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    Land Rovers; Electrical engineering and design; Restoring traditional boats, I.e. wood; Sailing and boating. Tinkering with ancient hi-fi and generally fixing stuff that others would throw away.

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  1. My first Land Rover; a tidy Series 3 Lightweight. Used as a daily driver for a while in the mid '90s. Never welded or repaired; it was always in above-average condition and after an unleaded head conversion it ran even better - in L-R relative terms... It was sold when I bought the 110 Tdi as I foolishly thought that three Land Rovers were too many on the drive. 🙄 From my youth I wish I still had the 1979 Renault 5 Gordini that replaced a Reno 16.. Sorry, no pics. Squirrel2
  2. Welcome to the forum. I recognise that number. The second car I owned after passing my test in 1980 was a 1975 Renault 16TL and its ‘Oval plate number’ i.e. type, was R1152. Despite the rate at which it rusted I think it was the car I was most fond of. Later I had a 16TX, one of the last and its number was R1156. I have no idea how or why I’ve remembered these numbers for over thirty years? 🥴 Squirrel2
  3. Renault 16TS, 1969. My first car, bought off father Squirrel in 1980 just after I’d passed my test and wanted to use to drag my sailing dinghy around to events as it had the tow bar I’d fitted. It was terminally rusty, had a pile of engine problems probably caused by a lack of proper servicing in its eleven year 100,000 mile life, the worst of which was its ability to overheat if driven at more than 40... I soon got rid but it didn’t put me off Renaults; I had kept the towbar and it was soon bolted to LUE 62P a 16TL that soon became one of my favourites despite the nagging rust prob
  4. Spotted this on a used car dealer’s line-up on the London Road, Pembroke Dock. It has a Pembrokeshire reg number so possibly local to here all it’s life. No MoT from 2018 but that’s probably because someone is taking advantage of the exemption. Goodness knows what horrors may be lurking... It’s for sale too. Squirrel2
  5. We had one of these in the car pool where I worked in the early nineties- it was utterly dire in every way. If I recall it used to regularly shat itself, losing engine oil, coolant and brake fluid at odd and always inconvenient times. squirrel2
  6. Spotted near Kilgetty in Pembrokeshire. This is someone's private collection. Sorry about the picture quality, I cheekily took the pictures through the fence from the neighbouring property. There are at least six Rover 800s here together with the RWD Volvos.. Squirrel2
  7. At a company I used to work for the standard service engineers’ issue car was the 1.8 Carlton. Heavy car with underpowered engine. They used to joke that they were ‘DEAD fast!’ Squirrel2
  8. No, he’s called Vernon and only has one leg so walks with the help of a crutch!
  9. Hi, The chap I rent my shed off here in Pembrokeshire has two of these cars; A 1967 Galaxie 500 Convertible and a Country Sedan which he is using as his everyday transport during the winter. He is very knowledgeable about these and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind chatting to a fellow enthusiast and may be able to offer advice on problems and sourcing spares. Vernon does not use the internet, as far as I know, but may be able to take a ‘phone call.. PM me if you are interested and I’ll give him a call. Squirrel2
  10. I’ve always had a thing for a go in a Gordon Keeble.. or failing that, a Facel Vega, French exotic with American muscle. Squirrel2
  11. Spotted in Tenby last weekend.. Found myself following this Ami8 down to the waterside this afternoon and got chatting to the owner; it's his own restoration and is in daily use. Squirrel2
  12. Young Squirrel2 temporarily solved an oil-soaked slipping clutch on his R16 on a journey to Cornwall towing a boat, by buying a bottle of methylated spirit and spraying it into top of the bell housing (via the timing mark slot). Got us to our sailing holiday and back again like this albeit with bad judder until I could get the gearbox our to fix the input shaft seal.
  13. Land Rover LWB Station Wagon door handles: The rears are at a different height to the fronts.. However the Spanish made a bit more effort and their Santana-built versions have handles that are in-line.. Squirrel2
  14. It was 1980 and with BSM one had the choice between a 1.3 Dolomite or the brand new Metro - naturally 17 year old Squirrel2 chose the Dolly... On passing my test I was ‘allowed’ to drive Mum Squirrel’s Renno 4, all of 845cc and the blistering performance that provided ? Squirrel2
  15. Does this count? Rolls-Royce with Gardner 4LW power... Squirrel2
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