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  1. would love a nosey round Ally Pally one day/week/month/year
  2. and *tongue firmly in cheek* I have a nodding dog, and twin bonnet stripes in white if you would like them.........either that or they're going on the Yota and I love the wheels on the R5...food for thought If I cant find some chromey centre thingies
  3. always liked them to look at , owned a douglas vespa and just counldnt get on with it, saddle was like concrete, and missed the ride of larger wheels .. paid £50 for it (in boxes) rode it about for a bit and sold it for £350 IIRC
  4. That HAD crossed my mind......then I remembered I'm 54 and sensible-ish
  5. really ...well you learn summat new every day!!!
  6. these have been crawling out of the woodwork lots lately..think theres been 6 or 7 on FB in the last week
  7. are you really gaining any boot room, as they don't look huge... and its only welding, get it done!!!
  8. this had 150k IIRC, red with black bumpers..so presume boggo spec..
  9. JEEZ that was up for sale with same pics about 5 years ago..he was going on about it being a 1 off and not another one like it.....most replies were of the Thank Fukk for that !!
  10. looked at a newer shape one (58reg) the other day, loadsa room and was £1499 on a local cheapo car sales place..i was surprised how roomy they were
  11. anyone else noticed the sudden amount of 'small dealers' that advertise on FB and the such, but will Only deliver "due to covid" but get all shy when you ask actual questions about their vehicles..they stick 5 pics up, none of the interior or engine and expect you to throw £1499 down based on that...also most cars are pictured Wet...Hmmm wonder why that is!! Or the "Previous owner has misplaced the logbook" even though the car has Copart writing all over the screen!!!!
  12. you thought of modernising the batteries??
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