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  1. Thats a nice looker....always liked these, such a 'nice' shape too...and 8v for the win
  2. looks pretty good - from this angle
  3. Thats a very late Allegro...makes me wonder why folk do this to cars..just dump them.. Used to be a house not far from me that had a Mk1 SD1, Mk2 SD1 Vitesse, MG Metro and a capri on his drive...he'd buy a car - use it till it broke, stuff it on his drive and buy a new one.. House was recently knocked down and they all got took for scrap 2 new 'shoe boxes' built on the site
  4. is this it?????? no more pikks?????
  5. I remember when these were everywhere, and almost always Beige, with ifor williams truck cap fitted, with either a sheep or sheep dog in residence...
  6. thirst surprised me....but it is a 1600 16v, 1500kg or so, not exactly aerodynamic, and the box is a dog..4 speed that eventually locks up around 40ish, so round town its cogswapping between 2nd and 3rd. what really got me was 33Mpg going to Great Yarmouth...BUT it's mainly A roads..plus loads of lights, islands etc..would like to try it on the M way to see what it does at a steady 60 ish.. The Manual one I brought to flip managed 28pg on the jaunt to the MOT station about 8 miles away..and pulls much much better than the auto...actually rapid for what it is.. makes mine feel like a NA Diesel from the 80's!!
  7. mine is a 2002 Fidji auto...cost £300 interior was minging...REALLY minging.. first job was swap the interior out for leather, used 3 packs of wipes on the dash and steering wheel .. its had cam belt..alternator belt. full service...front bushes and drop links..brakes and tyres.. But as I said , its never failed to start, or to finish a journey.. only downside is it drinks like a fish 22-25 round town... 33 on a run...
  8. love the colour....most are silver ...including the 2 on my drive!!!
  9. as the 'newest' of these i now 16 years old, are they classed as Shite now, or are they just modern crap?? the newer ones are gradually committing hari kari and thinning the numbers - but the earlier ones still seem to be holding their own.. The RX4 has a cult following as its a strictly french in its design and use...more of a soft roader but still quite capable.. I know scenics aren't the best looking thing ever designed..but isn't that the point of a shite car?? Hard to love but able to burrow into out hearts?? now I have owned all sorts of old clapped out rust buckets.. but this scenic I have brought and used for 15 months..now I don't clean it, cherish it or park away from others not to get dents.. But it has done everything i've asked of it, never FTP , it carries me and my kids and mother around in comfort, i have transported all sorts in the rear both with, and without the seats in place.. and somehow even tho i keep looking, everything else i look at just doesn't seem to add up to the scenic.. so i have a car i don't "Love" .. but I also can't see me getting rid of it anytime soon... I think I have Shite-itis ps... now a bit cleaner, has tinted windows, and leather interior
  10. intercooler.....clean it with petrol or loads of carb cleaner, needs summat that will shift grimy oily shit..have seen it done with a HOTwater pressure washer or even a decent steam cleaner.. personally I'd rip the cat off, blank the EGR - If fitted.. then give it a good old Italian tune up..also try adding a gallon of petrol to 1/2 tank of diesel...then the Italian tune up..
  11. looks like a nice place to be..... still jealous that you can get more MPG than my poxy 1600 scenic!!! LOL
  12. whats the story with the gearbox on these as see loads pf Spares or repair on the Bay of E
  13. Jeez....it's popular... even has a complete page of Google results LOL https://www.google.com/search?q=d654ees&oq=d654ees&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.1911j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 AAAANNND Mystery solved!!! https://picclick.co.uk/1979-Austin-Vanden-Plas-Allegro1750cc-42052-miles-Huge-132784835097.html
  14. Model 1500......but 1750 engine???? Brand new shell perhaps???
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