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  1. Really coming along with this, enjoying the updates. That screen seal looks grim!! Remember it’s always best to make/have repair sections before cutting any the rusty section out. I’ve got a bead roller and English wheel here if there’s any tricky repair sections you find yourself needing , you’re not that far away 🙂
  2. Thanks man, that means a lot. I really enjoy it. Granted, I wasn't intending that " bodgery" remark to be taken seriously 😄 I do the odd bit of this sort of thing for other people on the side , so am always happy to assist 🙂
  3. Interesting approach to the problem I guess. Those studs are grim!! Definitely would shear off if you try and touch them. Any idea what type of exhaust is on yours @SiC ?
  4. Thanks! I’ll present some coverage of it later this week. Until then, have some teaser shots of its French grimness..... Believe it or not, by 60’s yank standards, this isn’t crusty. If this was from say North Dakota or Minnesota for example, you’d have no floor at all and no lower 8-10” behind the arches. I doubt mine would have rusted so badly in the arch if it had been repaired probably in the first place. Besides, I don’t know where in California it spent most of its life. California’s a big state; North Cali climate varies a lot from South Cali’s. Than
  5. Looking good! Your rate of progress and quality of work is terrific. What sort of paint is he using?
  6. Wow impressive work! You're a braver man than me getting that into the nitty gritty of a *modern car's loom
  7. Nah I'm just an amateur bodger........ .......although seriously, I'm willing to do bits on other's cars if they ask nicely
  8. Clio got a couple of bits done on it this weekend. New engine mount fitted, but my suspicions that the old one was broken were wrong - it was fine Changed the exhaust mounts because the old ones were saggy and cracked, and the exhaust was so embarrassingly crooked I'd shudder every time I drew the curtains in the morning Tapped out the old threads and copper slipped all the bolts Spent an hour hefting it and trying to manipulate it straight, then after installing the new mounts, its only marginally better. Trouble is the spacing between the pipes does
  9. The back of the boot floor was totally caved in from the aforementioned accident So once the valance had fresh steel and structure again, I chopped out the busticated bit... …...then set about reconstructing it/making a new, straighter one ....... Grafted it back in place. I braced it and clamped lengths of box section to get it aligned properly I took this from inside looking out, as I was re-affixing the new boot floor section back in:
  10. Rear Valance The rear end had suffered a shunt in the past, with the rear valance on the left side dented in and numerous telltale kinks along the rear left quarter too. I’m nearly certain both the arch and this are all results of one and the same incident. I unearthed plenty of filler and slide hammer holes all around that rear corner, a past effort to try and pull out the worst of the inflicted dents. I will admit I made 5 attempts at this section before finally settling on what I show you here. Basically I had to copy that multiple double-step style at the bottom. Spe
  11. Thanks for the kind words chaps!! I'll show a bit more in the coming days to bring you all up to date and show where I am with things now Yeah, I could have made one or bought something but I only had one dimple to do (ooh err) I have, but I've never watched the show (I don't own or watch a TV). I hadn't even heard of it or seen the car until after I bought mine and a colleague showed me it. It looks killer, stance is amazing!! That's a '63 Futura rather than a sedan like mine; Futura's are pillarless and have more of a slope to the rear screen.
  12. The rear glass seals were shot and had let water in and began to rust, so made new C-pillar sections for this. Again, forgot to take a picture of the before state - I'm hopeless!!
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