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  1. Belonged to an old Jamaican dude if memory serves. My mate's got a GT. He's had it for years and loves it. Reckons he out ran a police car that was chasing him once.
  2. You know what, I think I remember admiring this in Lidl's car park.
  3. ah tottenham lidl. i know it well.
  4. Seems a bit too cheap to not expect major problems but who knows? Quite tempted to go have a look...
  5. https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/toyota-prius-1.5-cvt-hybrid/1386113848 "does drive fine"
  6. marm


    Most of the builders and trades that i could afford to use in London used estate cars or SUVs anyway. Big Volvos, Galaxys, Passats...I know one guy using a Porsche Cayenne - probably cheaper than a decent van. My plasterer turned up on a CB250RS with a bucket bungeed to the pillion, and the painters that helped me out when I was trying to get my house sold both got around by bike or bus. There are loads of cheap ulez compatible people carriers out there, and your mk7 is still going to fetch decent money outside of the smoke. These are often seen full of bags of sand, cement, tools, ladder
  7. marm


    also, at risk sending this thread round in circles again, if something as cheap as this is ulez exempt it's pretty hard to justify a historic car as a way to save money... as appealing as an austin maxi, old merc, or a proper mini might be...
  8. marm


    I've done my time on that bit of road. In spite of the obvious aggression I never felt vulnerable in anything I've owned. I'd rather have a small car for use within the city. Admittedly a mini wouldn't be my first choice for blasting round the north circ., but for general nipping about it's hard to beat one.
  9. It's here. I've ridden it up and down the street and I like it lots. All seems OK so far. As a rider I'm rusty though and not used to the Devon terrain. The end of my road is a 25% gradient... not easy for doing slow speed manoeuvres on a new to me bike! Will be fine but I need to get some practice in... Fingers crossed for some dry weather... Forecast says otherwise.
  10. Mostly MZ 250s. Also had a souped up Vespa T5 Classic fairly recently. Weirdly I've never had a 4 stroke motorcycle, a Japanese motorcycle, or one with an electric starter for that matter. Should be well luxurious I reckon and hopefully easy to keep. It doesn't need to be fast. Just fast enough.
  11. Apparently the CB Two Fifty / Nighthawk is descended from the Benly etc. rather than the Superdream. Still, same kind of thing I suppose. It's what I was after, something forgiving, quiet, reliable, and sort of conservatively engineered. Hope it's not too slow compared to the two strokes i used to ride. Can't wait to get on it,
  12. Just bought this... "shitehawk?" been thinking about a return to two wheels and have fancied a honda twin of some sort for a while. This turned up local, fairly cheap and with a big box of bits. Not sure about the customisation but it seems reasonably well cared for. Haven't actually got it yet. Or ridden it! Arriving Thursday fingers crossed. Got stuck in a 2 1/2 hour traffic jam today in the van which I'm taking as a sign that I made the right choice. Was thinking about a bigger bike for the 36 mile commute I'm currently doing but given the state of the M5 today perhaps a smaller b
  13. I love this... but Devon to Aberdeenshire would probably double the price in real termz. GLWT$
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