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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    Back on the lorry, I cleaned up the new scuttle and uncovered a load of rust (surprise surprise)

    I don't mind the odd pinhole, but that was too much. So:

    Thats better
    Next, because I had chopped it out, the ends of the new scuttle were missing. I had to extend it to replace the bits 'left behind' in the scrap cab:

    Made it over-long with the idea that I would chop it down to fit. Had to do lots of measuring to be reasonably sure the 'extension' would sit comfortably against the front wing, the bulkhead and the scuttle drains.

    OK that will do!!
    Right there was not a lot else I could do with it at this stage. Had to get ready to start slicing the old bulkhead out.
    Started by draining the coolant:

    This was fresh coolant not long ago, now its black! I think I will bin it and clean the circuit out with a dishwasher tablet before refilling it.

    With the coolant drained and the expansion bottle off, I could get a good eyeful of the grot:

    Took the heater out. Every single cable and lever on this is seized solid. Will see if I can free them off, if not I have a spare heater box from the scrap cab (dont know if that is any better mind you)


    OK now we have good access to the whole bulkhead.

    Started working out and marking up where to slice this thing down to fit. measured up and scribed all the cut lines:

    After a lot of chopping I had this. I chopped it in 'half' as I want to do the job one side at a time so as to not feel too overwhelmed by the whole truck being in a million pieces!! Looks useful though right?

    Started marking up on the bulkhead as well;

    Lots of measuring and scribing

    Ooohhh!! Thats the malignant tissue excised (Yes i know it has gone metastatic)

    Nice big gaping hole in the cab now

    Offered it up. Needed quite a lot chopping off the 'extension' and a bit of fettling but was not too bad a fit.
    Not great though. Those vertical stiffening ribs actually don't line up all that well. I've got it clamped on that rectangular fan duct in the middle, if I align that, the vertical ribs are out by about 8mm at the outer edge! 
    I did read that the metalwork on these is all over the shop. I think the bits that were common to the yankee van, were pressed in the states and sent to Dunstable. The Dodge 50-specific bits were tooled up in the UK. They had loads of problems because the yankee parts were off tooling that was already ancient and the parts were nowt like the drawings. So tooling up new parts to fit with them was a nightmare and it led to never-ending panel fit and cab assembly problems. Certainly there is a marked visible difference between these two scuttle panels.


    Anyway, after having it in and out half a dozen times I was happy with the fit Ias much as I was ever gonna be). I removed it and cleaned up all the edges ready for welding. Then I took a deep breath and stitched it in!!!

    Fucking BOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!

    After like 4 days of preparation it only took about half an hour to weld it in. I've still got to do the curvy bit at the outer edge but will get on that tomorrow. But, the bulkhead itself seems very satisfactory. Phew!!

    What a job!!! I can't wait to get it all cleaned up and a coat of paint and seam sealant on it. That will be a right mojo booster.
    Obvs I still have the drivers side to do but I'm hoping I can do that a little quicker now i've done it once already. Hopefully i will need less 'thinking time' on it.

    After all this high-intensity tat work over the last few days, the garage is looking like a total shit tip! I might invest an hour in sorting it out this weekend. Or I might not!!! 
    More soon!!!
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    Been doing a bit of patching today

    Cardboard Aided Engineering (Lidl chocolate crunch if you must know)

    Made a nice big patch for the inner side panel. 

    Before i could fit the side patch I had to repair this drainage channel. No photos as I was struggling with my welder.... well the mask actually. I'm used to welding underneath old bangers in mucky dark workshops but here I was outdoors in bright sunlight and i couldnt see jack shit through the mask! I faffed about with it for ages trying to 'see better' through it but the controls on it didn't seem to do a lot. Anyway I ploughed on  but it ended up a bit pigeon shitty.

    Did get it on though and not too splattery thankfully. Fits like a glove as well!!!
    Next i had to refit the square of the bulkhead I'd removed earlier. It needed a repair to the top edge

    Went in nicely though

    To get any further I need to remove the heater box (it needs to come out anyway as its knackered, like everything on the truck) then I can see how much of that chopped-off scuttle panel I'll need to use. So better start getting that ship shape

    Started by drilling out the spot welds and removing the remains of the outer scuttle panel. Might need this later though so i wont chuck it away just yet!

    Came off quite successfully

    Next i needed to repair the rotted-out bit where the wiper motor bolts on, so drilled a few more spot welds and sliced out the rotten bit

    Started making a new one from 1.2mm Zintec

    I bought one of these cheap hole saws from eBay for another job (fitting a towbar on the Croma) but I havent used it yet so test-drove it here. I was expecting it to be made out of monkey metal (it was only a fiver) but it zipped through this like it wasn't there! Nice hole m8

    The chopped out bit had a reinforcing plate on it, but instead I just welded dome penny washers on the mounting holes. Hopefully that will be strong enough. Just tacking them on here. Got my big hole a bit out of place! Had to file it out to even it up a bit.

    Ran out of time about 7pm when I was ready to weld the new section in. Will get on that tomorrow hopefully!!!
    Doesn't seem like a great lot but its taken me all day to do those few bits. What a treat to just 'do the horsebox' almost all day, (with a brief dog walking interlude). Should get another decent day on it tomorrow, I'm hoping to get the LH side finished (I'm planning to slice that new scuttle in half and do it one side at a time so i don't get too overwhelmed by the job). If that happens I might even roll the barrel out and book a couple of days off work to do the drivers side and get it all finished.
    In turtle news the new beach area is a MASSIVE SUCCESS. I put Maude in it this morning and she immediately started digging a big hole with her back legs. She's been up and down a couple of times today of her own accord so she defo knows where to go and what to do. Just got to wait and see if any eggs appear!!! @spartacus yes these are defo map turtles. They were the same size when Mrs Nutz got them, now the female is at least twice the size of the male. He's a bit of a sex pest so she'll be glad to be able to go upstairs now for some extra peace and quiet.

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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    The Eggbound Terrapin is Maude, one half of Terrapin duo 'Harold and Maude' who came into my life as a freebie when the current Ms_Nutz rocked up.

