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  1. what im reading is that if he's quick there's a set of alloys lying around in buxton-shires
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203407891984?hash=item2f5c0e1e10:g:Xg4AAOSwHt1gfFKT I was torn between the just scrap it thread and this thread. 500 quid BIN, but might be decent for spares if someone has one lying around.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363373967270?hash=item549ac6b7a6:g:gSUAAOSw4Plfd5EX No Mot and left hand drive, but i can't remember last time i saw one. 475 quid
  4. This is the former scrap yard I mentioned, comes with a big building plus 0.2 acre? Might be worth a call see what they say.
  5. Batley and Dewsbury should be a paradise for this sort of thing, the reality is that it strangely isn't. My friend does car bodywork and wanted to set up as a one man shop as he was sick of working for dealerships and he really struggled to find a unit. He said most places would knock him back the minute the word car left his lips. Speaking of dealerships the vauxhalls dealership has gone bust in Dewsbury and their site has been empty/to let for over a year. I dread to think what they want for rent though. All the decent sized Mills have been converted to flats years back, the few s
  6. yeah my scirocco had a little orange lamp that would swear you were getting 35mpg or something insane as i pulled into yet another forecourt to fill it, yet again.
  7. Shitroen Picasso, used to go into limp mode at roundabouts/at random on the motorway, snapped a front spring which went straight through a tyre(apparently tadts as the spring wasn't rated for the extra weight of a diesel engine) rear hatch release was one of those electric microswitch thingies that went wrong two or three times. I liked it when I first got it due to its diesel van driving style, but its poorly constructed French-ness let it down. Never again.
  8. I was selling a 3 series, get a phone call from a guy who sounded just like the phone jacker Nigerian. He asked for an address, 4 hours later a blacked out merc showed up. It was absolutely hammering it down, he didn't even look at the car beyond pointing at it from his car and handing me an envelope of cash. He then filled in the v5 handed me my half and drove off. Saying he'd be back, I heard nothing for 2 days despite trying to call him. Then unannounced another pair of guys showed up in another BMW, his mate with waist length dreadlocks asked for the keys and said the other guy had
  9. 1.4 was a dog, but at 200 quid with 12 months ticket...get it bought.
  10. it feels like every mx5 is a 'special edition' or limited to 500 made affair, all that seems to change is the steering wheel and little bits like that.
  11. Drove up towards the white rose center today to drop off the other half, as she abandoned her car in the works car park. Chrysler 300c ditched with the rear bumper missing on the dual carriage way, whoops. Fair few cars just abandoned on that stretch, it must have been really bad around there yesterday.
  12. I was on that same stretch with similar results, the only difference was 4 mismatched ditch finders of various pedigree FTW. No issues steady at 60 either, think it has more to do with the yaris having such skinny wheels. We probably passed each other.
  13. where the fuck is the shed? they haven't even dug it out for the pictures.
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUBARU-IMPREZA-2-5-WRX-278-BHP-SUNROOF-FULL-S-HISTORY-FULL-STI-INTERIOR/353306257236?hash=item5242b1a754:g:VeYAAOSwthtftt7t
  15. Someone did some research! An Mx5 carbon fibre keyring to match my Mx5! I've never owned a bit of carbon fibre so now it's a real sports car. Top secret santa-ing!
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