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  1. Dartmoor. Needs a polish but Mrs M. has advised against it and I think she's right. It's already shiny and red enough.
  2. "roffle", "alfa" and "bolton" are not the sort of words that elicit enthusiasm from Mrs M. either. She is, at the end of the day, a sensible woman who knows a little about both cars and geography.
  3. I love it! Had a good B road blast, scared Mrs M. on a roundabout (quite cross with me for going too fast but surprisingly she likes the car otherwise). I'm really impressed with the handling and performance. Probably the best car I've had in that respect - it really is a proper sports car. The engine is great and it corners so flat and balanced, tons of grip. Seats are good. I like the speakers behind the seats too. Intelligible Radio 4 at 90 mph with the roof down is very civilised. Not crazy about the clutch. A bit heavy and a funny pivot angle. Pretty minor quibble.
  4. Now I've had a cup of tea I'd like to thank @djoptixfor being a top shiter, especially in view of his adventures* last night. He was charming and helpful and went above and beyond to get the car ready for me. The journey home was fun. I got hailed on in Bristol with the roof down, stopped on the hard shoulder to put it up and the sun came out immediately. So the MGF is not a Triumph Herald but that's probably a good thing... I have to say that so far I'm really impressed with how it drives. Not sure why I've tended to overlook/dismiss these in the past - it feels lovely and personall
  5. Compared to @djoptix's epic thread last night this one's about as dull as it gets. Crappy mobile/train internet stopped me posting. Anyway, I'm back and smiling.
  6. This train goes all the way to Aberdeen. Which potentially opens up some chod buying opportunities.
  7. At a station. 2 hours late already following Trainline booking on non-existent train. Oh well... wish me luck.
  8. Bloody hell. Oh well, it's an adventure and I reckon the Alfa overheating will be something simple. You paid the right price for it anyway... I'd better get off to bed to get up in time for my train. I'll check this thread in the morning... Good luck, man.
  9. You'll make it... you still waiting for the AA? Where are you?
  10. Very strange. I used to live in the very flat behind that Herald. (And the one next door!) Is this a sign?
  11. This is nice. My mate had one for years which had a host of ongoing electrical gremlins. He eventually got fed up enough that he hired an auto electrician to do come out and do diagnostics - tracing the faults all down to one control module. I took a wild guess that it might have dry solder joints on the board and spent 15 minutes reflowing the joints. It sorted it for good.
  12. The more I look at it the less convinced I am about the missing needle jet. I don't really see where it would fit anyway as the jet needle was pulled out of the other side (shown in pics below). Diagram shown (key at https://www.fowlersparts.co.uk/parts/4762509/cb250w-1998-e-mph/carburetor) hasn't shed any light on it for me... In any case I've got a repair kit on it's way which apparently includes needle jet and jet needle so I should hopefully be able to work it out. I've done some digging in the garden and had a decent lunch so I think I'll have that cuppa and continue stripping it dow
  13. Made a good start at dismantling the carb. There was some crap in the bowl and the accelerator pump shaft is corroded/gummed up at one end so was likely sticking. The float valve (described as needle valve in HBOL) itself seems ok so that's an odd one... I'm taking a break at this stage because I'm partially stuck - would welcome some advice here. As far as I can tell there's no needle jet in the carb. Am I being daft, is the haynes wrong, or is it possible that it's just missing?
  14. "remove all traces of the old gasket". What gasket? "Remove bracket". I won't be the first to have tried.
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