    She's (Maude, not Mrs_Nutz) has been acting weird lately and I think she wants to lay an egg (first time she will have done that despite being about 8 yrs old). So yesterdays horsebox time was instead spent making an annex for her tank with a 'sand pit' in which she can lay her egg. I think they normally lay thier eggs on beaches and their instinct is to dig a hole in the sand to pop the egg in.

    I used to think these turtles were a boring waste of time (and a lot of electricity for their tank heaters over their 30-year lifespan) but now I really like watching them cruising up and down in the tank, climbing out for a bask under the heat lamp .and just generally getting on with their turtle business. They're always busy and much more watchable than say Coronation Street.

    We installed the new beach area today, Maude hasn't been up there yet, but if she doesn't lay her egg soon at least she can't blame it on lousy local facilities.
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    Been removing more parts from the Hor5ebo11ox today, mainly the dashboard and some rust. The dash is fairly easy to remove on one of these thankfully and the wiring loom is pretty rudimentary so lets have a look.

    Start by removing the steering column and instruments. Didnt bother labelling any of this stuff, FREESTYLIN y0

    Here comes the radio, splendid wiring on the back of that. loads of crimp connectors and wires going through holes without any grommets etc. Horse people and wiring I suspect is a venn diagram with ZERO OVERLAP.

    Radio hole enlarged with an angle grinder!! Found a couple of bits of heater ducting missing from behind here, square section mouldings so I will have to tray and get hold of some of those on the FB page. Might go and see the feller I got my windscreen off in Stafford actually.

    Eventually hoiked the whole thing out and chucked it in the back with all the other removed parts. Now lets have a look at the grot. Decided to look at the passenger side first, mainly cos taking out the pedal box and brake servo is a pain in the arse.

    Doesnt look too bad at first glance

    Removed the wiper motor and started pulling off the patches. Someone had actually done a pretty thorough job in here a few years back. It was all rotten underneath now but whoever it was had managed to get their mig tip into some very inaccessible spots!

    Seemed to find myself chopping more and more of it away. The trouble is its all internal corners and tight spaces with not much room to get the angle grinder and spot wedl drill in.

    By this stage I had chopped away most of the bottom side of the scuttle, the external grille thing (losing the bonnet hinge in the process) and a lot of the inner bulkhead. Starting to feel a bit deflated at this point but just got to plough on. I sit for ages looking at it thinking about where to cut, can I get this or that tool in, how can I remake this piece or that piece. I didnt really know how best to do it so just kept on chopping!

    Knocked off at 8pm with this side mostly chopped out. The cab is made with an inner side panel that goes from the front of the engine bay right up the the door hinge pillar. The bulkhead is then spot welded to that across the front of the cab. The side panel is rusty at the top - I think my plan is to slice off the top of it just below the zig-zag section in the pic, repair or re-make that and start building back up from that point. I think the sliced-off scuttle panel is going to provide some useful repair sections (even if it needs some repairs itself before I can use it)
    DAMN this thing is rusty though. All inside the wings, screen pillars etc, its all covered in rust man. The scuttle panel drains at the ends into the door pillars then presumably the water gets out down below somewhere. (Need to check that) I am not sure about blasting loads of waxoyl into it as I might well need to weld it some more in the future!!! I'm thinking I might spray a couple of sumpfuls of oil into its nooks and crannies though. 
    Anyway weather permitting i am hoping for a full day on it tomorrow. Now if it rains, huge quantities of water are gonna gush into the cab so I'd better crack on!
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    So I'm 1 day into my 4-day weekend and I've actually done some Hor5ebo11ox. Nowt spectacular yet but theres still time!!
    Job 1: Apply dinitrol Underbody Schutz to welded bits:

    Actually the first time I've used this shutz gun thing. Normally i associate these with suspiciously shiny old cars for sale at classic car shows and assume they are being used to cover up horrors. But in this case it did make a nice job of the wheelarches and assorted bits under the floor. Still got a bit of Dinitrol left too. £22 per can!!!!
    Next I had planned to put the new pads in on the front LH side and refit the wheel, which to my amazement has not been nicked even though I left it on the ground under the truck for ages.
    Turns out the caliper was seized to hell. Knew I was pushing my luck expecting something not to be knackered on this truck!!

    So i pulled the caliper off and got the pistons out

    Yeah they're past their best. Same calipers as a S3 landrover apparently so new pistons and seals now on order (for both sides), only £25 for 8 pistons and seals! So thats that job parked till they arrive.

    Reinstated the handbrake...

    I have had this transmission cover clogging up my garage for yonks. Lets get it outta here!!! I covered up the air brake holes with aluminium tape, stuck a couple of anti-drumming pads on the underside and put closed-cell tape round the perimeter. I know this thing is a swine to fit but I have had it in once before so hopefully I can get it in one last time without too much of a war.
    One hour later:

    How flipping smart is that!!! What a mojo booster. Looked like this not that long ago!

    My big plan was to pull the dash out and see what I could do with the bulkhead rot this weekend. I did take a small step by taking off the wipers then removing the fibreglass cover off the scuttle panel at the bottom of the windscreen:

    Quite a lot of grot in here:

    This is where the wiper motor bolts on, someone's been in here trying to patch it up once already

    Looks a right mess on the drivers side 

    The middle looks just about alright though!!!! ha ha
    So after being waylaid today with 'eggbound terrapin issues' i am hoping to get a full day on this tomorrow, get the bulkhead stripped down and see if I can work out how to do a half decent repair on it. Fingers crossed!!!
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    BUMP 4 A REAL THREAD Y0!!!! (Little in-joke there for our older members)

