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  1. It would have to be tax exempt, and fit my budget,around the 600 quid mark, I know thats not a lot of money, but around that price.I Dont get on here much now but please let me know and I will keep checking in from time to time, thanks.
  2. yes, could be a 69, do you have one?
  3. Hi Guys, just stopped by to say Hello, Hope you lot have had a good year. Im on the look out for something to do up older then 1972,Might have to visit Ebay,Catch you guys later.
  4. The first time in all of your 69 posts? Yeah perhaps he should make a few hundred, boring, argumentative posts about absolutely nothing of any interest before he has earned the right to comment eh? That would be much better. I can't believe this has now spread to a second three-pager, you tossers are just ruining the forum. You have seen an old car forum, thought "oh that looks good, i'm interested in old cars, i'll sign up for that" then just filled it up with ridiculous bickering and whinging, making it into something completely different from what attracted you to it in the first place. Fucking CHEERS The mans right, I for one thinks its all got silly. I will not post on this subject again and I will not up date this run, I will take it non of the members wish to enter this run, so with that,happy christmas, and a happy new year, Cheers John
  5. you didnt actually say which charity just that it was 'for soldiers' which charity will benefit from the 8 quid fee per entry? There are soldiers wives who are helping me with this, I Asked the girls to pick where the money gos, they said soldiers hospital, but as I keep saying, my post was to let you guys know there would be a run . I did not say, whos coming, as we sorted the run out I would have posted more details.I do think this has now got silly, Just to leave a post to do some good. and ok I should not have called the chaps names, but if you read through the posts I did get a lot of shit from other members.I think it best really to drop the whole thing now I will not post on this subject again. thanks john.
  6. Thanks Barefoot, I will post all the details at a later date.
  7. Right, for a start off, I gave the date of the run, said who the run was for, how much the fee would be to enter. I keep saying this post was ment as a early notice to let people know there would be a run in 2011. The run is not till May, so there would be plenty of time to update, This site is the only sight I have had trouble with. Seems to me certain members just want to play with big words and try to make people look silly.
  8. Thanks for that fredTransit.
  9. Ok, thanks for that,I will give you all the details when we finish our printing and sorted the route.Its not so much what you said its how it was said, and as I said to Albert if you had both of said this last night we could have had a nice chat and swapped Ideas.any way,I will keep you posted, Cheers John
  10. Most of the cars will be classic,The runs we did before took place in october,many people said yes we will come but if it rains could we use are everyday cars other than cancel.the point is to see freinds and have a good day out and raise some money for the soldiers at the same time. I have freinds who are doing the run on trikes and bikes.I have letters from people thanking me for a good day out after the first run.we dont race round, we stopped at pubs, cafes and anywhere that we liked on the way round. we take part in other runs and we all get on well.
  11. Thank you for your post today Albert, i will try to get my point over to you. The car runs we did to start with were to top up the money for the Norfolk mile of triumphs, people then asked me to set up a car run to help the soldiers hospital. the post I wrote was to let people know ther would be a car run in 2011, it was ment as a ,watch this space type thing. I have had a lot of people from the car shows and clubs we are in say, yes we will do it. the reason we said you can take part in any car was because this will help raise the money for the soldiers. I know people wont drive miles and miles to take part, but we can not give more details at this point,it was just to say there will be a car run. the thing is the comments went from the car run to a personal attack on me thank you for your post today, if you had put it like that last night we could have had a nice chat about it, and who knows ,you could have helped,me with it.
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