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  1. what wheels were on it when you got it????
  2. Its by Shrewsbury..Nice place...used to Deliver to a Farm, owned by Tom Jones....not THAT Tom Jones..but it was a shocker seeing the delivery note for the first time LOL...He had a Barn full of chod, as well as a RR pickup self built
  3. My last RR was that colour, but was a softdash 300Tdi with a Tobacco interior...
  4. OMFG I'm having a little sex wee ...... That is fuggin Gawjus... I don't have the cash - but would perform certain acts in return for the keys to this....IF the owner is Female of course!!!!!!
  5. HOW MUCH FOR DIESEL.... I was complaining about £1.31.7 at local ASDA
  6. Never driven a moggie.....but do delight in the over run exhaust note.....impossible to mistake for another car..
  7. I must admit these are looking better and better as the years go by...totally overlooked at the time, but I still reckon this would still cut the mustard (dijon, naturally) today.. did they do a Turbot version??????
  8. quite a nice sherpa sport.. yellow..
  9. Do love an old RR......Front chassis will never rust...the famous LR self lubricating chassis system will take care of that LOL. Good colour combo on yours,interior is no good with kids and animals though!!
  10. P reg L series diesel 3 door in that burgundy colour they all seem to be...had it few months and found it to be a good all rounder..could never get comfy tho due to my dodgy back.....and Italy used to have quite a few seriously quick MPi disco.....summat to do with metal snails being fitted to the engines, similar to the 600 sporty thingy
  11. IIRC the 'car' bits are plug n play..think there/s 1 panel on the floor to remove... nice looker for the age too....
  12. I drove a 2.25 diesel series 3, loaded with ex wife 3 kids 1 tool box and a towing dolly From Brierley Hill, to Egremont (195miles one way) to collect a 1989 Land rover 90..this was dollied back at approx 45mph...took 14 hours all in and went to bed knackered and deaf!!!
  13. some nice lookers on FB..... boxed stuff
  14. someones bought it - cant find ad anymore LOL
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