    I bet you thought you'd seen the last of this eyesore on here. Well BAD LUCK as I still have it and its not going anywhere just yet (actually perhaps thats not a surprise)
    I ended up not touching it for about 8 months after getting demoralised at how long it was taking to get anywhere with it. I think I've had it 2 years now and have not even got the bastard through its MOT! I am in my mid-40's, in decent health, I have an alright wage coming in from my 9-to-5 job and no kids so I reckoned I should be able to dedicate a bit of time to this thing. But after doing all the more important shit that you have to do as a grown up (working, commuting, shopping, cleaning, looking after your house, pets, partner etc) I was getting like 2 hours on a sunday if I was lucky and I figured it was going to take me till I was 90 to finish the friggin thing, by which time I would not be strong enough to turn the steering wheel (and old Perkins diesels would have been long banished from the roads anyway). So I just left it on the drive for 8 months with a wheel off. Didn't even shift the muthaload of magazines and brochures stored in the back (they're still there). Remember the days when i was stressing about it being an eyesore on the drive? Long time ago that.
    Now though I am on LOCKDOWN and just maybe I will have a bit more time to piss about with this old heap. I have actually been on it today for an hour painting some bits under the cab so lets see if we get some decent time in on it over the easter weekend. The omens are good so far and I'm feeling hopeful.
    Lets see where i got up to before I chucked all my tools down in disgust.
    So, I did actually get the whole cab floor welded up. Check it:

    I chopped great sheets out the floor and stitched new bits in carefully. i have to say it turned out quite nice. Gave it a couple of coats of red oxide and a couple more of that blue Tractol paint. 

    I was trying to do a nice job. Made a new metal plate to screw down the bellows round the handbrake mech and some lad on the dodge forum 3D printed me a new placca square thing to go in the top of the bellows. Looks neat right?

    The nice thick layer of paint seems to have made good job of the whole thing, certainly no sign of any rust coming back through yet, and thats not for a lack of water ingress (more on that later)
    Look at all that under the cab!!! Like a flippin patchwork quilt man. Theers a mix here of my efforts and those of Al Bundy. Not the neatest in the world but its all nice and strong and I think it should last alright. Ive got a tin of Dinitrol Schulz stuff that I am gonna lash over all this red oxide paint.

    Remember this transmission cover? I spent ages carefully welding it up (it was MEGA rotten) then went to fit it and it was a mile out. Ended up chopping it about a load more before i could get it bolted in. Eventually it nipped up so I removed it and threw £60 at having it sandblasted and powder coated!!!! Talk about rolling out the flippin barrel. Still, it will look nice for a short while before i stick some sound deadening pads on then put the scratty old rubber cab floor mat over the top of it.

    Remember me smashing that replacement screen like a massive ham-fisted dickhead? Well i had a stroke of luck when i found a bloke breaking a Dodge 50 near my work in Stafford. He charged me £50 for the screen out of that, but I had to pay up front!!! (wise strategy to be fair). I learned my lesson last time so this time I cut it out with a Stanley knife and got it out and home no problem. As you can see I have carefully stored it down the side of my house. I was sure that those big storms we had a few weeks back would have a bad ending for this screen but it has survived unscathed thankfully. Its in fine condition unlike mine so I will get a pro to fit this for me.
    So thats about where I am up to. The next job I really ought to have a look at is the rotten scuttle.

    Rainwater pisses in through it all over my new cab floor, so it needs sorting before I put the floor mats etc back in. But accessing it is a BIG DEAL. You have to remove the steering column, clocks, dashboard, heater box, brake servo/master cylinder/pipes, half the wiring loom and the wiper motor. Basically the bits they put on first when building the cab. Obvs when you remove the master cylinder you are then obliged to bleed the brakes on reassembly, and I expect the chances of that going smoothly without any broken bleed nipples is about 0% so I expect a further consequence of tackling this will be that the rear cylinders end up coming off and being sent to Past Parts for a rebuild. So basically a lot of spannering.
    The scuttle itself is quite a complex bit of metalwork. I'm not sure where I'm gonna chop and stitch, i suppose I won't know till I get it all accessible. I do have this which may or may not prove helpful:

    I chopped the scuttle out of that yellow/white cab I bought for spares. Its got rust problems:

    But its nowt like as bad as mine. Maybe it will be able to donate some repair sections, I hope so.
    So I have a 4-day weekend coming up and am thankfully unable to spend it going round IKEA and friggin garden centres so my plan is to wade right on into this job and see how it goes. If I get a decent few hours on it for maybe 3 of the days I reckon I could have it more or less sorted. Then surely to god I will have finished welding this rotten old thing (famous last words)
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    A breif horsebo11ox news update...
    Bet you think I've got this thing through its MOT and have been smoking it back and forth to work right? WRONG
    So last time I had it all back together and just had to grease the LH kingpin and fit the LH brake pads. Oh and a little patch to finish the LH cab mount cos i couldnt get to it when the truck was t'other way round on the drive. So:

    Finishing off the cab mount was easy enough. Cleaned up all the welds with wire brush, scraper and so on in anticipation of giving everything a going-over with seam sealer, undercoat, and dinitrol underbody shiz. Then I found another little hole in the cab flor so while I was there I decided to have a look at it. To access it properly I removed the seats and floormat:

    The hole was under a bodged-on patch which I chopped off, and had a proper look at the cab floor while it was all accessible. Sadly large swathes of it were/are FUCKED. Here's the transmission cover:

    Rotten on all 4 sides! Havent got a photo of the seat boxes (bolt-in) but they need repairing too.

    Got the floor mat out, its full of splits and the foam backing is shredded. I'm thinking I'll try and peel that off, repair the split rubber sheet then stick some new (non-absorbent) foam on the back. Thats for later anyway

    This is what I was trying to get to:
    Few shots of sorting out the trans cover:

    Havent finished this yet. the curved vertical lip is supposed to seal against the engine cover but its all rotten, so i need to sort that then I'm thinking I might get this blasted and powdercoated just because I can!!!
    Back on the cab floor I spent ages carefully drilling out spot welds and stuff. I must say, and maybe other middle-aged welders of old shite will agree, I'm finding that life nowadays offers few experiences as satisfying as drilling out spot welds. If you get the spot weld drill in the right spot and drill to just the right depth you can pop apart the bits with pretty much zero damage to the lower layer (i.e. the chassis leg here) which then means you can get an almost invisble repair, lovely job.

    Lovely fresh sheets of 1.2mm Zintec!!!

