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  1. There's a Vel Satis abandoned in a layby on the A2 just before the Wincheap exit. It's been there about 5 weeks at least and it has a steering lock on. No photo because I was driving every time I passed it. Truckers seem to use that layby so i'm surprised it hasn't been reported.
  2. He finally got it back today. The hold up last week was because although the police had finished having a look they had not told the recovery people they had released it therefore they couldn't let him take it. As it turns out he couldn't have got it anyway because although he has green flag breakdown cover they refused to move it since it was stolen not broken down which seems bit shitty on their part tbh. Anyway it got recovered by a family friend in the end and has ended up back at his parents house with some new windows that someone in a VW group very kindly offered for free, he paid in a crate of beer instead. The bastards that took the car also nicked the stock radio and the heater controls for some reason and buggered up the trim under the ignition column but other than that and the drivers window the car is fine thankfully. He hasn't made a claim on the insurance, the fees from the recovery place were £200 in total including the recovery and storage over the weekend after the police released it on friday. Apparently there is a clause in his insurance docs that says if they write it off they won't let him buy it back off them so it wasn't worth the risk of losing the car even if the fees ended up being more expensive. With any luck it'll be back on the road in a week or so.
  3. I didn't really address this at the time but although this is a shit situation it was nice to see how many people showed support and I would like to thank everyone who did, over 200 people shared the post on facebook as well as the people on here, and two people have come forward and offered parts to fix it when he gets it back.
  4. Ok update 3: Looks like he might be getting a bit shafted by storage fees, called the recovery company and they said the police still want to do forensics on the car, I don't know if this is standard procedure or if they think they might find something useful on his car in particular. He was intending on going to have a look at it today but the recovery company said don't bother because the police still want to have a look. Hopefully the insurance will cover the recovery and storage fees, he only has a £150 excess for theft on his insurance, he still needs to decide weather making a claim is worth losing his no claims bonus (only 1 year).
  5. The ovlov is mine, purchased after i saw it in the ebay tat thread a couple of years ago, which i am now keeping a very close eye on, taken the battery out tonight and the lead from the coil to the distributor cap, don't want to risk it happening again.
  6. Update: Found! someone in a local group said they saw it on a police recovery truck this morning, even though we had received no notification from the police so we called 101 to get an update. It is currently in a recovery yard somewhere in Birmingham, we haven't seen it yet, calling them in the morning. The woman on the phone said the only reported damage is two smashed windows and 'ignition damage' so fingers crossed the rest of it is ok. Might have got lucky as it was very low on fuel when it was taken but i guess it was joyriding, we feared it would be hidden in a garage to be broken for parts. I guess we will never know for sure. Thanks to anyone who shared etc. Happy days
  7. Hello Autoshite Last night some shit stain stole my friend's mk2 Golf from outside our rented house in the southwest area of coventry near warwick university. It's a long shot but if any midlands based shiters see it please get in touch. Details copy and pasted from his facebook post: ***STOLEN*** PLEASE SHARE 1989 VW Golf mk2 Driver 1.6 5dr – G294 JWA My car was broken into and stolen last night from outside my student accommodation near Charter Ave, Coventry, between around 6-10:30pm on 11/02/2019 Distinctive parts of the car include: - Body is Marathon Blue, rare colour only available for 1989 year - Pirelli P-slot alloys with VW centre caps - Firestone tyres and white tyre writing - “Gilders” dealer sticker and white “Chopped” MightyCarMods sticker in rear window - Car is overall very clean and great original condition, less than 56k miles If you see this car or any parts of it that come up for sale, get in touch with me through a DM or call me on 07593601312, I would be incredibly grateful. If people can otherwise remain vigilant we stand a chance of recovering it, this is my first car and is special to me, I am gutted to see it taken by some scum to sell or part out. Please share this post around, especially to VW enthusiasts or contacts in the West Midlands area. Thanks for your attention, Alex https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1193288850838824&id=100004731608751
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cadillac-Seville-RHD/292928520196?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D56003%26meid%3Db74678ac53564f668979e18b91304c94%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D10%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D143098016103%26itm%3D292928520196&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/unfinished-project-classic-cars-mercedes-w116/202578617285?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D56003%26meid%3D00807cdb13f74c6988c22ba9bf53e8f0%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D233111429051%26itm%3D202578617285&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 These are all the photos, although they say they will add more
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/rat-rod-project-chevy-Ford-big-block/233111429051?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D56003%26meid%3D6ca9f4d46cba487eaff7858a41af1344%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D202578617285%26itm%3D233111429051&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  11. There's an old Starlet on French plates abandoned at Thurrock services off the M25. I stopped there on two separate trips about 4 months apart and it was there both times, I'm suprised the tires were all fully inflated though. Foreign plates maybe suggest someone's holiday went horribly wrong.
  12. Apologies for being a bit last minute, but can I get a Large t shirt and a mug please?
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