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  1. This went through the ACA auction today and sold outright for a measly £2500, the same as I sold it for as an 'unfinished project'.  How refreshing (for me) to not come out the worst off on one of these old clunkers. It was sold with no reserve - would love to know what happened with the next guy. I'm sure you would put a reserve on if you were just after a 'quick flip'.

  2. Not even 1! The only time I drove it was round the industrial estate where the exhaust maker was. I nearly had it on the road and didn't really want to sell it, but unexpectedly had to choose between keeping this and my green Mazda 929.... so this lost. I was really looking forward to learning to use the column shift too. Ah well.

  3. Looks decent. I sold it last year, maybe October time. I'd had both wings off, repaired them both above the headlamps and behind the front wheels, repaired the tops of the inner wings (the outers are still wearing my mismatched aerosol repairs I see!!!) and the LH scuttle which was quite rotten. I had the fuel tank out and repaired/painted it, repaired & painted the boot floor, new fuel hoses, rebuilt rear calipers, new SS exhaust, couple of new core plugs, rebuilt fuel pump, sorted out most of the electrics. It had a little hole in the RH screen surround and I bought a new screen rubber from Australia but never managed to deal with the hole. I wonder if he's covered it up with the new rubber and chrome trim. I advertised it for £2500 and it went in 48hrs.

  4. Hmmmm. Well I was defo looking at some funny posts from FOAD yesterday or the day before..... Ive just realised it wasnt in this thread at all, but the one he had in the FS section for his old 305 estate. Looks like that whole thread has vanished. My mistake!!! Carry on!

  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284395690387



    Not many left and very much worth anything from 10k to 15k restored

    You're underselling it chief, I'd say these are worth 6 figures for a really nice one, easy


    had it since it was 3 years old. Unfortunately because of the fuel change I took the engine apart to fix to use unleaded petrol but due to being disabled now I couldn't get it Finnish

    Check out his 'unleaded conversion'


    I'm 99% certain these are fine on unleaded anyway LOL


    Was going to change it to full electric


  6. Yeah I've had a couple of PM's about that so cheers chaps, much appreciated.

    Its been on FB for a little while and I quite like the idea of buying it and trying to use my spot weld drill to carefully partially dismantle the cab for repair sections 'Arthur Tussik'-style, plus the screen and doors would probably resell quite easily. I think the cab as a whole is toast as the roof is all bashed in on one side.

    I havent got a space for dismantling it at my place.... but maybe the seller would let me do it on site.  I'll have a think about it and maybe drop him a note . Will let you know if owt happens!

  7. I've just been moderated for a post a week or two back, I think it was one where I was rude about 'lest we forgetters' and I made a comment about their attitude to Brexit. Anyway the post has been reported for being political, then judged too offensive and thus banished to Autoshite Mantua.

    If theres one thing I absolutely fucking hate it's being treated like a naughty 8 yr old (I'm well into middle age) , so, I'm off. Yes i know I know, 'its not an airport' etc etc but if anyone wants to get in touch about anything in future just ping me on FB, plenty of shiters know me on there e.g. wobbler, Trig, Lanky Tim etc so I'm sure you'll be able to get hold of me. Or, my phone number is in the various ads i've placed in the for sale section over the years so bung us a Whatsapp.

    Cheers, Bo11ox

  8. I'd love to drive one of these now. I suspect they are probably close to the perfect 'fun but manageable' driving experience. Fairly small, rwd, lively engine, decent rack-and-pinion steering and a slick gearchange, what more could you ask? Avengers failed on their shite sloppy steering and Marinas on their crap suspension, only the Escort got the whole package spot on. I'm no ford fanboi but I can see why whese appeal. 

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