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  1. I thought it was £400? Not loads in it... I was dreaming anyway. Glad it's on here.
  2. Somehow missed the whole collection thread on this. But yeah. Very much fancied buying this when it was down the road. It's considerably less appealing now. NE Norfolk is LONG from Devon. Probably work out more expensive too... GLWTR - hope it finds a good home.
  3. Agree with the above. I miss driving it already. Although, if you do manage to get it up to 70mph or thereabouts, it is sort of surprisingly fast. Or at least it doesn’t complain at all, and it feels very sure footed. It seems to hold that speed better than 60 - there’s a bit more power when the engine’s revving at a higher speed. I found it generally responded well to being revved harder than feels natural. You have to resist the urge to shift up. All good fun, innit? Some people spend a fortune on an involving driving experience... this is uniquely calming and involving. Comfy seats too...
  4. Apparently this is the right one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PG20514-5001-Full-Exhaust-System-with-2-YEAR-WARRANTY/182882394216 Odd that the one on it has only the one silencer... maybe it's been replaced at some point...
  5. Thanks... in the compatibility list it’s all TU engined cars as far as I can tell...not sure about gearboxes though... I guess either it’s a generic photo or the listing’s totally wrong. Did you have a look at the list?
  6. This poor little thing is still lying unloved in an unnamed street in North London. My attempts to find it a new home came to nothing so I’m planning to pick it up as soon as I can and give it the love it deserves. First (as it’s parked near my mechanic’s place, and he has the keys) I’m going to try to get a couple of bigger jobs done... Mechanic is moaning about getting bits, so I just ordered these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/371892892860 The gaiters on the current driveshafts are knackered and they click when you turn tightly. So might as well... but messages to the seller a while back shed some doubt on whether they are the right parts. From the listing they look to be compatible, but can any of our Peugeot lickers confirm whether they’re likely to fit? The other big ish job is exhaust replacement. Mechanic said bits alone would cost him £200, which is a bit much given how simple the system is. So I’m considering a custom stainless system, but if I can get the standard bits cheap then I’ll either get him to fit it or DIY. There seem to be lots of small variations on the standard system...and it’s pretty hard to tell which of the similar parts coming up on eBay are the right ones? Is there anywhere online where I can order a system cheaply, using the reg number, and be confident that it will fit?
  7. marm

    Sprinter camper

    Oh, here’s a thing. The engine runs on for a couple of seconds after the ignition is turned off. I know in a petrol engine dieseling is a sign of overheating or timing issues, but ironically enough i’ve never experienced it in a diesel. And a quick google brought up nothing. Any ideas?
  8. marm

    Sprinter camper

    Made it! Arrived back at 3am...long, tiring old drive, but a pleasant one. Sorry no pics or updates. I go into survival mode on this sort of trip, concentrate on getting there rather than taking pictures of myself panicking. Also I don’t have mobile internet. Love this van. Slightly scary first ten miles, getting used to the slowness of a fully loaded non turbo wagon. Also a definite smell of burning rubber. I checked under the bonnet, and had a bit of a look underneath - couldn't find anything so put it down to new parts/lack of use/something unimportant being where it shouldn’t be. Whatever it was is no longer. The smell went away. The fan belt felt a bit tight (following alternator replacement). I’ll check it again later. Actually it seemed to get faster as I went. Seems to be quite happy being driven flat out - anything else is hard work as you need a bit of momentum to get over hills. It feels unstrained doing 70 down a hill, and that gives you half a chance of remaining in top gear for the inevitable incline that follows. I tried to take it easy and stick to 60 max but it actually ends up making it feel like the van’s working harder, changing down to fourth more regularly and thrashing the engine harder... Haldon on the A380 was a bit tough on the last leg, ended up in second doing 20. It’s hilly round here, and you know about it in a vehicle like this. Best thing though was I worked out how to turn off the flashing lights on the Sony CD player. They’re fucking dangerous on a night drive. Unfortunately you have to reset it every time you turn the ignition off. Will check the wiring. The speakers are poorly installed and rattle about, plus the aerial seems to an audio cable that hangs out of the dashboard. Room for improvement. Feels better with 2 new tyres too, and the engine mounts seem to have reduced the engine wobble to a point where it no longer induces mild panic. It still wobbles but in a characterful way rather than feeling like it’s attempting to self destruct. I’m looking forward to doing a few little jobs on it. In London I couldn’t even park it outside my house. Now I have a driveway and a garage and no need for residents parking permits. I quite fancy painting it green with a brush. We’ll see.
  9. Yeah, that works, did it with the CR-V which only came with a new keeper’s supplement. Megane looks nice btw, top purchasing as always.
  10. marm

    Sprinter camper

    I’m on a train again. Having bought this in Devon and driven it to London I then promptly moved to Devon and left it with my mechanic for a few little jobs. Unfortunately a few little jobs turned into a massive MOT failure with a couple of random ftps thrown in for good measure. It took ages, but it’s now had a new alternator, engine mounts, viscous fan, 2 new tyres and a shitload of welding including inner and outer sills on both sides. Given what i paid for it it’s still a cheap van, no complaints or regrets. Just fingers crossed it makes it back to Devon, loaded to the gills with the shit I left behind... ...oh and welcome your input on train etiquette. Someone was sat in my reserved window seat, with sea views. I asked them to move. They did, but weren’t all that pleased. I felt guilty. Not sure.
  11. Good news for me... gives me a little longer to talk myself into it. Was already regretting not having bought it yet.
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