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  1. After a good quality repro tax disc for my Triumph,who sells the best repro ones and what month should it end if my car was registered in August 1968? I know you could get quarter tax discs back then so will it end Oct 68 for a 3 month tax disc?
  2. Very nice,French blue and I think I,am right in saying its a Swindon reg as my 2000 is MR aswell. I wonder if the thumping is a prop issue? Great buy and I hope none of the issues are serious,there are plenty of owners out there and helpful info to be read.
  3. So as I have been told you can no longer get the previous keeper history of a car from the DVLA,so is there any way of finding out the details of previous owners of my Triumph,its only the first owner that I,am curious about the other 2 I know off.
  4. Looking over the Triumph tonight,and I came up with a question I want to ask,the car is 51 years old and of course a lot of mechanical items would of been changed,has a stainless exhaust,have receipt for new rack etc,but is it worth changing things like engine mounts,discs,track rod ends etc just to be safe?,i know it costs money of course but not talking a full rebuild,just items that could be best changed to be safe,all the rear brakes look good,it has new pads but was wondering about shocks,ball joints etc etc,or should I just leave well alone and stick with what I have but maybe collect a nice spares backup incase I have to change anything in the future?
  5. Another fantastic photo Sudsprint,i just can,t stop looking at that periscope its mad! I guess your Dad had to drill it to the roof? Great to see pics like this when they were used as family cars for holidays etc I will post some pics of mine when I have got all the bits I want... Dare I mention if I should buy a roofrack?
  6. There are some lovely pics there the Sudsprint one is amazing,pleased that Yoss one has been saved but have to admit its a touch bling for me,still stunning though,the wires remind me of the Auz release MD version which also had triple strombergs aswell,when I have finished a few jobs on mine I will post a few pics to see if I have added the right bits!
  7. I hope it didn,t end up on the track like so many have,a MK1 is such a pretty car and they have now at last become rather collectable,on the lookout for a few MK1 parts and if another cheap MK1 came up for sale I would be interested.
  8. Should of said its a slushbox,not my ideal choice but it goes like stink!it has a standard stainless exhaust on it which actually give a nice tone,had several MK1s with one box rear stainless sports systems before,they sound lovely....if i ever changed to manual overdrive i would fit one,but to be honest its nice just as a auto floating around by the seafront on a warm day. Was thinking about the door reflectors but thought the bullet ones might suit it more? I don,t want anymore front lights,it already has the 4 main ones another 2 will look abit OTT maybe Oh and its Valencia blue aswell....
  9. Some nice ideas there,i did forget to say I do have an original Esso tiger in your tank keyring,also the round window sticker on the N/S quarter window above the filler car,the one sticker I have in the car.
  10. I was looking at my Triumph 2000 MK1 yesterday and thought it would be nice to add a FEW period items that would suit the car,not overpower the car with giffer items,but a few nice period items to give the overall look of the car from the period it was made(1968)so far when I bought it it has the following. Badge bar,but no badges yet,this has been drilled into the front bumper so removing it will leave 2 holes,i don,t mind it but maybe only 2 badges need fitting,AA and maybe a Triumph related item. It has a nice period rev counter on the top of the dash and oil/volt gauges which are in keeping and Smiths items. The radio is crap and a 1980s item a period Radimobile is to be fitted,i was thinking about one of those MP3 upgrade items that still use the original radio,anyone else bought one?the aerial is mounted on the rear wing aswell. Has nice NOS seat covers,packing was actually dated 1970, at the front,mainly because the original seats aren,t great! Has no wing mirrors,towbar,or stickers in the windows,don,t mind the odd sticker but I don,t want to cover it was overpowering items... So what else should I maybe consider or display with the Triumph?
  11. I need to get a pair of period looking front seat covers for my 68 Triumph 2000 as the original seats are abit tatty and finding replacements is tricky. Thinking about sheepskin ones or Tartan ones,but want to stay in keeping with the car and not have modern Halfords jobbies. Anyone got a pair for sale or guide me in the direction of some suitable items?
  12. So I managed to buy a nice MK1 Triumph 2000 but it has some terrible wheels on it,weller 8 spokes,i wondered if anyone has a set of nice period alloys or the original steel wheels? I used to have a MK1 with Cosmic alloys on it which really suited it.
  13. Wish you did,means I wouldn,t have to travel far to pick the V6 up from you.....
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