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  1. Does this count? Rolls-Royce with Gardner 4LW power... Squirrel2
  2. This little Datsun drove past us in the village yesterday evening and we spotted it parked outside the newsagents with engine left running whilst the driver was in the shop. It was merrily dripping hot coolant onto the road from the front left corner! Squirrel2
  3. Great thread. May I wade in to say that Mrs Squirrel has recently bought this 1.8l Celica privately for £850. It’s currently on SORN sitting on the drive whilst she runs her AldiA3 into the ground. We have been warned about rust and oil consumption. Cosmetically it’s not bad apart from some lacquer peel on its flanks. Squirrel2
  4. Another little ‘feature’ to look out for on the 163 D5 is that they can develop leaks in the vacuum system that controls the turbo vane actuator and the engine mountings - one in front and one behind the engine. The quick check is to remove the oil filler cap whilst the engine is running and if there is a distinct ‘popping’ sound emanating from the cam box then it’s certain there’s a leak somewhere. The car will run OK like this but the lack of vacuum control can cause over-boost issues - I.e. blown intercooler. This chap is a regular and reliable contributor to the Volvo forums and has provided several useful diagnostic videos for these early D5 models : https://m.youtube.com/user/sirobb/videos The D5 is an excellent diesel engine- ours has given very little trouble. Squirrel2
  5. Haven’t walked away from many but a notable exception was a Volvo 245 estate. Young Squirrel2 was looking for a Volvo to use as a tow car as a replacement for my terminally rusty R16. It was in the days before Land Rover Discoverys and the Volvo estate was still the ‘executive van’ of choice for the Labrador and green wellies set, so they held their values and not many were within my price range. Finally found a 1975 registered 245 that I could afford but it started to go wrong as soon as I went to view with the faded lacquer-peeling paint, scratches and dents all over, dog-chewed interior and total lack of any evidence that it had seen even an oil change in its twelve year life. Started it up and there were moans and groans from front of the engine; power steering/water pump/alternator were all howling in protest. The final straw was the oil pressure light on when hot, at idle. The seller was utterly convinced as to the high value and desirability of this heap, as I recall. Squirrel2
  6. A good example of a conventional DPF-equipped engine is the Volvo D5 found in late ‘Phase 2’ cars like the S60 and V70, around 2006/7. These are well-engineered and have lots of goodies for experimenting with, like actuated inlet manifold swirl-flaps and variable-vane turbocharger. A cloned diagnostic interface box and software (Vida-DICE) is reasonably priced and gives good access to the engine controls. Squirrel2
  7. Yes, that’s a heater from a Series 3 Lightweight - by the looks of it. A flap each side plus connections to feed demist tubes. Heat output is absolutely dire and fan does little more than stir the fug. I’d look for ways of building up a better series heater or try and fit something from a later vehicle (Defender?). Squirrel2
  8. The replies to this thread are more entertaining and funny than Edd’s book could ever be. Squirrel2
  9. Here is a twin-cylinder Petter AC2 air-cooled industrial engine that has been turned into a boat engine and which we may install in one of our ‘boatshite’ projects; the ex. Admiralty Cutter. Sorry about the length of the vid., it really does take this long to get the bastard going on a winter day, what with priming each intake port with a shot of oil and setting the ‘excess fuel’ on the pump rack etc.. Squirrel2
  10. Squirrel2

    Rotten cars

    Here’s what greeted me when I removed the dash and interior of my Land Rover 110 to reveal the horror that was once upon a time its bulkhead.. On the outside there is nothing remaining of the panel below the air vents and the bonnet hinges have completely detached.. Fifteen years of being parked less than a mile from the sea have speeded the dissolving process. This is beyond welding and I have a good, non-rusty bulkhead squirrelled away to do a swap when I can get on with it. The chassis under this heap is not too bad thanks to regular blasting with wax and old engine oil and only requires new front dumb irons. Squirrel2
  11. Yes, I was thinking that there was something that was causing the distributor cam/points follower heel to ‘wobble’ at the same spot on each rotation. With the engine running can you get the lead to the non-firing plug to spark? This would eliminate the ignition as being the source of the trouble. Squirrel2
  12. Is there any play in the distributor shaft? I.e. is it floating around and upsetting the points gap at idle? Squirrel2
  13. Many years ago an elderly friend of my father’s family in Brixham had a Lanchester, much like this one.. It had a ‘Wilson Pre-Selector Gearbox’ which was like a semi-automatic and was apparently popular with disabled drivers. Description here.. https://daimlerandlanchester.com/how-to-drive-a-pre-selector/
  14. ^^^ It's not universal.. fortunately. Mrs Squirrel was involved in a minor bump in Narberth recently; got swiped by a chap in his van when she was stationary and waiting to enter a car park. He admitted responsibility and couldn’t have been nicer about it. As the damage was minor we had no wish to involve our insurance, which he agreed to. I bought new rear lamp unit and paint to do some sort of repair to Mrs S’s elderly Aldi A3 and got a direct reimbursement from Mr silver van. His repairs were going to be a lot, lot more expensive. Squirrel2
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