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  1. I've broken my addiction, I have 2 cars now and have owned both for just shy of three years. There was a golden time pre Covid were you could buy a properly nice old motor for under a grand. I was changing cars every month at one point. Numerous Saabs, Mercs, BMW's, Audis etc. They appeared on here almost constantly, it was brilliant. I really wish I'd kept some of them now 😂 I still get tempted from time to time but 2 really is the maximum I'm comfortable with owning at once. Untill something catastrophically $$$ kills either of them off I'll keep them going.
  2. Renewal for my Saab came in during the week, it's much the same as it was last year, 300 odd something. My CRV though, DA FUQ. It's almost fucking doubled ! I can't get a quote under £700 on the comparison sites. Absolutely fuck all has changed apart from an extra year of no claims. Going to have to try some of the insurers not on them directly and hope for the best.
  3. I thought all of these would have burst into giant balls of flames by now
  4. In: fuck all Out: fuck all I've done it, I've actually done it Two and a half years with the Honda and just ticked over two years with the Saab this week. Looking for something to replace the CRV long term but in no rush, will wait for something good to come along as it's a brilliant motor despite it's outrageous thirst and non ulez status. Saab has been great too, I'd maybe replace it if a top spec Aero came about, but I'm pretty happy with it. The 600 odd quid a year tax is it's only downside. I hope Santa brings me a for sale section filled with luxury* auto petrol ulez compliant saloons in 2024
  5. The last time I bought a modern car, I went round a few Arnold Clarks after they'd closed for the night so I wouldn't get hounded by salesmen 😂 I can't stand it. Seen one we liked then came back the next day. As you say walk into one and they're over you like a rash
  6. +1 for one of these. I have one in my Saab, powered constantly via the 12v socket & all hidden away in the arm rest. Cracking wee invention
  7. I won't have a bad word said about Spoons. Outrageously cheap pints , exquisite microwave cookery and a baffling ordeal to the bogs in every single one. Horse it into me Tim
  8. What are these comments mean lol x
  9. Astra G, for Gangsta Well purchased, boo to the brake shenanigans
  10. Renault Clio MTV. It had a couple of stickers and a CD player. Bonus bizarre TV ad:
  11. PM me babez at the correct time x
  12. Those cocksuckaz still not allowing anything newer than a Y reg on their for sale pages ? Should be a twenty year cutoff dammit
  13. Jesus, I've kept a car long enough to do this again
  14. God almighty this is handsome
  15. That is a gorgeous car, looks amazing. Modern classic
  16. Do you have the aux port in the armrest cubby ? I just plugged a bluetooth aux receiver in and powered it via the handy 12v port that's also in there on mine. Works a charm. I realise this information would have been handier before you took the dash apart 😂
  17. I'm having as good a day as @Split_Pin😂
  18. I have a quality* code reader that does SRS and ABS if you're stuck
  19. Same thing happened to mine last month, was the ABS sensor. Helpfully you can't just replace the sensor, it's all part of the hub assembly. Pain in the arse!
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