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  1. I always liked the Rover 75 until I owned one - DollyWobbler Another JDM estate shite
  2. AUD but it has some issues I think, If I see it again I will ask the owner.
  3. It is around 6,000 if I can't afford it I have some other things I plan on buying.
  4. Hubnut videos & Top Gear/Grand Tour I also like watching a few more youtuber people like Jamie_FYD,Monkey London & Wassabi Cars. I get a grin when I am in a car or near a car I really like for example a Nissan Stagea or a Ford Granada.
  5. North of New South Wales like a few hours away from QLD.
  6. Hello my name is Nathan & I live in Australia but I spent most of my life in the UK Should I buy a Nissan Pulsar GTR-I I have found one for sale but I don't have pictures because it is a local car and I can't find it on the internet. The Pulsar GTR-I might seem chavy or roadman-esq but I think they're nice little pocket rockets, the GTR-I came with a SR20DET if you don't know what that stands for (you probably do) it stands for SR - Engine code name 20 - 2L displacement D - Dual Overhead Camshaft E - Electronic Fuel Injection T - Turbo This car was sold as a Nissan Sunny GTR-I in Europe but many people imported the Pulsar name badge variants into the UK.
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