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  1. it was the Early 90's...I apologise......but it worked better with a mo bike helmet LOL
  2. I APOLOGISE FOR ANY LOST LUNCHES, BLURRED VISION, AND GENERAL FEELING OF SICKNESS WHEN WITNESSING THE HORROR OF THE MULLET & DYED HAIR BELOW few of me....1 when I passed my test..and a few old chod pics of mine.. pic with flat cap & pint was 1988, with blonde 1986/7.. and 1989 when I passed car test ... Kadett was 1991, cavvy 1993, Corsa 2010, metro 1990, allegro 2006/7, Bandit 2005, Mondeo 2014
  3. seems appropriate Big Black and Ozzy
  4. a skill I always wanted to master....Congrats on getting stuck in!!
  5. Plate not found.............Not a good start
  6. That trailer HAS to win the Internet....ex BT with a dick on its forehead!!!!
  7. someone been hoarding Allegro's?????
  8. or 'lose' a box of roofing nails on his drive!!!!
  9. someone needs to show his this site!!!!!
  10. How lush does that look!!!!! £675 ish....... no passport and non sprechen zie lingo
  11. Damn ive been beat to it.......if i hadnt just got the combo - this would have been outside Bezza Towers!!!
  12. Can I have these pleeeeeeeeez..I'm in Brierley Bonk so could collect .. Cheers
  13. useful for Plants diseases and strange Animals...and for watching Life Of Brian and understanding the Graffitti
  14. same percentage that use Latin after being forced to learn it....Same as Religious Education...WHY??? I never wanted to be a kiddy fiddler church person so why did I have to sit through 2 years of the shit11
  15. I wasn't aware that Acclaim steelies were Alloys!!!!!!
  16. easy enough to drop the 2litre zetec into........or V6 duratec if ur handy with spanners
  17. High spec cars are saved because folk wished they had them in the day......povvo spec cars are the ones they actually had. I read something the other week that sort of hit the nail on the head.. "You can buy the BEST Model T in the world, for less than a mid Range Toyota Corrola, but will the Corrola still be around in 100 years??? If I had the room and talent I'd start hoarding 7.5 tonne wagons from bygone years, as these are slowly dissolving back into the earth as there are very few folk Interested in saving them
  18. Skoda needs the 1980's rally paint scheme ..later 130, but same scheme
  19. absolutely bonkers doing this trip in those.....but would so love to try one!!!
  20. my old Bandit 600 and GSX750F (yes I was Bat Fastard) im now a slightly smaller one!!!! Bandit was bought Brand new in 2004 after a heart scare, and the 750 I got in 2011 but realised my hip and back wasn't up to riding that style!!
  21. Suzuki Bandit 600 from 2000 - 2006 cracking bikes, but also very forgiving...and they can also go seriously fast with a few changes...comfy enough to tour on..
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