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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    Well after 2 years off the road, most of which was spent sitting in a Lincolnshire field, this old heap is back on the road!!!!!

    It seems to go pretty well, gearbox behaves well, engine is lovely and smooth and most stuff seems to work apart from the drivers window whch is a bit haphazard. CD changer, cruise, electric seats, roof all do the biz and the heater is good. It 'feels' alright, certainly doesn't feel like its going to cough to a halt at the side of the road any time soon and has good visibility with its slim screen pillars etc. The engine is really lovely despite its 146k. I like it!!!

    I would say it has quite good 'car park appeal' in that I don't think 'oh, no' when I see it across the car park at the end of a day in the office. The seats are nice and the colour/wheels/interior really make it. I do have too many cars though, so I think I am probably gonna rumble round in it for a month to make sure its all OK and then see if I can re-home it, if anyone wants to give me £425 for it I'd let it go, failing that I might have a crack at a roffle at the end of March, £7/ticket. Lets see how we get on!
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    ROVER 600 News
    Can't understand why the MOT lot failed it on this. Miserable bastards!!!!

    I never buy part worns any more as, thanks to mytyres and tyreleader and whatnot, new hoops are so cheap that part worns seem like needless mingebaggery. However I saw a pair of Michelins on eBay with 7-8mm tread, from a supposed tyre dealer on ebay, for £40. I liked the idea of having decent matched tyres on the front of the 600 so I bought em.

    I had a right war fitting em and it was because they seemed as hard as a bastard. I read up on how to check the age of em. 2001!!!! Flippin 15 year old tyres FFS. They do have plenty tread and no cracks and that, but the rubber is well hard and shiny, I am sure they will have zero wet grip. I chucked em on anyway as I am running oiut of time to get my free retest, but I have complained to the seller who says 'Ok ok I will sort it' but what he's gonna do I don't know. I am not fucking about waiting in all day for a courier to send these back. I guess the lesson is 'don't fanny about buying secondhand tyres' which is a lesson I have already learned in the past FFS.
    I was annoyed by the dashboard in the 600 as when you press the heater controls the whole control panel wobbles about 4-5mm, it was not fastened in properly. I hate stuff like that so I spent a while taking the centre console to bits to fix it. What I found is that these things have the most horrible flimsy brittle plastic mouldings this side of a Skoda Favorit. The centre console already had about 3 cracks in it and despite being super careful by the time i got it out is had about 4 more and half of its tangs missing that click it into place. It was a cold night admittedly and the placca was mega brittle. All the mounting holes for the heater controls were broken so I drilled some new ones and cable tied the bastard into place which firmed it up nicely.
    I 'repaired' the centre console cracks with this stuff:

    3M '425' aluminium speed tape. Its good stuff this, it is actually a thin metal ribbon with self adhesive on one side. You can repair a bit of cracked trim with it and if you put 2 or 3 layers on its like having a metal bracket or fibreglass repair or somthign as it moulds well to the shape of whatever it is, aand with zero stretch in the tape itself. If you 'polishi it up' after applying it to get all the air out and get good adhesion its pretty sticky too. At work they call it '600mph tape' as you can supposedly use it to secure instrumentation on the outside of an aeroplane and it will hold it on up to 600mph!!!! Anyway its highly reccomended for the shiters toolkit, you can get it off eBay for about £15 a roll. I put a few layers on the back of the busted centre console and 'fixed' the cracks. Also replaced a missing hinge pin out the ashtray lid.

    I would have preferred not to have any speed tape visible but in the end I did have a few bits showing, I thought it was a price I'd just have to pay to avoid squeaks and visible cracks on the console. Anyway with it back together iit seems much sturdier even if it looks a bit wank.

    While I was 'on it' with the tape I condemned this coin tray thing too as it was all rattly and broken. Classy job eh? Seriously these things are properly chatty even by Rover's low standards of 'percieved quality'.
    Anyway Its now back with the garage for a re-test and tracking adjustment - fingers crossed it will finally get that elusive certificate!!
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    Forgot to mention I also put my new wheelarch edge trims on!!!!

    I reckon L_Werfare is probably right about these helping to trap moisture and cause rust. I squidged loads of copper grease into the wheelarch lip before fitting em though and it felt like a good finishing touch to put these on so on they went, nice tight fit too. Sweet!
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    Nearly there with this 600. Last week I had another sesh on it.
    1) new rear shocker:

    Could not find a cheap shocker except one listed for a 600 diesel that was on the bay for £20 delivered. I checked on Rimmers site and seemingly the diesels do have a different part number from the petrols but how different can they be? It seemed like nonsense to me so I did a BIN on it regardless. The seller insisted on having a reg number to cross check (must have trained at Euro Car Parts University) so I went on gumtree, found a diesel one for sale and gave him its reg number. SORTED. Fitting it was surprisingly straightforward and it all went together OK. I wonder if the damping rate is slightly different, if so I am not rreally understanding why that would be,

    New backbox is on. I went to unbolt the old rotten box and immediately the flange broke off the rear of the middle pipe!!!! Had to clean it up and weld a new end on it, luckiily there was some pipe of just the right diameter in the garage somewhere s that turned out quite neat. Rest of the middle box is oK.

