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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to PhilA in 1951 Pontiac Chieftain - Tail Lights   
    000 wire wool



    It's a five-footer for sure but that really cheered the rear lights up.
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to Doctormop in The grumpy thread   
    I work for the NHS; at first I was not that bothered about the NHS clap but seeing so many people embrace it and make the effort I have to admit I was moved and quite emotional.
    The Friday Morning following my ward had an irate phone call from a lady DEMANDING;  AN UPDATE AND I MEAN A FULL UPDATE of her Father's condition. highlighting at great length how she was not happy with our lack of professionalism and inferior care of her beloved Dad who she has not once visited in 17 days.
    This 'Lady' 'lives four streets away from me so half a mile from the Hospital that Dear ole Dad is being neglected in but guess what? She shared every post about showing Her appreciation of the wonderful NHS Heroes in local Facebook groups and is out in the front garden all happy clappy and so full of praise for us wonderful people.
    The only one? 
    I shouldn't think so.
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to Zelandeth in The grumpy thread   
    If you're wearing a high vis vest, even a mobile phone results in a sufficiently satisfying level of panic.
    Not speaking from experience at all...
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to Tamworthbay in The grumpy thread   
    A black hairdryer pointed at him would be less good, but while I fully appreciate the desire (been there myself), the hairdryer is legal and easy to do and resulted in the shitting themselves.
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to loserone in The grumpy thread   
    I've parked our cars in the main road to create a chicane just to slow the Audis down.  And it's working well.
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to Supernaut in The grumpy thread   
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to vulgalour in The grumpy thread   
    Er... no.  No we don't.  It's not our fault that the lockdown happened just after the auction ended and every other bidder we've contacted has both paid already and are being super reasonable and understanding about our inability to post anything out just at the moment what with everything being shut.  It's just you that's making these demands, fellah, and you've not even paid yet.  Oh, you're cancelling the order?  Okay, no worries.  Don't let the door hit you on the arse too hard on the way out, eh?  Cretin.
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to Spiny Norman in The grumpy thread   
    I think there's either going to have to be massive tax rises across the board or we'll be in a  long recession that'll make the financial crash of 2008 look like a tenner blown out your hand on a windy day.

    The economic costs of this will be felt long after the social & medical fallout is under control.
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to Cavcraft in The grumpy thread   
    Don't begrudge the employed and self-employed a penny of this money, but how can the government afford it for now and at what interest rate are they going to charge the people? Unless I've missed something, not sure if they are just genuinely giving them it or it has to be repaid.
     Also, big fucking wow they're knocking NHS parking fees on the head until this is over. They should never have been charged in the first place and an end to the fees should be permanent. 
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to inconsistant in The grumpy thread   
    Massive respect to all who contribute to NHS services obvs but I think this more about the way extroverts and busybodies deal with isolation and lack of attention.
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to Muniphobia in The grumpy thread   
    I live near a private hospital, does that mean that I have to rattle some jewelery instead?
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to Tamworthbay in The grumpy thread   
    Twats who pay themselves by dividend to avoid tax are up in arms that they aren’t eligible for help under the new scheme. They have been milking a system for years and not contributing to society but now expect those of us who play the game to bail them out. FRO and close the door behind you.
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to LightBulbFun in The grumpy thread   
    sad thing is, if they actually used any of their 3 brain cells they would realise a runny nose is NOT a symptom of the Corona virus...
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to N Dentressangle in Rover Metro 111 OMGHGF mended!   
    It is done.

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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to N Dentressangle in Rover Metro 111 OMGHGF mended!   
    Whatever the faults of Haynes, I often find it's good at keeping you honest.
    Before I tightened up the cambelt tensioner backplate and main bolt, I took the Haynes advice and checked the timing marks were still in alignment, and ....
    🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯
    They weren't. They looked way out, but in fact were about 1 tooth out, I think. I'd already rotated the engine a couple of times without any horrid noises, so it can't have been much further out than that. I presume the cam pulley had shifted as I put the belt on: the valve springs mean it's not always keen to stop spot on at the timing mark. So, I set the crank pulley to the timing mark, unbolted the tensioner assembly again so the belt was loose on the cam pulley, and moved the pulley to spot on its own timing mark. I kept it real and used the same method as before to refit the belt where it should be, but took a pic for you this time:

    Next, everything re-torqued. Managed to do the crank pulley single handed with a cacky arrangement of bits of wood holding down the brake pedal:

    OK Mr Haynes, what's next?
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to N Dentressangle in Rover Metro 111 OMGHGF mended!   
    Fitting the cambelt actually turned out to be a bit of a PITA
    I first tried getting it on with the tensioner in place, as Haynes and other sources suggest this should be doable. Well, I found it about as much fun as jelly wrestling Michael Gove, and eventually I gave up. Many years of spannering have taught me than when something ain't going right, the best thing to do is go and have a cup of tea. In olden days I'd have had a coffee and a fag, but they're long gone 😬
    I watched the video again, and tried to do as he did, but just couldn't keep the fucking belt on both crank and cam pulleys taut at the same time. Fucker always slipped off when I tried to get the tensioner on. Another cup of tea... 😬 and 😖
    Eventually I thought of a plan. I used some gaffer tape to hold the belt onto the crank and cam pulleys. It didn't need to be strong - just enough to hold them would do. It only fucking worked!!! I refitted the tensioner (not much slack with a new belt, surprise, surprise) and success was mine!

