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    ooh yeah

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    Work colleague was scrapping his Triumph Acclaim as he'd bought an Avensis. Gave him the £30 the scrappies had offered (obviously years ago). Ran it for a few years until I jet washed the engine bay. Got a fiver for it from the local scrappies !!!!!!!!
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    I've just bought this. Came up on FB marketplace just down the road from my unit, couldn't say no! Do I need it? No. Will it cause me grief? Almost certainly yes. Is it a big majestic bastard? Absolutely. It needs a few bits and pieces doing, including spheres all round and some warning lights supposedly caused by an ABS sensor. My Lexia won't talk to it, so that's the first order of business. Wish me luck!

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    Sent from my SM-A127F using Tapatalk

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    busmansholiday reacted to iainrcz in ebay 'BARGAINS'   
    The picture in the background must be a self portrait of whoever dreamt that up.

    Not to mention the Leeds United air freshener..
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    £200 shitty rover in need of repair.

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    £200 shitty rover in need of repair.

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    busmansholiday reacted to richardmorris in The Doctor's travels through time. Tyre-ing situation   
    This is obviously a new definition of word style, of which I was previously unaware ( pacé Douglas Adams)
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    "Exterior colour: Black · Interior colour: Black."
    Well they're not wrong there.
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    You can now buy a BAZ truck and S400 missile system in bouncy castle form.

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    busmansholiday got a reaction from Shite Ron in eBay tat volume 3.   
    "Exterior colour: Black · Interior colour: Black."
    Well they're not wrong there.
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    "Exterior colour: Black · Interior colour: Black."
    Well they're not wrong there.
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    I was there that day. Remind me when the days get dark and I cannot play outside with cars to scan my slides from that day.
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    busmansholiday reacted to meggersdog in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    busmansholiday reacted to cort16 in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    I was there that day. Remind me when the days get dark and I cannot play outside with cars to scan my slides from that day.
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    busmansholiday got a reaction from LightBulbFun in Bus Shite   
    I was there that day. Remind me when the days get dark and I cannot play outside with cars to scan my slides from that day.
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    busmansholiday reacted to Dan_ZTT in Sad bus geeks unite - Wythall, Video Review   
    Holy thread revival batman.
    I was at Wythall today, not many photos because it was mainly for my little lad to ride the miniature steam train, but can confirm it still has many many buses, and some milk floats. Nice place.

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    Right this took a lot of a finding. I have no cataloguing system, just several boxes of packets of photos. I know roughly which packets to look in as they changed over the years as I used different developers. Trouble is Southamptons last Atlantean was February 2005 right in the middle of the winding down of the RMs in London so I've had a lot to go through but here we are. 
    270 was the only real service bus that day, the others were all preserved*. 

    This is the convoy at the end at Lordshill and as I said I have a very similar picture of the RMs that I was going to compare it with. Now I know exactly where that should be, I have a proper album for those but there is a blank space where it should be as I've obviously taken it out to copy it, probably on here about 50 pages back, and not put it back. But anyway, here are the Atlanteans. 

    And back at Portswood depot, also now demolished and turned in to a Sainsbury's. 

    * By preserved I mean bought for a couple of bags, if that, a few months previously, wether any still exist I don't know. Maybe 268 as he was stripping that down and doing a lot of bodywork. He was keeping it at Flexford where I had my bus until about four years ago but then we all had to move and I've not seen it since. 
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    busmansholiday reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Eye-catching black and whites   
    The area where I live first tractor. Think it's a Fordson? It was eventually used to run a sawmill, something it did for many years. Do not think it has survived. The owner was a farmer and forest owner who lived from 1895 to 1993.

    This is not a vehicle related image but include it since this is the same person with one of his timber stacks sometime in the 50's. Everything was chopped, barked and stacked by hand. The only aid was a horse. And the timber was floated down the river in the spring / summer. Really hard work.

