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  1. dunno...but work done on sills.......thought these was Fibre glass?????
  2. Just needs a V5 from el cheapo chinese 125/50/100 cc Done!!! Pity its dawn Dooooozet
  3. my attendance is hanging by a thread - caused by hot start shenanigans by the van, also throwing its self into limp mode... bought code reader thingy and its throwing EGR fault..even tho its blanked..so may need deleting from ECU, and looking increasingly posible I need to sell a kidney to purchase a set of injectors!
  4. Flat black with scallop flame job and pinstripe art on boot... or pearl white with the Lace detail paint on the roof
  5. this would look great with a custom paint job.. pre lowered!!
  6. I call BS on that being awd or 4wd, too low and too cheap... OK I wuz wrong.... Transit 125 T350 Awd Model Detail Tdci 125 4WD L2H2 MWB
  7. Bravo for doing this ...... looks to be an excellent way to enjoy an old Panda
  8. Noice...but not sure about that Bloo.......
  9. again...arch liner??????????? had 5 disco's and 3 RR's and never had any on any of them
  10. Loved my KH250's....except when rainling when they became a 2cylinder!!!!!!!! also S reg RD250DX in blue totally stock and would rev off the clock .. sounded gorgeous
  11. Tdi's have zero problems with a veggie diet, ALL my discoveries were ran on it (apart from the V8!!) and fuel filter is a piece of cake to change if it does clog.. do miss having a leaky 4x4 in my possession.. plus bonus bike shite with my 2004 Bandit 600 bought after a heart scare, and my ONLY Brand New vehicle to date!! also bonus @Cavcraft piccy LOL
  12. if its the back street dealer I think it is....they like Dags and would sell you a white box on wheels...or steal yours before you can put the handbrake on.....
  13. about 5 mins from me.....must admit it does look well looked after,
  14. this'll be my 1st shitefest / meeting...have met a few members before- Ceri, Inspector Morose and Mr&Mrs 6c, as well as Cavcraft in another life (LOL) so I am both excited and Bricking it... I hope all goes well with mothers op..
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