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  1. I've said it before, but never felt it so strongly: Dibs when you get bored.
  2. Long story short...collection aborted due to too much filler in sills. A bit of a silly experience (travelled a long way) but the seller was very nice about it. As ever the experience has given me a chance to reflect and completely change my mind about what vehicles I "need". The (very enjoyable) train journey even led me to question whether I actually want a car. Anyway, note to self: next time stay local (or stick to deals on this forum).
  3. Any thoughts re the (minor) gearbox issue with this? Basically it's sluggish to change up to second when cold. Fine when warm and only takes a few minutes to warm up sufficiently. Fluid change was done recently - hasn't changed things appreciably. Wouldn't be an issue, but the car's mainly used for local trips.
  4. It's always been my belief that running an old, undesirable car is the most cost effective approach to motoring. I've also been inclined to feel that keeping a banger on the road is better for the environment than buying a new car. I don't have any evidence for either of the above, and obviously there are going to be examples where they are untrue. What I'm wondering is whether there's been any good research into it. Either to prove or disprove. Can anyone think of any good examples of this?
  5. Finally got round to putting the interior back together. Can't believe it took me a month. It's quite nice inside now.
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