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  1. Coming home from work this evening and the TPMS flashes up NSR tyre at 17psi, 10 seconds late it's 2psi. Shit. Pull in at the first layby, I know it doesn't have a spare wheel but one of those horrible compressors with a bottle of gloop to pump into the tyre. Dig it out of the spare wheel well, open it up and find an accessory plug that fits a cigarette lighter socket. Brilliant except my car doesn't have a socket, Double shit. I phone the lease company breakdown number to be told the AA will be out sometime in the next 5 hours. Triple shit. Fortunately he arrives in 45 mins and puts his space saver on and follows me home to get it back. Tomorrow I have to wait for another AA patrol to arrive at the house, put his space saver on and follow me to my local Kwik Fit to get his wheel back. I guess the Kwik Fit experience will be as shit as today. I feel a drink or 4 coming on tomorrow night.
  2. Thanks guys. That's one for the "I didn't know they existed" thread.
  3. (Poor) screenshot from Fridays Death in Paradise.
  4. A 15 year old VW Polo from my local VW main dealer. Turns out it wasn't meant to be given out to customers - it was the collection and delivery driver's "dump" car. Same dealer gave me a brand new, taxed while I was waiting, Golf as the salesman had sold the courtesy over the weekend.
  5. Any car that has had a Rice Krispie map annoys me.
  6. So that's where GTM got their inspiration for their Coupe.
  7. If that was nowadays everyone would be watching it through their phone screens.
  8. Turn the volume up............
  9. Fairly new to Saab ownership. 2002 9-3 SE. 2 litre turbo.
  10. 2nd time in a month the other half has managed to step in dog shit then spread it over the passenger floor mat.
  11. We have TA11 LEZ near us - not ideal for my wife (Lesley) as she's only 5'1"!!
  12. I saw G3 MMA on an SUV brick to day in Kinross-shire.
  13. We have a lot of SC plates around here - the Stagecoach family live in the area. A family I know have MAD 41T and BAP 71E - Baptie being their surname. A Mazda 6 with P15 JUS, which I alway joke must belong to the Tennants Lager family!
  14. I like that. Beats every other EV on looks
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