    Starting to patch it up:

    After much tapping and banging:

    Theres a little hole right at the front edge of the footwell:

    While I was on with this bit I took a moment to appreciate my rotten scuttle from beneath the dash whihc has already suffered several unsuccessful attempts to keep the water out with assorted gloopy products:

    Ew. This is gonna be such a friggin job to sort out properly.
    Anyway the aft edge of the opening in the cab floor already had a big shitty patch on it so I chopped that off, to reveal a massive friggin hole:

    Handbrake lever floor mounting: all thoroughly rusty:

    I got very busy with the spot weld drill again, chopping out some large sections of the floor:

    starting to stitch it up again. I recently bought some of those big red welding magnets which although seeming to lose their magnetism quite quickly, are very handy for holding stuff if you want to butt weld it. Another good tool for 'anal welders' like myself who like to avoid overlapping stuff if possible!

    OK its coming together now:

    Dropped a bollock there, I could do with some captive nuts along that edge to nip down the engine cover with and I have not added any. I'll have to try and do it from underneath.
    Looking over at the drivers side we've got patches and patches. Some of this is Al Bundy's work; The 4 x 8 rectngle patch was supposed to be welded to the chassis but none of the spot welds had taken properly, so i chopped a lot of it out. There was another patch about 12" by 8"; I got rid of it all.

    Basically this is where I am up to. Halfway through welding up the cab floor. Heres my pile of removed stuff:

    I'm only getting 2-3 hours per week on this so its taking a friggin age but what can you do? I'm just slowly chipping away at the grot. When the floor is welded up I'm gonna treat all the remaining surface rust with jenolite and paint the whole cab floor in the oxford blue Tekaloid paint. Also I'm gonna put sound deadening mat on all the cab floor and transmission cover metalwork which hopefully will reduce the noise a little. So, no MOT certificate yet but I am slowly plodding towards one! Stay tuned!!
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    Thats more or less where I'm up to with it, still havent got an MOT on the friggin thing and the back of it is full of car magazines which I still need to sort out. I think for the MOT all I need to do is passenger side brake pads and kingpin grease-up. Still plenty of problems though, the biggest being the scuttle rot, plus:

    This rear cab mount looks very crispy! Is this an MOT fail? I friggin hope not.


    The diesel tank does not leak, but it looks like it would if I picked at it!!
    Also, saggy leaf springs on the back, pock-marked windscreen and general all-round ugliness are ongoing problems (and the truck is coincidentally suffering with similar issues LOLOLOL)
    Still, feast your eyes on this mutha, who wouldnt want that on their drive?

    Here it is partially blocking the neighbours window, which initially caused me a lot of stress when it fitrst came to live at home, the neighbour has never even mentioned it however.

    The wonky reg plate gets right on my wick, i will get hold of some new pressed ally ones I think. Also look at that shiny new rad peering through the grille!
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    The front grille looked shite:

    I tried to give it the heat gun treatment but that didnt work at all, (wrong sort of plastic I think, it just got mega hot!!!)

    Really faded. Anyway I gave it a good scrub with a scotch pad:

    That worked amazingly well and a couple of applications of Autoglym bumper shiz have brought a lot of the colour back. Also got hold of a Renault badge and glued that on, its for the concours points innit.
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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    Also while i had the front bumper off I rubbed it down and gave it a few coats of matt black:


    That smartened it up a lot, I refitted it then the next time I looked at it a few days later, I noticed I'd put a massive scratch in it already, dont even know how I did this. Fucks sake!!!

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    Mr_Bo11ox got a reaction from rob88h in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    The suspension needed looking at as I noticed when I drove it previously, that there was a horrible clatter from the OSF wheel on bumpy surfaces. A half-arsed look under the wheelarch failed to locate any obviously knackered track rod ends or spring bushes or leaky shockers so I wasnt sure where the noise was coming from.

    Looking at the diagram its fairly simple, the steering swivels on a big kingpin, with a thrust bearing taking the vertical load, a bit like a strut top bearing. I found about 1mm vertical play in the kingpin, which didn’t seem like much but the manual reckoned there should be none so maybe that was the problem. I figured the only wearing part in the up-down direction was the thrust bearing so maybe that was dying. Not having any other ideas (and the thrust bearing being available and cheap) I dismantled it all to have a look.
    I expected this to be a massive war, but it came apart really easily much to my amazement.



    I cleaned up all the bits in some petrol.


    Among the removed bits, there was strangely no sign of the seal (no. 18 in the diagram) ever having been there? While I was on I removed and cleaned the grease nipples, and loctited them back into place as one had been leaking grease straight out the thread.
    The thrust bearing was a bit gritty but didn’t seem like it was on its last legs. Still, new ones are only £12 so I bought one, plus a new seal off the Dodge 50 geezer on facebook which was another tenner.

    Also bought some shim washers. Seemingly, back in the day you had to shim up the suspension with some washers of selected thicknesses to get rid of all the vertical play and compensate for the machining variation in the hub and the axle beam. Though apparently Renault never actually made the washers a buyable spare part item?!
    I cleaned the hub up a bit and tried to assemble the bearing and seal.

    First thing I found was that with the kingpin in place, there was basically no room for the seal, the machining of the hub was such that it would not fit in! So it had never had one fitted. Very odd. I am sure theres one on the passenger side. I decided to ‘machine’ the hub myself with the angle grinder as it looked like it would only need a very light linishing
    That meant taking the guard off the angle grinder. I have done this before with predictably painful results. IN this case, almost as soon as I started it up I nicked myself like a tw&t;

    Still, I did achieve what I wanted – managed to skin 1/2mm or so out the back of the hub casting, allowing the seal to fit into place:


    Now that it had a seal where previously it didn’t, my ‘selective thickness washer’ was going to be all wrong. I half-assembled the hub and measured the gap with feeler gauges:

    It was about 1.9mm. Measured my washer:

    Hmm that’s not going to go in is it. It was for this that I bought the shim washers off ebay, they were 0.35mm thick and a stack of 5 of them seemed to pretty much wipe out the free play. But they were only 35mm o/d whereas the selective washers are 50mm, and I felt they might encourage water and shiz to get into the kingpin. So I had a go at ‘machining’ the original washer with the flap disc in the grinder!!!

