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  1. Ok. Thanks guys. er... yeah, I’ll send a PM. Or you could send me one?
  2. Ok... The more eagle eyed may have noticed I’ve advertised this for sale. But every time I drive it I want to keep it. The main issue that made me decide to get shot is that it seems that the dampness is probably coolant after all. Appears to be coming from the air vents in the drivers footwell, and the voice of doom,is telling me it’s probably from the heater matrix as I think the valve is in the engine bay? I noticed it in completely dry weather while running about locally, so I’m fairly sure it’s not rain. Leaves white deposits when dried. It’s not losing gallons of the stuff though, nor is it overheating or anything. What about some k-seal or radweld or something?
  3. marm

    Kade's Volvo 940

    Nice! Another R-plate 940 owner signing in for updates.
  4. I’d go back to standard, too. I’ve had more bother with aftermarket electric pumps which were supposed to be an upgrade...
  5. Bloody hell man, have you been diagnosed with something terminal? When are they both arriving? Would love to come and have a sniff...I’ve been fantasising about dallying an a30 (or a35) for a while now...
  6. Wrote a huge long post and then my laptop crashed. Here are the bullet points. Polishing: Done* Mileage completed: 20 Major fault: Pops out of 5th gear Noises: PAS pump whine, sometimes crunching gears (see above) Smells: oil / petrol (mild, occasional under acceleration?) Fluids: PAS Water in car: 0 Rainfall: None Boot: 10/10 Driving experience: Very Good Performance: No Family acceptance: Yes Pride of ownership: Smug
  7. It’s a good job they’re out of stock. That looks brilliant. I wonder how terrible it would make the car to drive?
  8. That would be OK if we can get a bit more than 20 years out of it. I'd like to live past 62 ideally. Otherwise I'm definitely taking up smoking again. Fuck it.
  9. A "trailer queen" 940, what has the world come to? Makes me want to run mine until it really dies. I reckon with some TLC it has another 20 years in it. So well built.
  10. Brilliant, thanks. I’ll probably have a go tomorrow. You’re right about the new mirrors having no threads, I guess being alloy the idea is the steel screw will just cut it’s own thread. A bit crap though. I think I’ve got a tap in the right size (M5?) though so I maybe I’ll give that a go with that before installing. Will use a dab of grease on the bolts as you suggest. They came out alright but were pretty stiff...
  11. Replaced a broken rear seat belt socket. The two over the rear arches for the dicky seat are all smashed up too but at least they still work. Started taking the mirror off. Broke one of the plastic tabs on the back of the trim panel and cut my hand. Only a little bit but still. Looks like I need to take the door card off to access the connecting plug. Unless I am being stupid or there's another way to access it? I pulled the speaker grille off - the speaker seems to be pop riveted in place (!) Also noted that the speaker has a foam surround which will likely disintegrate as soon as I get the stereo working - spending ahoy. Haven't checked yet whether the replacement mirror will fit or has threads - am cooking dinner now. Expecting serious brownie points. Any tips re removing the door card (assuming it is required)?
  12. Yep. Colour was definitely a factor in purchase decision. Almost makes up for the lack of towbar. Anyone got a spare? Red would be my second choice, although it would be tough to decide whether to keep the faded look or polish it. I like both. Would definitely recommend Mer for the job though, it’s only very mildly abrasive and quite effective even with just a quick going over. I’m sure better modern stuff exists but it’s kinder and more effective than t-cut. White can be nice too. I’m thinking of my aunt’s 340 GLT with black stripes. Sporty. Am pleased to report I have finally made a support frame for the raspberry canes. I used some Ikea clothes rails which I needed to get shot of anyway. Always satisfying to make something useful out of junk. I’m actually finding uses for all sorts of tat now the council tip has closed... I think I’m allowed to pull one of the mirrors off and have a look now... @danthecapriman thanks for offering a spare - I have a wish list of parts - might post it up here at some point...
  13. Panel back on. Wasn't too bad with a clear head after a decent night's sleep. Bonnet shuts now and I have windscreen wipers. That's good. Was able to take it for a drive, put some petrol i, (it ran out idling on the driveway earlier this morning...) and get it warm enough that it's now almost completely dry. The heater is brilliant. We'll see what happens re the leak. Belated pez shot: I've promised to do some jobs in the garden now, but I wouldn't mind doing some more tinkering. There are still a couple of panels I haven't polished (one of which is the roof). And I need to work out whether the dripping PAS fluid is coming out of the hose or the reservoir itself. Also want to sort the mirrors - the housings are completely loose and rattle around the mechanical part, which is basically OK. I ordered a pair of "90-91" mirrors off of eBay. I wonder if they'll fit?
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