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  1. Holy shit snacks!!! Many would be reaching for a bottle upon discovering some of those regions of rust affliction. That windscreen surround repair looks great! Your get-stuck-in-and-plod-on perseverance is most humbling and inspiring. Looks like a great project this, and I'm not just saying that because I lick Swedes. Please keep the updates flowing @juular
  2. Love a 405 estate!!! Yours looks mega, and that full leather looks super sumptuous too 🙂 I actually had one - albeit briefly- very much like yours. Same colour, engine, lacquer peel, although mine was in a more advanced state of ailment. Off the top of my head, its one of only four or five diesels I'd ever entertain owning (joining a ZX Volcane, 205 STDT, 406 TD)
  3. Brilliant, definitely still keen to buy those three I’m down for. Thanks for sorting this @ruffgeezer
  4. I agree. I find that 90% of the time, with general day to day driving, they just don’t feel “special” enough. I’ve long learnt I just don’t enjoy driving fast. I hardly ever explore 5k+ rpm in anything, so if that’s the 172/182 fun zone, I can probably conclude I’m much better suited to a more sedate car. Another Volvo, say 🙂 I’m happy put it down as an itch scratched and a lesson learnt. Can’t you just use the Boxter in place of the Clio? @SiC
  5. Glad you said that Si!! I thought I was mad!! Truth be told, were it not for lockdown and winter, my 182 would be on the market already 🙄 Maybe I just haven’t driven it enough yet. I hardly drive at all during the week anyway, and am doing even less miles because lockdown, but I’m not feeling the hype either.
  6. This advert is nothing to do with me, but if it's a good running engine, perhaps a cheap fix for your engine's smoking/running issues? https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/citroen-ax-engine-60-000-miles-plus-4-speed-gearbox-plus-other-spares/1341705808
  7. That’s gorgeous, but jeez, north of £10k now!! To be honest there’s probably not going to be another no reserve auction for an unrestored 99 Turbo, as original and solid as that one, for a very long time. So I guess If you’re in the market for one it’s a rare opportunity.
  8. PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR A CRAPPY CALENDAR; 1; barefoot 2; Craig the Princess 3; Sickboy 4;
  9. My resolution is to sell the 182 and buy either a Volvo 940 Celebration or a 240 estate instead, and then to concentrate on what I have and buy no other cars in 2021.
  10. For sure!! The epitome of “low cost, big liability” right there.
  11. Big liability, parts/running costs extortionate, and you’d need deep pockets and balls of steel to own one, but I can’t see these getting much cheaper https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254822098592
  12. Wise words, you’re not missing a thing @Shirley Knott I still say the 940 was the pinnacle era of Volvo. Safer than the 240, without sacrificing space or styling, RWD, optional turbocharger for added voooom, redblock reliability and credible all-round performance on paper. I think the reason they’re all getting ruined at a rate of knots by the “drift or die” “I love skid marks” brigade is because they’re the last remaining cheap RWD, turbo, petrol, pre-canbus vehicle still readily available.
  13. But then you never expected it to be fast, right? Going fast isn’t an old Volvo’s forte. Let’s face it, even the 2.3 turbo 940’s aren’t really that fast, unless substantially modded. Personally that’s part of the appeal of the 700/900 series Volvos. Immensely capable cars Happy wafting @Tim_E 🙂
  14. Ace cars, definitely a worthy swap from the Porsche, better suited to winter weather. Is it 2.0 or 2.3? Luther drove a 740 GL saloon, so you can also assure yourself you’re as cool as Idris Elba
  15. Probably neither. I wouldn't hold too much faith in Gumtree's "enter your reg to find your vehicle specs" function. I've found the details it produces to be completely wrong on numerous occasions. £395 for any car with 12 months ticket deserves a second glance. I thought the days of finding a £395 130BHP 306 XSI were gone already. I would be on it like a pisshead on a curry if my stable wasn't already maxxed out
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