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  1. because it's not 35% of the worlds population, as i was trying to point out to you above, you really think an indian who has a car which is held together by hope and string gives a fuck about the orientation of the wipers on a bmw? or that bmw really gives a shit about his opinion on the matter? Maybe once indias growing middle class really comes into play, you might see a change in play in terms of that, but until then it's a tiny minority of the world that drives on the wrong side of the road.
  2. Heights in feet and weights in stone, but metric for everything else its weird how our brains become wired!
  3. The only real issue would be changing motorway junctions/signage we were considering it back in the 70s but costs were deemed too high. Shame really to remain the odd one out in Europe, but it keeps our second hand cars cheap so won't complain too much.
  4. Last time i checked 35% is a minority but we're in fine company. I often think let me take the channel tunnel to Saint kitt and nevis. Remove Indias population from that statistic, given that having driven there its less drive on the left more avoid the pot holes/pedestrians/motorcyclists say a prayer and hope for the best. Then the 35% starts to fall apart, as Indias massive population causes the statistical anomaly. The list looks impressive until you glance at it for more than 10 seconds and realise that, it has been padded with Caribbean islands and tiny African states as peop
  5. There go all the cost savings of only making 3 doors in one fell swoop. If we want to talk arrogance maybe it's time we finally started driving on the right like everyone else.
  6. all the good skylines have been snapped up, now that they are old enough to be imported to america the price has gone daft.
  7. Just about! They are about 440 grand now, I think the 420 grand might have been better invested in just about anything else for that sort of return.
  8. This thread reminds me of https://www.rarecarworld.com/single-post/2017/05/14/When-investing-goes-wrong-2003-Flashback-to-the-story-of-the-bricked-up-Jaguar-XJ220
  9. 1duck

    Crap jobs.

    I'm not sure, it was big and blue? I wouldn't stick a brand new porsche through it, but for the chod i roll about in i think it does a perfectly reasonable job without me even getting out to get cold and wet. Edit: apparently it's an ARC car wash, but yeah just a big automated jobby.
  10. 1duck

    Crap jobs.

    There's an automatic drive through car wash near us that costs £1.50, I think buying a bucket and some car shampoo would set me back more than that.
  11. Just been serviced : oil changed for first time in 150k miles.
  12. Excuse me, but I agree with the good doctor and do believe that the tyres are only meant to survive 6 months. If anyone questions my new driving style I'm telling them it was under advice from a doctor for my commute depression. My other half is a doctor (animal kind not human) and if I wasn't around she'd just hand a garage a cheque to make issues go away. Plus she babies her car, the slightest noise is met with panic, she was on the verge of tears when it started rattiling, turns out the heat shield had got loose and needed clipping back down. She did however work with a new zealan
  13. Looks like someone tried to break into it for sure. If you wind the window down, open the door, you can usually put your knee in the centre of the inside of the door and pull it straight just by grabbing the top of the door and doing the reverse of the original manoeuvre. Don't over do it though as they bend really easily.
  14. Hmm watched a video on YouTube didn't seem that hard, but I'll take everyone's word on it. 😅
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