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    Mudster reacted to Roverjoe in A Sentimental Honda Civic Restoration   
    Oh and Heres an Idea of all the crap/rust ive removed on this side so far 😳

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    Mudster reacted to Stinkwheel in The Bikeshite Thread   
    What I have been doing today. Swapping it to the powder coated frame so it eventually looks better 

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    Mudster reacted to kevins in kev's Fleet, TR7V8,Lotus Elan, Morris Minor, Range Rover, MX5, StreetKA and Fiesta   
    next was the Minor, this was a present for my son on his 11th birthday and we first drove it to his prom.

    It looked a bit rough but was far worse, in the end we replaced, most of the bottom 6" of the car, A pillars, door shuts, gutters, roof edges, doors, boot and a couple of new wings (it had 2 newish front ones).  It was then stripped to a bare metal shell and painted. Mechanicaly it's a pretty standard 1098, initialy it had a secondhand engine and the original gerabox,  we've subsequently re-built both, only other mods are street Ka leather seats, 13" midget wheels properly fused wiring and a home made disc brake setvup using corsa c parts.
    I has an interesting history it was one of 4 vehicles bought new by Bristol Omnibus for their inspectors, there are a few photos of them around and this one was modeled by corgi.

    My son's future plans are twin carbs and a sports exhaust (we rebuilt the engine with ported head, higher CR and a warm cam), some minilite wheels and fix the weeping rear dampers and brake judder.
    It was his every day car but now he has graduated and has  a long dual carriageway commute he uses my company car most days. 
    We also have a maestro 1275 engine  which is a long term project to build up  for this.
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    Mudster reacted to Eyersey1234 in Eyerseyette Driving Shenanigans and assorted shite   
    Madam has finally got the EML on her car sorted,  I don't know what was wrong with it, I got told to mind my own fucking business when I asked.
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    Mudster reacted to ruffgeezer in A learner's first ride- 207 1.4hdi   
    We've had a little look around it together - something rather weird with the back brakes; it looks like someone has cut the top of the threaded adjuster off for the cables.
    It's also had an intermittent non crank/ non start.  I've put another fuse in for the starter circuit and it's been ok thus far.  I've kept hold of it as, like a tit, I had to go digging about it's cambelt history and now know for certain it hasn't had one.  I offered to do it for the lad gratis.
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    Mudster reacted to Pieman in The grumpy thread   
    Which, I can sadly report, subsequently happened.

    After being moved from ICU to the respiratory care unit, she took a turn for the worse and the docs say a blood clot dislodged and went into her brain.  She passed away on Sunday evening.  

    Rest in peace Gemma, I love you.
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    Mudster reacted to martc in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Well the clocks have gone back so, for me, the commuting season has ended (yes, I know). So, you are all asking, with 3500 miles under its wheels, how was the electric Zero?
    Well – it has been both flippin’ ace and in the doghouse.
    Flippen’ ace – it is just that. Smooth, fast (very fast), quiet, vibration free, comfortable and quite capable of doing a 90-mile round trip with 40 miles range left. The handling and brakes are superb (but see below) - how can this have been made in the same country as a Hardly Dangerous? I was initially sceptical about the cruise control but I am now regularly using it – it’s ideal for a) keeping my licence safe and b) preserving the range.
    So why has it been in the doghouse? Well it’s disgraced itself on three occasions –
    The onboard charger failed. Apparently, mine is definitely the first one in the country, and possibly Europe, to fail. No consolation for me, but it seems to be a very unusual failure. Obvs it was mended under warranty but it took three weeks and coincided with dry warm weather.
    Then it had a puncture in the rear tyre. Fortunately it was near home, but I had to buy a new tyre.
    Thirdly, the front floating discs seized up causing vicious vibration on braking. Again replaced under warranty but another wait during good weather. Seizing floating discs is not an uncommon problem according to the dealer – both Zeros and Energicas have suffered from it. The dealer thinks this is due to a faulty batch of discs. Although Zeros use J Juan brakes and Energicas use Brembos, Brembo own J Juan so they could be using a common supplier. But my theory is that the front brakes are hardly used due to the fantastic regen braking just by modulating the throttle. The lack of use could cause the bobbins to stick. I’m going to make sure I use the front brakes more often by winding down the regen a bit.
    One thing that was refreshing is the ease of maintenance - removing  both the wheels (I took the front wheel to a local dealer to replace the discs) showed the excellence of the engineering design - it was a doddle (but I do have the optional centre stand fitted, which helps). On replacing the rear wheel I had to adjust the belt drive which again was easy using the 'krikit' tool. The belt drive is a funny thing, no maintenance, but it can feel and sound a bit harsh at times - particularly if the weather is dry and the belt is dusty. The hollow 'petrol tank' (like an NC750) acts as a sound box and magnifies the occasional harsh sound from the belt. When clean, and if there is some humidity, the belt is silent. 
    During these involuntary breaks I was getting quite jealous of my IC powered brethren but the moment I got back on the Zero all thoughts of 19th century technology disappeared within seconds of pulling away. Would recommend.

