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  1. At 08.35, "going in bone dry" - *immediate scene cut while falling about laughing?*
  2. As far as I'm concerned, it is, for the reason below: I guess it's how his viewers feel. I just think it's a normal reaction to want to help those who have entertained (at no personal cost) but have suffered misfortune. To be fair, I suspect Ian would be more comfortable if people buy some merchandise instead.
  3. Are we really so self centred these days that folks can't assist one another without nice gestures being considered bizarre? If it helps, think of it as a selfish desire for more videos of Betty running around - earlier than would otherwise be the case.
  4. Really glad all are OK. Absolutely gutted about Betty, just keeping fingers and toes crossed for minimal/no damage.
  5. Remember the Rhino injection ones on Suzuki Jeeps. Used to be quite common.
  6. Just to complicate things, be aware a UK resident is not permitted to drive a foreign registered vehicle in the UK after 6 months here. Hope you get it sorted just didn't want you to fall foul of this.
  7. Holy heck, just glad you're OK and nobody else was hurt. Looks like a fluid leak which caught fire but being a diesel it's unlikely to be fuel. Is the hydraulic oil flammable?
  8. Coolant disposal is a pain in the butt. I searched around for recommended disposal and the consensus was flush it down the loo. Didn't feel overly comfortable with that, so bottled it up and took it to a local garage. Cost me a fiver but my conscience was clear. I keep empty 5l bottles (snow foam, de-ionised water from the steamer etc.) to store liquids.
  9. Been a subscriber since your Aerodeck video. Really enjoyed the Lotus 👍 Quite a collection and looking forward to content on the other cars.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if Dollywobblers current PT cruiser is ex Ted Connolly. Think there's a Kelsey connection there. Always enjoyed Ted's column (even if he did like his PT cruisers!)
  11. I believe Nextzett were original manufacturers and others have copied.
  12. It's gummi pflege. Not picking up on spelling other than to help maximise your search results. 👍
  13. Ok, it’s not exactly ‘found on a walk’ but a couple of years ago after coming home from work, I emptied my pockets of loose change. Discovered a coin I had never seen before and cursed at whichever shop had short changed me with some foreign worthless coin. On closer look it was stamped with 1913 and had a George and Dragon which is very English. A quick google later it seems what I could have is a gold sovereign. I haven’t had it properly checked out, but it does seem extremely heavy for a small coin and worth a couple of hundred quid if it’s genuine.
  14. Well you've said you need a decent hactcback/estate with enough space to carry all the family paraphernalia in comfort. Its a Wartburg isn't it? 😉 😀
  15. And the mailbag videos don't really do it for me, unless you are opening a furry tail which was amusing and made me chuckle. Enjoy the tinkering and the reviews most. Couple of questions though. I think the first video I watched was the burgundy Daimler collected from Scotland if memory serves. We had a collection video, a quick walk round video, then it disappeared. Whatever happened to it? Also the caravan appeared in a couple, then disappeared without trace. Assume that never got done?
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