    Friggin manky old pipes!!!! The main 8mm front-to-rear petrol pipe was rotten at the rear end where it went from a metal pipe to a plastic one. Its clipped in a bracket with the return pez pipe and some brake pipes. all of these looked pretty manky TBH. To my surprise I managed to unclip them without wrecking it all, and scratched the worst of the rust off then rubbed lots of copper grease into em to stop the rust. For the rotten fuel pipe I replaced it with a foot-long section of rubber reinforced hose cable tied in place (sheer class). I think this Rover has been sat in the PO's field for a good while so its a bit grotty underneath although I think my wheelarch weldfest was the first welding its had so its not completely rotted out.
    Also refitted the rear reg plate with some new double-sided sticky pad things, checked all the lights and windscreen wipers/washers and today its gone in for a test:

    Failed on a tyre!!!! How annoying, I thought I had made a decent stab of checking it out. I have asked the garage to see ig the spare is serviceable and if so lob it on, if not I'll have to shell out for a new tyre. Still, nearly back on the road!!!! I think once its MOTd I am gonna drive round in this for a few weeks, not because I am particularly gasping to drive a Rover 623 but seeing as I have put all this effort in I might as well see how I feel about the car eh.
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    I'm having a rethink on this rapid proto stuff, having recieved some replacement ball joints I am looking at cobbling them onto the existing PA66 nylon spine. More news when I have summert to show you.
    Been doing a bit on the 623 though:

    Wheelarches are now done and painted. Not a great job on the paintwork and I need to blend it in with some super fine wet and dry but its all one colour and looks presentable.

    Managed to swap over the electric window wiring from the melted plug to the 'new' one which revived the electric windows (good result this, my cobbled-up switch pack all works bob-on)

    Side skirts refitted:

    The PO had fitted god-awful LED interior light bulbs that emitted this bright bluey-white light, just like being inside a fuggin fridge. Why do people do this stuff? Just pointless fiddling. Anyway I swapped them for some standard bulbs. Much better.


    I was hoping we'd be ready for an MOT now but while I was rolling about underneath it last week I spotted a damp and very crispy petrol pipe that needs sorting, and one leaky rear shocker. Just bought a new shocker off eBay for 20 quid but its for a diesel one (different part number to the petrol ones). But how different can they be? Hopefully it will go together OK.Yes I know you should replace them in pairs, and I would if i could find a pair for reasonable money but I am not spending £120 on shockers for a £150 car.
    So thats how far I've got with the 623, Oh aye I bought some new trim for the arch lips to replace these tired efforts:

    Will fit them with a load of vaseline or whatever underneath to help keep the rust away. Almost there!!!!
    I have seen a local facebook dude advertising a service to claybar, machine polish and sealant-coat an ordinary-sized car for £85 whihc seems a bit too good to be true to me - I might chance £85 on getting this done to brighten it up once it gets an MOT and to se if the guy is any good. Seems like a nice car this and I reckon it would respond well to some 'aesthetic' TLC.
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    75 has been dropped off at the unit.

    I have really done it this time - bid on a £200 car, found a Shiply to deliver it (£100 for 90 miles) and 3 days later its sat outside the flippin workshop without me even needing to go out the house! Thats 21st century shiting! You can buy a car while sitting in bed and have it delivered like a flippin Lamb Jalfrezi with a side of Sag Aloo and a few poppadoms.
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    I have had a busy weekend on the shite for once - a 2-day GARAGE FEST which I used to good effect doing about 8-10 hours shiting each day!!! I spent the time working on this 600.
    Got up early on Saturday and headed to 'Scallys' scrapyard in Stoke where an eBay ad revealed they had a Rover 600 in for breaking. I needed an electric window switch after mine combusted itself without warning. To my delight I was allowed to climb on the pile of scrap!!!

    I had to squeeze myself through the window of the mashed-up rover and get a load of glass shards in my arse and fingertips. Bliss!!! The Rover had a switch, but it was a poverty spec job with manual rear windows so was different. I got it anyway for £10 cos I though I might be able to do summert with it still.

    More on that later.
    Anyway, I got up the garage and started on the drivers side. I pulled the sill trim off the 623 to see the damage.


    Hmm, I would say probably betther than I had expected. At least the whole sill is not kippered all the way along. Anyway I pulled in into the garage and got stuck in. Pics are a bit sporadic as I was too 'on it'.


    I made a patch and stitched a few bits into it to give me a 'repair section' before I welded it into the car. Its all reasonably complicated shapes and i couldnt make it with one piece of steel.

    Used plenty of 'weld-thru' primer before welding owt. Also hoovered about 1kg of rust flakes out of the sill.

    The inner arch had started to go but wasn't too bad. Just one hole and a bit of the inner lip missing.

    Stitched in the repair section

    repairing the inner arch

    A bit of the inner wheelarch was getting very flaky so I chopped it out and welded a patch in.

    I made a new outer arch section from 2 pieces of 18 gauge after using a bit of cardboard to get the shape right. I drilled and spotted the new outer to the inner.

    Heres the finished metalwork!!!! Took all day to do that but it looked prety good in the end, just a thin skim of wob needed I think.

