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  1. We had a 1986 D plate Midi 9 seat minivan for our boats crew bus with a column change. It wasn't a bad thing to drive, but after the cf 2.3 it replaced was a pile of shite. It only lasted 5 years before it was cutting out everywhere, and disintegrated into a pile of rust then replaced with a vw caravelle.
  2. I think they used to use structural chewing gum holding bits together too. They never looked the most attractive or dependable vehicles around when I was driving buses and coaches back in the early noughtys.
  3. The wheels can get in the sea, where I would put them as I'm 100 yards from the sea.
  4. If comfort and dog carrying ability is a priority for you Zel, then I would suggest a c5 estate. Having owned a mk1 hdi sx then a mk2 hdi vtr I found the mk1 the comfier and nicer car. It would tick every box the caddy does, and probably more.
  5. I loved my caddy, I've had two of them, and I loved the builders van pug expert I had. However they were not big enough which is why I've bought this. I can stand up in this and move around in it. All the hard work is done to camperise this, its insulated and lined, has a bed, has mains electric and two big leisure batteries with charging and a voltage inverter. No heater or water, the camper things I want to do is a small unit with water and gas hob, a diesel heater and solar panels on the roof for charging batteries. Theres going to be no outward signs of a camper, I'm quite happy with the patina on it. Any rusty bits will get treated but it will never be a highly polished immaculate motor home, just a comfortable off grid camper I can path anywhere discreetly.
  6. Made it home. 420 miles, no problems. The gearchanges is a bit hit or miss, a broken mirror, dodgy headlight, and a sticky handbrake to free off. Apart from that it wears its miles well. No warning lights or unwanted clonks or bangs. Should be good.
  7. Poop count now 1. Slept overnight at scotch corner now at southwaite services on the m6 for breakfast. Soon be at border patrol lol Sent from my SM-A125F using Tapatalk
  8. I've not forgotten this. I've been sleeping. Poo count still nil. The van. Inside is lined, carpeted and a bed. Needs a few jobs done. A broken mirror, cracked headlight being the worst. Drives ok with a notchy geaechange the only thing worth mentioning. I'm at scotch corner, time to get up and get more miles under the wheels. Sent from my SM-A125F using Tapatalk
  9. It is wetherspoons in goole. Same pricing as the one I usually use 400 miles north of here Sent from my SM-A125F using Tapatalk
  10. Food time, no vehicle pic yet cos I am too hungry Sent from my SM-A125F using Tapatalk
  11. Lunch. On 2nd train og the day. Its going to that London, but I'm not going all the distance. Got 11 mins between next train. Poo still nil. Sent from my SM-A125F using Tapatalk
  12. Forgot to post my boring brekkie, it was just two slices of toast and one mug of coffee. Nearing Edinburgh, got 36 minutes between trains so hopefully get some food there to keep going. PC nil so far. Sent from my SM-A125F using Tapatalk
  13. I wasnt going to purchase anything else, but here I go. Ist mode of transport was my own, for sale vw touran which I took as a trade in against my Caddy. This took me to Aberdeen station in an hour where the bus would have taken over two hours. Away to board the first train to Edinburgh. What I'm getting is older than the caddy and my skoda. Probably not really old enough for a true shitter, but it has done nearly 200k
  14. Due to a loss of income, and the requirement for modifications to the house for my deteriorating health I have sold my caddy. I have had to take a trade in, another vw, a touran 1.6tdi se from 2010. I wasnt really wanting a trade in, but got more for the caddy than I paid for it 19 months ago, and the touran is a good one. I dont know if I will keep it yet, although it will do what the caddy did, be a dog carrier to not worry about. It's done 167k but only 2 owners and the most comprehensive service history. It drives like 67k, not 167k. It has all the toys and it all works, and is shod with a full set of Goodyear efficient grips, which is a good sign, and cambelt/waterpump done at 60k and again at 132k, the invoice for that one present along with service and mot for over a grand! It lived in Sheffield all its life until the owner moved up here last year so shouldnt be rusty underneath. The Skoda I still have a year to pay yet, once the better weather comes it is going to get underneath it wire brushed, treated and under sealed. I think the advisories it got will devalue it significantly, so keeping it until it disintegrates or breaks. It will get looked after. The fast food shop I used to work for, who bought my previous seat leon 1.6tdi dsg, and had a caddy 1.6tdi, and a corsa combo has managed to break all 3 of them. Probably because they never service any vehicle, they class an mot as a service and it's all the vehicle needs. First to go was the 11 plate combo, bought at 70k, managed to keep going, just until 135k. Scrapped. Then the 12plate caddy, bought at 55k broke a conrad engine totalled just over 100k. It's now repaired with a breaker engine and is for sale. Near 50k of getting thrashed over less than 2 years with no servicing taking its toll. My old leon, sold to them just over 2 years ago with 72k and it was well serviced and mint condition has been thrashed, bashed, never serviced, never had dsg box serviced now near 140k has, surprise surprise totalled the gearbox, he has had a quote of 5 grand to replace it, the car is now worth scrap price but he is so stupid he will probably fix it for that then sell it when with the mileage and condition even sorted it's worth not much more!
