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  1. busy busy busy... I like the Compact. Slightly surprised you found the Golf more likeable. Saying that my Mk 4 GTI was also the nicest car I've ever owned... and similarly more likeable than some nice old beemers that preceded it.
  2. 2nd coat on o/s, 1st coach on n/s. It's too bloody cold for this nonsense. Done a pretty shit job on the wheels. Oh well.
  3. One side's got some paint on. Went with silver Hammerite, it's actually not a bad match by my standards. Did the wheel too, this time using the time honoured "slap it on" (zero prep) technique. Both need a second coat really. Be interesting to see how long it holds up - hopefully it'll slow down the rust.
  4. Gave the other side a scape and a sand. It's mostly still metal* under the flaking bubbling paint. Then gave the whole van a wash. Every time I wash it I try to properly clean out the arches and every time they seem to be absolutely caked in shit. I can't decide whether to quickly touch up with some silver Hammerite - or prime it (got a tin of Hammerite anti-rust stuff which is good shit IME) and once I've prepped all the little bits and bobs repaint the whole car in brushed/rollered on green tractor enamel or green army paint. I'd love a brush painted green van.
  5. Lockdown 2.0: Started cleaning up the rusty arches on the caddy. Seems pretty solid on this side. Phew. Admittedly I haven't poked the back end of the sill too hard, it's slightly crusty around the edges, but the underseal seems well stuck on so I might just liberally douse it in waxoyl at some point.
  6. Don't say that. You'll make me want a new bike. I know what you mean though. To me it's Honda's current* version of the bike he describes in Zen and art of Motorcycle Maintenance. A slow, small, simple, twin cylinder machine.
  7. Had a quick look. Can't work out where hose #21 actually ends up as the bike's in a dark corner of the garage but I'm sure it's not where the fuel was coming from. I'll have another look tomorrow. Started cleaning up the replacement (actually original) tank. It seems in better nick than the repainted white one the PO fitted but there is some surface rust etc which I will deal with before fitting. Decided I might as well keep this bike forever and do it right.
  8. Might see if I can go have a look tomorrow.
  9. Yeah, well either a bullshitter or just wrong (more likely?) - description sounds honest enough - as you say should go well and looks a bit of fun for the money. MOT history looks ok...
  10. Hmm... It's stopping fuel coming out OK as far as it goes - when I loosen it the contents of the bowl flows out, and it stops once tightened as long as the tank tap is turned off. With the tank tap on the bowl seems to be overflowing... I'm not sure the screw is relevant?
  11. https://www.gumtree.com/p/peugeot/peugeot-306-xsi/1393688675 £395 with a year's ticket. I wonder if it's eligible for classic insurance?
  12. Yes, and yes the screw's tight. More fuel came out when I loosened it though. Good to know!
  13. Done nothing to the CB yet. Decided I needed to tidy up the garage first. Been getting my (push) bike tools organised instead. Classic procrastination move. But quite satisfying. Also taking up space in the garage is a huge crate of spares that came with the CB. There are some small bits that are definitely worth keeping but front and rear wheels, forks, dodgy exhausts, spare tanks all take up space and I'll probably never use them. Maybe I'll sort through and stick a load of it on eBay. @andyberg - need anything? In other news the Caddy's new tyres are brilliant. Ride/handling
  14. Gave the float bowl a few taps, but it's still pissing fuel out. I guess I'll take the carb off and clean it all up. The fuel coming out of the drain hose looked a bit grubby and there was some water in it too... Will have to order a set of new seals etc. Also need to either make some space in the garage or wait for better weather. Not sure you can get the float bowl off without taking the carb off, also the accelerator pump seems to be part of the same assembly so may need to be disassembled first. Could possibly just pull off the drain hose and spray some carb clean up there but it prob
  15. Nice - thanks guys... makes sense. Carb is generally playing silly buggers anyway. Or at least I'm assuming that's the cause of the intermittent poor running. Idle seems to fluctuate between 2 points and sometimes it needs more choke than it should to prevent it stalling - also tending to lack power and stall when pulling away as if there's a fuel starvation issue. The throttle cables etc. need looking at too as the throttle does not spring back by itself. I've not had it for long and had these issues (although not the fuel drain) from day one. It was cheap enough that I'm not too u
  16. Vehicle #3 has not been mentioned here until now... just took it for a ride and on my return found it's leaking fuel. Quite a lot actually. Pissing out of a hose which is apparently connected to the carburettor float bowl at one end and nothing else at the other. Thankfully with the fuel tap switched off it stops. Question 1: what should I do with the petrolly slicks on my damp driveway and the street outside my house? Currently hoping it will just evaporate before someone flicks a cigarette butt on it. Question 2: where's that hose supposed to be connected, if anywhere?
  17. Yeah, wouldn't use them again... they were a fairly random choice out of the list of options Blackcircles provided and seemed to have good reviews. No "partner" garages here in Teignmouth and the last tyre place I used locally is closed for Christmas. I did notice later that the Torquay branch gets terrible reviews online... Was hoping they'd be better than one of the big chain places but it appears not. Probably better to order the tyres without fitting and get a local place to fit them next time.
  18. In a way I actually quite like a little bit of rust. Not as much as I like a creased panel but hey. Cosmetic issues are OK in my book. Anything that gets you a cheaper vehicle without compromising on reliability has to be a good thing. If someone has hung on to a rusty car it's probably a goodun. Spending out on welding is no fun obviously but this Jazz doesn't sound like it's in that category.
  19. Yeah pretty young I reckon. Thanks @Rusty_Rocket you've cheered me up. I might go and treat the rear arches to a scrape and some kurust now.
  20. Tyres are on. I should have painted the wheels first really. A bit of a drama over fitting: The garage initially rang up to say the tyres were the wrong size. The car had 185/65 R14 tyres fitted. The (original, full sized) spare is 175/65 R14. Blackcircles website recommended 175/65 R14 so my gut feeling was that was the correct size, and that the ditchfinders fitted were a touch too wide. They looked a touch too wide to me, too, but what do I know? Anyway back to the phone call from the garage: I asked whether they were sure - and explained about the spare - they sort of l
  21. Off work so trying to get some shit done. Booked the airbag replacement. Chap at local Honda garage was friendly and efficient and commented that if I bought a new Honda I wouldn't get one as good as the one I have already. Obvs a shiter at heart. Last week I fitted a pair of new Bosch wiper blades to the Caddy. That's the best tenner I've spent in a long time. So buoyed by that success I just emptied out my PayPal account for some more fresh rubber. Currently it has 4 mismatched budget ditchfinders, all legal, but one has a bulge on the sidewall, and another is obviously past its sell by
  22. Good thread. I've had lots of VAG stuff and am a big fan of pre 90s cars in that they offered solidity and reliability in a workmanlike package. Later stuff focuses too much on "premium" and not enough on "quality". My mk2 caddy (1.9sdi) seems to be an exception, I've been piling the miles on without issue and it feels more mk2 golf era vag than mk4. I guess as a commercial it was intended to be reliable basic transport more than it was designed to appeal to notions of perceived quality. Of course it has VW niggles (faulty temperature guage, brittle plastic parts causing heater contr
  23. https://www.gumtree.com/p/mini/mini-cooper-auto-/1392115552
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