    Like so.

    A good victory!!!! Thats one side looking bob-on. Time to go home.
    At home i had a look at these switches.

    You can see the meltage in there. Don't know why this happened, I hope replacing the switch will sort it.
    Although the new switch pack only had 2 rather than 4 switches in it, the connector socket had the same number of pins in it so I wondered if it could be converted. I dismantled it and had a look inside:

    After a lot of faffing I managed to transfer over the rear switches, copper contacts, illumination bulb and perspex block from the old switch to the new one giving me a complete and serviceable 4-switch unit!!!!

    I've got to do something about the melted connector plug - I'm hoping I can get all the individual wires out of the melted one without wrecking them and click them into the new plug (which only has half as many wires going into it). Fingers crossed!!!
    Back up the garage the next day I got stuck into the passenger side.

    A bit worse on this side - the rot had spread quite far up into the inner arch. The shape was too complicated for me to get it with one big patch so I made it with three smaller ones. Unfortunately I got the curvature of those wrong too and they did not reach out far enough towards the outer arch. It was looking a bit of a bloody mess TBH and I was getting a bit fed up of it. The metal is incredibly thin even where its not rotten and the job was not going great. Eventually I welded a 2 more patches to the outer edge (making it far too wide) then used the slitting disc to trim it back to something like the right profile.

    Two more strips were added to make the inner arch and its return lip complete. Here the return lip is half-done:


    Lashed on plenty of WT:

    I made a new outer arch again from 18 gauge. Used the old chopped-off one as a template. Its hard work to cut with snips, but easier to weld and less prone to distorting and losing its shape. The new outer went on a treat (after some fannyaing about adjusting door gaps:


    For the patch at the bottom, I used the same cardboard template as the drivers side (It had fitted pretty well) but did all the folds in the other direction! Welded on lovely.


    Couple of patches to close the gap on the door shut

    Finished off the return lip like on the other side, then linished it up with the flapwheel. Looking good now!!!

    By now i was running out of time so I put some sealer on the joints and sprayed some grey primer on to cover it up till i can get back up the garage and do the necessary wobbing and paintwork. Looks good though eh?
    I think thats the main obstacle to getting this thing though the MOT although it does need a new backbox, which i have ordered off ebay for £35. Still got to sort that wiring plug for the windows and the handbrake seems a bit lame on one side so that needs looking at.
    Both rear brake backplates are rotten , I would like to replace them but they are NLA from Rover. I suspect i might be able to get some from Honda but need to find out how much they will cost (and I suspect the local Honda dealer will not want to know, so that might be a battle)
    Anyway that was like 15-20 hours of welding but the No. 1 Rover 600 rotspot is now sorted on this old crate. I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out and also just chuffed to make some actual progress on one of these old shitters that I have lying about!!! Yessssssss
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    Yeah I went to fetch this shitter last night, I was gonna go on the train but I managed to persuade a friend form work to GET INVOLVED! Here's the route, took a long time:

    Here's the transport:

    My mate uses this 155 as a daily, its got souped-up suspension and some fancy camshafts or something. I drove it quite a lot of the way to see what its like - the verdict is its well nice to drive, quick and the engine is a total honey, it just loves to rev and pulls and pulls super hard right up to 6500rpm or something. Gearchage is nice too. I found the driving position to be appalling, I thought by the mid-90's the pasta munchers had managed to get past that short leg/long arm ergonomic model but this car had it as bad as any Italian motor I've ever tried. Also I may be wrong but I think thse are quite floppy in the bodyshell. Certainly if you drive along with your fingers on the door gap along the roof you can feel them moving a lot when you go round corners and whatnot. I think the souped-up suspension and strut brace were giving the shell a harder time than it was expecting, but once it got past the slight body squidge and hunkered down in a sweeping bend you could really hammer it and it was very sure footed. Great stuff. ONly problem is we were limited to very low speeds on the bumpy fen roads round the guy's house due to lack of suspension!
    Drove across Lincolnshire, that big empty forgettable chunk of the UK that is actually full of nice villages with handsome buildings if you can be arsed looking. Also drove past any number of vast plains covered with smelly cabbages.
    Got to the fellers house and he had the 623 out on the road (I think it had been in his field for a while) seemingly the MOT had run out 6 months ago but it was srtating, running and driving fine. The guy was a right character - maybe early 60's, lived with his mum, I think his dad had not long died and they were clearing the place to sell it. It was one of these places with loads of crap everywhere, old cars, machinery, a skip, cement mixer, cobbled-up secutiry lights and whatnot. Anyway he gave us a long detailed tour of the 623 pointing out some obvious features like how there are 2 keys, a new boxed radiator in the boot etc etc. I wanted to crack on but he was too busy giving me a load of MG Rover wisdom. He was a nice guy, but I got the vibe that he was the type you see at car shows divulging large amounts of wisdom to all and sundry, you know what I mean. I looked at the non-working immobiliser fob and said "oh yeah, it looks like a standard Lucas/Rover 5AS job" "No!!!!!" he said triumphantly. "THIS! Is a Lucas 5AS" he said quating a load of numbers and waving another fob out of his kitchen drawer that looked exactly the same. Then he ticked me off for writing 13th September on the V5 when it was actually the 14th. Luckily he then wrote 14th August so I was able to get him back for that. He told me all about his 75 diesel that he'd bought as a non-runner ("I told the guy what was wrong with it, but he didnt believe me, anyway I was right") We had a cup of tea and he gave me a load of totally incomprehensible directions that would save me some time getting back to Boston, eventually I got the money in his hand, feigned understanding of the directions and made for the door. ON the way out he told me about his MGF Anniversary model ("Its got a plaque on the dash saying its number 1868 out of 2000") but I finally managed to get my arse into the 623 and start the enigne. To my surprise it had half a tank of juice in.
    Anyway apart from a slight pull to one side, fixed by a 50p stop at a petrol station to pump up the tyres, it drove great!

