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  1. Basically the same as three letters. So take Sheffield. Started with 1WA which went to 9999WA. Then the next Sheffield code which was WB so 1WB to 9999WB, then the next, WE, then WJ. 1925WA, 3156 & 3904WE, 6330 & 8784WJ all still exist.
  2. Absolutely superb, reminds me of when I reshelled my Rapier in the early 80's and trying to get the vinyl roof to look central without air pockets. Piece of strong string, rubbed through a candle, and the bollocks to hit the screen hard with your fist (in a glove) for getting the windows in I presume!
  3. Just asked Mrs BMH if she fancied buying me a birthday pressie. Showed her the pic of the Rapier, clearly she doesn't love me enough. "FRO if you think you're having another one of these" was her reply. Sadly I think divorce would be quite a bit more expensive!
  4. I'd love another Rapier, somehow, given how badly mine rotted back in the early 80's, the chances of this having any metal under the paint is pretty remote.
  5. Cannot say moderns do that much for me, but I suppose that a 15 year old bus in my yoouuuth, when I really started being interested in them was built in the mid 50's. Saying that, somewhere, I used to have a Grey Green tie from the early 80's as a mate of mine worked for them. Never dared wear it for work, although the British Coachways one he swooped for an official NBC badge so he could get into the staff canteen at Victoria I did. One punter noticed it and laughed, management didn't notice.
  6. Must have sorted out the 'lease' costs for the plant as that was the stumbling block as they (one of the Wrights who owned it) allegedly wanted a million a year. So the BBC now have a bus company to accurately report on...
  7. All the big bus companies have buses painted in 'heritage' liveries, depends on what they can use as an excuse.
  8. Not be getting any more Streetshites as Wright went tits up begining of the month.
  9. Bollocks, I went and bought a box from Screwfix today for a shed load more.
  10. The first car my dad bought was a Mk 6 Reliant in that very same blue. Reg was, IIRC, 6307WA, think it was about 1961. I can remember the first trips in it with my younger sister, and her being car sick. Went all over in it ( and broke down a few times), four adults (mum, dad, grandad and grandmar) sis and I plus the dog. That pic really does bring back many happy memories. Happy birthday, may you have many more.
  11. Fuck me, that is probably the quickest way to end up in a coffin you can imagine. Christ knows whether plod would have enough books in his car ( after picking you out of a wall / tree / passing bus) to throw at you. Only the lack of 8 grand stops me wanting it !!!!!!!!
  12. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201910143295594? Got 250 quid burning a hole in your pocket? Have a spare packet of extra strong fucking brave pills? No MoT since 2008 not a problem ? Know where Bewdley is? Then your new chod awaits you...........
  13. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201910123242338? Feeling lucky ? 245 quid, no mot but has a good history. Down Londoom way.
  14. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201910133271431? 199 quid, might get you to the end of it's MoT next month.
  15. You may just have explained why there's a set of five wheel bolts bouncing around loose in the boot of mine. Must have a look when it stops raining.........
  16. All you need is somebody on here with an 1100 that needs welding and an MGB GT.
  17. Is that not a pissoir, or a (male) public toilet (which would explain the bloke on the right 'playing' with is trousers!
  18. Congratulations, glad it's finally come to fruition. Been great reading these updates. No doubt there's still bits to do.
  19. Yep, Kings Arms, no comments on watering the beer please!
  20. Weather!!! Yes, it's been raining up here!
  21. Jesus fucking wept, that is really shite. Somebody (not me) buy it and roffle it as an Xmas pressie for somebody you never want to meet in person!!!!!
  22. Ooouugghh. Darn sooouutth to god's country might be highly* entertaining in one of these.
  23. Excellent, saves me doing something stupid that Mrs BMH would remind me of for the rest of my life!
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