    Not mine.
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    Mudster reacted to Barry Cade in The Bikeshite Thread   
    I've had a few, and think they are brilliant bikes. Fast, comfy and seem pretty bulletproof. My first big bike was a zzr400, which suddenly gained 200 cc 😳.  Brakes are a bit crap, calipers sieze at the first sign of damp. Put firestorm calipers on and that sorts that, most will have aftermarket exhausts on by now, but the original system seems to work best. 1993 is on the change. I like the early colours but later models are a better bike, 1993 on had a fuel gauge.. 
    The 90s shell suit in the pic was my last one before I got an 1100.. paid 400 quid for it and went through it all. One of my favorite bikes.

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    Mudster reacted to ruffgeezer in Leather Clad, Plus Sized, Gallic Beauty* - Ruff's Latest Lament   
    Managed to get the service written up and the front wheels rebalanced today, still a mild shimmy occasionally but way better than they were.
    This is the fun I had when I did the rear subframe bushes a while back:

    Not the easiest of jobs, but I got there in the end.
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    Mudster reacted to twosmoke300 in The slightly sad story of Helena   
    This is my dads Lna that he’s owned for at least  20 years . It spent very little time on the road in those years but I can remember myself using it as a daily for a few months but it’s mainly been kept in dry storage while dad tinkers with it with varying degrees of success .
    Fast forward until a month or two ago when it was dragged out of storage and transported to my brothers field . Who then lost the keys .
    After removing the steering lock ( carefully as I’m not exactly tripping over new ones for lnas 😂) I then found the service book with the bloody key numbers on . A local locksmith cut me a new ign and boot key for £15 . Legend ! 
    A quick look over on the ramp reveals it’s still bloody solid and I don’t think it’s had or going to need any welding . The paint is well worn and it has surface rust on it but an ideal candidate for an oily rag resto I reckon . 
    Well blow me down - a quick suck through of fuel from the tank , hook up a fresh battery and she fires straight up . I do remember dad fitting and NOS carb to it a few years back .
    The original idea was my wife was going ti use this as her daily when the lease E Up goes back but I can’t see her liking the experience after a modern electric car but time will tell .
    Why a sad tale ?
    About 7 years ago dad was diagnosed with dementia and is going downhill quite rapidly now . But he still asks about the LNA ( and the Mk1 BX ) 
    So I’m looking forward to taking him out , maybe to a few car shows , in it when it’s on the road .
    Must stop looking at the subframe design and thinking it would make a bloody good trials car tho 😂
    I’ll get some more pics today ! 

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    Mudster reacted to Cavcraft in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Fucking wars...

    It's got a Hayabusa front end (no idea) and was described as a non-runner.  A bit of work had been done (new chain, some fancy pistons in the calipers etc etc)  and there's  few handy spares with it. He showed me it turning over , and muttered something about not trusting E10 fuel, even though it is supposed to be ok on it. He said there was no fuel in it and reiterated it didn't run, so I got it in the van, brought it home and then decided it wouldn't do any harm to see what would happen if I lobbed a couple of quid's worth of E5 in. About the 5th go in on the starter it coughed a little, so a few more tries and it's only bleeding running again!
    It's not 100%, but sounds well and went well down the back road. EML is on and it'll cut out if you don't give it enough revs when pulling away,  maybe a good run out will cure that?
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    Mudster reacted to bear-in-the-air in The Bikeshite Thread   
    As a present to myself for graduating university and starting my first proper job I've bought my first bike. Been really enjoying it, even if I have taken my first spill already.

