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  1. Thats not shagged - thats Fucked that is!! thats a twice nightly Orgy followed by a free for all Bukkake party type fucked. more fucked that Katie prices bits...well almost!!
  2. donation sent... have we an idea of how much the Panda roffle will be yet???
  3. Hmm maybe we shouldn't use the AS Aquatic division....ASAD...not sure I fancy and Rockets being lobbed my way LOL
  4. Calling all Vauxhall fiddlers Griffin
  5. One for the AS aquatic division pure kwality, not sure if he owns it, or is taking a punt no one will ask !! aye aye captain!!
  6. isnt a certain Ford & landrover Tuning place up in Penkridge??? (MAD Ford) few Turbo's on the RR lump=Mo fun!!!
  7. IIRC didn't 90% of the "wading gear" get slung when The Army demobbed them....remember Suggs having a right old game finding their wading stuff...Oh and the exhausts usually glow like a V1 at full chat.. regarding Multi fuel, get friendly with mechanics as you have to pay to get rid of used oil......used oil burns.....free gogo juice for the Stolly... Dont forget the Pools in Pensnett if you ever do want to test its aquatic abilities...even has a ramp already there
  8. not sure if anyone has posted this here yet ....FB find allegedly 16k miles.. R8 action
  9. V8 RR on carbs 8Mpg round town....V8 Disco on carbs 19Mpg round town?????? FIL had a 2300 SD1 and that was smooooooth, kept eating plug leads as they were carbon IIRC
  10. sounds like you could spend a day or 2 looking at your chod!!!
  12. Locally we have one of those Ridgeback thingies that scoops up the hundreds of trollies abandoned round here (High rise estate...)
  13. P6 rover always remind me of "The Gaffer"
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