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  1. Renault 9 starting at £500. Looks pretty fit considering its a whisker under 200k miles.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/saab-900-classic-/115055719031?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  3. Listing states £2900, but the description says £5500 ono
  4. Seeing your pics is bringing back nightmares of the boundless welding I did to my old one, and why I grew to hate the thing so much 😂 That area is tricky as you need to make sure that lip for the arch is aligned properly or they’ll be gaps to the body. If I did it again - shinker/stretcher 😉 I’d replace the whole inner arch since you have the panel already and the existing tin work surrounding it is a patchwork quilt.
  5. I have a 900 Turbo. Bought in July in 2019, spent a lot of time and money going through it with new brake callipers, discs, pads and hoses all round, new shocks all round (and springs soon), new head gasket with new exhaust valves, rebuilt the rear axle and had it blasted, painted and fitted new bushes. I’ve done a a shit-ton of welding to it: LHF driveshaft tunnel, rear inner arches, inner RHF wing and complete new outer wing, rear shock mounts.... Relocated the battery to the boot and fitted a JT 3” down pipe the other week. I love it. Can’t think of another retro/classic car that is quite so well-rounded, and ticks so many boxes: styling, space, fuel economy, performance, comfort, safety, and appreciated by a broad spread of personalities.
  6. Neat!! How does it drive @Ghosty Becoming quite a cult car now, and their looks seem to be improving with age
  7. Even if the front is the only bit to consider, that’s still worth a fair bit in parts.
  8. Not really in my area, but I spotted this pair o’ ZX 16v’s in Devon on a recent bikepacking trip
  9. Is it possible that 5922 sealer which you substituted isn't working? You ideally want an anaerobic sealant like Loctite 518 for that cam cover.
  10. I'd say £2000 is very fair for yours. I sold my 82k mile, unmodified, full-fat 182, with recent belts and lots of service history, for £3400. But 172's always seem a bit cheaper than the 182's. I don't miss it in the slightest. Couldn't warm to the car at all, just found it too modern, shouty and stressful to own, and was in constant fear a dash light would illuminate that I'm clueless how to fix and it would end up costing me loads of money. My old 205 XS on the other hand, I do miss. I find a 205 much more fun to own and drive than a Clio 1*2, and totally get their appeal. But then I'm a wrong 'un.
  11. Thanks for the kind comments peeps. Admittedly I wasn’t quite as tidy in my repairs on this as I am on the Falcon; bit more of a time factor involved. But nonetheless I’m pretty pleased with the results. Volvo pics Incidentally, the reg number makes it @marm ‘s old 940’s twin 🙂
  12. Sorry sorry sorry sorry @barrett Title amended!! In other news, I sold the Clio 182. I just didn't gel with it. Maybe it was too new and shouty for me, maybe I'm too sedate a driver, dunno . It just didn't suit me. I never really explored it's cited "5k rpm kick" and great handling virtues, simply because that's not how I drive. It just stressed me out, the boot was too small, it was too noisy, had a hard ride, and I was always anxious I'd turn the key and some light would appear I haven't the ability, interest or money to fix. I won't say they're overrated, but it certainly reinstated by love for older cars. It was no 205 XS, that's for sure 🙂 So I now have another Volvo 940 and feel much better
  13. And finally, MOT came yesterday, which it passed, needing only one bulb replacing.
  14. Going back together. I sealed the arches in stonechip, and fitted news discs, pads, calipers and hoses all round Might still change the springs, so that's why they weren't blasted with the rest of the axle
  15. Relocated the battery to the boot. The stock location is about the only part of these car’s otherwise fantastic design that I dislike. It gets hot near the turbo and I want to make or buy a 3” elbow in the near future too. Made a nifty battery tray for a small glass mat battery which could go under the boot floor hatch beside the spare wheel. (soon discovered the CCA wasn’t cutting the mustard so sent it back and hacked the tray up to fit a conventional lead acid one) Although not shown, the main cable has a fusable link and master kill switch fitted.
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