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  1. I have always been surprised why Ford chose to name two of their cars after top shelf wank mags.
  2. Saw the bit about the radiator but as I live in this neck of the woods, I knew that really was genuine ! ( Plod !!!)
  3. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peugeot-205-Roland-Garros-Cabriolet-barn-find/253610741676?hash=item3b0c60cfac:g:UWoAAOSwDDxa8cgf Peugeot 205 Roland Garros Cabriolet barn find, no reserve, looks tidy.
  4. Local 'spoons is that but only £1.65 on a Monday. Mate has just sent his tested C4 over the bridge as he CBA with eBay for £140.
  5. Somehow, despite how they shaked, rattled and rolled, an AEC Swift from 1968 sounds so much better.
  6. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/porsche-boxster-2-5-spares-or-repair-project-runs-and-drives-well/323245385414?hash=item4b42ed26c6:g:tNMAAOSwSUJa8Igc porsche boxster 2.5 spares or repair project runs and drives well. £999 Really frightening thing is that from the postcode it's bloody close to where I live, I just cannot recognise where.
  7. All the best to you and your intended one. I can see why you chose Kefalonia, after all which would you prefer the background to your wedding photos to be, this lovely view or this one of Manchester when we landed.
  8. and the final episode. More Skala chod. Badge engineering Arte farte picture The owner of this RD350 admitted that if he left it unattended in England it would have been gone in 60 seconds and he'd be kissing goodbye to his 3 and a half bags of euro coin investment. Ring Ring, "Autoshite home furnishings department, how can I help ?" .
  9. Almost there now. Last day with the car and we went into the capital, Argostolion. In the lines of euro boxes I found this, After a strong coffee to recover, we'd barely walked 50 yards when this came into sight. Cannot remember when or if I've ever seen a Ford 12M before. "Autoshite vehicle rental, how can I help" On the way back we took a few back lanes, Simple Greek engineering. Lada anybody ? Final stop, on the outskirts of Skala was to photo this Datsun 120 that I'd seen running around.
  10. More chod. Late 70's early 80's Neoplan, A magie fire engine, not sure why it has green lights not red. I didn't see this until I pulled up to photo something else. Not sure myself what it is. Hidden just down the track was this collection of chod. I'd actually stopped to photo this old butchers van that had clearly been given the chop by it's former owners. Hidden just past it was this Rover 214Si Whilst behind that was this Ford.
  11. Smart fourtwo https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/smart-fortwo-for-spares-or-repair/142782943887?hash=item213e86d28f:g:EFUAAOSwLoxa7Lth Quote"For sale is my smart car that has a engine danaged and removed, split into pices" It's fucked, big style.
  12. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/peugeot-406-hdi-spares-or-repair-2001-Cheap-runaround/183212473615?hash=item2aa8507d0f:g:1B8AAOSwCGha70dT Peugeot 406 HDI in the spears or reapers section. This is the only picture, l'm presuming of course the seller actually owns it, rather than just a random picture of a parked car.
  13. Isn't that a reg plate inside the car ?
  14. Hillman Avenger it is. More later.
  15. Forty four, yes 44 minutes waiting for customer services at Economy Energy (they may do cheap energy but their customer services is a fucking joke) and when they eventually answer I pick the phone up and the phone decides to cancel the call. Bollocks. !!!
  16. On the Thursday we went off in the hire car, and this is what I managed to find. We started in Poros, which is where we stayed the last time we came to Kefalonia, about 25 years ago. A couple of Mercs and a Transit sit by the sea, probably for ever. The port of Sami plod mobile. A common site, both the Accent and a car with a strimmer on the roof. Chod gathering. This was still in use. What I failed to photo was the fact that directly at the side of me when I took the shot somebody had built an inspection pit in to the edge of the road, marked only by a red line around it. Years ago this mighty* Zundapp powered this contraption around the local streets. The Friday saw us out around the island again. We then came across these three vehicles. Looks like somebody needed a rear axle of the Cabstar ? whilst the Lada was being used as a store. As for the blue car behind, anybody want to guess ?
  17. Just back from a week in Kefalonia and rather than start a new thread for the pics of the shite I saw I thought I'd re-use this one if that's OK with you all. We landed on Tuesday at the impressive* airport and then enjoyed the walk across the tarmac to the arrivals hall. Gave me chance to sneak a pic of the airport rescue set up. The middle one, according to my fire engine licking mate, is an Italian built Astra.... After collecting our bags from the luggage carousel (yes, there's only one), we found the rep and were told we were on bus 3, outside, turn right and hidden behind the hedge. Hiding modern Mercs or a Neoplan behind the hedge is one thing, but not this. The last S215HD rolled of Setra's production line back in 1991. An hour and a half later, and Mrs BMH had bagged the front seat, we arrived in Skala. Outside the apartments were these two. Cinqs are quite a common sight, the Almera had a reg that used to be the local mark around here. Beer and rest time. On Wednesday morning I walked around the area to see what there was and get a price for a hire car (ended up with a Panda for three days, 75 euro coins) and came across this little lot. Firstly, who said BL's products were agricultural in nature ? That's a Mondeo behind it, and this is the lorry to it's left, drool time. A short walk around the corner produced this little collection of loveliness. Fiat Fiorino being consumed by a triffid. The local dogs and goats weren't too happy about me getting closer to this Mk II Transit. This nearly took my breath away, a 1940's Dodge which was right hand drive, with just the right amount of patina. Rover 25 anybody ? or perhaps a Toyota pick up is your cup of tea. Walking back to the apartments I found this Niva. They are pretty common on the island, this one though looked fucked and appeared to be another trifids next meal. I'll post some more later (garden to start weeding before Mrs BMH gets back) if anybodies interested.
  18. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201804075311811 Quote " been used for light use as my Carp fishing van, had it fully wrapped in Real Time HD. " Presumably so the carp cannot see it
  19. You're not the only one wondering, I've two MGB's and an Excelsior in the same boat. Although thinking about it, the Excelsior is pre 1960 so I really should have a walk down to the local Heron frozen food place some time mid week and check what the say.
  20. Buy the Mrs a car that leaks oil like I did. Haven't had a peep out of her since about the stains.
  21. Found this on my home from the pub
  22. Undertray, I remember taking the company Vectra in to the garage saying I think there's a problem with the undertray. They had a look and agreed, it had fallen off. If it's not there it cannot fail.
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