    Drove it back at normal speeds without any hassle, no clonks or rattles from the suspension, pulled well, brakes good, no overheating, nowt much to report really. It sailed over the fen roads much better than the Alfa 155!

    The slushbox is quite 'slushy' not as good as the 5-speeder in the gooner. I think this is a 4-speeder, and its smooth and responds well enough, but I'm not sure it has a lock-up at higher speeds so its feels a little oldskool. The engine is beautifully smooth and quiet and pulls well. 75mph is 3000 rpm so gearing is not the highest but the engine is smooth enough that its not really a problem.

    It does have a couple of faults - seemingly theres a weep on the radiator, although it didnt seem to lose any coolant over the 80-mile trip home. Anyway theres a brand new rad in the boot.

    Its got a slight blow on the back box, radio code missing, key fob doesnt work, rust on the doglegs, drivers window doesnt wind up quite right without assistance.... thats about it really. Needs a good sesh with the polishing mop as well, i reckon it will come up mint.

    The interior is the bees knees, really nice looking. When you touch it, most plastic bits feel horribly chatty and brittle of course but the seats are lovely and very comfortable with good lumbar support (better than the gooner). The doors sound very tinny when you shut them. The seller has dyed the steering wheel leather a tan colour thats wearing off and looks shit.

    Engine bay is clean, no oil leaks or owt - not bad for 146k! The head shield is missing off the manifold, but to replace it will need drilling out of the two broken-off studs in the manifold which looks like a bit of a pain in the arse. No idea how old the timing belt is or what theyre like to change.
    In summary, its pretty good, god knows what I'm gonna do with it but it seems a good use of £150, I'm glad I bought it. I need to have a weekend garage blitz and get on with some of these old crocks!
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    Had a very painless trip across to the the windswept tundra just NE of Boston (Lincs) tonight, came back with this old heap

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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    Got the lads up the way to take this 214 for an MOT this week. Its Only flippin gone straight through!!!! Yessssssss
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    Quick update on this green Rover 214SEi, as I'm still chivvying away on it:
    Last time i had it running and driving and that was about it. Firing it up revealed that the middle exhaust was kippered, so I chucked £40 at a replacement from eBay:


    Also bought 2 new front tyres off that cheapy trye website for £65 or summert, and chucked them on, swapping the wheels round so it was sat on 4 mtching whels for the first time. Like a THICK BASTARD I bought the wrong size tyres again, 195/55 instead of 185/55, dont think its a massive problem though so I just boshed them on the front anyway!!!!
    This thing has been sitting round so long it was growing moss in the window channels. It now sounded a lot healthier with the new exhaust and 4 x round tyres so I gave it a good scrub:



    Looks pretty tidy eh? Its not a minter like that old 3-door, but not too shabby still. Theyre a great looker in SEi spec these things I reckon. While it was sat ticking over I noticed that the engine was getting a bit hot but the radiator was stone cold, I figured the thermostat was stuck shut so fitted a new one and flushed out the cooling system which dislodged a load of muck, I think it probably ran for a while with no antifreeze in. Anyway with a new 'stat in it was spot on again thank goodness. Took it for a cheeky blast up the road and no overheating with a nice blast from the heater s thats all good.
    Next i noticed that the NSR sill had been damaged by someone jacking it up on the sill flange.

    Predictably my pliers went whanging through the metal time to bust out the welder

    Turned into quite a big hole!!!! Patched it up with 18 gauge and lots of weld-thru primer and it turned out quite neat. Got a can of paint from halfords to blow it in with, that still needs doing.

    Started buffing the paintwork. The front end has been painted before, its not as good as the factory paint (in fact its a bit rubbish) but came up a lot better after some buffage. I've only done the front end so far.... should look mega once the whole lot is done.