  15. My yeti has cross climates on the front and kormoran on the back in 235/50x18. Have been on there for about 12000 mile and have approx 4 mm on the front and 7m on the back. It wont lose traction in the dry or wet, will in snow but it is 4wd. On cornering it will understeer before anything else dry or wet, in snow wants to go sideways with all 4 wheels. I cant really tell the difference in them.
  16. I'd do the NC500 in it, pissing off all the new shite up there!
  17. Gosh it's a while since I have posted on this thread. That's probably because I have had nothing to report! I have now though. Its 2 years since I bought the Yeti as my decent car. In that two years all it has cost is £45 for a clean MOT pass last year. The dashboard told me a couple of weeks ago it was due a service. The service interval is generally 20000 miles or 2 years. So as it hadn't had a penny spent on it in 2 years I thought I would treat it to a service at my local skoda dealer, which is a privately owned little garage with a good reputation. It failed the test on a broken spring and had 10 advisories. Most of the advisories are silly, and makes the car look like a rust bucket, at 9 years old, which it's not. Probably my usual trusted tester would have given it a clean pass once the spring was done, he may have advised on the rear discs, but they do not look bad to me. The result is that it just cost me over £600 for service and test! I am now officially skint! I am also pissed off at the car now being a fust bucket forever, and them quoting £276 for rear discs and pads.
  18. I had one of these a few years ago. I loved it but had to move it on due to me developing mobility problems and found it nearly impossible to get in or out of. Fast and decent handling, I smoked a golf gti on the motorway one day, and saw off many hot hatches locally. Well worth buying. My old one is on this forum with @FakeConcernalthough is not on the road just now. I would consider one again, for a toy, would be no use to me as a daily.
  19. For me it's a toss up between a mk1 astra, ot mk2 cavalier. I had 2 of each, nothing too fancy a 1.3gl then 1.6sr astra, then a 1.6gl and a 1.6l cavalier. Loved every one of them, never a breakdown and cheap to run, despite the abuse the astras got! The 1.3 astra was my second car and it followed a rusty hand me down allegro 1.1 which was my first car. There was no comparison really.
  20. No Sent from my SM-A125F using Tapatalk
  21. In my corner of scotland its "gee it neeps" Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  22. Theres never anything interesting to say about either of them. Which is good for me as it means both are working properly! Which then means I dont have to be fixing them, or paying someone else no I'm not so fit, every other week. The only spanner I've put on the caddy is a 10mm one last week changing the battery, and I've not put a spanner on the yeti in a year and a half. That's what I was hoping for when I bought it. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  23. Haven't updated this in months, but then I dont really have any shite cars here. I did a buyage though, a 2003 caravan, Lunar quasar pretty much a standard layout twin dinette 5 berth. Really clean and everything works. Bought for taking the grandkids away for trips and weekends. I also have had a couple solo trips. It now means the caddy is highly unlikely to get made into a mini camper. There is one problem with it in that there is a soft patch on the floor which is on the to do list to get seen to. Would a caravan that age qualify for caravanshite? Both the yeti and caddy are working as they should. The caddy got a new varta battery last week, the first time I have put a spanner on it in a year and 9000 miles. It also passed MOT today, a clean pass with no advisories. Proclaimed a good one by my trusted MOT man, who I have used for 40 years. I was debating selling it as my left leg doesn't work properly, and the clutch is sometimes a problem for me, but the yeti is auto for days my leg is bad, and I actually prefer driving the caddy, probably because it is manual. So, for now I think I will say it's a keeper (subject to change lol) Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  24. I think that jag needs the crusher and your lucky that you did not buy it. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  25. For a reliable, cheap to run car they cant be beaten in my opinion. It's just a pity they dont have enough comfort for me now, and are not capable of towing a caravan. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
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