    Spent about 45 mins on this, grinding, measuring, grinding, measuring, filing, then finishing off with a davenumbers-style polishing on a sheet of wet and dry on some kitchen worktop of all things. Believe it or not I got it to within 0.15 mm - it was between 1.85 and 2.0mm thickness wherever you measured it and slid nicely into place with a bit of moly grease. That’ll do for me!
    The steering arm bolts had been secured with locking wire. That had all rotted away to nowt so I tried drilling the holes through the bolt heads out:

    Predictably, within minutes I had destroyed all my 3mm and smaller drill bits, this job was going nowhere. I think you need a locking feature, so I have ordered some M16 spring washers to use instead of these locking wires. Hopefully that will be ok for the MOT dude.
    Anyway, started putting it all back together:

    Got it all assembled and used the WANNER to pump a load of fresh grease in:

    Result: Lovely. No up-&-down play and it steers smooth as you like! While I was on I fitted some new Mintex brake pads with new split pins and anti-rattle springs (these calipers are the same as an LDV 400 would you believe). The old pads had plenty of meat but were clearly ancient and the pins and springs had rusted away to nowt.
    I am not sure what to make of this problem, the seal defo could never have been fitted with that hub, and now it is fitted, the ‘selective washer’ thickness is much less than the thinnest washer mentioned as being available in the workshop manual. Its as if the whole lot was meant not to have the seal. But what would be the point of deleting it? Anyway its got it now, so tough!
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    The bonnet on this needed some attention. First of all the cable was snapped and to open the bonnet you had to tug on the broken-off piece of cable that poked through the grille with a little piece of wood on the end (almost visible here)

    A new Land-rover cable was only a fiver:

    That got the bonnet opening properly from inside, much better. Then one of the bump stops was rotted right off, anf the hole covered up by a bit of aluminium.
    Drivers side: Rusty

    Passenger side: vanished

    Chopped it out:

    Used a spare AV mount (same as those on the radiator) with the metal sliced off one end as the bump stop, mounted on a home made bracket:


    Thats more like it


    Now the bonnet sits even and opens correctly from the inside. Lovely stuff. The drivers side still needs attention but I'll get round to it eventually.
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    speaking of the old cab, remember me wittering on about salvaging its front wings?





    I spent a bit of time with the spot weld drill removing all the scraggy bits from the mounting flanges and welded new wheelarch lips into each one to finish up with as close to new wings as you're likely to find for one of these heaps!!! I advertised them for £100 on the Dodge 50 FB group and some lad from Malta was well into them. Shipping them was gonna cost about £75 so that wasnt looking too good. But then the next week he got in touch to say he was in the UK on a training course (learning about VW 'GTE' electric car powrtrains!!) and he drove up from Bristol to get them!!! Really nice fella too. So they ended up going from a Manchester scrapyard all the way to sunny Malta, would you believe it. Anyway i felt better about the whole 'cab' experience after that.
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    The indicator stalk wobbled about all over the shop adding to the general shonkiness of the Dodge 50 experience. Dismatled the steering column and removed the switch:

    Same as a Rover SD1 dontcha know!
    The collar had split that holds it into place:

    Worked OK otherwise so I was reluctant to buy another one. Eventually:

    'Repaired' it with a little metal 'strap' riveted into place. I tried to countersink the rivet heads then filed them down as best I could to get it to sit tightly. Anyway it worked. The switch clamps onto a cast-iron collar thats riveted to the top of the outer steering column - that was loose too so i re-riveted that into place. Now the whole lot is 'solid' (well, as solid as any Dodge 50 switchgear, i.e. not very solid)
    While I had the steering column apart I noticed that the rubber coupling at the bottom was jiggered:

    That was a right war to remove. Luckily when I stripped that cab earlier, I grabbed its column coupling, and it was in excellent condition:

    The two are inexplicably different but seem to be interchangeable so on it went. What a bit of luck that I picked that up as I did not know at the time, that my own one was knackered!!
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    So, the radiator. It was f&&ked and recoring it ws going to cost about £300, so I had the bright idea of buying a roughly similarly-sized chinesium one off eBay for £90. But to get it installed it needed some modifying, which I farmed out to the dude up the road who does all sorts of fabricaiton and general interesting car and metalwork stuff. But he knacked his back and it took him months to get roun to doing it. Eventually i got this back:

    His task was to weld two brackets on the top, add the extra 25mm pipe stub, weld up the two small ports for the transmission cooler (should have left those alone really) and add a little 10mm pipe stub on the top for the air bleed. Total cost: £40. Bargain!!! I think he did it cheap cos it had taken him like 3 months to do it.
    I started by slicing the lugs off the bottom:

    Made two little captive nut brackets that slid in from the ends:

    And attached 2 rubber bobbin moiunts that I got off eBay for a few quid:

    Cos I couldnt access the nut, I couldnt do these up very tight! I did my best but really I should have found some with a hexagonal plate you could get a spanner on. Anyway, onwards:

    On the top edge, the guy had welded these brackets on, they were positioned to join up to the existing mounts in the front panel using the existing angle brackets:

    I mounted it off the top mounts, basically hanging it off the slam panel (notice my freshly painted tin shields at the side of the rad!!)

