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  1. 1/43 Morris Cooper S with wheels from a 1/64 scale VW Beetle which look a bit like Starmags and are exactly the same size as the 10" wheels that came off the Mini. Interior painted tan from original black.
  2. I have a snigger when I see a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Phev is the Dundonian way to say 5.
  3. Motorbike not car - Suzuki Intruder (another sex toy sounding name)
  4. Saw a Porsche today with the reg A 911.
  5. There are no markings at all on it.
  6. Does anyone have any ideas what this mascot came off? Size is 4 1/4" (11cm) with a small locating stud on the bottom. It looks like chromed brass. TIA.
  7. My E36 BMW 318iS. Not a patch on my earlier E30 iS. Soft, slow and rusty.
  8. If you thought that had bad torque steer, try the turbo version
  9. Prices at previous actions are listed here but not sure when last weekends will be updated. http://www.morrisleslie.com/past-auction-results.html
  10. I might take a run down but will need to glue my hands in my pockets (or take the missus with me).
  11. Referring to modifications to cars as "deleted" instead of "removed" and "swapped out" for "replaced".
  12. Costco has a great tool chest and roll cab. Good thick steel and nice action drawers.
  13. Or else they don't switch them off in traffic queues and burn the retinas of the driver behind. - usually with their foot on the brake as well.
  14. I saw ST57 AYE on a 4x4 today - maybe an SNP supporter?
  15. Not sure if it's been posted before (I'm not trawling through 44 pages) Eastern Western Group in Edinburgh have the plates EA57 ERN and WE57 ERN on 2 of their cars.
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