    Thats about where I'm up to. It now runs and drives a treat, everything works, think its MOT-able, so quite a lot of progress since being dragged out of that lad's garden whenever it was. Still need to paint that sill and buff the rest of the paint then I think I'm done with it. Oh I've got a new timing belt kit to go on too. Once its MOT'd I might stick it on the road for a month just to properly test it out then it will probably be looking for a new home. Yo!
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    Got a shift in on this 214 t'other day. I went to get the starter motor off Smithsons, they had tested it and found nowt wronfg with it. I was convinced it was paggered so I bought a 'new' recon one off eBay for £30:

    Boshed it on, didnt take long:

    Now it cranked over like a good 'un but still didnt start. I fannied about for ages, first i found the fuel pump was not getting powered up, so i bypassed the relay. Thhat got the pump workign but I figured there was probably zero petrol in it as i had visions of the stoner PO siphoning out the last £1 of pez so he could drive his mums car to a local bozboz to get some clarkycat or whatever. So i went and got a gallon of juice and lobbed it in. It still wouldnt start so now I checked for a spark, of which there was none FFS. Now I was starting to wonder and I investigated some wiring round the ECU and fusebox. I found the earth for the ECU was disconnected so i connected that up and put the fuel pump relay back. This time I turned the key and for the first time in 4 or 5 years it fired right up!!!!!!!! 'AVE IT!
    It seemed to run OK so I switched it off as there was no radiator fitted. Luckily I still have the one from Krujoe's sawn-off so on it went:

    Still got the schraeder valve in it!!!! Good bodge that:

    I filled it up and bled the coolant and let it run up to temperature. It seemed to settle OK on just under the middle of the gauge, no leaks or bubbles in the expansion bottle but the heater didnt get very hot, there was barely any difference between it being hot or cold. I reckon the matrix is probably a bit furred up from sitting for so long with the rad off. I will try to flush that out a bit before putting some snazzy pink coolant in.
    The lad I bought the car off said the alternator was goosed. It seemed to be working to me, as when I fired it up (with jump leads) we were reading about 13.5v and the charging light went off, but as soon as I disconnect the jumpers the engine dies so the alternator is clearly not generating owt. I should have changed that before fitting the rad, bt there you go. Luckily the sawn-off will provide a free replacement.

    Now its a runner but I haven't driven it anywhere cos of the jump leads. Now i need to get a battery for it and change that alternator and I should be able to have a cheeky blezz in it.
    Now lets have a look at the maths:
    Purchase price £180 Immobiliser/fob programming: £35 starter motor: £30 Total: £245
    I also need to spend the following:
    new battery: £25 DVLA fee (no logbook): £25 new exhaust (middle box is rotten, no doubt the back one is on its last legs too) £60 Tyres: (I think it has 4 decent tyres but I need to have them swapped onto the original wheels, I can't do this myself as i have knackered my back) £30 min MOT fee: £55 Total: £195
    Assuming it needs nowt else (optimistic!!!!) I am gonna be in for £440 on this car which is probably more than its worth even with a years ticket on it. But what do you do? I certainly can't bring myself to chuck a tidy 55k 214 SEi away. I should never have bought it man, this is waht always happens.
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    3-dr passed its MOT today, went straight through!!!!! Yesssssssss
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    In other news the supa early 214 belonging to Fatha_Nutz came to the surgery yesterday foir a new cam belt:



    Flippin scary to think its like 7 years since I bought this off eBay for £70 and fixed it up. Where does the time go?
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    Check out the interior in this mutha now!!!


    Just call me Doctor_Bo11ox
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Reginald Nutsack's K-series Kapers - ROVER 623 MOT GUFF   
    Not a lot to report on the SEi but lets have a look at it anyway:


    Fairly presentable at least eh? I havent even washed it or owt yet and it does have some clumps of moss here and there. Its not as mintola as the 3-dr but not a total shite heap either. Rear arches are present and correct at least

    It does have odd wheels on but I have got all the originals, theyre in the boot. As per FUCKING USUAL theres no locking nut key though, I think I will be able to remove the nuts OK however or maybe just buy the proper tool like I did for the 25 GTi.
    INterior is quite smart:


    One for MO_SELECTA:

    Panels are pretty straight:


    The dopehead lad I got it off liked to get evey last mile out of his tyres i see:

    Doesnt look too good that does it, better have a close look at the suspension & see if summert is bent or something.
    I tried to start it, but the immobiliser is playing up (I think) meaning it wouldnt even crank over. I dont think the fob is deactivating the immobiliser. The lad said when i picked it up, 'its ben sat for a years or so' but his daughter helpfully piped up '4 years you mean dad!!!!' so the battery could well be flat in the fob. If that doesnt bring owt I will take the 5AS box and the ECU out and send them off for testing/re-coding. The radiator is missing and the middle exhaust box is buggered but I think its worth investing a bit of effort in as it would be a lovely thing if it was all cleaned up and ship shape, and it doesnt seem to be horribly rotten. This one only has about 55k on too and I have got all the old MOT's which seem to back that up.
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    quick late-night kettle update
    So, t'other day I managed to get a few hours in on the 3-dr 214. I had the rare experience of having the current Ms_Bo11ox (known henceforth as Mrs Crab) on hand as an ASSISTANT!!! Hence why I am actually visible in a couple of the shots.
    I had had big plans to try and repair my existing gearbox. But in fact, due to constantly struggling for time, i decided to just chuck in the replacement box from KruJoe's 'sawn-off'. It was a lovely evening and I decided to do the job outdoors, so started by sweeping all the gravel out the way:

    To be honest despite there being two of us we were a bit lax on the photos. Heres Mrs crab giving the garage creeper a test drive:

    Removing the box was pretty straightforward as I'd only done it a week or two beforehand.
    Undoing balljoints:

    Heres Mrs Crab separating the 'new' box from the engine it came attached to:

    It was a bit grotty so I gave it a wash in some thinners:

    Which interestingly lifted a coat of grey paint off the gearbox casing. Why its been painted I dont know, could be a sign of a bodged-up 'recon' gearbox, who knows? The clutch arm bushes were a bit tired on the new box so I swapped the ones over from the old box and put a bit of LM grease on for a nice smooth clutch action. Lovely job.

