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  1. Glad I’m not the only one that thinks this. There always seems a prolific number of broken VAGs in the classifieds. they might have been reliable once but they certainly aren’t nowadays.
  2. I’m yet to understand what all the fuss is about with VWs. Especially Transporters. All the ones I’ve driven have been drab and plasticky and just ergonomically kack. And all the ones I’ve worked on have been a swine by design and fucked by negligence because the owner thinks they’re reliable so they just leave the maintenance until another day. Never mind the state of the tyres, just hang a piñata from your 200k mile diesel Bora’s rear view mirror and advertise it for £2k. #dubz4ever
  3. Only had a plain estate diet of 3 x 2.3 940 turbos, all manuals. My current one:
  4. Seems like a lot of car for £1300 300hp Saab 9-5
  5. Looks properly Scandi-noir that does, and a body in the boot would explain the ride height 🙂
  6. Got to be a scam, surely? £1000 AX GT
  7. I never understand what “ran when parked up” means. Surely by definition any car needs to run to be able to park it?
  8. It was a rather specific £888 last night, same seller. “£15k spent on it in the last few years…..”
  9. That’s brilliant, so glad this is back on the road after all your hard work and determination. It’ll be a big surprise for your dad on Christmas Day too
  10. Excessive corrosion? Someones clearly pissed in his cornflakes.
  11. Oh this is looking wonderful, fingers crossed for you that Monday goes well. You deserve it!!
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