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  1. ass end looks like MG Midget (or aint we allowed to call them that anymore?????)
  2. fairly regular occurence on Series Land rovers....sod scraping the Outside, do the inside first while the Asthmatic mouse breathes on the windscreen!!!
  3. little red roller skate....... well bought
  4. weird....quirky....and I like it...not sure why, but I do like it
  5. im sorry but that Aston just screams CHAV
  6. looks like summat Clarkson Or May would Build!!!! 50cc and that stuck in the breeze..FUN!!
  7. not as rotten as the real thing a few pages back!!
  8. oooooooooooooohh, shite enough to leave anywhere...but with a little pep...pity its not 24valves & 3.0 littrres of pep tho!!!!
  9. smol you say??? Peel P50???
  10. V8 - yes Open pipes YES!!!!
  11. Strangely I don't hate this.......kind of Tonka vibe from it!!
  12. Cute - but WTF is it????
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