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  1. Sorry - but brake fluid would have been deployed………….. fuck them. Pepper spray/Mace - I've got it because of a couple of the idiots near me. Usual posers wanting to look butch with the bull type ……. one is seriously demented. Pepper spray (you can make your own!) works wonders fella…….. Sucks to hear this type of shit is ever even thought of...……. so sorry for you dude. May not prove popular, but I'm of the old school middle of het night visit - you know they'll be awake so go 'hav a chat' - take chemicals and heavy weaponry as negotiating 'tactics' - some people really do only understand one method of communication! Sad but true
  2. I've seen this on a few 'specialist' runs and it's annoying, but we're talking Citroens here - any of a myriad of things could've gone wrong in between booking and the actual day From what I've seen, it wasn't too bad an impact, plenty of fine looking beasts made it. I've booked het XJR for the FOTU - but at the rate bits are falling off I have no idea if we'll make it in that or something else at present.
  3. I've got a stash of HDD magnets for the flat panels when needing an extra pair of hands...…… they're incredibly strong for their size…… There's always a HDDD dying somewhere in your social circle. I've got the 'proper' ones too - but tend to use het smaller HDD bitches in preference. sadly - I think I have several on the chassis of various cars I've worked on, as i stick 'm close when busy and of course forget to take the damn things off afterwards………..
  4. Hold the phone………….a fucking SPACESHIP!!!! Where the fuck is THAT thread!
  5. I'm not sure how you did it...…….. but assuming you did the furthest from the bleeder first approach...…… Either way - definitely sounds like air in the system... you HAVE checked for leaks since bleeding - yes? Not to piss on your chips, but perhaps another seal somewhere has blown?
  6. We supposed to place bets on which one outpaces the other (on a REGULAR) basis? Love the XJS profile - if I had the space I'd be all over Broadswords………
  7. Can't agree with this - yes, talk to him like an adult...……. but don't alienate the other kid. ALL of you go - the brothers can probably form a better bond too if they both like it. If they don't - take just one…….. but at least let it be their choice. Good luck - it's the toughest of times going through it and (probably) parenting too (I'm yet to get there!!!) The sad fact is none of us at 14(ish) are listening at all when repeatedly told our actions 'now' will impact the rest of our lives etc...… It's always just the 'oldies' being dramatic! I'm not looking forward to that era at all.
  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of 'which car today' BINGO......... It's a truely great feeling. Go with it.............
  9. Here ya go.........how's the leg [and the Granvia?]

  10. Sorry - badly worded - NOT ALL THE CARS WERE CONSODERED UNROADWORTHY - and as such would've been allowed to continue...……. apologies of I didn't make that clear. Once the attitude started - they impounded them en masse. That's why they'll all be inspected. Not all will (hopefully) be such a bad ending….. Synopsis :- Stopped - informed of a couple of them dangerous defects - got arsey ……….. Deutsche plod said - fair enough - we'll take the lot then!
  11. I was heading in past Uxbridge - London bound - on the A40 at stupid o'clock. The entire herd had escaped because there was a car in their field...….. I didn't know this at the time and called emergency as the motorway was a fucking death trap for all concerned. I'd only just managed to avoid one of them. Me - there are cows on the A40 near the speed camera after the Uxbridge junction near the speed camera. Her - there are supposed to be cars on the road sir...…. Me - no...… cows…….. Mooooooooooooo Her - OH! OK I'll inform the local patrol Only after I hung up did I wander the shoulder and spotted the tail end of an Orion in the field. Luckily the driver wasn't too badly injured. sadly - he was out of his skull drunk.
  12. Fine(s) - yes - but not to be told they couldn't proceed due to being in a dangerous condition………… they went too far - and as said, were made an example of.
  13. Strangely enough - YES...… Apparently - the tyres rubbing on the arches were the initial pull...….. ex's brother knows one of the initial Officers involved - but when they tried pointing out the dangers they met with a load of attitude. A lot of - they're legal UK cars, you can't touch us…… and camera phone waving. While no real language skills and stuck with that yawning chasm too. Typical german plod shrugged off the attitude and immediately turned it into a - OK, we'll take the whole lot and sort out the fines for everyone then……….. Personally, I do feel a little sorry for the lads, as it's a nasty way to learn a lesson. According to the Germans, they'll get the cars back in a week or so - with impound costs etc... and fines to be paid first of course. Any found dangerous will need transportation out of Germany (where Belgian or NL plod will be waiting I guess). Stupidity learns a lesson somehow and someway - this is a tough one….
  14. Result and a half fella - if that doesn't give the mojo a kick up the arse - nothing will. The car wants to live...…. it's rare that they show us such gratitude
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