    Now I had to make some angle brackets off the front crossmember that would mate up to the AV mounts on the lower edge:

    Made these rather wobbly specimens out of 2mm plate, and drilled them to go on the AV mounts:

    Here we're looking up and forwards at the bottom of the rad. I marked on the x-member where the angle brackets went on, and welded them int place:

    Predictably the x-member needed some localised repairs of its own:

    I welded it up and gave it a coat of red oxide:

    And mat black:

    That smartened it up a treat. ON it went:

    Check it out!!!! All new BZP bolts as well and I retapped all the captive nuts everywhere. went together a treat.
    The pipe stubs on the new rad were a slightly different size to the old ones some I bought some silicone reducer hoses of about the right angle and chopped the end off the old hoses, joining the silicone ones in their place:

    All new jubilee clips everywhere:

    The filler tube from the expansion bottle had jubilees on theat were far too big, so I replaced all those too with brand spankers:


    The expansion bottle was filthy, rusty inside from not having strong enough antifreeze in, and splattered with schutz on the outside:

    I cleaned it out with various applications of bleach, thinners, soapy water and sand. Eventually got it as clean as I could manage:

    I had intended to flush the cooling system through with a dishwasher tablet but in the end I got impatient and just wanged the new coolant in, took about 2.5 gallons man (No I didnt fill the engine with screenwash, I just mixed the coolant in that bottle)

    You can just about see the coolant level now in the expansion bottle (small mercies etc)

    Anyway it seems to be leak free and on my admittedly not massive test drive, the engine got up to temp OK but never got higher than about half on the temp gauge. So hopefully the rad is going to be OK. If it fails in the future mind you its gonna be a right ballache as its basically a custom rad installation now. Total spend including rad, tig welding, hoses, adaptors, clips and coolant was about £180 so a lot less than £300, but although i saved £120 I spent friggin ages getting it together so was that a good strategy? I'm not sure TBH. Anyway I've still got the old rad so will keep it in case the worst happens!!!!
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    This thing has been sitting on my drive looking like a flipping eyesore for about 9 months now while I sort out its general all-round knackeredness. Well yesterday I finally got it back together, turned the key and illegally took it for an actual spin!!!! It now has a new radiator, exhaust manifold, steering coupling, oil, coolant, overhauled front suspension, new brake pads and loads of other stuff. Its still got plenty of problems but somehow seems to be lifted out of the 'fit only for scrap' category despite its appalling appearance. Will attempt to do an update of all the fettling shortly.
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    Hey gang, hows it going? Not a lot happening with the Horsebo11ox to be honest due to a general annoyance at waiting for stuff. The manifold is sorted now at least.

    Bought the exhaust manifold off the FB group to replace mu busted one. The lad took about a fortnight to send the wrong part, to the wrong address. The spacing of the 3-bolt downpipe flange was different. But I found the pipe diameter was alright, so i took the exhaust off and slotted the holes on the manifold flange, before welding some washers on in the 'right' place:

    With that it went on, used some new stainless nuts off eBay and new studs and gaskets and BOOM we had a manifold again.

    I think the manifold is off the older 4.236 engine where mine is a Phaser but luckily it all goes together. Anyway I started it up and it sounds flippin SWEET.
    Still waiting on the radiator. The lad who is supposed to be modifying it for me knacked his back making him unable to use his tig setup. After like 4 weeks of 'yeah seems to be getting better, should hopefully be able to do it this week' then 'no its gone again', he decided to send it up to his mate who is also a welder. After a week of no news I learned the friend has had a flippin hernia so that was a dead loss. Back it comes to our man, who tried to have another go at it this week, got it about 10% done then his torch cooler unit goes on the blink. I think I am gonna get it back this week and if its not done just find someone else. 5 weeks of fucking about for like 2-3 hours work.
    IN other news I bought that cab off eBay for £300. Went up to stockport last weekend to pillage it.

    It was down the bottom of this haulage yard that was all under about 4" of wet gloopy mud, sat on top of another dodge.

    At least there was a bit of nature about:

    Anyway I spent a whole day stripping this. The main things I wanted were the windscreen and the doors. Got off to a bad start by getting the screen about 2/3 out then cracking it like a TWAT. Damn I was friggin fuming about that. Still am actually, best not to think about it.
    Still I got the doors, and theyre both minters so i'm happy about that. Got loads of other bits too - there was not a lot left when I was finished:

    I chopped the front wings off - my plan is to weld new mounting flanges and wheelarch lips onto them then flog them to offset the cost of the hulk! Im hoping to get £100 for them. Also chopped the amazingly unrusty scuttle panel out. Used about 15 slitting discs cutting that mutha out. Replacing the scuttle in mine will be a major war - to get to it properly you have to remove the dashboard & instruments, heater box, brake servo & pipes, wiper mechanism and loads of wires and shiz. I think it will be necessary to chop the tops of the wings off then stitch them back in afterwards - theres quite a lot going on at the ends of the scuttle to join everything and allow it all to drain properly.
    As I was chopping it out I felt quite despondent at the scale of the work I'd have to do just to fettle the rotten scuttle in mine. Its a serious job. But, this cab has donated a good panel to use which should ultimately allow me to make a nice job of it, and I've thought hard about it for a few days and concluded it is doable, so i'm feeling less down about it now. I wanted to remove the dash to put sound deadening across the bulkhead anyway... Plus i will treat myself to some new toys (intergrips and cleco pins!!) to help me get a neat job.

    Anyway I'm not getting involved in that just now - I think the strategy is to get through the MOT (should be pretty close to that once I get the rad back and installed), do a few bits on the box like paint the surfaces behind and above the cab, paint and fit the doors, and maybe put a new roof on the box. Then I'll feel like it will have enough invested in it to make the scuttle job worthwhile.
    Also got the heater box, ignition switch, steering column coupling, wiper motor, brake servo, clutch master, loads of bits of trim and whatnot that mine needs.
    The cab was sat atop another Dodge 50:
    This one's a turbo. the cab has chronic rot in the A-pillars so I can't see it hitting the road again. I should ask if theyll sell the screen, I would be up for another attempt at getting one out! I think this time I'd just cut it out rather than trying to remove it with the screen rubber.
    Heres the bumper off the cab:

    Lovely sercks!!! They were riveted on sadly otherwise I'd have kept that one.
    ANyway to my great surprise I managed to get all my treasure into the Stilo:

    Its still in there now as I have not been arsed to unload it! I've been carrying all this shite back and forth to work all week, listening to it clattering and squeaking for 2 hours every day. I'll sort it at the weekend, first job is to fettle those front wings as i think i've got a buyer for them and I could do with the £££... I think it will help diminish the memories of busting that windscreen.
    Anyway everyone cross their fingers that the rad wil get (just had a text saying he's sorted his torch cooler) and hopefully I'll start making some decent progress again this weekend after a post-christmas hiatus....
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    Turns out the manifold has been successfully delivered to the completely wrong address stated on the shipping label, at least I know whats gone wrong. Hopefully ‘Pam’ who has signed for it has not got a Dodge 50 with a bust exhaust manifold and will hand it over without a scuffle when I go round tonight.
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    Good evening to lovers of knackered old lorries across the web
    Its probably time for an update on the Hor5€Bo110><. Progress is slow as, disappointingly, I'm doing a load of welding and i'm having to do it on the driveway!!! Look at my workspace now FFS

    This is outside my kitchen window. I feel like I have turned my house into a friggin gyppo yard or something! As I am working outdoors, and its winter so theres little daylight, and I live on a street with lots of other people, available hours for hammering/grinding/welding are limited. Still, I'm scratching along with it. Whats been happening on it?

