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  1. The other day I noticed a whirring sound coming from the engine bay in the Audi, intermittent and dependent on engine speed. It was worse when going up a hill. Gut feeling was fan blades rubbing against something. I opened the engine bay and sure enough the seal for the bonnet was trapped under the airbox hose inlet thing - mechanic must have put it back together in a hurry and missed it. I put it back together. Also, see pic, this hose/trim bit was just loose tucked in to the engine bay. It's in the boot now, I had a quick look but couldn't work out where it had come from. I'm not planning to give him a hard time about it but it's annoying. Trying to work out whether it matters, probably not. He's cheap and honest, and everyone makes mistakes. Continuing the trend of things getting better but also going slightly backwards, I got and fitted the connector above for the stereo. Brilliant service from the Chinese lads again. Only one of the rear speakers is working, but it's quite possible that it's been like that for a while. I'm not too bothered. As ever with old shit I guess part of the secret to happy ownership is accepting that good enough is good enough. The mind boggles to think how many minor bodges exist on the average shitemobile.
  2. Ah, ebay has answered https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203864266021?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=NMFbeOBZQ_W&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=jw4FDSTTS7W&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  3. Forward progress at last on the Audi! First up it is (unsurprisingly) happier for a service. Seems to be revving much more freely and is definitely quicker. Even better, today I sorted out the radio - entered the code, manually cleaned the (filthy) tape head (tapes now play in stereo!) and fitted a bluetooth adapter which works really well. Only downside is to fit the bluetooth dongle I had to disconnect the original multiway connector - the bluetooth thing (blue connector) uses the wiring for the non-existent optional CD changer, but there are also an "option" section which I think talks to the display (so I've lost that) but the worst of it is that the rear speakers were apparently connected via an amp - and I've lost those. I'm wondering about hacking the original connector or whether an adapter exists to break up the connector into 3 sections @philibusmo?
  4. I've barely driven the Audi, and the radio isn't working because repeated non-starts a few weeks ago temporarily drained the battery. Today it had the rocker cover gaskets replaced (very much needed as the plugs were soaked with oil again) and basically a full service - plugs, oil, filters... Of course it has repaid me by the exhaust is now blowing out of the other cat flexi. It is an hateful thing really, but I think I have decided I am just going to keep throwing money at it, it can't keep breaking surely? At some point it has to start getting better. Or going up in value. On the plus side it's running better following a service, feels much more responsive.
  5. So just the MG then? Must be something else incoming…
  6. Audi cat has been replaced, and I've just ordered a set of rocker cover gaskets. I've not been using it much because I'm still a bit cross with it. Might take the old cat to a scrap metal place later, maybe that will be enough of a road trip to help me bond with it again...
  7. It started this morning! Big cloud of smoke, I reckon it was probably flooded from repeated cranking without ignition. Took it for a drive, running fine. I had forgotten about the blowing exhaust flexi, it’s pretty bad. Also after I stopped noticed some warmish water dripping from the bulkhead area but fingers crossed it’s probably just accumulated rain water. Too clean to be coolant.
  8. Having got the pump out I decided to drain the petrol tank on the Varadero. Tricky to get the pump hose to the bottom of the tank but I removed a gallon and a half of dark, weak smelling fuel. The hoses that come with the Silverline pump are ridiculously short, so you have to lift it up off the ground to use it. Stupid. They’re also kinked from storage/transit so they don’t go where you want them to. Still, overall it’s a boon and fingers crossed the bike will run with some fresh fuel in it. The tank could probably do with a good clean out but that’s unlikely to happen soon. While having a play I ran the pc50 up the street and back. True to form it started first kick, ran nice and then proceeded to leak fuel all over the place. Tried the Audi again, it nearly went this time. 🤔 Am supposed to be gardening today. I want to tinker with bicycles now… 🤣
  9. Had a go at the Audi today. As per @SiC's suggestion I decided just to clean up first before getting carried away with replacing valve cover gaskets. Used my new pela-style oil pump to clean out the old oil then cleaned up with some wd40. Some potato cam pics attached - before and after. Would have been a horrible job without the pump. Unfortunately it still won't start - I think the oily leads were likely a red herring - they've probably been soaked for months/years. It's raining now and I CBA but if and when the sun comes out I'll start pulling plugs out and checking for a spark. At least now removing the plug won't fill the bore with dirty oil.
  10. Decided to press the Micra back into service as I haven’t had time to do anything with the Audi. With an ill mother I’ve had lots of local running about to do and it’s the ideal car for that really. Got it MOT’d today… clean pass… the tester says it’s one of the cleanest ones about. Such a good little car, it’s the best £200 I’ve ever spent and really I mustn’t ever think about selling it again.
  11. Washed it! Then went to the jetwash and blasted years of accumulated crap out from the wheel arches, door shuts, etc. It's quite a handsome car really. Would look better if I touched in the giffer scrapes.
  12. Makes sense. Oil has needed regular top ups since I got it. I hadn’t noticed anything sudden but to tell the truth I haven’t been that on it.
  13. The leads on both sides are drenched in oil. For some reason this has slightly taken the wind out of my sails, I'm now wondering whether I've done something silly or whether there's another problem. Seems odd that both sides would be so bad all of a sudden. Maybe it's just that I've been driving the car more, and working it harder than my Dad did? Obviously it's partly neglect, an unspecified oil leak has been evident for some time and the plugs haven't been changed in years. Before I get too far stuck in any thoughts on something I'm missing or something else underlying? Edit: note oil warning light coming on while I was cranking it.
  14. Ah yes i think you're right. I'm more used to old fashioned coil/distributor/leads setup.
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