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  1. for when a Trabant is just TOO much Luxury
  2. wonder what the recovery driver was thinking when he got that message ........
  3. only childhood toy I have left is my Mamod steam Engine.......never was one for cars...had a die cast boat set with harbours and allsorts, as well as Lego...LOTS of Lego...and a BIG stylaphone, wood grain with 2 stylussssss....never seen another since!!
  4. needs to 'lose' a back box.....or 2..;)
  5. that aint gunna T cut out!!!!
  6. Has that Imp got AIDS????? :O
  7. Citroen pickarse....really really comfy ride with comfy seats too...plus large glass area so said sproglet has a lot to look at - hopefully forward facing!!! my kids were great, even fell asleep in a series 3 swb landy with the 2 1/4 diesel...Feck knows how they did it!!!
  8. just make sure the rear of the chassis is still there!!!!
  9. remember watching a yootoob vid about a converted estate Lotus, he mentioned quite a few bits are No longer available..including the rear arches and quite a few engine parts
  10. didn't we have something similar in the 80's over here???? Nik o teen rings a bell
  11. yeeeeesssssssss you do ........... I'll even leave the DAB stereo in
  12. well if things align, i'll be getting one off my wishlist - smol diesel van for weekends/midweek seaside jaunts as a semi camper other than that.. Aerial Atom just for the shitz n giggles P38 2.5 diesel auto in Oxford blue with cream leather.....miss my 4x4's... wouldn't mind trying a bini... Ford Ranger crew can dizzel...in that wonderful blue/silver they did.. Merc W123 dizzel......more chance of snogging The Queen!!! something V8 RWD and sporty... just to tick it off the list (owned V8 4x4's) V6 freelander with straight through exhaust...and OLLI everywhere LOL
  13. what you want is a nice 2005 Corsa 5 door 1.3 Cdti....loads to a gallon, and has ZERO electrically operated gizmo's fitted, so less to go wrong...Plus chain so no cam belt roulette MOT till June 2022 too...
  14. so is this Real or Copy?????????
  15. shouldn't that SD1 be a MK2 on a W reg????
  16. V8 engine with a free Range Rover P38 included...MOT till 2022 !!!!! autobiography
  17. did you have to pay to park there??? last time I went it was £5 iirc... robbing gits
  18. slightly shabby pineapple project Pulls like a train m9
  19. what a completely bonkers/brilliant/autoshite thing to do .... chodspeed and carry some oil for the SU carb.....will probably need some.. and dont forget the Mint imperials bag on the dash, so you get dusty mints rolling about in the 20 odd year old skin flakes..mmmmm and Empty Oasis bottles are easier to piss into when moving (EX HGV driver ) LOL
  20. so glad I have a diesel.....
  21. amazing that the Ford Model T could run on pure ethanol from the factory!!
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