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    busmansholiday reacted to Bfg in LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors lists on Pages 24/134 & AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12 Restoration from Page 186 onwards :) practical driving test passed finally Woo! :D   
    Good morrow neighbours. 
    Looking at the pictures supplied ..thanks,  I'd say its "beyond economic repair"  ..so why not do it ! 
    There's a whole lot of work but, if you have the will - then you can do it.  Remember that those who work in production fibreglass tend not to be of the most intellectual trait, nor even of a sporting or artistic temperament - but they can do it ..and so too you can learn those trade skills.  It is an honourable trade and a good fibreglasser is a craftsman with exceptional skills - so it is worth learning to do well.   
    Firstly though I must point out that grp is used for making single skin panels., and then panels are joined together ..So for example ; the inner wheel-arch needs to be thought of as a separate panel to the outer wing and so (if you wish to do a good job) it'll have to be 'reconstructed' it as a separated piece which can then be adhered back into place. 
    - - -
    The way I'd approach this job. . .  is to reconstruct the whole back end of the car as if I were going to take a mould off it.  ie., what you have is part of the male pattern which gives you a great start, and now you've just got to fill in the gaps.  but not  (you'll be glad to hear) at this stage using fibreglass. 
    I'd start by removing the lamps and reassembling the rhs wing correctly and square onto the body, from whence it came ..bearing in mind the thickness of the cutting disc or blade - so there will be a gap between the two parts.  An even spacing around the opening lid will best give you this location.  Battens of wood, spanning across the outside of that cut line, can literally be screwed in place to hold it secure and solid. 
    NB. Fibreglass doesn't like being screwed into, because the metal barbs crack the inflexible glass strands and then delaminates the laminated layers ..so it is better to drill holes through the fibreglass panel and to then screw from the inside, through those holes - into the wooden battens. Use a flat timber block behind the panel as you drill the holes to prevent it further cracking the fibreglass as the drill breaks through.  Then use penny-washers under the screw heads to prevent localised distress and cracking. Just pinch those up tight enough to hold things in place. This is just a temporary assembly not a structural repair.  Those small (..if neat) holes will be easy to fill in afterwards.
    The left hand side likewise needs to be positioned and held securely in correct and square place.  There looks to be no chassis support for this, and so you'll have to screw timber beams from under the car's floor to the back corner. Again an even gap around the lid opening will give you the location of what remains of the LHS wing.   
    NB. in boat building we build a 'hard-back' that's laid along the floor and is leveled up (..sort of like a steel fabricator's level bed). The buck is built on top of this. That may be helpful but of course once set level and built upon it cannot be moved.  And that may not be the best option of you're working in your garden. Beams screwed / bolted to the underside of the car or whatever chassis is under there may be more practical to live with.
    Once the existing pieces are in very accurate position, I'd close the inside area of that wing with plywood. Possibly 6mm thk ply ..attached to what remains of the inner wheel-arch, or otherwise the timber beams, or any other timber block(s) you might add. 
    Line this with plastic sheet and tape over the corners to close that dam off.  This will have to be removed from the inside of the panel later, so consider that when making it..  For example, avoid screw heads within the void. 
    It looks as if the top-half of this side of your car's B-post / door shut is missing, so you'll have to temporarily shape and fit plywood in its place.  I'd then span the outside wing shape with plastic sheet (masking taped in place all around) and timber battens over this to best emulate the finished shape (..drawing below).  NB. The more effort you put into getting this shape right.. the less work you'll have later on.  In the cavity created, I'd use spray urethane foam  (builder use it to fill in around pipes through brickwork) to fill it. This semi-rigid foam then is a solid foundation to recreating the missing sections of the rear-wing panel.

