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  1. Right. I'm taking this really slowly, partly because I'm currently isolating, in a covid haze, and got nothing better to do... and partly because the reason I've put it off for so long is I want be methodical and make a decent job of the rebuild. I've been going through the advice in the HBOL and trying to follow it step by step, but first I have to understand exactly what it means. I'm getting there. So, stupid* question time: Is the "float valve" and the "needle valve" the same thing? And if not, where's the float valve?
  2. Accelerator pump was sticky when I pulled it out and had obvious corrosion on the shaft... polished up for good measure.
  3. Found what I can only assume is the "missing" needle jet! It was stuck in place but pushed out OK. There's a new one in the rebuild kit.
  4. Well, looking back at the old photos it's quite a bit less dirty than it was...
  5. No progress with the two wheeled Honda. But a result with the blue one.
  6. Bloody hell, it's March since I took the CB250's carb off. All spring and summer it was MOT'd, taxed and insured, but in bits. Now it's autumn and no longer remotely road legal I've finally decided to do something about it. I wonder if I'll be able to put it back together again. Anyway, I did a good thing this evening, fingers crossed the rest of the job is also plain sailing. Success!
  7. I think this picture proves I just did a pretty thorough job of hoovering the seats.
  8. I forgot to bring the camera, but I had a play this morning... Passenger footwell full of rainwater... but then I did leave the windows open...(to "air it out")...mopped up as best as possible. Topped up coolant and refitted battery. It started first turn of the key, ran fine, fairly quickly up to temperature with cooling fan kicking in as expected, no sign of overheating. I wonder if the battery will start it next time... Drove it up and down the drive, tested the electrics, everything seems to work. Bit of mayo on the oil filler cap - I'm hoping it's just condensation. Coolant level dropped after running for a bit. No sign of leaks. Bit of a mystery why it was low in the first place. Hoovered out the interior and wiped down the steering wheel. Has removed the worst of the mold/mildew and it's now not totally grim to sit in. Will add some pics - it's looking fairly smart by my standards, but will get more cleaning/TLC - it deserves it. TL:DR - it lives! Next job: order a replacement cat and book it in for an MOT ASAP Actually I should probably chase the logbook first...
  9. As a local Mk2 Caddy owner I hope it's the Inca so we can get them together for a photo shoot. Especially as they're both rare windowed vans. I fear it may be another Rover 75 though.
  10. Nothing to report. But I found this in the car.
  11. I like it. Wikipedia agrees engine is Peugeot derived, not sure if that lends the rumour any weight or not.
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