    Bought a nice old WANNER grease gun off ebay for about £15. It was well bunged up with tarry stuff but eventually I got the hang of it and pumped a load of oil through it to clear it, then filled it with moly CV grease and pumped a load into the kingpins

    I hope the kingpins are OK, I havent really tested em, I'm hoping a glug of fresh grease will get them over the line MOT-wise.
    Made up a couple of brakets for holding the brake hoses, the old ones had rotted away to nothing!!


    Got a few other bits too, new manifold gaskets direct from Perkins, new fanbelt etc, not fitted that lot yet though.

    So the drivers side is 'done' metalwork wise, now its time to look at the passenger side. Although Al Bundy has been busy here, theres a hole down the back of the front panel:

    Looks a right twat to get to that. Also:

    This bit of the cab mount is a bit crispy-looking, i dont think its too clever TBH
    I decided there was no real way to get to that hole without chopping the front panel away. Started by drilling out the spot welds on the headlight box:


    chopped the front panel away:


    Theres new stuff and old stuff here. Actually the rust has gone quite a lont way back and been repaired even before AB got involved - I've got to draw the line somewhere so I am going to 'work around' that and not get involved in it.

    Getting it trimmed up now

    This is a bit annoying. Looking up, you can see the remnants of the old inner arch in here. Its boxed in and theres no chance of getting to it to chop it out now though! Would have been easy to chop that out during the welding repairs but its tough luck now.

    Starting to patch it up

    OK now we're getting somewhere. Had to stitch in a new bit to the front of the chassis leg where it meets the inner wing:

    Welding the front panel back in

    Treated this with jenolite and painted the back of it before I reinstalled it

    Refittig the headlamp box thingy

    BOOM!!! No-one will ever know!!!
    You'll probably see in that picture that i have chopped the cab mount off. Predictably it was rotten as a bastard. I saved Al Bundy's bumper mounting box:


    I kept Al Bundys home-made bumper mounting box:

    That will live again! just got to sort out whats underneath. The cab mount is really weak - you can wobble it by hand now. I made a little film of it but Photobucket wont upload it.
    Its mildly annoying to be doing this lot, but I should know by now, theres always 100% more rust than what you expect eh. I dont feel like Al B has done a lousy job or owt, its just got flipping loads of rust! Still at least i've got all my tools around me still and can actually sort it eh, even if its taking ages. Got 10 days break over Xmas so maybe I'll get a good couple of days in on it - if so the MOT should be achieved fairly soon after I think.
    I was looking through this thread earlier and stumbled across this post from almost exactly 6 months ago:

    Le sigh....
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    Alright gang, hows it going? I'm not on here much now as I am finding myself less and less inclined to interact with other humans generally, but I have been doing the odd bit on the truck now and then. Its sat on the drive looking friggin awful, but seeing as its the winter and I'm working 11-12 hour days I only actually see it in daylight 2 days a week so its tolerable for me.
    Built a big table in my garage, converting it from a too-small-really garage into an indoor workshop for cleaning/repairing/making/fettling horsebox bits:

    I'm basically just trying to work through the cab and get it into some sort of condition that will see it through an MOT and sufficiently well out of 'fucked' territory. Al Bundy did loads of welding on it, but his work really needs painting and sealing properly or its just gonna rot out again and be even worse than it was before. A lot of it is quite inaccessible so I have been dismantling a lot so I can access it and clean/seal paint it all semi-properly.

    Heres the view out my garage door at the moment. Nice eh? I have basically just been removing stuff to access other stuff, which inevitably involves rusty bolts (mix of metric and imperial!!!) snapping off and removing stuff you really dont want to get involved in. I've removed the bumper, grille, radiator, headlights, screenwash bottle, bumper support beam, blower motor and some other bits. Its surprisingly difficult to dismantle, for example you are suposed to remove the brake servo to get the heater blower out - I got it out byy dismantling it in situ and removing the bits, snapping various bolts along the way.

    Heres the RH inner wheelarch seen from the engine bay. Its all new metal so needed painting, ive cleaned it up as best I can, treated it all with jenolite and done 2 coats of red oxide primer as well.

    Looks a bit better eh.
    Bought a big tin of 'Oxford Blue' Tekaloid enamel, i plan to paint the whole thing with this eventually. Seems somehow very exciting to open the tin and see thie bright shiney blueness:


    While I was on I tarted up the tin shields each side of the radiator:


    Not even started on the other side yet:

    Theres also a hole here that needs sorting out:

    Thats gonna be fun for access, I'm not sure how best to tackle it but I am gonna get some parts reattached before i chop owt else off!
    I'm quite excited about this big-ass hoo flung dung Ford Galaxie radiator which I am gonna use as a replacement for the tired original. Cost £90 off eBay which seems like a mega bargain to me but I need to whizz it away up the street to the guy with the tig welding skills to have an extra pipe stub attached and modify the mounting points a little