    I've rotated the engine since the belt was fitted so that's why the cam timing mark's no longer where it should be. Don't worry.
    Getting the aux belt on the crank pulley was the next challenge. The tensioner adjustment for the alternator on these cars is probably OK if you have the car on a lift in front of you, but if you don't then you're reduced to grovelling under here, trying to unscrew the tensioner bolt enough for you to get the frigging crank pulley back onto its woodruff key type thingy:

    Bastard. I got there in the end, and re-torqued the crank pulley to 165nm, with the car in 5th and Mrs D's foot on the brake. Nearly there!
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to N Dentressangle in Rover Metro 111 OMGHGF mended!   
    Much to my surprise all the wires n hoses were pretty self-explanatory - the only cunty ones are the bolts for the inlet manifold stays - and everything else seemed suspiciously straightforward:

    Mostly all back together - I've re-routed the yellow pipe to where it should be, don't worry!
    Now, onto the cambelt. Here's the field of battle:

    I followed the Haynes for putting everything back. The cam sprocket is supposed to have a special tool to allow you to tighten it to 35nm or whatever, but I improvised with a big screwdriver jammed in the spokes. Cam sprocket was then carefully reset to align with the timing marks.
    I used the video I mentioned earlier to refit the belt. More details shortly...
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to N Dentressangle in Rover Metro 111 OMGHGF mended!   
    And the head's back on!!!!!

    All torqued down according to the book, with new head bolts.
    Now, where do all those friggin hoses and wires go?
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to Zelandeth in Rover Metro 111 OMGHGF mended!   
    Lada used a similar setup for the Riva and Niva for years too. 

    Possibly cheaper to acquire for experimentation. Usual going rate is £10-12 I believe.
    This is all metal (brass I think) which I inherently trust more than plastic...
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to HMC in Rover Metro 111 OMGHGF mended!   
    Good work! I love and also am slightly anxious whenever I have a car with the k series.
    I do like how they pushed certain concepts quite far. Ok a gulf apart but a semi F1 style approach to the warm up cycle and cooling.  a light power unit. Fast warm up so don’t have much coolant beyond what is essential and minimal excess. Like on an F1 car it doesn’t need an awful lot for circumstances to go out of spec and you have a problem with cooling. This is also probably one of the only times a metro has been compared with an F1 car 😂
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to N Dentressangle in Rover Metro 111 OMGHGF mended!   
    So, off we go with more fun and laughter, courtesy of your friends at Austin Rover.
    First off, the thermostat. I repeat, in what world is this a good place for the thermostat housing?

    A fucking stupid one, that's what. And what kind of fuckwits decide to have the housing simply push fit with an O ring into the back of the water pump on one side and the top hose on the other? Fuckwits who wanted to be signing on soon, I suppose. Well, they got their wish.
    Anyway, here's the oily muck inside the (plastic - wtf?) thermostat housing:

    and the shitty old thermostat, which doesn't actually seem to have a little failsafe hole. Weird. Anyway, it's in the bin now:

    With that all sorted and refitted, I got stuck into the water pump:

    Millions of stupidly small bolts later, it looks like this:

    This car has definitely had a cambelt, but for some reason they didn't do the waterpump at the same time. It's all pretty caked up with shit around the facing. The pump looks OK and spins fine, and didn't seem to leak:

    but then given the propensity of these things to shit their cooling systems, I reckon it's worth replacing the lot once you're in there.
    Cup of tea time now (I said I was lazy), then we'll get the pump back in and start work on re-fitting the head! Woohoo!!!
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to BorniteIdentity in Bornite's Memoirs - Smashed Sierra 😡   
    Car needs to stay original where absolutely possible, so it'll be getting a new screen in the existing (and sizeable) hole.
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to NorfolkNWeigh in Bornite's Memoirs - Smashed Sierra 😡   
    OK , so you’d need a rattle can of red and in this particular case some filler because it’s an XR4i one, but £50 and 20 minutes work...
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    GrumpiusMaximus reacted to Parky in Bornite's Memoirs - Smashed Sierra 😡   
    Almost certain this is a coil pack, it’s a known issue in the Twinair (by which I mean everyone except your local Fiat dealer will have heard about it)
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