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  1. mines 20foot away in my spare room........CBA throwing out the window on the roof of the combo.... so have a generic piccy
  2. is that in that there Stourbridge??
  3. But have ya had to put a coat on yet though???? or isn't it that serious yet???
  4. My scenic auto lasted 2 years in my ownership...as did my pickarse dizzel....this is the longest I have ever owned a vehcile!! but had owned a few frog chod before and must admit None gave me any hassle, including a Ren 14 that froze...and when defrosted was found to be in 100% running condition...even tho my Astra that froze at the ame time needed another engine fitted... my current English/German/Italian chod seems to be solidly thrown together (the german bits) and the italian parts are currently working fine....the Badges (english) are looking tatty tho!!
  5. WX wife had a Focus eco boost explode terminally...£1500 for bare bones lump with her good ancillaries thrown at it..Garage she bought it from reckoned a complete rebuild would have been £5K+ , think she paid £4995 for the car 12 months ago!! how long before vehicles become disposable???
  6. why does front bumper look wonky???? 'splitter' appears to disappear !!!
  7. shirley on AS we need chod...and lots of it!!!
  8. that VW luvvies favourite - the rust paint....... has to be done!!!
  9. Bargin teutonic waftage https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/477158947052044/?media_id=0&ref=share_attachment
  10. thats a 5 door..........now has a 2.0 in it
  11. shades of SD1 in there if you squint a bit
  12. Is it ULEZ exempt??? please say YES!! imagine the fun dropping this outside the HOP and letting that diesel sing, and choke everyone in a 1/2 mile radius, just to show how stupid the ULEZ is !!!!
  13. at least he hasn't gone to Dudley Cemetary for a pic with Duncan Edwards grave!! or is that further down in the ad?
  14. Do miss my LR stuff....but welding isn't in my skill set, plus living in a high rise means I can't really work on it here.. Also they tend to go walkies around here a lot... TD5 front grill??? and roof swap to a non sunroof one??? or just CBA to paint roof???
  15. Just a place where I can chuck piccies up, and document what I've done to the van.. to date.. cleared out bags of painting detritus , paint cans, brushes,and assorted crap.. had it serviced and the Turbo actuator freed off, as well as getting the EGR blanked - now runs loads better.. had a set of 15"steelies and 60 profile tyres shoved on, helped the ride a lot.. Today fitted 1/2 leather front seats, and also have the matching rear for later on. and the most awesome thing.......GOT THE MILEAGE TO LIGHT UP..was so annoying not to have it visible.. TO DO Yet more paint removal, racking removal (tomorrow all being well) Top bulkhead removal, again tomorrow if time allows. hoover, chisel, jetwash the rear floor off Fit aerial mount for 144&433Mhz and also mount transceiver. Hoping to give it a mop and polish too if weather holds up.. Will throw pics up when I get them organised
  16. Can you grab the £10 please.....PM me with payment details...👍👍👍🤙🤘
  17. surely it needs a Ka shoved onto its chasssis.......
  18. @eddyramrod what SD1 are you after? I have 3 1, 1 1/2 police livery, 1 blue & 1 yellow all in matchbox size
  19. I had a load of those warships, came with harbour pieces never seen another in the Flesh.....till now!! and how much was the Bull Shit corner sign....as I have a fantastic place for that LOL
  20. anyone watched this?? £500 shitters up to Scotch and around the NC500 (ish) Saxo, focus millenium, and golf 4 sdi disregard all the Top Gear type shenanigans (swapping wipers etc) and they all rated the Saxo highly...apart from the seat!!! some gorgeous roads and scenery though
  21. throw the 1100 in, always seemed a sweet engine in the mini, but a bit naff in anything else.....Also the 850 is way more fun than it should be..no need to brake as you can never go fast enough LOL
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