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  1. Free wardrobe on £200 car. Winnah!
  2. https://www.gumtree.com/p/volvo/volvo-440-hatchback-1996-other-1998-cc-5-doors/1429971650
  3. Hope it goes back together OK. Pretty soggy under there.
  4. Had a couple of jobs ticked off (slowly) by the local garage. Namely curing the leaking cooling system (turned out to be thermostat housing - with parts surprisingly difficult to source - hence the delay) and a gearbox fluid change, which hasn't completely cured the slippy gearchange from first to second when cold. Despite curing the leaks from the sunroof drains the car remains damp under the carpet, mainly because the felt (?) sound deadening has a plastic/rubber coating so effectively traps any moisture it absorbs. I can't see any alternative but to remove the carpet. Not been looking forward to this "very time-consuming" job but I think I'm going to have a go today. Link below for my reference... https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/200881-removing-carpet-out-of-a-polo-6n/
  5. Tow bar envy. I drove mine 300 miles yesterday to park it somewhere posh.
  6. It's like an old pair of jeans. I love it.
  7. Just thought I'd mention that the belt was replaced roughly a year ago. I'm fairly sure the VW specialist that did it would have replaced the pulley too if he thought it worthwhile - job came as part of a thorough service including cam belt, water pump etc... you should have the bill!
  8. I'm hoping for two doors and 3 cylinders.
  9. Honest, I wasn't ignoring the advisories... in fact I was planning to deal with both fairly soon but with the Polo in the garage for longer than expected I just decided to use the Micra. Unfortunately this evening on the way home from work the brake binding issue seems to have come to a head - there's been a minor squeak but it got noticably worse at the top of my road, and took a good stomp on the brakes to stop the squeak (normally a gentle dab on the pedal clears it up). By the time I had parked I noticed a chemical burning smell inside the car - when I got out there was a definite hot brake smell, and sure enough the n/s wheel was pretty hot. Bad timing as the Polo is also out of action. I'll enjoy using the Honda for a change though.
  10. No sticker peeling action but I did fix an interior light. Used an LED replacement which is surprisingly dim. Then started cleaning up some of the giffer-tastic paint work. It had been brushed on and was peeling off - the painter hadn't even bothered to wipe the sill clean before applying. Obviously then the door had been closed when the paint was still drying... Anyway, good news is it's all very sound underneath. Put some kurust on for now but will probably just do a better job with a brush. Also started rubbing down the rear quarter. Already improved IMO although I can't decide how involved to get with tidying this...
  11. I want to peel off this dealer sticker...
  12. Running perfect on expensive premium/high octane/e5 fuel and the EML light has gone away too. Be interesting to see if economy is any better... I suppose it needs it because it's a Sport.
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