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  1. win some lose some - it's only money and i like it
  2. Thanks guys... Not looking like I'm going to get round to doing anything this evening. Tomorrow afternoon looks good though. Another gratuitous Caddy photo for your viewing enjoyment.
  3. I'll have a go using the ramps tomorrow. It's all pretty solid... More jolly is the MPGs from the caddy. Loving the 1.9 SDI engine. 42MPG is mostly scenic miles along hilly lanes. 48 and 49 achieved on A roads and 70-80 MPH dual carriageways. Compared to the Cruv it's amazing. The caddy's exhaust is also rattling about. A couple of the rubbers are totally knackered and held together with cable ties. None of them look all that brilliant and are a fairly loose fit so I've ordered some Febi/Bilstein replacements. I think the issue is made worse by the fact that none of the mounting rods have a lip/bump on the end to keep them in place. They're all free to slide about. What's that all about then?
  4. OK. So the CR-V (pronounced "cruv") lost it's silencer on a recent camping trip. I'd been ignoring various knocks and rattles from the underside which perhaps with hindsight was a mistake. One of the rubber hangers had had it, although oddly enough the ones on the rear box that fell off were OK. When I removed the rear box I replaced the dodgy middle rubbers with the ones off the back... Here's what came off. Turns out a rear silencer is pretty cheap so this evening I had a go at removing what was left. I'd already managed to get the bolts off on a previous evening (pleased about that) but the remaining flange wasn't budging. This evening I had another go at it. So far i've mainly tried squirting it with WD40 and attempting to lever it off with a long screwdriver...as you can see i've made a bit of a mess and it hasn't budged. I sort of thought about tapping round with a hammer and punch but access is awkward and at the time I was working without having raised the car. I had a bit of a go but didn't hit it hard enough to do anything. The Cruv has pretty good ground clearance but maybe tomorrow I'll get the ramps out.. Anyone got any tips for getting it off before I continue making a mess of it? Now I'm going to take the caddy to Morrisons.
  5. When I moved out of London I left behind the cheap and reliable mechanic-turned-friend that I've been relying on for 20 years to fix my bangers. On the plus side I gained a driveway and a garage. Over the years I have occasionally had a go at stuff, but with little confidence and mixed success... But since the move I've been attempting to have a go at being a bit more self sufficient. To tell the truth I haven't been all that successful so far... I thought I'd start a thread in the hope of getting a bit of help... Here's what we're dealing with: 1. The CR-V. Status report: covid ticket. fully functional* *exhaust fallen off This is pretty much my wife's car... so I need to fix it ASAP 2. The Caddy To do list: Fix temperature gauge Sort loose/rattly exhaust Sort rusty bits Adjust clutch (bites v. low) Repair loose o/s indicator etc. In spite of these minor issues it's proving brilliant daily transport, fun to drive, loads of room and returned 49mpg on a recent fast run. I think it's my favourite car/van of ever.
  6. nice...thought for a minute it was this one which has similarly been smiling at me... https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/214493/1999-ford-fiesta-zetec-ticket
  7. Let's wait until you get bored. Would be even better if that coincides with another forum member having a need to travel from your neck of the woods to south devon... otherwise it's going to be an expensive collection mission...
  8. Am jealous, this is my ideal spec 205. Towbar, 5 doors and 1.4 petrol. When are you going to sell it?
  9. Ok. Thanks guys. er... yeah, I’ll send a PM. Or you could send me one?
  10. Ok... The more eagle eyed may have noticed I’ve advertised this for sale. But every time I drive it I want to keep it. The main issue that made me decide to get shot is that it seems that the dampness is probably coolant after all. Appears to be coming from the air vents in the drivers footwell, and the voice of doom,is telling me it’s probably from the heater matrix as I think the valve is in the engine bay? I noticed it in completely dry weather while running about locally, so I’m fairly sure it’s not rain. Leaves white deposits when dried. It’s not losing gallons of the stuff though, nor is it overheating or anything. What about some k-seal or radweld or something?
  11. marm

    Kade's Volvo 940

    Nice! Another R-plate 940 owner signing in for updates.
  12. I’d go back to standard, too. I’ve had more bother with aftermarket electric pumps which were supposed to be an upgrade...
  13. Bloody hell man, have you been diagnosed with something terminal? When are they both arriving? Would love to come and have a sniff...I’ve been fantasising about dallying an a30 (or a35) for a while now...
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