    Anyway after about 5 hours of yarking on, the new gearbox was installed and seemed to be working perfectly as I took it for a spin round the yard. All gears present and correct, no funny noises and a nice smooth gearchange. Result!!! I chucked in some fresh oil and refitted the splach guards and that.
    That allowed me to finally drive the bloody thing across the yard to the hosepipe so i could give it a wash and inspection.



    Looks pretty sweet eh? The bodywork on this is pretty amazing to tell the truth, it seems to be completely unmolested!!! No rust or repairs. Check out these sills and arches!!!




    It had one owner from new till about 6 years ago. I've got plenty of bills from that 6-yr period but very little from previously except the Rover book with a few stamps in. I'm pretty sure the 55k on the clock is genuine. I suspect it was a sid & doris special for much of its life rounf the Leyland area where i scooped it up.
    As it was now running and driving OK, there didn't seem to be a lot stopping it getting an MOT. The flexi joint on the front pipe was not too clever so i got a new one offf eBay... Unfortunately the new pipe had a boss for a lambda sensor (this Rover is pre-cat) which needed to be blanked off with a welded-in bolt head:


    I fitted a replacement rear light (also provided by KruJoe) to replace the broken one and fitted all new split pins in the front suspension where I'd had it to pieces previously.
    IN other news I did manage to clean up the passenger seat reasonably well, by scrubbing it with a nail brush, hot water and '1001' upholstery cleaner spray stuff and blasting it with a steam cleaner:

    Its actually not as smart as that in real life, but it does look 1000 times better than it did. I've now removed the drivers seat and rear seat to give them a similar treatment.
    Anyway theres not a lot stopping this thing getting a test now. Hopefully I'll get these seats cleaned and refitted sometime this week after which it can go in for a test. The roof and bonnet need to be machine-polished and I'll chuck a cambelt on it then it will probably find itself up for sale. Its a lovely thing, dead sparky to drive and I would have thought someone will take a shine to it? Cheap tax as well. The inetrior has a couple of issues (hole in the drivers 'elbow rest' thing on the door card, sliglty droopy headlining) but on the whole its a real sweetie.
    News on the green 214 SEi coming up soon.
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    Changed the gearbox in the 3-dr t'other night, now it runs & drives like a champ. Updates to follow.....
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    New K-series inbound!!! I am picking up this rare early 3-dr R8 with a dead clutch shortly. Early closed deck engine in this I think so greatly reduced likelihood of Kettle syndrome.

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    Yo!!! Quick update on the 75 for those who havent been reading the tat blog.
    So last time I took the interior out to try and banish the horrific stench inside the car. Heres the stripped-out insides of the 75:

    I cleaned the carpet by blasting it with a hosepipe and scrubbing the carpet with a brush. Loads of muck came out:


    Only problem with that was the foam backing got soaked through and was still wet a fortnight later!!! Summer job really that, not something for December.
    Cleaned up the centre console a bit:

    Cleaned the chairs with a steam claener, though to be fair they weren't too disgusting (cleaned one is on the right!!!!)

    Carpet goes back in, despite still being a bit damp (I was sick of waiting)

    After a lot of fannying about I got the whole interior back in. The bit of trim above the radio is broken and the radio itself is wank so I need to come up with something better, ideally an in-dash CD player or something

    Welded a reinforcement onto the handbrake compensator as these are reputedly made of cheese, and the handbrake was mega crap:

    Manual adjustment of the rear shoes!!!! can you believe it!


    The handbrake is flipping red hot now fortunately,
    New front pads:

    The pad wear sensor must be damaged as the light is still on, think I will just bridge that to put the light off.
    Scratches in the windscreen:

    Managed to polish these out quite successfully with some 'cerium oxide' bought off the bay. Its a slow old job but I shifted about 90% of the scratches so I think have avoided an MOT fail and subsequent new screen.

    Job half-done in this pic, the yellow line was previously round a big patch of 'frosted glass' which cleaned up nicely, in natural light I dont think you'll see any sign of the scratches but you can see em here thanks to the halogen work light in my garage

    Havent got any photos of the finished job as I forgot to take any!!! Brilliant innit
    Got a new bonnet cable and installed and that, now we have a fully functional set of bonnet latches etc. The cables and latches and whatnot are proper cheap flimsy crap, I'm not surprised they go on the blink a lot!!! Also refitted the grille with new pukka 'scrivet' clips so thats all good.

    One tyre kept going flat, the tread wasnt great (all 3 otheres are new for some reason) and the wheel was a bit chewed where I'd butchered the locking nut off, plus it was all kerbed off the old boys efforts. Got a new wheel for £20:

    Unfortunatley it was off the other side so the tyre needed turning round. Did it DIY STYLZ using a bit of carpet to reduce damage to the wheel when bashing it about:

    And thats about where I'm up to.

