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  1. Check the rubber boots from the MAF to the throttle body as these tend to crack and let air in . The idle control valve might need cleaning,if it doesn't make a noise when shaken use carb. cleaner to free it.
  2. Just use a 1/4 inch ratchet and don't go retard tight.
  3. " The slow death of Ford " If I've read that right , Ford are only going to make 2 cars , the Mustang and the Focus Active .The rest being SUV's and trucks. They would be mad to kill off the Fiesta.
  4. There is a 50000 mile discrepancy in my MOT history but the service history shows otherwise. I don't think the car has been clocked as there is no tamper dot showing on the speedo.
  5. I doubt it, I cant see Jeremy Clarkshite driving economically.
  6. binbag

    1995 BMW 320i

    If you are keeping the car buy two 5L tubs , the used one goes towards the next oil change.
  7. binbag

    1995 BMW 320i

    My e4shite has done 136000 and I just use the cheapest fully synthetic 5W-30 oil that I can find. I change it every 6 to 8000 miles and in 4 years I've had no problems (touch wood)
  8. binbag


    Mrs binbag hates small cars. She calls the 3 series "a shitty little thing" So the ideal car for her would be a 5 litre Jag XJ . I suppose I could live with that .
  9. You must do what your guy instinct tells you. There are no right or wrong answers,whatever desision you make at the time is the right one. Hindsight is a wonderful thing etc.
  10. Apparently he only needed a clutch in Nicaragua . And why wasn't he stoned to death in Argentina ?
  11. binbag

    Shite Postcards

    Excellent stuff! But I think the thread should be renamed "You can't park there anymore" lol
  12. That broken pipe looks like it could be something to do with the crank case vent system. Whatever it is needs fixing properly otherwise you'll have a massive vacuum leak. I would check all the rubber/plastic pipes for cracks and splits as the car is more than 10 years old (and German) P.S. nice seats.
  13. This was in the days before dashcams were popular..
  14. This is because Ford of Britain and Ford of Germany were competitors until Ford of Europe was fully formed. A Mk 1 Cortina and the equivalent Taunus share no common parts but a Mk 5 Cortina / Taunus are virtually the same car.
  15. Postie just delivered mine. Big Thank You .
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