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  1. At a company I used to work for the standard service engineers’ issue car was the 1.8 Carlton. Heavy car with underpowered engine. They used to joke that they were ‘DEAD fast!’ Squirrel2
  2. No, he’s called Vernon and only has one leg so walks with the help of a crutch!
  3. Hi, The chap I rent my shed off here in Pembrokeshire has two of these cars; A 1967 Galaxie 500 Convertible and a Country Sedan which he is using as his everyday transport during the winter. He is very knowledgeable about these and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind chatting to a fellow enthusiast and may be able to offer advice on problems and sourcing spares. Vernon does not use the internet, as far as I know, but may be able to take a ‘phone call.. PM me if you are interested and I’ll give him a call. Squirrel2
  4. I’ve always had a thing for a go in a Gordon Keeble.. or failing that, a Facel Vega, French exotic with American muscle. Squirrel2
  5. Spotted in Tenby last weekend.. Found myself following this Ami8 down to the waterside this afternoon and got chatting to the owner; it's his own restoration and is in daily use. Squirrel2
  6. Young Squirrel2 temporarily solved an oil-soaked slipping clutch on his R16 on a journey to Cornwall towing a boat, by buying a bottle of methylated spirit and spraying it into top of the bell housing (via the timing mark slot). Got us to our sailing holiday and back again like this albeit with bad judder until I could get the gearbox our to fix the input shaft seal.
  7. Land Rover LWB Station Wagon door handles: The rears are at a different height to the fronts.. However the Spanish made a bit more effort and their Santana-built versions have handles that are in-line.. Squirrel2
  8. It was 1980 and with BSM one had the choice between a 1.3 Dolomite or the brand new Metro - naturally 17 year old Squirrel2 chose the Dolly... On passing my test I was ‘allowed’ to drive Mum Squirrel’s Renno 4, all of 845cc and the blistering performance that provided 😐 Squirrel2
  9. Does this count? Rolls-Royce with Gardner 4LW power... Squirrel2
  10. This little Datsun drove past us in the village yesterday evening and we spotted it parked outside the newsagents with engine left running whilst the driver was in the shop. It was merrily dripping hot coolant onto the road from the front left corner! Squirrel2
  11. Great thread. May I wade in to say that Mrs Squirrel has recently bought this 1.8l Celica privately for £850. It’s currently on SORN sitting on the drive whilst she runs her AldiA3 into the ground. We have been warned about rust and oil consumption. Cosmetically it’s not bad apart from some lacquer peel on its flanks. Squirrel2
  12. Another little ‘feature’ to look out for on the 163 D5 is that they can develop leaks in the vacuum system that controls the turbo vane actuator and the engine mountings - one in front and one behind the engine. The quick check is to remove the oil filler cap whilst the engine is running and if there is a distinct ‘popping’ sound emanating from the cam box then it’s certain there’s a leak somewhere. The car will run OK like this but the lack of vacuum control can cause over-boost issues - I.e. blown intercooler. This chap is a regular and reliable contributor to the Volvo forums and has provided several useful diagnostic videos for these early D5 models : https://m.youtube.com/user/sirobb/videos The D5 is an excellent diesel engine- ours has given very little trouble. Squirrel2
  13. Haven’t walked away from many but a notable exception was a Volvo 245 estate. Young Squirrel2 was looking for a Volvo to use as a tow car as a replacement for my terminally rusty R16. It was in the days before Land Rover Discoverys and the Volvo estate was still the ‘executive van’ of choice for the Labrador and green wellies set, so they held their values and not many were within my price range. Finally found a 1975 registered 245 that I could afford but it started to go wrong as soon as I went to view with the faded lacquer-peeling paint, scratches and dents all over, dog-chewed interior and total lack of any evidence that it had seen even an oil change in its twelve year life. Started it up and there were moans and groans from front of the engine; power steering/water pump/alternator were all howling in protest. The final straw was the oil pressure light on when hot, at idle. The seller was utterly convinced as to the high value and desirability of this heap, as I recall. Squirrel2
  14. A good example of a conventional DPF-equipped engine is the Volvo D5 found in late ‘Phase 2’ cars like the S60 and V70, around 2006/7. These are well-engineered and have lots of goodies for experimenting with, like actuated inlet manifold swirl-flaps and variable-vane turbocharger. A cloned diagnostic interface box and software (Vida-DICE) is reasonably priced and gives good access to the engine controls. Squirrel2
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