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  1. Caddy has gone to the local VW specialist for a good service (including cam belt and water pump). It deserves it. He's a "fine tooth comb" sort of a guy so I'm relieved that he hasn't found all that much wrong with it, but it's going to be an impressive bill. Fuck it, I'll just have to keep it for a while. My last mechanic would typically have changed the oil and filters, checked the pads and fluid levels, and called it a day. If I'd really pushed he'd have a quick look at the cam belt, declare it as looking like "brand new" and send me off on my way. CR-V is soggy inside and has be
  2. https://www.gumtree.com/p/daewoo/daewoo-matiz-se-plus/1395407720
  3. Maybe I need this? https://www.gumtree.com/p/citroen/citroen-c3-pluriel-1.4hdi-cabriolet/1395311733
  4. glad the big cat's stayed in the county, it's an itch I really need to scratch...
  5. busy busy busy... I like the Compact. Slightly surprised you found the Golf more likeable. Saying that my Mk 4 GTI was also the nicest car I've ever owned... and similarly more likeable than some nice old beemers that preceded it.
  6. 2nd coat on o/s, 1st coach on n/s. It's too bloody cold for this nonsense. Done a pretty shit job on the wheels. Oh well.
  7. One side's got some paint on. Went with silver Hammerite, it's actually not a bad match by my standards. Did the wheel too, this time using the time honoured "slap it on" (zero prep) technique. Both need a second coat really. Be interesting to see how long it holds up - hopefully it'll slow down the rust.
  8. Gave the other side a scape and a sand. It's mostly still metal* under the flaking bubbling paint. Then gave the whole van a wash. Every time I wash it I try to properly clean out the arches and every time they seem to be absolutely caked in shit. I can't decide whether to quickly touch up with some silver Hammerite - or prime it (got a tin of Hammerite anti-rust stuff which is good shit IME) and once I've prepped all the little bits and bobs repaint the whole car in brushed/rollered on green tractor enamel or green army paint. I'd love a brush painted green van.
  9. Lockdown 2.0: Started cleaning up the rusty arches on the caddy. Seems pretty solid on this side. Phew. Admittedly I haven't poked the back end of the sill too hard, it's slightly crusty around the edges, but the underseal seems well stuck on so I might just liberally douse it in waxoyl at some point.
  10. Don't say that. You'll make me want a new bike. I know what you mean though. To me it's Honda's current* version of the bike he describes in Zen and art of Motorcycle Maintenance. A slow, small, simple, twin cylinder machine.
  11. Had a quick look. Can't work out where hose #21 actually ends up as the bike's in a dark corner of the garage but I'm sure it's not where the fuel was coming from. I'll have another look tomorrow. Started cleaning up the replacement (actually original) tank. It seems in better nick than the repainted white one the PO fitted but there is some surface rust etc which I will deal with before fitting. Decided I might as well keep this bike forever and do it right.
  12. Might see if I can go have a look tomorrow.
  13. Yeah, well either a bullshitter or just wrong (more likely?) - description sounds honest enough - as you say should go well and looks a bit of fun for the money. MOT history looks ok...
  14. Hmm... It's stopping fuel coming out OK as far as it goes - when I loosen it the contents of the bowl flows out, and it stops once tightened as long as the tank tap is turned off. With the tank tap on the bowl seems to be overflowing... I'm not sure the screw is relevant?
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