    I've been buying loads of nuts and bolts off eBay to replace the knackered ones I'm removing, its not supposed to be a nut & bolt resto but I dont want to invest lots of money and time in the box bit till I'm satisfied the cab is decent so i am probably going a bit further than is absolutely necessary.
    Even though this is a big ugly bastard I have to admit to really liking it still. I cant wait for it to pass an MOT and for me to be able to drive it with a bit of confidence that I'm actually gonna complete my journey! (Thats not happened yet, the few journeys I've made I've been shitting myself that its going to knacker up) I think once i've finished mucking about with the metalwork, fitted a new rad and fanbelt, fettled all the lights, greased the kingpins and undersealed the inner arches I should have enough karma with it that I'll be up for taking it out for a spin just for fun.
    Theres still a load of rot in the scuttle but I will get round to that eventually, I might need to take a week off work and blitz it (screen/dashboard out job) but that can wait till we're through an MOT and feeling a bit more optimistic about the future!
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    Had a poke about at this t'other night. Decided I'd start by opening up its face


    You can see where Al Bundy has been busy in here with the red oxide. My plan is to fix a little rust hole under the RH headlight, clean it  allup and jenolite the bits of surface rust, seal the welding seams, and paint it in here. Just bought a big tin of Oxford Blue 'Tekaloid' paint which is what I plan to paint the whole thing with eventually, but this seems as good a place as any to start working through it.

    Headlamp lenses are both loose. These headlights are made from serious unobtanium now so I plan to just clean em up, tigerseal the lenses back on and reinstall.

    The Radiator is not great:

    I have found an aluminium one on the bay for a R50 Mini Cooper (!) that looks like it will fit quite well, but will need an extra pipe stub welding on. I think I'm gonna go for it but its £100 and I'm a bit skint so it'll have to wait a little while. Theyre 110bhp I think, so i reckon it will have enough heat dissipation even if it seems a bit odd to fit a Mini radiator on a lorry.

    This looks like a right bollock. The scuttle panel has got some bad rot in it still, we're looking upwards at it from the engine bay here. I think I can tackle this myself, but i might have to take the dash out to make a nice job of it. Luckily the Dodge only has about 10 wires so hopefully it will not be too horrific a job.

    Gratuitous interior pic for Zelandeth. You can see how much sound deadening there is on the bulkhead! 
    It is great this thing, despite being a rotten old eyesore on my drive. I'm just gonna work my way through the lorry bit getting it ship shape before I do owt with the box on the back. I want to drive it about knowing that its 'ok' electrically and mechanically.
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    Not been on here much as I've not generally been feeling very sociable lately, just been keeping my head down, going to work, paying bills and trying/failing to avoid news and newspapers! But you might be interested in the latest intel on the HORSEBO11OX.
    Well its back home now after being at Al Bundys for 3 months. Its had some serious metalwork on the inner and outer wheelarches, cab mounts, drivers floor and bumper mounts. Got the call that it was ready week before last. As I have failed to find anywhere to keep it, it was going to have to live at home on the drive, but that meant dismantling the friggin car port!!! Anyway I got that sorted (it needed doing anyway to be fair) and went down on the train today to pick it up. To be honest I was shitting myself as the MOT ran out at the end of June and I had visions of the day ending up with it breaking down on the M1 and having to be shifted on a low loader for a four-figure sum, plus getting tigerbummed off the bacon boys for driving with no test, then losing my job, house falling down, and having to spend the rest of my life in a homeless hostel where the TV only plays Jack Whitehall etc etc.

    In the event the journey home went fine. As I am seriously speed-deficient I tucked myself in behind someone towing a SWB isuzu trooper on a 4-wheel trailer behind another SWB trooper, figuring that he looked equally as dicey as I did. In fact he did get a couple of serious snakes going which were scary for me 50 yds behind - the lad driving must have been shiting himself. But the Dodge just selttled into a smooth* 50mph cruise and we sailed home with no problems at all. DAMN its noisy though!!! I might see about adding some extra deadening on the floor and bulkhead before I try and drive this thing more than 50 miles or so.

    Al has welded a SERIOUS acreage of steel into this thing!!! The wheelarches need some wob to get the profile a bit better but they are super solid, and properly constructed.




    I think I am gonna remove the grille, bumper and bumper bar and spend a bit of time improving the paint/seamsealer/underseal situation as I reckon the new metal could do with some decent preservation chucked on it. Also the rad leaks, and I am hoping to find a cheap Land Rover rad or something on eBay that i can cobble in as a replacement while its all in bits.
    It needs a general look-over before going in for a test - the wipers dont work properly, headlamp lenses loose, one indicator is out, I want to grease the kingpins (bought a nice old WANNER gun off the bay for that) and sort the aforementioned paint and sealing on the new metalwork.
    Now then. I should be chuffed that this thing is home at last and i can get on with it but TBH I am finding its presence a bit stressful. Its such a big ugly bastard! First I was stressed about getting it home. WHen i got home I thought the stress would lift but its not doing. Check out the view out of my kitchen window:

    Not good that is it. Mrs_Bo1 is not happy, and neither am I TBH. It was also covering a side window on the neighbours house as well. He's a friendly dude with a garden full of old motorbike bits and scrap copper pipe so i dont think he'll care, but I would if I was him and it was stressing me out. I spent some time cutting back brambles and sorting out the manky fence so I could tuck it in as much as poss and eventually got his window mostly uncovered and i dont think he'll lose any sunlight in his room now so thats better at least. Heres the driveway:

    Its mostly tucked in and looking at the picture its not too bad so hopefully the stress levels will fall after a good nights sleep or two.
    If they do i will bust out the multimeter and get started on some of these MOT jobs! Once it has an MOT it can live aty least part-time on the roadside, as there is plenty of parking space 100yds down the road from me so it will hopefully feel like less of a friggin ball and chain.
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    Hey gang, i've not been doing much shiting lately but after a fashion Al has been doing a fair bit on the horsebo11ox, heres a few gratuitous metalwork shots for you
    Rusty drivers floor:





    rotten cab mount:


    This is part of the inner wheelarch

    passenger side outer arch, completely fabricated from scratch!!!

    Should actually be finished in the next couple of weeks!!! I've failed to find anywhere to stash it so its going to have to live on the driveway much to Mrs_Nuts' disgruntlement!!! I cant wait though. I want to get this big fugly old heap through its test and bomb around in it a bit!!!!
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    Home!!! Amazing. Proper news will be along in a bit!!!

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