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  1. What do they use in Cuba, they have some seriously old chod run by necessity, although I'm not sure that's so true anymore.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/992851854841288/
  3. 1duck

    E10 Fuel

    all toyotas from 1998 onwards, well looks like a case of not a problem then.
  4. Sad bit is the mot history looked pretty decent and it's still mot'd til February.
  5. My dad loves his panda 1. 3 diesel, he did just have to do the waterpump last week which was a bit of a pig of a job, apparently they changed the water pump design, as the new one slotted in perfectly whilst the old one basically had to be destroyed to remove it, shy of lifting the engine out for better clearance. Which I assume is how fiat do it in house, but they wanted 250 quid to change a 30 quid water pump. There were horror stories on forums of the water pump barely lasting 30k miles, guessing they fixed that though? Will let you know in 30k miles or 3 years whichever happens first.
  6. 2005 Suzuki Wagon R+ £250 facebook marketplace strikes again, 250 quid if collected soon. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/369023768027801/
  7. that's become something of a common swap, plenty of rotten mx5s about and it's by all accounts not a terrible swap to do.
  8. I think the infrastructure for getting petrol will be the final nail tbh, I think it'll be something you buy from farm supply shops or b&q when you need some for your mower. It'll become like it was at the advent of cars, something only rich folk can really afford and a novelty thing.
  9. Mitsubishi ASX , guess it is mitsubishis attempt at the nissan juke...looks alright tbh, but i'd never heard of them and now mitsu are pulling out of the european market i bet spares are fun.
  10. once they outlaw internal combustion engines, i do wonder what the hell will happen to peoples classic cars. I mean ok there will be exceptions that are works of art in their own right, which are hardly driven anyway and spend most of their time in museum style conditions...but a lot of middle of the road classic cars will surely get scrapped at that point?
  11. i think you've hit the nail on the head ther. same with civic type Rs which i think would be the main alternative in my mind. They've all been ragged to death, but that's exactly the point of them so it's either that or stupid money for a pampered one that was bought by some old guy who happened to tick the i want the top spec car box at the dealership then garaged it and never drove it as it was designed to be driven. Combine that with like you say all the speed cameras everywhere and suddenly they aren't as appealing. i already have an mx5 sat in my dads yard waiting on me doing the timing belt/water pump which realistically isn't going to happen any time soon. Shame really as i enjoyed that car a lot, but it now being nearly 100 miles away it isn't going to get any love any time soon. I think the mx5 is the better car because it feels fun even at speeds that won't lose you your licence! you've almost convinced me of my need to go over and get it fixed.
  12. I've always wanted to tick the 172/182 off my list, but having read this thread i really don't think i want one anymore!
  13. That's a shit load of work! I'd have called the scrapyard at the first half of the welding marathon. Well done on persevering with it!
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