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  1. Hey Alex. That AX pic made my day!! Good to hear from you. I agree, I found the Forte equally as appropriate a tool for the job. Was/is the Volvo yours, or just another item for express Bucketeer delivery? T5? P.S check your PMs 😉
  2. ‘Tis indeed. I understand it always resided in and around Brum, until I bought it.
  3. Thought it would be good to not only share mine, but also invite other forumites to share any of their car-on-their-favourite-road pictures... Having family in Mid-Wales has both its advantages and disadvantages. True enough, I find summoning enthusiasm for my leaving my native land of Somerset cider, cheese and sun for the drizzly expanses of Cawl, cattlegrids and errant sheep twice a year sometimes rather difficult to find. Ordinarily, when visiting duties come around, I try to soften the blow and combine the journey with scouring the route for some form of "collection-only" trinket I never previously knew I needed. But thanks to said relatives remote rural location, eBay and Gumtree searches consistently fall short of providing any tools, retro road cycling paraphernalia, Myford lathe parts or additional chod within any sensible locality. There are advantages too though, among these being (besides stunning views and walks and cycle routes...) Wales's wealth of phenomenal driving roads. Said Welsh B-road nirvana has been wasted on my previous visits in mundane Micras and Focuses, so this time I was determined to take the 205, and sample these before the weather got any sourer and I SORN'ed her for the winter. With a recent Saab purchase and my ongoing Ford Falcon restoration sapping my money and time like offspring, I've again been pondering whether its time I finally sold the Pug in the not too distant. Ordinarily such wicked thoughts are stubbed out with a TU warble and twin-choke kick, seeing my camera and eBay listing draft duly discarded. But the time will eventually come, and sell or otherwise, I still had itches to scratch by the name of the A4069/ Black Mountain Pass, and the Elan valley, both routes I've read are worth the drive alone. So I booked Friday off work and set off, rain and traffic as expected..... .........what wasn't expected, however, was the pleasant discovery I no longer had to pay for the Severn Bridge privilege, so this funded a celebratory pasty and ales purchase Now let me say, I am definitely not a fast driver, always preferring the "leave-a-bit-earlier-and-plod-on" approach to my motoring journeys. Which is another reason I love cars like 205s; you get the sensation of speed at such low actual MPH. You don't need to break the speed limit to enjoy them!! There's always painfully cliched hyperbole in magazine road tests when describing trips similar to this . They usually include phrases like "sweeping corners" and "rolling hills". So I'll dispense with these and just leave you these few pics, and my confident assurance that driving an 80's French hatchback on these roads is fucking fantastic. Another advantage to Wales: stunning scenery Those were mine, lets see yours!!
  4. Unless I’m missing something, that’s N/A
  5. I'm not surprised this hasn't been snapped up by a shitter yet. I'm just disappointed https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1169395
  6. Beat me to it!! Looks good from the pics, considering how bad some of these get. Bargain at that price (unless it’s rotten as a peach underneath)
  7. Citroen AX 4x4 1.4 anyone? https://www.shpock.com/en-gb/i/XKY3ZpQrV1FebbGf/citroen-ax-4x4-1996
  8. Do you know, I never knew there was such a thing as a 780 until I saw that.
  9. Clearly every effort made to present the car at its best for the advert.
  10. Very tempting this.......I will see if this clashes with any other events/commitments but this sounds like an grand idea
  11. Volvo 240 porn https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264482092589
  12. Are you just doing this with hammer, chisel and teeth? These fleece discs are great for any paint, filler and underseal removal. Pricey, but they don't smear or clog like flap wheels and do speed things up. You're making speedy progress though, keep us updated 🙂
  13. Many thanks to ruffgeezer for the first class sticker service I also fabricated and replaced the battery box, bare metalled the engine bay, and started restoring the heater in my '63 Falcon
  14. If it is the same one, that’s a fantastic story and huge coincidence!!
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