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  1. Let me just quickly send a telegram to 'Homoweldo, Birmingham', I'll let you know how i get on
  2. I couldn't justify £1900 on an old metro needing a load of work. If we are doing a group buy though I could be persuaded to chuck £250 or whatever in. But when are we gonna be able to even do owt with it? Presumably it would end up sitting about doing nothing till the friggin pandemic was over (2023)?
  3. It looks in good nick, low mileage, full ticket, 23 yrs old, is £1250 too much? Seems a decent price to me, from a dealer as well. It's hardly a £6k white room 'pie in the sky' job is it.
  4. LDV Pilot Ice Cream van https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Transit-ice-cream-van-ldv/393084564277 Am I trapped in an episode of friggin Phoenix Nights or something?
  5. Can you be semi-vegan? Know what you mean though, I like to try to go meat-free for over half the week
  6. Some fine work going on here. 'Mad Propz' to @Ian_Fearnfor busting out the welder as well!!!!
  7. Those windows let into the sides of the CF, look like there could be no possible way they wouldn't leak. they must have used a whole tube of sealant on each one!!!!
  8. They'd just say 'have you got the reg number please' without even batting an eyelid
  9. Yeah I know what you mean!!!! I sound a bit lame admittedly. But I have done long distance relationships in the past with very mixed results!!!! If i ever get my horsebox how I want it, with your permission obvs I will come and camp out at your field and help you make some progress with your fleet. That sounds like a sort of perfect set-up to me, and one I often daydream about. The other day I was looking at those 'tow-a-van' box trailers and imagining myself kitting one out with loads of shelves etc so i could transport all my tools round with me behind the lorry. What I need is someone local who can come round to mine excitedly showing off his latest old heap in a 'Mike Brewer' stylee (but without the ridiculous 'cockney geezah' schtick obvs) where I assume the role of the other guy off wheeler dealers who, whilst superficially rolling his eyes, sorts out the problems properly and sends him on his way a happy man. Don't know how realistic this is, as i don't want to end up with another old heap on the drive that needs a new friggin floor in it or whatever with some idiot ringing me up 3 times a day asking if its done yet, but there must me some sort of happy medium!!!!
  10. I wish I had a Dollywobbler-type character living near me that I could do some spannering for. I enjoy the 'fixing' bit but the ownership bit, (sorting storage/workshop space, responsibility for general upkeep, paperwork etc) not so much!!!!
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-MK-1-DRIVERS-SIDE-FRONT-WING/263727614780 Only £90 for this completely fucking useless bit of manky old tin
  12. Whereabouts are you in south yorks? You're probably not a million miles from me.
  13. What happened to the old Croma Colc? It never got another MOT and now has disappeared off the DVLA computer, (presumably scrapped)
  14. I see Ronald McDonald is selling his old Frontera https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1995-Vauxhall-Frontera-3-door-2-2-petrol-Project-Spares-Repair/174554025537 🙄
  15. I don't think I'd be feeding 12v to the coil on this, i can't see what that would achieve.... if the engine is spinning over OK there must be decent battery voltage. Surely you can tell if its sparking by just pulling an HT lead, sticking a spare spark plug in it and giving it a crank. You'll soon see if there's a decent fat spark or not. The fact that you've identified there was no juice getting to the front of the car sounds to me like you're homing in on it now. I would say give it a crank and leave the ignition on. Then crack one of the fuel unions at the front of the engine and you should get a squirt of fuel coming out. If you do, you can be fairly sure you've got decent fuel pressure at the injector rail. If you do have that, and still theres no sign of it firing up, I'd be looking at the injectors. They might well be stuck after its super long lay up. You could get one of those 'noid lights' that flashes up with the injector pulses and see if they are being told to open and close by the ECU. If they are getting a signal but not squirting anything (i.e. no start and dry plugs) you could either swap other injectors in if you have some, or get yours out and send 'em off for ultrasonic cleaning, it'll cost £50-£60 to get em done.
  16. My old Zircon blue 2.0 HL Ambassador was A782EAO.
  17. There's nothing intrinsically illegal about having 2 engines. Obviously the law might have something to say about a badly built dangerous car or one whose insurance is not valid, but those are different problems from simply having 2 separate engines.
  18. Come off it man the Perkins Phaser would waz all over this, I reckon the Horsebo11ox would easily do a sub-2 minute 1/4 mile
  19. Dont know whats going on with the roof on that Alfa 33 but it doesnt look too healthy
  20. To be fair to him if he still has it in 5-10 years (and as you say it doesn't get burned out in the meantime) someone might give him the £700, he's clearly not in any sort of hurry!!!!
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