yonks. Broke the ratchet trying* to undo the Jesus nut on BM rear bearings. Halfords swapped it no problem. 'it just went on me m8'...I try not to use scaffold tubes on ratchets these days.
  10. Get a crook lock on that now. Well saved.
  11. Britain needs more cortinas. Good buy.
  12. ...opens Thread for the first time... Phone explodes... Half of Cambridge's internetting crashes... I'll wait until I get to a pc...😄
  13. Moar German nonsense. 7 grand for a snotter that needs work is the going rate now. That is insane because they are expensive cnuts to repair and are rarely worth the effort because they are not rare and you get stung for parts and they refuse to stop falling apart. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1990-BMW-635-CSI-HIGHLINE/312644362514?hash=item48cb0e6112:g:MI4AAOSwfWJc-Ogz But there you go, it's worth that price at this time. Here's a non start for 5 grand but you'll need that again and some hard work to get it on the road. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-635csi-1986/153501708317?hash=item23bd6a301d:g:plsAAOSw~8lc6Rol That is about where mine was when I got it. Ah... The memories of the horror! GIB obvs...
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