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  1. Ha,ha, I did something very similar.
  2. Wouldn't you just love to go around you local supermarket in that, gives a new meaning to trolley dash.
  3. FFS, bits of an old BT van nailed onto a forward control landie. And as for "much loved", shouldn't that be "much laughed at".
  4. Still a popular mode of transport in Europe and the world with a few cities looking to reintroduce or expand their systems. Think that's a Neoplan one, although it looked like a Solaris initially. I was in Bradford in 1972 when then last UK system closed. Next time I travelled on a trolleybus was in Constanta in Romania in 1991 then in Burgas Bulgaria a couple of years ago. Twelve months after Bradford closed we had the 1973 fuel crisis and lots of people were looking over their shoulders and asking why the country had got shut of them (and trams).
  5. Take the stairs off and fit @snagglepuss's camper van on the back!
  6. Very true, when my dad bought his first car, a Reliant Regal MkVI in about 1961, he only had a bike licence so had to take a further test so he could remove the blanking plate that stopped him using reverse on the Reliant.
  7. That's ace, sadly I'm out because; " Would do a deal for a John Deere 3050 3350 or 3650". and I haven't got one.
  8. Been sorting the shite out of the cellar and found a copy of the Groaniad from April 3rd, 1988. Two adverts caught my eye. Apologies if these are sideways.
  9. "VERY SOLID UNDERNEATH.DRIVERS SILL WILL NEED SOME WELDING NEXT MOT." @snagglepuss to the camper van phone.
  10. The cellar needs better ventilation so today I set about fixing that and fitting a fan and external vent. Dragged the sds drill out and the bfo 110mm diam hole drill. Merrily drilling away (my house is 100 years old and the bricks are very hard) when the drill speeded up. Oh FUCK, The sds drive had sheared at the drill end. Lots of fooking about, trying to dismantle the drill to get the broken bit out. Managed to loose various bits of the drill into the abyss that is the shed at the back of the garage, just getting to the gearbox. Then found that my outside circlip pliers are't big enough to get the final bits out!. Dragged the hammer drill out. Changed the drive to the bfo hole drill and fitted it. Started drilling, then drill got warm, and then warmer, then smoked. FUCK. Took the dog a walk and had a beer. Now need at least one new drill and still have over an 1" to get through.
  11. Ah the Excel, I just love* that almost vertical dash in front of you.
  12. You've a modern digital tacho, so you should* be able to transfer it to another vehicle.
  13. Fitting them should be easy enough (somebody used slightly bigger ones to fix the driver's seat to the floor on my MGB Roadster!). Just be aware that aluminium and steel usually results in galvanic corrosion, but if you're planning on removing the sub frame in future it's not going to matter.
  14. Cambridgeshire Vehicle Watch eh. I had a South Yorkshire one. They were free from local plod and were a sort of invitation to stop the car and check it wasn't nicked. The reg numbers on glass etc was another measure to try and keep the tea leafs away.
  15. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202006120066874 Booted Crocus.
  16. Both those bikes are with the same seller / dealer.
  17. Are you and @snagglepuss related given you recent purchases?
  18. Make sure you let me know when @95 quid Peugeot is turning up and I'll distract him while you "borrow"it.
  19. If that's a genuine Merc Body then they'll have the screens. Albeit, it's likely to be a heart attack inducing price.
  20. I was watching that on the bay as Mrs BMH showed an interest. Glad you bought it!
  21. A man has just left a box at my front door. What could be in there? Yessss Thank you @ruffgeezer, although Mrs BMH's first comment was "WTF".
  22. I wonder how many other "professional" people doing this with a 4x4 and a big trailer have even heard of a tacho, let alone have one fitted. Top marks for true professionalism, may the gods wish you a prosperous future.
  23. MDS books have made a few of their older publications available for free downloads. https://www.mdsbooks.co.uk/downloads/
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