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  1. Jealous. Hope she doesn't like it.
  2. Pretty happy with 36.5mpg out of a petrol automatic motor. 10 days in to SORNing the Caddy. As much as I'm enjoying the MGF as a daily driver I'm seriously missing the huge boot and not sure whether I've even got it in me to save a months road tax, let alone sell it...
  3. Mazda sailed its maiden voyage. 323 miles (in homage to its predecessor?) of pleasant, uneventful motoring - better than that the run seems to have "fixed" the main fault it came with as for the time being the EML light is out. I'm fairly impressed, actually. Very good balance of ride vs handling, comfortable seats and easy to drive if not particularly exciting. Seems good on fuel too, only used 3/4 of a tank. Upshot is that the CR-V can now be listed for sale. Possibly the Caddy too... I fancy a bigger van to replace it.
  4. Wasn't keen on the wonky alloy gear knob so fitted a wood one from Rimmers. It didn't fit out of the packet but easy enough to adapt following this: https://www.mgfregister.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17169 Looks and feels much better to me, way more suited to the vibe of the car, and makes it feel more like my idea of a proper British classic. Wouldn't mind a Mountney steering wheel to match. Replaced a side repeater lens which kept falling out. The new one looks much nicer, too. Also replaced the meh-sounding, dangerously fiddly to operate JVC CD player with a nice bluespot courtesy of @ruffgeezer. It's a "St. Tropez", which seems 100% appropriate, especially with the top down. It sounds great, and I now have a line in with the tape adapter. Currently playing Kyuss from my Nokia's MP3 player... Will be good to get the tapes out and it's nice to be able to put the glovebox cassette storage to good use. I'd also noticed the speakers were wired wrong (front and rears out of phase) so sorted that. Front speaker wires had been replaced and wired with chocolate blocks so easily remedied. Previous owner was a sound engineer so to be expected @djoptix. While I was in there I also reglued some loose trim and found the cause of the inoperative clock backlight. I'll have a fiddle with that later. A few nice small wins without even getting my hands too dirty.
  5. Mrs M has been running the CR-V around without issue but the urge for something slightly smaller and newer kicked in, the result being: Seems well looked after (4 matching Goodyear tyres, Bosch battery, etc.) and low mileage (78k) but there are a couple of faults already apparent - most annoying is the passenger window has a mind of its own. Seller was up front about the engine light (diagnosed by Halfords as a knock sensor) and it seems to run well and drive pretty well. Starter is a bit noisy, too. Still, it's quite a nice looking thing and definitely the least rusty car in the fleet. Mrs M hasn't driven it yet, hope she likes it. At the £750 paid hopefully it's worth the bit of TLC it needs.
  6. That was my feeling. There's a 1955 Minor around the corner though for similar money and I'm not buying any more cars. But if I was I think I'd go for the Minor.
  7. Right... Mrs M wants a new motor. Going to see these: https://www.gumtree.com/p/mazda/mazda-3-saloon-2006-semi-auto-1598-cc-4-doors/1407377351 https://www.gumtree.com/p/hyundai/hyundai-matrix-petrol-1.6-gsi-automatic-2007-5-doors/1407404528
  8. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-cars/classic-mini-kit-car-gtm-rossa-rwd-kit-car-sprint-track-hill-climb/1404000135
  9. Somebody help me. https://www.gumtree.com/p/vauxhall/vauxhall-zafira-1.8-16v-automatic/1407159285
  10. In other news the rev counter went bonkers on the caddy today. And the TV broke last week. Hopefully that's the trilogy.
  11. Yeah, he also insisted that neither fan would work with one connector loose... wrong again. I might be wrong about the starter though.
  12. Thanks. Valve clearances were adjusted fairly recently. The noise sounds very much like a noisy starter motor, and the more I think about it the more I think that's probably what it is. At some point I might stick my head under the bonnet and see where it's coming from.
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