    It now runs, drives, everything works more or less, cant see any obvious roadworthiness issues so its going in for an MOT this week. Still needs a good sesh with the polishing mop and most of all I think it needs to be used. The engine has not got properly warm since its been back together, it warms up on the gauge but thats not properly warm, I think it needs a good long drive to get it properly hot and then just use, to dry out the interior and get it back in the shite karma zone. I think I will put it on the road for a month or two and see if I like it then decide what to do next with it. Nice looking car though!!!

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    Been on the Rover a lot this weekend (sounds like a euphemism but isnt)
    Last week it was up and running but I was shitting myself that it was gonna freeze and pop my newly fixed-up 1800 K series. I was not shitting myself enough to go up the garage and drain the water out though. Well i am pleased to report that no damage has been done. This weekend I flushed the cooling system out twice with an Aldi biological washing powder tablet each time after which I filled it up with OAT coolant (admittedly a little weaker than I would have liked, but I ran out) which seems to have done the biz. Oh yeah I washed the expansion bottle out with thinners again. Now it seems to be 99.5% oil free although the heater is still a bit shit which is annoying.
    So this weekend i ah been mainly de-snagging:

    if you recall, some fudge-walloper had helpfully sawn off the bonnet safety catch. Well I made a new one out of a bit of threaded bar and welded it on

    Also got a new striker plate thingy to replace the missing one, got that from McGuinnesses in Stoke for the excellent price of £0 although I had to spend £15 on a battery for the 25GTi to be allowed it at such a preferential rate.
    My bonnet woes weren't over though as I discovered the root cause of all this bodgery - a seized-up LH secondary bonnet cable. I tried to free it off and pulled the end off it like Desperate Dan. Looked it up on Rimming Brothers website when I got home - £27!!!! fuck that, I need to have a better idea than spend that kind of money on a flipping glorified bicycle brake cab..... hmm thats an idea.

    Ah well the bonnet can't fly up in my face any more so I will get this sorted in due course. Need to have a fully working bonnet cable though, thats hardly too much to ask is it FFS
    Next I found someone flogging a get of genuine locking nutz  on the bay for TEN POOND so i had them:

    To my surprise the key fitted the two remaining nuts on my car so I didnt have to butcher them!!! Result, now I have two ignition keys and the LWN key as well!!! Now I can take the wheels off and on as many times as I like.
    Next, GSF car parts were having a 35% off special offer so I splashed 15 Sterling (see what I did there?) on a new cambelt:


    I am a flippin whiz on these K's now, took about half an hour to fit and didnt bend any valves. Lovely!!! Oh those pics are n the wrong order. Chucked all the covers on and the wheelarch liner back in as well, need to get a few new clips for that though, not from the Rimmers mind as they charge about £12/side for a handful of wanky clips
    Next I started to pull the interior to bits as the stench was just too much. Took ages to get it all out as there are about 1,000,000 clips holding everything. I won in the end though:

    Nice to see a big flipping dint in the floor that had cracked all the soundproofing off leaving a load of bare metal!!! Suppose I will hammer that out and paint it with summert.

    The carpet in these is a hell of thing. Its got an integral foam rubber backing (presumably for soundproofing) thats anything up to like 1.5" thick!!! It weighs a flippin ton and getting it out of the car is a right war.


    Anyway I did get it out in the end but by this point after wrestling the seats out I was bloody knackered so went home. Came back today though, I had an idea about thaking the interior up to my mate who has a bees knees upholstery cleaner, but in the end he wasnt available so i drafted in some help from SCOTTISH POWER:

    Then I just spent ages blasting it with a hosepipe and scrubbing it with a stiff brush. Also found some wank 'WILKO upholstery cleaner' that was so rubbish it could hardly get itself out of the aerosol can, but I used a load of it anyway, dont know if it did owt.
    Spent about 45 mins hosing and scrubbing:

    Think it did an OK job to be fair. Loads of minging water came running out of it. left it hangin up to dry.

    While the interior was out I had a look at the handbrake compensator which I has read on the ZT forum was made of monkey metal and bends over time. Mine was starting to go:

    Not sure if it makes any difference to owt or not but I bent it back and welded a reinforcer on:

    The handbrake is a bit shit on this Rover, I think the rear brakes must need attention (certainly the front pads need replacing) but I can eliminate this little thing from my enquiries when faffing with the brakes next time.
    I wanted to start putting the interior back together, but the foam backing on the carpet soaked a load of water up and that is gonna take an age to dry, specially in the cold damp winter weather. SO I laid the carpet out on the bonnet of the Maser and left it to dry for a few days. Looking forward to putting it back in though as that is gonna smarten the job up a lot.
    Also gave the revolting centre console a scrub:


