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  1. might do the same to the back carb as well
  2. i'll check the other bags tomorrow
  3. going on whatb stanky said about using something with more squish i went with a silicon instant gasket along with the paper ones and it seems tom have worked
  4. i was trying to add some youtube footage but failed
  5. need to get a new little mig and finish the welding on the fester ,ge tit MOTed and get out and do a few this year
  6. im going to try a paper gasket with with a thin smear of silicon next .prob is theres more than one ..it goes inlet manifold ,gasket ,adaptor plate , gasket ,,carb and the gearknob set up will be similar to the last pic that christine posted
  7. with the thread in the gearknob 3/8 unc and on the gearstick 5/16 unc i took the bits into the workshed to decide a plan of attack options included filling the hole in the gearknob and drilling tapping to 5/16 [couldn't find anything to fill the whole that would be strong enough] weld a 3/8 bolt to the gearstick [couldn't find a 3/8 unc bolt or a 3/8unc die] what i did find ..whilst looking through my stash of shite ..was a 5/16 helicoil kit ...unf though..BUT i just wound the coil into the knob then wound the gearstick in and hey presto ,one firmly attached gearknob
  8. i wont be there .i'll have my head under a bedford CF ambulance
  9. the new gearknob/overdrive switch has arrived..it's actually for an Austin Healey,,but i know works triumphs had them too..ive used them before on my previous cars ..my daughter wants me to sort the wiring so we can have overdrive on ll froward gears ..told her i'd do the next time we do some mountain passes
  10. what with setting up my new shop and work stuff havent had much chance to update this took it out for a spin .car was running well.. stopped at a pub for a drink [non alcoholic] came back out to nothing ,,no light,spark or sausage cut a long story short.a wire had come off the ammeter,..,on this model , the power for the whole car , except the starter, goes through the ammeter first,,.had to talk to the shedi master in somerset to discover this fact with that replaced i could then do a MPG test ,,,nice little run out , round the lanes , and i get 25 MPG... i have got an air leak on the front carb though it's got 1.3/4 strommies instead on 1.5 with an adaptor plate on a flowed inlet manifold...and these adaptor plates are notoriously tricky o seal also lost overdrive ..which may have impaired the MPG ive got an Austin healey works overdrive gearknob/switch coming and ill fit this instead of the shonky wobbly column mounted original one
  11. ive got a set of original rims for a mk1 2000...ive got 15 inch tr4 minilightts on mine
  12. managed to talk to the owners of the cf , yesterday , put across some of the suggestions from here..the reply i got , at first . was how much, my answer was..can't tell yo untill you decide what engine ..ect ...then i finds out they've been told it's an early prototype. test thing for the autobox..so i suggested it might be worth more to CF enthusiast..as is so i'm going to look at it this week and get more info
  13. some good suggestions here , almost makes me want to buy one ..the lady hasn't text/rung me yet ..and i don.t have her number,,she'll prob spot my number in her phone , in a few days and think ..who the fuck is that?
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