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  1. Your shopping list for 2020 haz bin released: https://www.autocar.co.uk/slideshow/unicorns-rarest-cars-british-roads#69
  2. https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/sooty-sweep-soo-mobile-auction-17264554.amp
  3. Found myself rambling on about shit for no good reason. You realise this once your posts get moderated and someone has or will be offended and slipped the hint in. That's not my cause. From experience this means that I'm spending way too much time on things that don't need that time spent on them and I can be more productive doing other things... A wake up call I suppose. Not the first time this has happened on a site on the web, probably won't be the last, but a break and time away from not only here but other places is calling. No malice intended. I guess I'll check back now and then as you do, some of the material on here is fantastic and very well done and dare I say it, un-missable! Made some good acquaintances here and some I'll never fathom out, ever, but that is what make this place great. Hopefully won't be too long, but if it is, have a great holiday period and a fantastic shite filled 2020! Thanks.
  4. Take that straight out m8 and replace with fire retardant correx or similar.
  5. How does the water know where to go to avoid trees? Baffled by nature, it's like it's done that for years. That aside, I used to live in a small village triangulated by 1 large and 2 small rivers. Our house was about 200+ years old as were the neighbours houses until a few doors down and then you had 3 rather plush 60's bungalow efforts. You can guess who got flooded everytime it rained a bit. The river authority who's name escapes me were forever trying to modify and improve the rivers with the same result everytime, maybe even making it worse. I mean, sometimes people have just got to admit that thier house was built in a fucking stupid place! My grump today is public transport- trains. I do it every time... Sit by the window leaving myself open to some random to park their arse next to me- why!?!
  6. BREAKING NEWS*** Discovery passed MOT. Not without its advisories tho. Lower front ball joints dust covers deteriorated. Good job that is one Mofo of a job to do! Can't* wait to tackle that! The usual brake shit to continue to'monitor' for another year... All good in the hood though!
  7. I've broken the internet! Why if I press on the autoshite logo it takes me to a page with just the sites top banner and a line telling me I'm online? It never done this even this morning, pressing the logo took me to the forum main page. What have I done? Pic added:
  8. I should think that if you go to any citroen dealer, there will be several hundred of these under trays hidden behind the shop in that strange slip of no man's land that smells of nettles and fox poo.
  9. Champion. I have the disco going through this week, it'll pass tho because it is 38.2 % better than the last time it passed..
  10. Oh how funny people are. They must have secretly been contaminating the air with laughing gas. Good news is that based on those sale prices, my 635 just doubled in price. Selling that rover though... Probably realised what a lump of crap they bought after the gas wore off and are on damage limitation trying to swerve the trailer cost. At least they were getting bought though and are back in the market for breaking or fixing. We would have gone mad if the headlines read 'loads of barn found* classics to be made into fridges'. However, some look past even that!
  11. Yes please. Hopefully my end will be more successful this year and I don't end up receiving my own gift back I sent out. If anyone has any allergies then please state them, for example, if you are allergic to pepper then say so as I don't want to send you a load of pepper. I have a great gift idea this year, just waiting for it to fall off of the landrover.
  12. Is West Germany still in West Germany?
  13. I used to carry a hammer for my cvh starter motor which wouldn't work off the key once it got hot. It was a couple of twats or a half hour wait for it to cool down.
  14. I operated my mates throttle on his mg metro by sitting on the engine whilst he done the gear change bit to get us a mile to the next garage after the cable snapped. Was along Southend sea front cruise too so 11 show off points was earned.
  15. £30 Inc postage This is equivalent to gold right?
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