    Not mint but 100x better which is good enough for me.
    Next I want to clean the seats but I'm not sure what to do. I havent got a wetvac or upholstery cleaner. Havent even got hot water up the garage. My landlady has a steam cleaner which she says I can use but are those things any good? I cant see how blasting a bit of steam on is going to do a lot. Although it might kill whatever bugs are making the foul smell i suppose. The seats are out the car so I could cart them up to my mates house but I doubt I'll have time in the next couple of weeks so I dont know about that. Basically I dont know.
    Jobs left to do: New front pads, investigate the shit handbrake, clean the seats and refit the interior, polish the scratches out the windscreen, fix the slow puncture (which is in a rubbish tyre on a wheel thats badly kerbed and slightly burned by my efforts to get the locking wheelnut out, so I might be better off just getting a whole wheel if I can find a cheap one) and attack the outside with the polishing mop. I think I am gonna put this on the road for a while once its ready cos I thnk by the time i get it MOT'd it will be a fairly well-sorted example, even if it is a shit 1.8 NA version.
    Then NO MORE ROVERS!!!
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    Alright!!! This hopeless case 75 1.8 is at least up and running now so lets have a recap and see whats been going on with it. I think last time it looked summert like this:

    I spent a not inconsequential amount of money on new parts from eBay, Rimming Brothers and my favourite local car parts shop SMITHSONS of stoke:

    New water pump going on:

    Lets get in there for a closer look:

    Next I gave the block face a good clean up. There was a bit of corrosion on the top edge, no doubt caused by weak antifreeze or summert:

    I cleaned it up as best I could but there was still a,little roughness there. Ithink the payen gasket will handle that better than an MLS effort

    Next it was time to look at the head. I put all the hydraulic tappets etc back in and the camshafts with new cam seals and whatnot (incidentally, to my complete amazement, the inlet and exhaust cams are interchangeable!!!) and sealed them on with the old Loctite. Forgot to take any pics of that lot though.
    Elsewhere I'd had 0.5mm skimmed off which fortunatley gave full clean up of the head surface. I bought one of these stainless shims to replace the skimmed-off metal:

    These get glued onto the head surface with the 'Stag Wellseal' magic gloop which you spread all over everything in a Yotam Ottolenghi style. It looks and smells suspiciously like flippin Bovril to me:

    Here it is glued into position:

    For some reason, next I drained the sump. about 5 litres of clean water came out then another few litres of coffee cream muck:


    While that lot was draining out I got ready to lob the head on - heres the PAYEN BW750 ready to do its thang:

    And heres the head luzzed back on and torqued up. The new bolts did not tighten very smoothly, I backed them off and lubed under the bolt heads but they were very 'sticky' at the higher torques. I think the threads must have been full of coffee cream which did not lubricate them properly as I tightened. The upshot is I'm not convinced I have the torque exactly right on them which is a matter of mild concern.

    It was all going fairly smoothly so far. The timing belt lined up well, suggesting the shim was keeping everything in the right relative positions. I drilled out one knackered stud from the exhaust manifold-downpipe connection and replaced it with a bolt. New gaskets all round of course;

    Including the all-important inlet manifold gask which was a pukka MG Rover effort from Rimmers.
    Amusingly, while I was fitting the alternator, the rubber thingy covering the output post on the alternator had come dislodged and as i pushed the bolt through it contacted the terminal, causing a right old fireworks display as the battery was still connected. I wondered if I might have fried the ECU or something with all the sparks and contempleated whether I would attempt to fix that problem if it arose, or just kill myself instead as the easier and cheaper alternative.

    Eventually I had it all back in one piece:

    I filled it up with oil and water and spun it over on the starter with the ignition coils disconnected just to see if it sounded OK while cranking. It did, so i reconnected the coils and tried again:

    YEAH BABY!!!!! To my amazement it fired immediately and settled to a smooth tickover!!! I hadnt fried the ECU fortunately so there was no need to kill myself at this stage. One tappet was a bit noisy but it shut up after a few minutes after which the engine sounded really nice. Flipping unbelievable!!!!

    I let it run for ages and there was no overheating and no bubbles in the expansion bottle although theres still loads of oil in there (it needs a few flushes I think) and the coolant temp was steady at halfway on the gauge. the heater was a bit shite but I guess the matrix is probably blocked with coffee cream shizzle so presumably that will improve after a flush or two.
    I took it for a cheeky midnight blezz up the lane and it drove pretty well, handles quite nicely although its predictably a bit underpowered. It actually drags itself along reasonably well but the K-series has to work hard and the engine sound and vibration lets you know all about it. The engine does not seem as sweet at other K-series' i've experienced but I think thats becuase its just working harder all the time.
    anyway jobs still to do are:
    attempt to polish the scratches out the windscreen where the wiper blade has marked it Fix the shitty handbrake fix the bonnet catch remove the 2 remaining locking wheel nuts and replace them with some ordinary nuts Attack the paintwork with the buffer strip out the interior and flippin steam clean it or something flush the coolant and replace with proper antifreeze find a use for the bloody thing!!!  
    Im super chuffed its alive again though, now its just got a load of snagging stuff to sort not a massive headache. PLus so far every time I've wanted to work on it I've had to push it about!!!! Now it can be driven in and out the garage which feels like the height of luxury!!!
    More soon as I feel a bit of a mojo resurgence might be underway.
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    I finished putting the engine back together in this 75 tonight. I turned the key and HOLY SHIT it started right up and sounds FLIPPIN SWEET!!!!! Can you believe that? I can't.
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