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    Mudster got a reaction from Cavcraft in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Whatever boots you fancy and some Sealskinz goretex socks.
    Worked surprisingly well when I was green laning, even through streams and deep floods.
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    Mudster reacted to RayMK in The Bikeshite Thread   
    @UltraWomble I have not seen a Honda SS125 with that style of exhaust.  Perhaps it was an option for the US market.  My friend bought a brand new SS125, same colour, in 1970. I bought a CZ175 the following year.  A couple of years later we planned to take the bikes on a camping holiday to Scotland.  We had enjoyed the previous camping holiday up there with me on my '67 Peugeot BB CT moped and him on his recently acquired SS125. I'm not sure how he managed to stay sane following me at 28mph.  His journey started at Fair Oak near Southampton, meeting me at Nocton Hall (Lincs), and we set off on the long haul to near Braemar where we camped wild for a couple of nights.  Next stop was a campsite at Inverness for one or two nights, then to a campsite near Portree on the Isle of Skye.  With me buying the CZ, we hoped for better journey times with more closely matched machines for the next holiday.  However, on my way down to Fair Oak my CZ started to lose power. Investigation by the roadside revealed that the dynamo assembly, which carried the points cam at its outer end, was a bit loose despite the securing bolt being tight.  It transpired that the taper on the crank end had fatigued and was 90% cracked where the location peg hole was - which pegged the dynamo/points cam in the correct position.  I pushed the CZ a mile or so to a phone box and phoned my friend.  He came out on his SS125 and we decided the obvious thing to do was for him to tow me back to his place.  This hazardous exploit was successfully completed (15 miles or so) without being stopped by the plod or either of us falling off.  Holiday plan B was hatched. Next day, all of the camping gear on my CZ was strapped to the carrier on his SS125 and his stuff was strapped to the SS125's tank.  In this heavily loaded state, we compromised and headed to Wales instead of Scotland.   The trip there was uneventful but we thought Wales was an anti-climax so, next day we loaded up again and headed for Fort William - Glen Nevis to be exact.  We got as far as a campsite near Gretna Green by mid evening.  Next day we reached Glen Nevis and camped wild for about 5 nights.
    One characteristic of the SS125 with me on pillion plus all of the gear was that it could only reach 50-55mph, but my friend found that if he slip streamed an HGV it gave a boost which enabled the Honda to get past and then maintain an indicated 70mph at a constant 10K rpm or thereabouts.  It screamed along like a turbine!  I have thus experienced at least 1000 miles on the pillion of a Honda SS125.  A gallant machine indeed.  In due course I fixed my CZ with a new crankshaft and inspected the taper quite frequently.  The new crank began to show signs of doing the same thing again many thousands of miles later in 1974. I therefore   part exchanged it for a Reliant Regal 3-25 and a new motoring episode started with my new wife.    
    Memories.  All triggered by your photo 😀.  Apologies if you've seen parts of this story which I've posted before.
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    Mudster reacted to DirtyDaily in How bad a decision can one make - XJR edition   
    Some rubbish pictures of the interior. I think a deep clean will make it come up like new.
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    Mudster reacted to Rustybullethole in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Family down at a caravan in Romney marsh si went to join then Friday after am early finish. Hot footed in as fat as Ashford (well luke warm footed it but you get the idea). From there I found some lanes and meandered literally across country not necessarily in the right direction though was lovely.

    Fish and chip supper then a day in the beach

    Similar deal in the way back in reverse. None of these lanes ive rode before so was all a treat. 
    Did the purple bit on way down and the red on way home. 

    Need to work (spend) on the suspension and either accept that the exhaust is a consumable item or find a better skid plate though heading in the right direction with this one I feel.

