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  1. Ahoy, Me hearties! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/662893095375432/?ref=facebook_story_share
  2. I had the EML come on after I changed the engine oil! Never had it before. I think disconnecting the battery for a little while sorted it out ( Arosa 1.0).
  3. Isn't relying on it to get you to the airport a bit of a gamble? What could possibly go wrong......
  4. Anyone near Barnsley (Hoyland) able to collect and post a Mira shower unit please? Seller is only offering it for collection. If moving it is possible I'm near Southampton, but happy to travel to meet up.
  5. Space in the boot of a C70 isn't huge once the roof is in it.
  6. Yes, @hairnetthe RX8 is usually the more expensive route though. Mazda 6 also has the same stalk. Watch out you don't get one for an estate. I bought a new one from China on eBay last month. About £15. Almost identical to the other stalk apart from the signs being slightly duller. The intermittent relay makes a noticeable click, but for brand new I can live with that. Very easy to fit.
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