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  1. Another one from me today in Edinburgh this time. MGB 1B on a..................................Rolls Royce Wraith.
  2. Can't beat a topless Swede. Bargains - the cars, not the women! Here's mine.
  3. Wayward Sons with a Rover P6 that appeared in a couple of their videos.
  4. Spotted a couple of good ones today on the A9 TRY 1T on some kind of SUV F4T BJ on a BMW 5 series
  5. I spotted an ideal number to share a driveway with today - 2 TWO - on a Ford Transit. I bet RR man wishes he could get the Transit.
  6. Spotted today at Errol Car Show
  7. Were you in traffic yesterday between Dalgety Bay and Inverkeithing about 9.00? If so, I gave you a thumbs up at seeing a nice Capri in a line of moderns.
  8. I saw DER 1K today but can't remember the car.
  9. F11SHY. Spotted on the A9. Seems to be a good hunting ground for number plates for me.
  10. At a classic car show at the weekend I overheard a guy say to his pal " I like the rims on that car". I had a look to see what hideous 20" monstrosities he'd seen, but no, they were immaculate 14 or 15" chrome wire wheels on an MGB. Wire wheels are not "rims". 🤬
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