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  1. may have a few of these I think!!! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3640334656006632/
  2. No choonz in the visa???? how did u cope driving it back?? id be insane(er) after driving that far with no choonz!!!!
  3. That Honda Elephant man special...was that Spray foam??????? or had it really come down with Leprosy????
  4. bezzabsa

    Wedding Car

    first wedding was a cavalier Sri second was a Lada Riva estate 3rd was this (me on the back smiling like a nutter)
  5. Pity , as i'm sure some bloke in a shed somewhere is crying that he'd have done a cracking job on that!!
  6. Now that is a car I would love to see in my Garage - if I had a garage!! seem to recall they had a lovely understated woofle to them
  7. But it's really easy to enter the interior.. i found them better than a lot of bigger doors...deceptive really
  8. at least that still had a value to someone..have sen worse vehicles "Restored"... Mind you nice transit!! did this go for scrap, or a restorer?
  9. I usually get the "I'm going to do it up"...Or "Oh I know what these (insert car name here) are worth.." usually the vehicles are slowly turning into rust or haven't moved since God was a toddler Know to a series 3 L/R that hasnt moved for close to 30 years...thats one of the "I know what its worth" brigade....... he DID have a mini city in front of the Landy....I presume he swept that up as over the years it get lower to the ground, till the roof bowed onto the bonnet...that was his "Fix it up" car...Blokes a twat, has a house that would make Steptoe blush.......w*nker!!
  10. nice looking estate.. had a 2002 LX that i fitted leather alloys updated dash and one or two other things into.. 2nd for Italian tune up..they dont like being plodded about.. had mine up to 77Mpg on a trip to Wales...still miss it but too low for me and my arthritis!!
  11. offer without MOT would shirley be cheaper...and better for her as she doesnt have to throw it through one
  12. rust... rubber lines..mice/rodents...brakes...fuel lines & tank...repeat ad infinitum. Nostaligia aint what it used to be - especially with cars
  13. I'm sorry but there's way to much servicing, and Name brand parts 😮 !!!! being used on here....Very Un AS like... nice Volvo though
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