    Once set and the outside timber battens and plastic sheet are removed, this foam can easily be better shaped by hand. Coarse sandpaper on a long-block is good n quick for this task, but please  do wear a face mask   ..as its dust is no good for your lungs, and is also pretty uncomfortably gritty in your eyes and down your collar too.        
    You're trying to reproduce the original and correct shape of the whole LHS rear wing, and that is really difficult to do by eye - so the surest way is to mark your RHS wing with a grid of measured vertical and horizontal lines (pencil or masking tape), which along with a profile gauge, or cutting card profile templates to those grid lines, can be used to mirror the shape.  Shaping the foam is a pretty crude affair, and so what's next needed is a filler.  However I would recommend Plaster of Paris  rather than bondo (polyester filler) because it's easy and safe to use, and it's much easier to get rid of later  (..a jet wash &/or wire brush soon gets rid of any).
    Once that foam with plaster filler is shaped then it can be sealed and you will have successfully have created a male pattern, onto which fibreglass can be laminated (..it's easier working over the outside). And that new shell once trimmed and set-in-flush ought to be pretty accurate to the car's final shape. 
    Any questions, just ask..  but I will explain fibreglass laminating in another post, and I'll also explain how to fix the new / shaped repair panel to the existing / original body panels
    Hope that helps,
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    busmansholiday reacted to jaycey001 in I brought a Lada Niva!   
    Ive been in the market for a reliable, long distance cruiser for some time and had narrowed my search down to a Discovery Tdi or even a Dacia of some description. I live in Southern Spain so needed something that would be reliable for driving back to England in several times a year (I know you are now checking the title of this thread, dont worry its not a glitch in the forums 🤣)
    So I was browsing Wallapop and facebook market place, which seems to be my only pass time at the moment, and up came a 1992 Lada Niva with 52,000 Km on the clock and it had a Snorkel fitted!! So I immediately contacted the owner and arranged to view it the following week. I had assumed the vehicle was in Granada province as per my search criteria but on investigating realized it was closer to Madrid than Granada and was a good 6 hour drive away, across mountain passes, incredibly steep inclines, hair pin bends and sheer drops.
    Regardless, a friend agreed to drive me there and we headed off to view my future reliable pan-European cruiser. The boot of his 1997 Pushrod Fiesta was filled with spares, tools, tow ropes, jump leads, spares and camping gear (just encase)  and we headed off. Even in the passenger front seat I felt travel sick driving along the mountain passes and after a few hours I longed to be behind the wheel of the Lada so I at least could focus on driving and not if I was about to vomit over the mountain side.
    We passed through many tiny Spanish towns and farming communities and eventually arrived in a village in Ciudad Real and saw the Lada parked at the road side, without a Snorkel, just a hole in the bonnet where it should have been. Good start I thought!
    The Lada had about 3 foot of thick dried mud stuck to every surface which made rust checking impossible, I went to check the oil but the seller didnt know where the dip stick was and when I found it there was no trace of oil in the sump at all, on date checking the tires it was obvious they were the original Ukrainian rubber and well cracked with unknown inner tubes, the drivers door window didnt wind down, but the screw driver wedged in to hold it up was included in the sale, Bargain!
    I went to start it and when it burst into life the seller made a surprised and relived sound as if he wasnt expecting it to start. All good signs of a bargain I thought and after traveling all that way I knew it would be impossible to negotiate the price, which it was. On a short test drive the cabin filled with petrol fumes and crawled along at a leisurely and very noisy  pace.
    Obviously, as any Autoshiter would do I handed over a big bundle of cash with a smile and jumped in ready for the 200km drive home. As the seller counted his cash he commented that driving it was "Pure Joy" he then loaded me up with free Coca Cola (possibly anticipating a breakdown and didnt want me dyeing of dehydration in 40C heat!)
    First stop was a petrol station and filled it to the brim for a total of 29 euro we then headed off across the mountains, the fuel gauge swung erratically along with the oil pressure gauge around every turn  and after 2 hours behind the wheel I knew I had a gem of a car, driving it is like a cross between my old 89 O Series Petrol Sherpa van and a 300tdi Defender, just a collection of all the worse bits of both of them! The steering is vague to say the least and on tight bends you turn the wheel and it seems nothing happens until a few seconds later when it eventually bites and flings you in the direction you want to go, the breaks are non existent but the gearing is so low all you need to do is come off the accelerator and your crawling along.
    Another hour or two later we decided to find a camp site, which led us into a national park, with ridiculous 12% inclines which included a hair pin at the top and every time I had to get up one of these hills I would need 1st or 2nd gear and every so often the engine would miss and feel like it was about to cut out, by then I would have a huge line of traffic behind me, when going down the hills the huge line of traffic would back right off as the exhaust popped and banged due to over fueling. Even my mate who I was following could smell the un-burnt fuel coming off the car.  Another feature is that when you go above 80km/h the wing mirrors self fold allowing for more aerodynamics - those clever Russians knew what they were doing!
    Finally at the campsite I sat and drank many beers while my body recovered from the trip.
    The next day early in the morning we had the most difficult part of the drive across the main mountain range, the car started first time and despite doing about 12mpg and being severely out of tune it got me home, a total of 270km in the end.
    On inspection the snorkel was in the boot and ready to fit (apparently it kept falling off, hence why it was removed)  and since getting all the mud off it is in very good solid condition and the millage seems genuine, the only real problem was that the clutch fluid reservoir was empty and the flexi hoses so corroded you could fit a euro coin in the cracks.
    Its now with my mechanic and is being converted to electronic ignition, weber carb, full service etc etc and come April I plan to drive it back to England - I will update on how that goes 😅
    Here are a few pics:

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    busmansholiday got a reaction from HarmonicCheeseburger in The Doctor's travels through time. Tyre-ing situation   
    Now that's an interesting idea, might do that to mine (when I fix brakes).
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