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    Mudster reacted to egg in Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread   
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    Mudster reacted to SiC in 2003 Audi TT Mk1 1.8T Quattro - Gone!   
    It's been my go to car for most of the time. Put it this way, I'm considering selling my Boxster and MGB as they simply don't get used. 
    What I like?
    - cheap to buy (that said, I've spent it's value again getting major bits sorted)
    - decent performance for the money (very nippy around town)
    - very comfortable to sit in - seats are excellent 
    - Heating & air-conditioning are both strong and effective 
    - heated seats are powerful (a favourite with the missus)
    - economy is reasonable - 30mpg around town and 35+ mpg on a run
    - quattro bites into the tarmac hard. You can launch it from stationary/out a junction and it'll bite without wheelspin
    - cruise control is easily fitted (if you have vagcom)
    - cheap enough that I don't care too much if people dent it in car parks (still annoys me though) and thus stress-free
    - decent stereo
    - cocooned feeling (not to everyone's taste but I like feeling inside rather than on top of a car)
    - robust feeling 
    - feels somewhat premium even today (just go into something newer like a Focus MK2/etc and they just feel cruddy)
    - parts are cheap and plentiful 
    What I don't like?
     - needy cars. E.g. mine has pinged up the traction control light permanently now (used to be intermittent) for the brake pressure sensor
    - awkward to work on (e.g. that sensor above is a right pain to get to on RHD)
    - wipers are surprisingly slow. While often worn wiper linkage, they're not quick even when top fettle
    - crap handling and numb steering. I mean it's acceptable to drive compared to humdrum cars but not coupé sports car worthy handling. Think of it as a GT car and you'll be happy. Not a patch on the Boxster for handling though 
    - metal gear knob is either the hottest thing in the world, or the coldest
    - steering is heavy. Normal for this age sports car but as a runaround it is noticeable 
    - £395 per year tax does get a bit annoying
    - headlights are a bit crap. Much better now I've polished them but they were never great even when the cars were new. TADIS. 
    - gear ratios are rubbish. 6th is 3000rpm at 70mph and imo far too high for cruising. That said it does make it sprightly when you want to pass someone on a motorway. 2nd gear tops out at 50mph and 3rd gear at 70mph. So both a bit annoying if you're overtaking someone. A 30mph dawler you're going to have a 2nd->3rd gear change and 40mph you have to remember 3rd not 2nd. Boxster for example hits 70mph at the redline in 2nd.
    What I wish I did differently?
    I would have preferred an Auto. But the 1.8t auto is FWD only. As a winter beater, I want Quattro. 3.2 VR6 DSG would have been preferred but these often go not far off a MK2 3.2 VR6. While the MK2 isn't as striking a design, they are far better to drive and interiors are much nicer. Also generally more reliable too (compared to the MK1 at least). I'd also prefer the N/A responsiveness of the 3.2 VR6. 
    I sometimes wonder if I should have got a 225. But they're more expensive to both buy and insure (50% extra for me). Plus more complicated under the bonnet (extra electric water pumps, extra intercoolers + piping, etc). They're also more likely to be bought by someone who will drive it harder (i.e. why buy a 180 when you can get more power with 225? type of person) and so more likely to be ragged to death. 180 is a smaller turbo so less lag and nipper around town.
    TL;DR I've owned it 10 months and haven't changed it yet. I just jump in and go.
    I may consider changing next year after winter just to try something different. 
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    Mudster reacted to Cavcraft in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Erm, this sort of entered the fleet today
    Properly bloody slow (as they ever were) and it's an import so is hilariously badly spec'd, which means no horn and no position for the lights, just on and no high/low beam. 
    The bloke's gaff was absolutely rammed with shite, old Discoverys, Range Rovers, farming stuff, knackered and decent motorbikes and pretty much everything else in between. 
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    Mudster got a reaction from Barry Cade in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Either great minds think alike, or fools never differ. I’ll let you decide that one ☝️ 
    I rode from the Midlands to Elan Valley on Sunday. Headed Nottingham to Rhayader, round Elan Valley and down through Brecon to Hereford for an overnight stop. 
    Never been to Elan before and the scenery is stunning. Weather was pretty good which helped to make the trip.


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    Mudster got a reaction from Fat_Pirate in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Either great minds think alike, or fools never differ. I’ll let you decide that one ☝️ 
    I rode from the Midlands to Elan Valley on Sunday. Headed Nottingham to Rhayader, round Elan Valley and down through Brecon to Hereford for an overnight stop. 
    Never been to Elan before and the scenery is stunning. Weather was pretty good which helped to make the trip.


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    Mudster reacted to tom13 in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Did a great loop Saturday evening. Decided I wanted to go for a ride abotu 4:30 in the evening.
    Have been wanting to head out to Devils Staircase for a bit to see what it was like.
    Rode out from the Midlands towards Rhayader, across to Newbridge on Wye. Then out towards Devils staircase. It's a great single lane up towards there. Then over the top, around Llyn Brianne reservoir which is another great single lane winding road. I knew Strata Florida starts around there so I rode a section of that, but didn't want to do too much as it was getting late and I didn't have a tube with me. Headed up over the hills down into Tregaron, around the back of Elan into Devils Bridge then home via Newtown in the Dark. Ended up getting home about 11:30 but it was an excellent ride and one I look forward to doing again soon. I would recommend it to anyone. Next time I will go early morning and include a ride through Elan Valley as well and out towards Aber.
    If anyone wants info on the route just let me know.

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    Mudster reacted to Cavcraft in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Fixed the old Honda today. Went for a spin the other day and it pissed fuel everywhere. Walked home, came back with van then just ignored it for a few days. Anyhow, turns out the fuel pipe was a bit knackered (as well as being held on with cable ties) so that was replaced by new hose and fuel pipe clip things. More importantly, the float bowl was actually loose (only 2 screws hold these on) which no doubt caused the leak in the first place...

    Anyhow, to celebrate I found a much needed mirror for it, so carefully fitted this expensive piece of equipment to factory standards

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