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  1. I hope the gear knob doesn't come off in your hand when selecting reverse, the little plastic clip you pull to get the cover off the spare wheel is still there and you don't need the paramedics to lift you out of it after a four hour drive back from Glasgow. Other than that, WHY???
  2. You get 12 months, but weirdly, given what's happened to me, it's just 12 months, no extra weeks. By that I mean the Panda MoT expired on the 17th of May, I had it tested on the 7th which it failed. On that day the DVLA still said it expired on the 17th. Between the 7th and today, the 11th, the DVLA extended the MoT until November 17th, despite it having failed last Thursday. Today when it passed they put the expiry date as 10th May next year, not the 17th. Could I have driven it for another 6 months after I'd fixed it?. You tell me how it's working.
  3. The Panda now has a new MoT, didn't bother with the extra Boris time as fixing it in November might be a bit colder than it actually is today. Note to self though; don't get too clever when welding the sills and nicely fill them with a skim of wob so it all looks neat. The MoT man will make you remove it all so he can see it's been welded properly, then he'll say "nice welding", just to piss you off !!
  4. Yes there's a cure. Unstick your arm and buy it, it's the only way.
  5. Thanks to @LightBulbFun, I knew senility hadn't quite set in yet!!
  6. I just love adverts that includes things like "Comes with fully working radio". Gives you loads* of confidence.
  7. Haven't we already had this same thread earlier this year, or is Corona Virus affecting me ?
  8. Bought cheap (no warranty) from a dealer in Wakefield back in Feb.
  9. You just know when you buy a 16 year old FIAT, your welder isn't going to be sat idle. Although I could have waited for Boris to give me a 6 month extension to the MoT I chose the "what's it going to fail for option" (I bought it in Feb). Yep, both sills at the rear end. My tester spotted it so having failed this am I'm now in the dog house with Mrs BMH (it's her car) for spending until 7 tonight fixing it. Hopefully have a new test tomorrow and she might be happier.
  10. I thought it was something standard that had been done up to sort of represent (those that aren't old enough to remember it look up the London - Sydney 1968 rally) one of the late 60's Hillman rally cars.
  11. Just skimming through "Enjoying MG" mag which arrived today. There's a little picture on page 78 of a Bedford TK in the colours of the old Corona drinks company! What did I do??; only put my right thumb and forefinger on it and moved them apart in an attempt to blow up the size of the picture in a magazine! I tell you, either old age is getting to me or I really am spending too much money at the local brewery.
  12. Ha,ha,ha, I thought I heard the rattle of paperwork!
  13. Could somebody explain how "stay at the bottom of the ladders" (because I was sat on some planks layed across the conservatory roof fixing the failed flashing) translates in a woman's brain to "it's ok dear I'm only in the kitchen, shout me if you need me".
  14. Loved mine, although Mrs BMH hated it! The do like to rot around the rear inner arches / boot floor and being so small it's always within 30cm of something structural, so it's frequently fatal.
  15. 25k for the Merc above, or 4k for the R12, let me think about that.
  16. You can SORN it straight away, it's SORN then taxing that you have to wait three days (or the PO). Did it myself with the Camper, "may*" have actually moved it a few miles on Her Majesties Highway during the two hours it was taxed before I SORN'd it again.
  17. The 04 Panda I bought Mrs BMH back in Feb was a fine example of what has been said above. Annual MoT and oil and filter change (but that was only for the last three). All other work was done because it was needed for the test. Gave it a major service, plugs had Fiat / Lancia on them, air filter was a bit black, oil was below minimum, rear brake cylinder leaking etc etc. Guess they got rid because garage had said it'll not pass next time (EML on but no faults, just hadn't been reset). Test due 17th May, stick (get it tested) or twist ( hope it gets extended)?
  18. My maths says that's 47 years, but there's still Class 20 locos around that are now nearly 60 years old (and some 37's as well) still being used on some freight runs.
  19. Well, fook! Just subscribed at Xmas for two years as BiL birthday/Xmas presie.
  20. When this happened locally, the magistrates stripped the Stagecoach driver of his bus and car licence for something like two years and had he not had a good solicitor he'd have gone down as well. Happened in York recently as well. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/18217115.bus-hits-bridge-york-city-centre/ Been on that route a fair few times (on a single deck).
  21. Because it's seriously foooked and spares availability is error, somewhat lacking. I love these but those wings rot from the inside and by the time it shows like this, the headlight mountings will have more holes than Swiss cheese. And that's just the wings.
  22. Spent ages looking at that road and thinking "driven down there not that long ago". Eventualy realised it was dodging around the M42.
  23. Reading through the website of the people who set this and 47 is more than likely the A58, Burdock Way in Halifax.
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