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  1. I have 2 vanos solenoids on my shelf just in case LOL Done 2500 miles so all in all I'm impressed few niggles like swapping from radio to CD or vice versa involves menus not good when driving, plus lack of bluetooth music is a pisser..
  2. Well after being told of impending doom cos of buying an R56, well I've slapped a clutch and 4tyres on it......that's it.. Continues to run n drive fine, had a problem around 1800 revs where it hesitates....but topping the oil off and reading the code for MAF sensor had it back to normal. When weather Improves I have a rear bumper and stripes to add to it, rear bumper was damaged when I bought it , £20 on Ebay and 13quid in fuel lol.. So to all the nay sayers I say BUM..... LOL
  3. Fiat punto 1.2 8v Non Interference engine and a hoot to rag about
  4. VW crafter, merc sprinter, and the new MAN van
  5. Will look into it as clutch is a tad high for my liking too
  6. Well bit the bullet and bought 57 plate Cooper lots of toys Inc mood lighting, cruise control half cow seats etc.. In the best colour
  7. I thought it was a huge hole till I spotted the clean pic!,
  8. dunno...but work done on sills.......thought these was Fibre glass?????
  9. Just needs a V5 from el cheapo chinese 125/50/100 cc Done!!! Pity its dawn Dooooozet
  10. my attendance is hanging by a thread - caused by hot start shenanigans by the van, also throwing its self into limp mode... bought code reader thingy and its throwing EGR fault..even tho its blanked..so may need deleting from ECU, and looking increasingly posible I need to sell a kidney to purchase a set of injectors!
  11. Flat black with scallop flame job and pinstripe art on boot... or pearl white with the Lace detail paint on the roof
  12. this would look great with a custom paint job.. pre lowered!!
  13. I call BS on that being awd or 4wd, too low and too cheap... OK I wuz wrong.... Transit 125 T350 Awd Model Detail Tdci 125 4WD L2H2 MWB
  14. Bravo for doing this ...... looks to be an excellent way to enjoy an old Panda
  15. Noice...but not sure about that Bloo.......
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