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  1. Received a very interesting looking package today.. Coincidentally, I posted a package today, 1st class recorded just to try and get it there for 25th.. I should be more organised... The irony is that the local Garden centre has sold out of trees and so has everywhere else so I don't have a tree to put it under..
  2. Is the car in a scrappie or did you save it ??
  3. Sorry, I was told the deal was being done person to person.. I didn't get any notifications that someone was trying to contact me.. The deal was with my Bro, not me..
  4. Hiya all... My brother has bought a new Vectra, his old Vectra is sitting on his drive, it's a 1.8 Petrol, it is 1999, and 170k .... usual rust bubbles, it has been serviced but he's not great at cleaning so it probably stinks, no MOT and it stalls at when you stop at traffic lights and junctions. He has spend loads on it over the years trying to get it fixed but the mechanic that my brother uses recons the fuel pump is the problem although I can't see it because it as had this characteristic for the 10 or so years he has had it and it always starts no problem.. like I say it's had loads of
  5. Smith and Allen oils are cheap and properly spec'd.. Another one is Oti oils..
  6. It doesn't take long to hacksaw the nut if you can do it without the nut turning. Claw hammer might help ? put the claw between the nut and shock..
  7. Any pics of how miserable the inside is ? and engine bay ?
  8. Wheelie no problem with this tool.. My mate had one, I was on my R1 and he belted passed me at over 100 and still went mono.. Fucking ledge... He did lose his license later the same year though.. Tough as nails too, another mate took his for a slide at 80mph ( knee down ), bunged a tank on it and rode it around until he got all the cosmetics replaced.. Great bikes.. I am tempted... I might need something to keep my 03 R1 company...
  9. I would suggest taking the letter to a Police station if it were for two things, the plod on the Counter probably won't be able to tell you anything and there isn't likely a Police station within 50 miles..
  10. More filter / brakes, gasket set, service manual madness; YANAHA FZR1000 Randomness air filter; MK4 Golf roof bars, I have lost the keys so probably not worth much; Citroen 16mm lower ball joint I bought for my Berlingo but it has 18mm ball joints..
  11. Loads more randomness of fix, don't forget I just want the space back on my shelf in the Garage so silly offers accepted, if you want to take them to an Auto jumble why not buy the whole lot for fuel vouches or beer vouchers or food vouchers..
  12. Loads of Belts and filters for other randomness of joyful fix..
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